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2012 was Coronation Street's fifty-third year.

Main charactersEdit

Ranking Character Played by Duration Number of Episodes Running total Previous year's ranking
1Stella PriceMichelle CollinsFull year17625735
2Tyrone DobbsAlan HalsallFull year155139322
3Tina McIntyreMichelle KeeganFull year1496235
4Tommy DuckworthChris FountainFull year14435940
5Eileen GrimshawSue CleaverFull year132133314
6Steve McDonaldSimon GregsonFull year12924651
6Karl MunroJohn MichieFull year except for October12916345
6Kirsty SoamesNatalie GumedeFull year except for March12915267
6Nick TilsleyBen PriceFull year except for August129123028
10Gail McIntyreHelen WorthFull year126359023
11Michelle ConnorKym Marsh/LomasFull year12572365
12Beth TinkerLisa GeorgeFull year12212582
13Leanne BarlowJane DansonFull year114130612
14Eva PriceCatherine TyldesleyFull year11216454
15Sunita AlahanShobna GulatiUntil September and from December11171945
16Ken BarlowWilliam RoacheFull year109408328
17Peter BarlowChris GascoyneUntil July and from December1089098
18Sally WebsterSally DynevorFull year10725486
19Owen ArmstrongIan Puleston-DaviesFull year except for March10426419
20Carla ConnorAlison KingUntil July and from December1036934
21David PlattJack P. ShepherdFull year102162421
22Kevin WebsterMichael Le VellFull year101259826
23Tracy Barlow/McDonaldKate FordFull year except for May10014248
23Kylie PlattPaula LaneFull year10022028
25Sean TullyAntony CottonFrom March9910573
26Norris ColeMalcolm HebdenFull year97125431
26Anna WindassDebbie RushFull year9738113
28Fiz StapeJennie McAlpineFull year96147110
29Julie CarpKaty CavanaghFull year9544711
30Audrey RobertsSue NichollsFull year except for January94262231
31Jason GrimshawRyan ThomasFull year93116739
32Maria ConnorSamia GhadieFull year92116516
32Rita Sullivan/TannerBarbara KnoxFull year92329736
34Marcus DentCharlie CondouFull year except for February8821652
34Paul KershawTony HirstFull year8810971
36Roy CropperDavid NeilsonFull year87147136
37Lewis ArcherNigel HaversFrom February86136 -
38Izzy ArmstrongCherylee HoustonFull year8425914
38Deirdre BarlowAnne KirkbrideFull year except for May84321624
40Gary WindassMikey NorthFull year8330133
41Mary TaylorPatti ClareFull year7922156
42Rob DonovanMarc BaylisFrom July7474 -
43Dev AlahanJimmi HarkishinFull year except for October72113847
44Simon BarlowAlex BainFull year except for August and October6829955
45Lloyd MullaneyCraig CharlesFrom July666857
46Ryan ConnorSol HerasFrom July65305 -
47Dennis TannerPhilip LowrieFull year except for February and August6356461
48Kirk SutherlandAndrew WhymentFull year except for June6285043
49Emily BishopEileen DerbyshireFull year except for February and September58318357
49Chesney BrownSam AstonFull year except for January, April and October5864916
51Sophie WebsterBrooke VincentFull year5598918
51Katy ArmstrongGeorgia May FooteUntil February and from May5516436
53Hayley CropperJulie HesmondhalghUntil August and October53128525
54Brian PackhamPeter GunnFull year except for August518766
54Faye WindassEllie LeachFull year except for March and October5111048
56Mandy KamaraPamela NomveteFrom September3838 -
57Amy BarlowElle MulvaneyUntil March, June to September and from November3739351
58Frank FosterAndrew LancelUntil March3613720
59Gloria PriceSue JohnstonSeptember to November3434 -
60Sylvia GoodwinStephanie ColeUntil April and August328652
60Ruby SoamesMacy Alabi and Grace HanrahanFrom September3232 -
62Aadi AlahanZennon DitchettMarch to September and December318476
62Asha AlahanTanisha GoreyMarch to September and December318377
64Joseph BrownRonny & Tommy CheethamJanuary to February, June to September and November303382
65Max TurnerHarry McDermottUntil June, August and from October299958
66Jenna KamaraKrissi BohnFrom September2525 -
67Liam Connor Jr.Ollie & Elliott Barnett and Charlie WrenshallFull year except for February and September249271
68Terry DuckworthNigel PivaroApril and May21365 -
69Matt CarterOliver MellorJanuary to May, July to October and December186562
70Craig TinkerColson SmithFebruary to March, June to July and December171986
71Rosie WebsterHelen FlanaganUntil February13124243
72Becky McDonaldKatherine KellyUntil January127041
73Hope StapeAva & Isla McCullochFebruary to April and July88941
73Jack WebsterJaxon & Maddox BeswickApril to May, August and December86674
75Gordon CleggBill KenwrightApril only5106 -
75Amber KaliraiNikki PatelJanuary and March524858
77Pam HobsworthKate AnthonyApril and May312880


