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2009 was Coronation Street's fiftieth year.

Main characters

Ranking Character Played by Duration Number of Episodes Running total Previous year's ranking
1 Kevin Webster Michael Le Vell Full year 128 2283 23
2 Maria Connor Samia Smith Until November 126 929 4
3 Fiz Brown/Stape Jennie McAlpine Full year 125 1109 9
3 Sally Webster Sally Whittaker Full year 125 2215 12
5 Tony Gordon Gray O'Brien Until August and October to December 123 278 7
6 Molly Compton/Dobbs Vicky Binns Full year except for February 120 373 21
7 Joe McIntyre Reece Dinsdale Full year 118 153 57
8 Peter Barlow Chris Gascoyne Full year except for February 117 560 64
9 Steve McDonald Simon Gregson Full year except for October 116 2047 2
10 Becky Granger/McDonald Katherine Kelly Full year except for October 114 415 5
11 David Platt Jack P. Shepherd Full year 112 1280 8
12 Jason Grimshaw Ryan Thomas Full year except for October 108 902 19
13 Tina McIntyre Michelle Keegan Full year 107 221 14
14 Julie Carp Katy Cavanagh Full year 105 159 47
14 Tyrone Dobbs Alan Halsall Full year 105 1022 16
14 Gail Platt Helen Worth Full year 105 3233 6
14 Sean Tully Antony Cotton Full year 105 722 10
18 Norris Cole Malcolm Hebden Full year 104 980 25
19 Eileen Grimshaw Sue Cleaver Full year 102 1014 26
20 Michelle Connor Kym Marsh Full year except for July 99 475 1
21 Ken Barlow William Roache Full year except for August 97 3779 30
22 Rosie Webster Helen Flanagan Full year 94 1066 26
23 Liz McDonald Beverley Callard Until March and from August 92 1587 14
24 Deirdre Barlow Anne Kirkbride Full year 90 2943 35
25 Sophie Webster Brooke Vincent Full year 89 699 56
26 Dev Alahan Jimmi Harkishin Full year except for February, June and August 86 920 29
26 Lloyd Mullaney Craig Charles Full year 86 419 18
28 Hayley Cropper Julie Hesmondhalgh Full year 79 1049 74
29 Luke Strong Craig Kelly February to October 78 78 -
30 Blanche Hunt Maggie Jones Until December 77 845 42
31 Graeme Proctor Craig Gazey Full year 76 101 66
32 Simon Barlow Alex Bain Full year 75 124 68
32 Janice Battersby Vicky Entwistle Full year 75 1435 19
34 Emily Bishop Eileen Derbyshire Full year 74 3035 50
34 Anna Windass Debbie Rush Full year 74 83 77
36 Claire Peacock Julia Haworth February to April and from June 72 581 55
37 Eddie Windass Steve Huison Full year 71 80 77
37 Gary Windass Mikey North Full year 71 84 72
39 Kirk Sutherland Andrew Whyment Full year 70 657 38
40 Roy Cropper David Neilson Full year 68 1218 26
41 Rita Sullivan Barbara Knox Until October 66 3053 34
42 Ashley Peacock Steven Arnold Full year except for May 65 1204 47
43 Leanne Battersby Jane Danson Until March and from September 63 941 12
44 Chesney Battersby-Brown Sam Aston Full year except for February 62 412 52
44 Kelly Crabtree Tupele Dorgu Full year except for July 62 490 31
46 Audrey Roberts Sue Nicholls Full year 61 2308 17
47 Bill Webster Peter Armitage Full year 59 514 40
48 Ryan Connor Ben Thompson Full year except for April 54 204 32
49 Pam Hobsworth Kate Anthony Full year 53 99 54
50 Poppy Morales Sophiya Haque Until June 52 60 79
51 Jack Duckworth William Tarmey January and April to December 50 2065 45
52 Darryl Morton Jonathan/Jonny Dixon January and March to October 48 219 21
53 Amber Kalirai Nikki Patel January, March to May and July to October 46 203 41
54 Jesse Chadwick John Thomson From June 44 47 82
55 Umed Alahan Harish Patel March to October 42 42 -
55 Natasha Blakeman Rachel Leskovac Until September 42 52 74
55 Liam Connor Imogen Moore and Logan Pearson July to November 42 42 -
58 Ted Page Michael Byrne Until July and November 40 69 60
59 Tara Mandal Ayesha Dharker January and March to May 38 54 71
59 Sian Powers Sacha Parkinson January to March and from May 38 38 -
61 John Stape Graeme Hawley January and from April 37 159 49
62 Teresa Bryant Karen Henthorn From April 35 92 45
62 Betty Williams Betty Driver Full year except for October 35 2695 67
64 Carla Gordon/Connor Alison King Until February and from October 32 342 3
65 Mary Taylor Patti Clare Until May 25 30 81
66 Amy Barlow Amber Chadwick Full year except for January and October 24 265 61
67 Joshua Peacock Benjamin Beresford April and from June 23 297 72
68 Tom Kerrigan Philip McGinley February to April 20 69 51
69 Freddie Peacock Dylan & Hayden Whitbread and Lewis & Niall Beresford April, June to July, September to October and December 11 114 74
70 Wiki Dankowska Wanda Opalinska Until February 6 143 39
70 Jackie Dobbs Margi Clarke January only 6 60 82
70 Nick Tilsley Ben Price From December 6 854 -
73 Aadi Alahan Zennon Ditchett December only 4 12 -
73 Asha Alahan Tanisha Gorey December only 4 14 -
73 Sunita Alahan Shobna Gulati December only 4 469 -
73 Andy McDonald Nicholas Cochrane August only 4 610 -
73 Jim McDonald Charles Lawson August only 4 1101 86
78 Jed Stone Kenneth Cope January to February 3 128 70
79 Lewis Archer Nigel Havers December only 1 1 -
79 Claudia Colby Rula Lenska December only 1 1 -