Production was overseen by executive producer Kieran Roberts and producer Phil Collinson.


# Ep.
Date Part Writer Director Viewing
17770Monday 2nd January1Julie JonesIan Bevitt9,240,0006
27771Monday 2nd January2Mark BurtIan Bevitt8,320,00012
37772Thursday 5th January Jan McVerryIan Bevitt9,160,0007
47773Friday 6th January1Carmel MorganIan Bevitt9,020,0008
57774Friday 6th January2Peter WhalleyIan Bevitt8,960,0009
67775Monday 9th January1Martin AllenGriff Rowland9,310,0007
77776Monday 9th January2Mark BurtGriff Rowland9,200,0008
87777Thursday 12th January John KerrGriff Rowland8,410,00010
97778Friday 13th January1Julie JonesGriff Rowland9,000,0009
107779Friday 13th January2Julie JonesGriff Rowland6,720,00022
117780Monday 16th January1Damon RochefortAlan Grint9,470,0007
127781Monday 16th January2Peter WhalleyAlan Grint9,630,0003
137782Thursday 19th January Jonathan HarveyAlan Grint8,890,00010
147783Friday 20th January1Chris FewtrellAlan Grint8,940,0009
157784Friday 20th January2Chris FewtrellAlan Grint9,310,0008
167785Monday 23rd January1Jayne HollinsonDavid Kester10,710,0002
177786Monday 23rd January2Debbie OatesDavid Kester11,430,0001
187787Thursday 26th January Joe TurnerDavid Kester9,290,0005
197788Friday 27th January1Mark WadlowDavid Kester9,000,0008
207789Friday 27th January2Jan McVerryDavid Kester9,190,0006
217790Monday 30th January1Julie JonesNoreen Kershaw9,830,0005
227791Monday 30th January2Jayne HollinsonNoreen Kershaw10,130,0002
237792Thursday 2nd February Jayne HollinsonNoreen Kershaw9,390,0007
247793Friday 3rd February1Ellen TaylorNoreen Kershaw9,500,0006
257794Friday 3rd February2Mark WadlowNoreen Kershaw10,050,0003
267795Monday 6th February1Debbie OatesLaurence Moody9,960,0002
277796Monday 6th February2David LaneLaurence Moody9,630,0004
287797Thursday 9th February Damon RochefortLaurence Moody9,200,00010
297798Friday 10th February1Jonathan HarveyLaurence Moody9,540,0005
307799Friday 10th February2Jonathan HarveyLaurence Moody9,310,0009
317800Monday 13th February1Peter WhalleyJohn Anderson10,100,0002
327801Monday 13th February2Peter WhalleyJohn Anderson9,910,0003
337802Friday 17th February1Mark BurtJohn Anderson9,020,0006
347803Friday 17th February2Simon CrowtherJohn Anderson8,790,0008
357804Sunday 19th February Chris FewtrellJohn Anderson8,250,0009
367805Monday 20th February1Julie JonesIan Bevitt9,250,0001
377806Monday 20th February2Mark BurtIan Bevitt9,210,0002
387807Thursday 23rd February David LaneIan Bevitt7,950,0009
397808Friday 24th February1Chris FewtrellIan Bevitt8,710,0007
407809Friday 24th February2Simon CrowtherIan Bevitt8,780,0006
417810Monday 27th February1Ellen TaylorAlan Grint9,470,0002
427811Monday 27th February2Peter WhalleyAlan Grint9,660,0001
437812Thursday 1st March Damon RochefortAlan Grint8,630,0008
447813Friday 2nd March1John KerrAlan Grint9,150,0006
457814Friday 2nd March2Martin AllenAlan Grint9,210,0004
467815Monday 5th March1Jonathan HarveyGriff Rowland9,830,0002
477816Monday 5th March2Joe TurnerGriff Rowland10,430,0001
487817Thursday 8th March Mark WadlowGriff Rowland8,850,0007
497818Friday 9th March1Jayne HollinsonGriff Rowland8,970,0006
507819Friday 9th March2Jan McVerryGriff Rowland9,130,0003
517820Monday 12th March1Simon CrowtherDavid Kester9,700,0001
527821Monday 12th March2Simon CrowtherDavid Kester9,510,0002
537822Thursday 15th March David LaneDavid Kester8,390,0009