Best laid plans

The Tony Gordon storyline continues as Maria goes into labour

Kim Crowther and Kieran Roberts remained in their roles as producer and executive producer respectively.

The signature storyline of Crowther's tenure played out over the course of the year, depicting the downfall of Underworld owner Tony Gordon following his murder of Liam Connor in 2008. As originally planned, the denouement would have taken place this year with Carla and Maria Connor playing key roles, but the back-to-back maternity leaves of Alison King and Samia Smith resulted in the plot being extended into 2010, with Tony falling for Maria before ending the year languishing in prison.

King's exit was screened in February, with Carla running away to Los Angeles to escape from Tony after his confession to hiring Jimmy Dockerson to run Liam over. Helping Carla in her quest to uncover the truth about Liam's death was Jed Stone, who made a brief return after his disappearance at Christmas. Jed suffered a heart attack after being threatened by Jimmy, but this plot point was left hanging and Kenneth Cope made no further appearances. While Carla was away, Tony had to contend with Luke Strong, sent by Carla to run the factory in her stead. Actor Craig Kelly stayed for eight months, departing in Carla's comeback episode where Luke did a runner with £90,000 he'd conned out of Rosie Webster. Like the week of Liam's death a year before, all five episodes were set on one day.

The episode in which Carla fled also saw the character of machinist Wiki Dankowska depart for Poland in order to look after her mother. Wanda Opalinska was meant to return to the programme after giving birth but this never happened.

Liz McDonald was absent from March to August due to an unplanned absence by Beverley Callard for personal reasons. Liz re-appeared ahead of Steve McDonald and Becky Granger's wedding, which also featured cameos by Jim and Andy McDonald. This is the last time to date that the original four members of the McDonald family have appeared together.

The year of celebrity

Four name actors appeared for extended periods over the course of the year. The first was to be cast in a storyline in which Ken Barlow would meet his perfect match and nearly give up everything for her. Stephanie Beacham got the part of barge-dwelling actress Martha Fraser after Joanna Lumley declined a return as Elaine Perkins, a former girlfriend of Ken's who had last appeared in 1973.

Andrew Sachs plays Norris Cole's half-brother Ramsay Clegg

Next was Andrew Sachs as Norris Cole's half-brother Ramsay Clegg, who arrived in Weatherfield to affect a reconciliation with his brother before succumbing to a brain tumour. Meanwhile, Nigel Havers and Rula Lenska made guest appearances as male escort Lewis Archer and hairdresser Claudia Colby respectively, the former Audrey Roberts's unlikely suitor and the latter her friend and rival. Havers and Lenska made several return appearances over the next decade.