547823Friday 16th March1Chris FewtrellDavid Kester8,760,0006
557824Friday 16th March2Chris FewtrellDavid Kester8,830,0005
567825Monday 19th March1Mark WadlowNoreen Kershaw10,120,0002
577826Monday 19th March2Jayne HollinsonNoreen Kershaw10,330,0001
587827Thursday 22nd March Peter WhalleyNoreen Kershaw8,300,0009
597828Friday 23rd March1Martin AllenNoreen Kershaw8,170,00010
607829Friday 23rd March2Martin AllenNoreen Kershaw7,120,00016
617830Monday 26th March1Jonathan HarveyNicky Higgens8,660,0004
627831Monday 26th March2Damon RochefortNicky Higgens8,770,0003
637832Thursday 29th March Julie JonesNicky Higgens8,090,0009
647833Friday 30th March1Mark BurtNicky Higgens8,070,00010
657834Friday 30th March2Jan McVerryNicky Higgens8,120,0008
667835Monday 2nd April1Ellen TaylorLaurence Moody8,680,0005
677836Monday 2nd April2Debbie OatesLaurence Moody8,790,0004
687837Thursday 5th April John KerrLaurence Moody7,670,00010
697838Friday 6th April1Joe TurnerLaurence Moody7,980,0009
707839Friday 6th April2Joe TurnerLaurence Moody8,160,0007
717840Monday 9th April1John KerrJohn Anderson8,710,0005
727841Monday 9th April2Mark BurtJohn Anderson8,770,0004
737842Thursday 12th April David LaneJohn Anderson8,060,00011
747843Friday 13th April1Chris FewtrellJohn Anderson8,430,0008
757844Friday 13th April2Chris FewtrellJohn Anderson8,170,00010
767845Monday 16th April1Debbie OatesDurno Johnston9,070,0005
777846Monday 16th April2Debbie OatesDurno Johnston9,300,0004
787847Thursday 19th April Damon RochefortDurno Johnston8,420,0009
797848Friday 20th April1Simon CrowtherDurno Johnston8,220,00010
807849Friday 20th April2Simon CrowtherDurno Johnston7,670,00012
817850Monday 23rd April1Ellen Taylor
Mark Burt
Ian Bevitt8,930,0004
827851Monday 23rd April2Julie JonesIan Bevitt8,740,0005
837852Thursday 26th April Peter WhalleyIan Bevitt8,000,0009
847853Friday 27th April1Joe TurnerIan Bevitt7,990,00010
857854Friday 27th April2Joe TurnerIan Bevitt7,810,00012
867855Monday 30th April1Mark WadlowDuncan Foster8,240,0008
877856Monday 30th April2Mark WadlowDuncan Foster8,260,0007
887857Thursday 3rd May Martin AllenDuncan Foster8,080,00010
897858Friday 4th May1Jonathan HarveyDuncan Foster8,210,0009
907859Friday 4th May2Jan McVerryDuncan Foster8,470,0006
917860Monday 7th May Joe TurnerAlan Grint8,780,0004
927861Tuesday 8th May Mark WadlowAlan Grint8,110,00010
937862Wednesday 9th May Chris FewtrellAlan Grint8,350,0008
947863Thursday 10th May Simon CrowtherAlan Grint8,650,0005
957864Friday 11th May1Debbie OatesAlan Grint8,040,00011
967865Friday 11th May2Carmel MorganAlan Grint8,610,0006
977866Monday 14th May1Julie JonesNoreen Kershaw8,400,0004
987867Monday 14th May2Peter WhalleyNoreen Kershaw8,720,0002
997868Thursday 17th May Ellen TaylorNoreen Kershaw7,980,0007
1007869Friday 18th May1Jonathan HarveyNoreen Kershaw7,720,0009
1017870Friday 18th May2Mark BurtNoreen Kershaw7,860,0008
1027871Monday 21st May1David LaneJohn Anderson7,920,0003
1037872Monday 21st May2Martin AllenJohn Anderson8,190,0001
1047873Thursday 24th May Jayne HollinsonJohn Anderson6,960,0009
1057874Friday 25th May1John KerrJohn Anderson7,150,0007
1067875Friday 25th May2Damon RochefortJohn Anderson7,640,0004
1077876Monday 28th May1John KerrLaurence Moody7,460,0008
1087877Monday 28th May2Martin AllenLaurence Moody7,710,0006
1097878Thursday 31st May Mark WadlowLaurence Moody7,730,0005
1107879Friday 1st June1Damon RochefortLaurence Moody7,100,00012