Other cast changes

Also on maternity leave were Julia Haworth, who returned to filming at the beginning of the year, and Jane Danson, who had an on-screen absence of six months between March and September. Her character Leanne Battersby spent the intervening months in Leeds.

In October, Rita Sullivan sold The Kabin to Norris Cole and embarked on round the world cruise, ahead of a five-month sabbatical by Barbara Knox.

As the programme consolidated its cast, many of the new faces from 2008 were written out, namely Tara Mandal, Tom Kerrigan, Poppy Morales and Mary Taylor. Margi Clarke reprised her character Jackie Dobbs again for two weeks in January, causing chaos at Tyrone Dobbs and Molly Compton's wedding, while John Thomson returned full-time as children's entertainer Jesse Chadwick in June.

Shobna Gulati was invited back nearly four years after her character Sunita Alahan was axed. Returning with her in December were a recast Aadi and Asha, who were aged up by a year to be played by Zennon Ditchett and Tanisha Gorey. In preparation for the storyline of Dev and Sunita's reconciliation Amber Kalirai, her boyfriend Darryl Morton and Dev Alahan's eccentric uncle Umed - himself a recent addition to the character roster - were written out. The departure of Darryl left Teresa Bryant as the only remaining member of the dwindling Morton clan.

Meanwhile, a circle of friends was built up for teenagers Sophie Webster and Ryan Connor. These included Ben Richardson, who didn't last the year, and Sian Powers, Sophie's best friend played by Sacha Parkinson.

Maggie Jones, who had played Blanche Hunt since 1974, passed away on 2nd December after a short illness. Her final recorded scenes were transmitted on 20th November, although due to episodes being shot out of sequence Blanche made one further appearance, in Episode 7227 on 11th December. Three days later, a reference was made to Blanche going to Portugal with her friend May Penn, where she remained until an appropriate amount of time had passed to incorporate Blanche's death into the programme.

Nick Tilsley returned at the end of the year, recast with Ben Price in the role due to Adam Rickitt's commitments to New Zealand soap opera Shortland Street.

Dylan and Hayden Whitbread made their final appearances as Freddie Peacock in September with Lewis and Niall Beresford taking over a month later, becoming the third set of twins to appear in the role.

The only birth this year was Liam Connor, son of Maria and named after his late father. Liam was written out temporarily in November, along with Maria when Samia Smith went on maternity leave. Liam was played by Imogen Moore and Logan Pearson, neither of whom returned to the role when the character reappeared in 2010.

Move to Thursdays and Romanian Holiday

Cover of Coronation Street: Romanian Holiday

In July, Coronation Street was moved permanently from 7.30pm on Wednesday evenings to Thursdays at 8.30pm due to contractual football coverage on ITV1. This marked the first time since the programme began in 1960 that it was not regularly shown on that day. The Thursday episodes continued until September 2012, when the programme regained its former slot.

Following the success of Out of Africa, another DVD spin-off was commissioned, built around the same theme of a select group of characters going abroad, in this case Roy and Hayley Cropper and Becky McDonald. This became Coronation Street: Romanian Holiday, written by Simon Crowther and Chris Fewtrell and directed and produced by Ian Bevitt. Romanian Holiday marked the last time to date that Coronation Street or a spin-off has been shot on location outside the United Kingdom.

Viewing figures

Ratings chart for the year

Coronation Street's BARB ratings fell for the sixth year in a row, attaining an average of 9.23 million viewers. At 11.46m, the highest-rated episode was Episode 7003 on 2nd February in which Carla Connor moved closer to the truth about Tony Gordon. Meanwhile, the programme aired its lowest-rated episode to date on Sunday 12th April.

June to August and November saw increases on the same months in 2008, with June experiencing the biggest surge of 300,000 viewers. Drops were typically larger, especially January and April which were down 10% on the previous year.

The programme's dominance over the charts continued to trend downwards, with six fewer episodes reaching number one than 2008 for a total of 22.


# Ep.
Date Part Writer Director Viewing
1 6981 Friday 2nd January 1 Peter Whalley Kay Patrick 8,920,000 9
2 6982 Friday 2nd January 2 Jonathan Harvey Kay Patrick 9,280,000 7
3 6983 Monday 5th January 1 Simon Crowther Duncan Foster 11,130,000 2
4 6984 Monday 5th January 2 Simon Crowther Duncan Foster 11,290,000 1
5 6985 Wednesday 7th January John Kerr Duncan Foster 10,100,000 6
6 6986 Friday 9th January 1 Joe Turner Duncan Foster 10,340,000 4
7 6987 Friday 9th January 2 Damon Rochefort Duncan Foster 10,350,000 3
8 6988 Monday 12th January 1 Jonathan Harvey Alan Wareing 10,710,000 3
9 6989 Monday 12th January 2 Jonathan Harvey Alan Wareing 10,760,000 2
10 6990 Wednesday 14th January Carmel Morgan Alan Wareing 11,030,000 1
11 6991 Friday 16th January 1 Mark Wadlow Alan Wareing 9,960,000 5
12 6992 Friday 16th January 2 Mark Wadlow Alan Wareing 10,170,000 4
13 6993 Monday 19th January 1 Peter Whalley Pip Short 10,620,000 1
14 6994 Monday 19th January 2 Peter Whalley Pip Short 9,930,000 3
15 6995 Wednesday 21st January David Bowker Pip Short 10,200,000 2
16 6996 Friday 23rd January 1 Julie Jones Pip Short 9,810,000 4
17 6997 Friday 23rd January 2 Julie Jones Pip Short 9,140,000 6
18 6998 Monday 26th January 1 Mark Burt Stuart Davids 10,220,000 3
19 6999 Monday 26th January 2 Chris Fewtrell Stuart Davids 10,480,000 1
20 7000 Wednesday 28th January David Lane Stuart Davids 10,400,000 2
21 7001 Friday 30th January 1 Jayne Hollinson Stuart Davids 9,930,000 5
22 7002 Friday 30th January 2 Lucy Gannon Stuart Davids 9,870,000 6
23 7003 Monday 2nd February 1 Martin Allen Jerry Smith 11,460,000 1
24 7004 Monday 2nd February 2 Mark Burt Jerry Smith 11,390,000 2
25 7005 Wednesday 4th February Joe Turner Jerry Smith 10,700,000 5
26 7006 Friday 6th February 1 Jonathan Harvey Jerry Smith 10,710,000 4
27 7007 Friday 6th February 2 Chris Fewtrell Jerry Smith 10,550,000 6
28 7008 Monday 9th February 1 Lucy Gannon John Anderson 10,730,000 1
29 7009 Monday 9th February 2 John Kerr John Anderson 10,600,000 2
30 7010 Wednesday 11th February Carmel Morgan John Anderson 10,500,000 3
31 7011 Friday 13th February 1 Damon Rochefort John Anderson 9,980,000 5
32 7012 Friday 13th February 2 Mark Wadlow John Anderson 9,420,000 7
33 7013 Monday 16th February 1 Jayne Hollinson Ian Bevitt 10,780,000 2
34 7014 Monday 16th February 2 Julie Jones Ian Bevitt 11,010,000 1
35 7015 Wednesday 18th February David Lane Ian Bevitt 9,990,000 4
36 7016 Friday 20th February 1 Peter Whalley Ian Bevitt 10,090,000 3
37 7017 Friday 20th February 2 Simon Crowther Ian Bevitt 9,820,000 6
38 7018 Monday 23rd February 1 Damon Rochefort David Kester 10,480,000 1
39 7019 Monday 23rd February 2 Martin Allen David Kester 10,060,000 2
40 7020 Wednesday 25th February Mark Wadlow David Kester 9,840,000 3
41 7021 Friday 27th February 1 Jayne Hollinson David Kester 9,000,000 7
42 7022 Friday 27th February 2 David Lane David Kester 7,920,000 12
43 7023 Monday 2nd March 1 David Bowker Durno Johnston 10,580,000 1
44 7024 Monday 2nd March 2 Lucy Gannon Durno Johnston 10,580,000 1