1117880Friday 1st June2Chris FewtrellLaurence Moody6,150,00019
1127881Sunday 3rd June Jayne HollinsonKay Patrick6,450,00015
1137882Monday 4th June1Joe TurnerKay Patrick5,930,00020
1147883Monday 4th June2Joe TurnerKay Patrick5,980,00019
1157884Wednesday 6th June Mark BurtKay Patrick7,770,0006
1167885Thursday 7th June Peter WhalleyKay Patrick7,850,0005
1177886Monday 11th June Simon CrowtherGraeme Harper7,980,0005
1187887Wednesday 13th June Julie JonesGraeme Harper7,250,0007
1197888Monday 18th June Carmel MorganGraeme Harper7,490,00010
1207889Wednesday 20th June Jonathan HarveyGraeme Harper7,620,0008
1217890Monday 25th June1Julie JonesDuncan Foster7,990,0009
1227891Monday 25th June2Julie JonesDuncan Foster8,160,0007
1237892Wednesday 27th June Damon RochefortDuncan Foster7,090,00013
1247893Friday 29th June1Jonathan HarveyDuncan Foster7,170,00011
1257894Friday 29th June2Jonathan HarveyDuncan Foster6,850,00015
1267895Monday 2nd July1Mark BurtDurno Johnston8,310,0004
1277896Monday 2nd July2Peter WhalleyDurno Johnston7,910,0006
1287897Wednesday 4th July Martin AllenDurno Johnston7,400,0008
1297898Thursday 5th July David LaneDurno Johnston7,390,0009
1307899Friday 6th July1Joe TurnerTerry Dyddgen-Jones7,720,0007
1317900Friday 6th July2John KerrTerry Dyddgen-Jones7,210,00011
1327901Sunday 8th July Susan OudotTerry Dyddgen-Jones6,730,00013
1337902Monday 9th July1Simon CrowtherTerry Dyddgen-Jones8,490,0001
1347903Monday 9th July2Chris FewtrellTerry Dyddgen-Jones8,210,0003
1357904Wednesday 11th July Debbie OatesAlan Grint7,950,0005
1367905Thursday 12th July Mark WadlowAlan Grint7,280,0008
1377906Friday 13th July1Jayne HollinsonAlan Grint7,770,0007
1387907Friday 13th July2Jan McVerryAlan Grint7,930,0006
1397908Sunday 15th July Carmel MorganAlan Grint6,820,00012
1407909Monday 16th July1Mark WadlowDavid Kester8,420,0001
1417910Monday 16th July2Chris FewtrellDavid Kester8,350,0002
1427911Wednesday 18th July Jayne HollinsonDavid Kester7,770,0005
1437912Thursday 19th July Julie JonesDavid Kester7,590,0006
1447913Friday 20th July1Mark BurtDavid Kester7,250,0008
1457914Friday 20th July2Mark BurtDavid Kester6,780,0009
1467915Monday 23rd July1John KerrJohn Anderson7,530,0006
1477916Monday 23rd July2Simon CrowtherJohn Anderson8,120,0004
1487917Wednesday 25th July Martyn HesfordJohn Anderson7,250,0007
1497918Thursday 26th July Damon RochefortJohn Anderson6,720,00012
1507919Friday 27th July Martin Allen
Ellen Taylor
John Anderson6,730,00011
1517921Monday 30th July1Jonathan HarveyNoreen Kershaw7,180,00012
1527922Monday 30th July2Susan OudotNoreen Kershaw7,230,00011
1537923Thursday 2nd August David LaneNoreen Kershaw6,740,00015
1547924Friday 3rd August1Peter WhalleyNoreen Kershaw6,490,00017
1557925Friday 3rd August2Peter WhalleyNoreen Kershaw6,810,00014
1567926Monday 6th August1Simon CrowtherMickey Jones7,600,00011
1577927Monday 6th August2Joe TurnerMickey Jones7,440,00012
1587928Thursday 9th August Chris FewtrellMickey Jones6,250,00015
1597929Friday 10th August1Peter WhalleyMickey Jones6,040,00020
1607930Friday 10th August2Damon RochefortMickey Jones6,190,00017
1617931Monday 13th August1Mark WadlowDuncan Foster8,240,0004
1627932Monday 13th August2Susan OudotDuncan Foster8,330,0002
1637933Thursday 16th August Ellen TaylorDuncan Foster7,290,00012
1647934Friday 17th August1John KerrDuncan Foster7,350,00011