45 7025 Wednesday 4th March Peter Whalley Durno Johnston 10,020,000 3
46 7026 Friday 6th March 1 Julie Jones Durno Johnston 9,640,000 5
47 7027 Friday 6th March 2 Simon Crowther Durno Johnston 9,400,000 7
48 7028 Monday 9th March 1 Joe Turner Stuart Davids 10,500,000 2
49 7029 Monday 9th March 2 Jonathan Harvey Stuart Davids 10,510,000 1
50 7030 Wednesday 11th March Mark Burt Stuart Davids 9,420,000 7
51 7031 Friday 13th March 1 Chris Fewtrell Stuart Davids 9,630,000 6
52 7032 Friday 13th March 2 Debbie Oates Stuart Davids 9,070,000 9
53 7033 Monday 16th March 1 Jayne Hollinson Jerry Smith 10,260,000 3
54 7034 Monday 16th March 2 Lucy Gannon Jerry Smith 10,430,000 2
55 7035 Wednesday 18th March Jonathan Harvey Jerry Smith 9,670,000 4
56 7036 Friday 20th March 1 Mark Burt Jerry Smith 9,520,000 5
57 7037 Friday 20th March 2 Debbie Oates Jerry Smith 9,030,000 7
58 7038 Monday 23rd March 1 Chris Fewtrell Pip Banyard 10,220,000 2
59 7039 Monday 23rd March 2 Simon Crowther Pip Banyard 10,370,000 1
60 7040 Wednesday 25th March John Kerr Pip Banyard 9,760,000 3
61 7041 Friday 27th March 1 Peter Whalley Pip Banyard 9,550,000 5
62 7042 Friday 27th March 2 Damon Rochefort Pip Banyard 9,160,000 6
63 7043 Monday 30th March 1 Julie Jones Pip Short 9,830,000 4
64 7044 Monday 30th March 2 Joe Turner Pip Short 10,260,000 2
65 7045 Friday 3rd April 1 Carmel Morgan Pip Short 8,650,000 7
66 7046 Friday 3rd April 2 Mark Wadlow Pip Short 8,630,000 8
67 7047 Monday 6th April 1 John Kerr Pip Short 10,060,000 3
68 7048 Monday 6th April 2 Peter Whalley David Kester 10,000,000 4
69 7049 Wednesday 8th April Peter Whalley David Kester 8,790,000 9
70 7050 Friday 10th April 1 Joe Turner David Kester 9,180,000 6
71 7051 Friday 10th April 2 Joe Turner David Kester 8,350,000 10
72 7052 Sunday 12th April Mark Wadlow David Kester 5,440,000 25
73 7053 Monday 13th April 1 Damon Rochefort Durno Johnston 9,490,000 3
74 7054 Monday 13th April 2 Martin Allen Durno Johnston 9,500,000 2
75 7055 Wednesday 15th April David Lane Durno Johnston 9,220,000 4
76 7056 Friday 17th April 1 Jayne Hollinson Durno Johnston 9,100,000 6
77 7057 Friday 17th April 2 Jayne Hollinson Durno Johnston 8,600,000 7
78 7058 Monday 20th April 1 Debbie Oates Tessa Hoffe 9,150,000 4
79 7059 Monday 20th April 2 Debbie Oates Tessa Hoffe 9,410,000 2
80 7060 Wednesday 22nd April Carmel Morgan Tessa Hoffe 8,550,000 5
81 7061 Friday 24th April 1 Jonathan Harvey Tessa Hoffe 8,380,000 6
82 7062 Friday 24th April 2 Jonathan Harvey Tessa Hoffe 8,200,000 9
83 7063 Monday 27th April 1 Lucy Gannon Ian Bevitt 9,150,000 3
84 7064 Monday 27th April 2 Lucy Gannon Ian Bevitt 9,700,000 2
85 7065 Wednesday 29th April Julie Jones Ian Bevitt 8,450,000 7
86 7066 Friday 1st May 1 Chris Fewtrell Ian Bevitt 8,890,000 4
87 7067 Friday 1st May 2 Simon Crowther Ian Bevitt 8,640,000 5
88 7068 Monday 4th May 1 Chris Fewtrell Terry Dyddgen-Jones 10,290,000 3
89 7069 Monday 4th May 2 Simon Crowther Terry Dyddgen-Jones 10,750,000 2
90 7070 Wednesday 6th May Martin Allen Terry Dyddgen-Jones 8,650,000 5
91 7071 Friday 8th May 1 David Lane Terry Dyddgen-Jones 8,600,000 6
92 7072 Friday 8th May 2 Julie Jones Terry Dyddgen-Jones 8,320,000 8
93 7073 Monday 11th May 1 Mark Burt Pip Banyard 8,990,000 4
94 7074 Monday 11th May 2 Damon Rochefort Pip Banyard 9,700,000 2
95 7075 Wednesday 13th May Jonathan Harvey Pip Banyard 8,920,000 5
96 7076 Friday 15th May 1 Peter Whalley Pip Banyard 9,080,000 3
97 7077 Friday 15th May 2 Peter Whalley Pip Banyard 8,850,000 6
98 7078 Monday 18th May 1 Jonathan Harvey Pip Short 9,560,000 4
99 7079 Monday 18th May 2 Lucy Gannon Pip Short 9,700,000 3
100 7080 Wednesday 20th May Damon Rochefort Pip Short 8,910,000 7
101 7081 Friday 22nd May 1 Debbie Oates Pip Short 9,040,000 6
102 7082 Friday 22nd May 2 Julie Jones Pip Short 8,620,000 9
103 7083 Monday 25th May 1 Jayne Hollinson David Kester 9,070,000 8
104 7084 Monday 25th May 2 Joe Turner David Kester 9,450,000 7
105 7085 Tuesday 26th May Simon Crowther David Kester 7,800,000 12
106 7086 Thursday 28th May Martin Allen David Kester 8,150,000 11
107 7087 Friday 29th May Mark Burt David Kester 7,710,000 13
108 7088 Monday 1st June 1 Peter Whalley Dominic Leclerc 8,110,000 9
109 7089 Monday 1st June 2 Carmel Morgan Dominic Leclerc 8,440,000 4
110 7090 Wednesday 3rd June David Lane Dominic Leclerc 8,680,000 3
111 7091 Friday 5th June 1 Mark Wadlow Dominic Leclerc 8,390,000 6
112 7092 Friday 5th June 2 Chris Fewtrell Dominic Leclerc 8,350,000 7
113 7093 Monday 8th June 1 Peter Whalley Kay Patrick
David Kester
9,300,000 1
114 7094 Monday 8th June 2 Chris Fewtrell Kay Patrick
David Kester
9,260,000 2
115 7095 Wednesday 10th June Jayne Hollinson Kay Patrick
David Kester
8,410,000 4
116 7096 Friday 12th June 1 Martin Allen Kay Patrick
David Kester
8,250,000 5
117 7097 Friday 12th June 2 Lucy Gannon Kay Patrick
David Kester
8,010,000 6
118 7098 Monday 15th June 1 Mark Burt Terry Dyddgen-Jones 9,140,000 2
119 7099 Monday 15th June 2 John Kerr Terry Dyddgen-Jones 9,220,000 1
120 7100 Wednesday 17th June Damon Rochefort Terry Dyddgen-Jones 8,960,000 3
121 7101 Friday 19th June 1 Mark Wadlow Terry Dyddgen-Jones 8,440,000 5
122 7102 Friday 19th June 2 Mark Wadlow Terry Dyddgen-Jones 8,060,000 6
123 7103 Monday 22nd June 1 David Lane Tony Prescott 8,740,000 2
124 7104 Monday 22nd June 2 Julie Jones Tony Prescott 9,250,000 1
125 7105 Wednesday 24th June Jonathan Harvey Tony Prescott 7,960,000 6
126 7106 Friday 26th June 1 Simon Crowther Tony Prescott 8,050,000 4
127 7107 Friday 26th June 2 Simon Crowther Tony Prescott 7,970,000 5
128 7108 Monday 29th June 1 Damon Rochefort Pip Short 7,600,000 6
129 7109 Monday 29th June 2 David Lane Pip Short 7,960,000 4
130 7110 Wednesday 1st July Chris Fewtrell Pip Short 7,490,000 7
131 7111 Friday 3rd July 1 Chris Fewtrell Pip Short 8,070,000 3
132 7112 Friday 3rd July 2 Simon Crowther Pip Short 8,080,000 2
133 7113 Monday 6th July 1 Joe Turner Duncan Foster 9,410,000 2
134 7114 Monday 6th July 2 Joe Turner Duncan Foster 9,520,000 1
135 7115 Wednesday 8th July John Kerr Duncan Foster 8,940,000 3
136 7116 Friday 10th July 1 Peter Whalley Duncan Foster 8,370,000 5