1657935Friday 17th August2Mark BurtDuncan Foster7,250,00013
1667936Monday 20th August1Julie JonesTerry Dyddgen-Jones7,570,0008
1677937Monday 20th August2Debbie OatesTerry Dyddgen-Jones7,920,0004
1687938Thursday 23rd August Carmel MorganTerry Dyddgen-Jones6,520,00011
1697939Friday 24th August1David LaneTerry Dyddgen-Jones7,760,0006
1707940Friday 24th August2Jonathan HarveyTerry Dyddgen-Jones7,220,0009
1717941Monday 27th August1Chris FewtrellJudith Dine7,790,0007
1727942Monday 27th August2Chris FewtrellJudith Dine8,390,0002
1737943Thursday 30th August Susan OudotJudith Dine7,060,0009
1747944Sunday 2nd September Ellen TaylorJudith Dine6,250,00013
1757946Monday 3rd September1Joe TurnerPeter Rose8,160,0002
1767947Monday 3rd September2Joe TurnerPeter Rose8,260,0001
1777948Wednesday 5th September Mark BurtPeter Rose7,500,0008
1787949Sunday 9th September Martin Allen
Carmel Morgan
Peter Rose6,680,00011
1797951Monday 10th September1Jayne HollinsonDavid Kester8,620,0005
1807952Monday 10th September2Julie JonesDavid Kester8,450,0006
1817953Wednesday 12th September John KerrDavid Kester7,640,00013
1827954Friday 14th September1Debbie OatesDavid Kester7,660,00012
1837955Friday 14th September2Mark WadlowDavid Kester7,130,00015
1847956Monday 17th September1Jonathan HarveyKay Patrick8,580,0005
1857957Monday 17th September2Jonathan HarveyKay Patrick8,760,0004
1867958Wednesday 19th September Martyn HesfordKay Patrick7,710,00011
1877959Friday 21st September1Simon CrowtherKay Patrick7,740,0009
1887960Friday 21st September2David LaneKay Patrick7,480,00014
1897961Monday 24th September1Susan OudotJohn Anderson8,780,0003
1907962Monday 24th September2Julie JonesJohn Anderson8,610,0004
1917963Wednesday 26th September Damon RochefortJohn Anderson7,780,00011
1927964Friday 28th September1Joe TurnerJohn Anderson7,630,00012
1937965Friday 28th September2Martin AllenJohn Anderson7,330,00013
1947966Monday 1st October1Ellen TaylorTim Finn8,350,0008
1957967Monday 1st October2Jayne HollinsonAlan Grint8,380,0007
1967968Wednesday 3rd October Peter WhalleyAlan Grint7,920,00012
1977969Friday 5th October1Martyn HesfordAlan Grint8,070,00011
1987970Friday 5th October2Jonathan HarveyAlan Grint7,550,00015
1997971Monday 8th October1Mark WadlowDuncan Foster8,640,0004
2007972Monday 8th October2Mark BurtDuncan Foster8,620,0005
2017973Wednesday 10th October Chris FewtrellDuncan Foster8,210,00012
2027974Sunday 14th October Carmel MorganDuncan Foster6,400,00021
2037975Monday 15th October1Simon CrowtherLaurence Moody8,730,0007
2047976Monday 15th October2Chris FewtrellLaurence Moody8,900,0004
2057977Friday 19th October1Jonathan HarveyLaurence Moody8,400,00010
2067978Friday 19th October2Julie JonesLaurence Moody7,790,00014
2077979Monday 22nd October1Mark WadlowNicky Higgens8,680,0004
2087980Monday 22nd October2Mark WadlowNicky Higgens8,270,00010
2097981Wednesday 24th October Martin AllenNicky Higgens8,190,00012
2107982Friday 26th October1John KerrNicky Higgens8,480,0008
2117983Friday 26th October2Susan OudotNicky Higgens7,870,00013
2127984Monday 29th October1Joe TurnerGriff Rowland9,040,0004
2137985Monday 29th October2Peter WhalleyGriff Rowland8,460,0006
2147986Wednesday 31st October Peter WhalleyGriff Rowland7,890,00013
2157987Friday 2nd November1Carmel MorganGriff Rowland8,320,0008
2167988Friday 2nd November2Debbie OatesGriff Rowland7,690,00014
2177989Monday 5th November1Simon CrowtherPeter Rose8,340,0005