137 7117 Friday 10th July 2 Mark Wadlow Duncan Foster 8,110,000 6
138 7118 Monday 13th July 1 Jayne Hollinson Ian Bevitt 9,230,000 2
139 7119 Monday 13th July 2 Mark Burt Ian Bevitt 9,660,000 1
140 7120 Wednesday 15th July Lucy Gannon Ian Bevitt 8,810,000 4
141 7121 Friday 17th July 1 Julie Jones Ian Bevitt 8,530,000 7
142 7122 Friday 17th July 2 Julie Jones Ian Bevitt 8,990,000 3
143 7123 Monday 20th July 1 Jonathan Harvey Dominic Leclerc 9,310,000 2
144 7124 Monday 20th July 2 Jonathan Harvey Dominic Leclerc 9,560,000 1
145 7125 Thursday 23rd July Debbie Oates Dominic Leclerc 8,350,000 5
146 7126 Friday 24th July 1 Martin Allen Dominic Leclerc 7,890,000 7
147 7127 Friday 24th July 2 Carmel Morgan Dominic Leclerc 8,160,000 6
148 7128 Monday 27th July 1 Peter Whalley David Kester 8,390,000 2
149 7129 Monday 27th July 2 Jonathan Harvey David Kester 8,850,000 1
150 7130 Thursday 30th July Daran Little David Kester 8,210,000 6
151 7131 Friday 31st July 1 Martin Allen David Kester 8,240,000 4
152 7132 Friday 31st July 2 Mark Wadlow David Kester 8,320,000 3
153 7133 Monday 3rd August 1 David Lane Tim Dowd 9,180,000 2
154 7134 Monday 3rd August 2 Julie Jones Tim Dowd 9,300,000 1
155 7135 Thursday 6th August John Kerr Tim Dowd 8,010,000 4
156 7136 Friday 7th August 1 Simon Crowther Tim Dowd 7,830,000 7
157 7137 Friday 7th August 2 Chris Fewtrell Tim Dowd 7,910,000 5
158 7138 Monday 10th August 1 Mark Burt Tony Prescott 9,260,000 1
159 7139 Monday 10th August 2 Damon Rochefort Tony Prescott 9,000,000 2
160 7140 Thursday 13th August Carmel Morgan Tony Prescott 8,300,000 5
161 7141 Friday 14th August 1 Joe Turner Tony Prescott 8,500,000 3
162 7142 Friday 14th August 2 Joe Turner Tony Prescott 8,550,000 4
163 7143 Monday 17th August 1 Joe Turner Pip Short 8,550,000 3
164 7144 Monday 17th August 2 David Lane Pip Short 8,980,000 2
165 7145 Thursday 20th August John Kerr Pip Short 8,390,000 4
166 7146 Friday 21st August 1 Jayne Hollinson Pip Short 7,960,000 6
167 7147 Friday 21st August 2 Jayne Hollinson Pip Short 7,950,000 7
168 7148 Monday 24th August 1 Daran Little Durno Johnston 8,770,000 1
169 7149 Monday 24th August 2 Simon Crowther Durno Johnston 8,920,000 2
170 7150 Thursday 27th August Chris Fewtrell Durno Johnston 8,620,000 4
171 7151 Monday 31st August 1 Damon Rochefort Duncan Foster 8,590,000 4
172 7152 Monday 31st August 2 Damon Rochefort Duncan Foster 8,890,000 2
173 7153 Thursday 3rd September Peter Whalley Duncan Foster 8,760,000 3
174 7154 Friday 4th September 1 Debbie Oates Duncan Foster 8,070,000 8
175 7155 Friday 4th September 2 Debbie Oates Duncan Foster 7,590,000 9
176 7156 Monday 7th September 1 Mark Wadlow Alan Wareing 9,250,000 3
177 7157 Monday 7th September 2 Mark Wadlow Alan Wareing 9,880,000 2
178 7158 Thursday 10th September Martin Allen Alan Wareing 8,450,000 5
179 7159 Friday 11th September 1 Jonathan Harvey Alan Wareing 8,150,000 7
180 7160 Friday 11th September 2 Jonathan Harvey Alan Wareing 8,270,000 6
181 7161 Monday 14th September 1 Joe Turner John Anderson 9,610,000 3
182 7162 Monday 14th September 2 Joe Turner John Anderson 9,540,000 4