2187990Monday 5th November2Carmel MorganPeter Rose8,140,0009
2197991Wednesday 7th November Damon RochefortPeter Rose8,040,00010
2207992Friday 9th November1Julie JonesPeter Rose8,470,0004
2217993Friday 9th November2Jayne HollinsonPeter Rose7,760,00013
2227994Monday 12th November1John KerrDavid Kester8,810,0007
2237995Monday 12th November2Jonathan HarveyDavid Kester8,900,0006
2247996Thursday 15th November Joe TurnerDavid Kester7,950,00014
2257997Friday 16th November1Mark BurtDavid Kester7,360,00017
2267998Friday 16th November2Chris FewtrellDavid Kester6,450,00024
2277999Monday 19th November1Ellen TaylorDuncan Foster8,920,0006
2288000Monday 19th November2Jan McVerryDuncan Foster8,780,0008
2298001Wednesday 21st November Susan OudotDuncan Foster8,490,00011
2308002Friday 23rd November1Peter WhalleyDuncan Foster8,460,00012
2318003Friday 23rd November2Martin AllenDuncan Foster8,510,00010
2328004Monday 26th November Martin AllenMickey Jones9,330,0003
2338005Wednesday 28th November John KerrMickey Jones8,820,0007
2348006Friday 30th November1Mark BurtMickey Jones8,690,0008
2358007Friday 30th November2Debbie OatesMickey Jones8,680,0009
2368008Sunday 2nd December Peter Whalley
Julie Jones
Laurence Moody6,840,00026
2378010Wednesday 5th December Simon CrowtherLaurence Moody8,520,0006
2388011Friday 7th December1Damon RochefortLawrence Moody8,540,0005
2398012Friday 7th December2Jan McVerryLaurence Moody7,990,0009
2408013Monday 10th December1Mark WadlowIan Bevitt9,300,0004
2418014Monday 10th December2Joe TurnerIan Bevitt8,710,0005
2428015Wednesday 12th December Simon CrowtherIan Bevitt8,180,00010
2438016Thursday 13th December Jonathan HarveyIan Bevitt7,460,00013
2448017Friday 14th December1Jayne HollinsonIan Bevitt8,350,0008
2458018Friday 14th December2Jayne HollinsonIan Bevitt8,170,00011
2468019Monday 17th December1Peter WhalleyAlan Grint8,650,0004
2478020Monday 17th December2Peter WhalleyAlan Grint8,570,0006
2488021Wednesday 19th December Debbie OatesAlan Grint8,140,00013
2498022Thursday 20th December Susan OudotAlan Grint8,190,00012
2508023Friday 21st December Susan OudotAlan Grint8,570,0007
2518024Monday 24th December Chris Fewtrell
Carmel Morgan
Griff Rowland8,460,00016
2528026Tuesday 25th December Jan McVerryGriff Rowland8,930,00012
2538027Wednesday 26th December Martin AllenGriff Rowland8,430,00017
2548028Friday 28th December Martin AllenGriff Rowland8,470,00015
2558029Monday 31st December John KerrDavid Kester7,600,00015
2568030Monday 31st December Mark WadlowDavid Kester7,560,00016


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Who lives whereEdit

Coronation Street

Rosamund Street

  • Bookies flat (No.9a) - Peter Barlow (until February and from December onwards). Leanne Barlow (January only). Simon Barlow (until June). Carla Connor (February to July and from December onwards). Beth Tinker. Craig Tinker (both from July to December).

Victoria Street

Victoria Court

  • 8 Victoria Court - Nick Tilsley (from January onwards). Leanne Barlow. Simon Barlow (both November and December).


Awards and nominationsEdit

National Television Awards

Royal Television Society North West Awards

  • Best Continuing Drama Coronation Street (Winner)

Royal Television Society

  • Soap and Continuing Drama Coronation Street (Winner)

British Soap Awards

Coronation Street in the 2010s
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