183 7163 Thursday 17th September Martin Allen John Anderson 8,230,000 13
184 7164 Friday 18th September 1 Jayne Hollinson John Anderson 8,390,000 10
185 7165 Friday 18th September 2 Peter Whalley John Anderson 7,100,000 16
186 7166 Monday 21st September 1 Debbie Oates Tim Dowd 9,760,000 4
187 7167 Monday 21st September 2 Daran Little Tim Dowd 9,830,000 3
188 7168 Wednesday 23rd September Stephen Russell Tim Dowd 8,740,000 6
189 7169 Thursday 24th September Damon Rochefort Tim Dowd 8,370,000 10
190 7170 Friday 25th September 1 Jonathan Harvey Tim Dowd 8,100,000 12
191 7171 Friday 25th September 2 Jonathan Harvey Tim Dowd 7,410,000 15
192 7172 Monday 28th September 1 Mark Burt David Kester 10,020,000 3
193 7173 Monday 28th September 2 John Kerr David Kester 9,820,000 4
194 7174 Thursday 1st October Julie Jones David Kester 8,540,000 10
195 7175 Friday 2nd October 1 David Lane David Kester 8,610,000 9
196 7176 Friday 2nd October 2 David Lane David Kester 8,720,000 7
197 7177 Monday 5th October 1 Mark Wadlow Pip Short 9,940,000 3
198 7178 Monday 5th October 2 Mark Wadlow Pip Short 9,400,000 4
199 7179 Thursday 8th October David Lane Pip Short 8,310,000 13
200 7180 Friday 9th October 1 Peter Whalley Pip Short 9,260,000 7
201 7181 Friday 9th October 2 Joe Turner Pip Short 9,390,000 5
202 7182 Monday 12th October 1 Stephen Russell Stuart Davids 10,080,000 3
203 7183 Monday 12th October 2 Stephen Russell Stuart Davids 9,610,000 4
204 7184 Thursday 15th October Lucy Gannon Stuart Davids 8,290,000 13
205 7185 Friday 16th October 1 Damon Rochefort Stuart Davids 8,460,000 10
206 7186 Friday 16th October 2 Julie Jones Stuart Davids 9,040,000 7
207 7187 Monday 19th October 1 John Kerr Duncan Foster 10,540,000 3
208 7188 Monday 19th October 2 Jonathan Harvey Duncan Foster 10,520,000 4
209 7189 Thursday 22nd October Martin Allen Duncan Foster 8,640,000 13
210 7190 Friday 23rd October 1 Chris Fewtrell Duncan Foster 9,460,000 8
211 7191 Friday 23rd October 2 Simon Crowther Duncan Foster 10,240,000 5
212 7192 Monday 26th October 1 Peter Whalley Tony Prescott 10,350,000 4
213 7193 Monday 26th October 2 Stephen Russell Tony Prescott 10,460,000 3
214 7194 Wednesday 28th October Daran Little Tony Prescott 9,100,000 10
215 7195 Thursday 29th October John Kerr Tony Prescott 8,630,000 13
216 7196 Friday 30th October 1 Joe Turner Tony Prescott 9,130,000 9
217 7197 Friday 30th October 2 Joe Turner Tony Prescott 9,510,000 6
218 7198 Monday 2nd November 1 Lucy Gannon Tim Dowd 10,850,000 3
219 7199 Monday 2nd November 2 Lucy Gannon Tim Dowd 10,540,000 4
220 7200 Thursday 5th November David Lane Tim Dowd 8,600,000 12
221 7201 Friday 6th November 1 Jonathan Harvey Tim Dowd 9,160,000 10
222 7202 Friday 6th November 2 Damon Rochefort Tim Dowd 9,460,000 7
223 7203 Monday 9th November 1 Debbie Oates John Anderson 10,070,000 4
224 7204 Monday 9th November 2 Mark Wadlow John Anderson 9,770,000 8
225 7205 Wednesday 11th November Jayne Hollinson John Anderson 9,280,000 10
226 7206 Thursday 12th November Mark Burt John Anderson 8,770,000 14
227 7207 Friday 13th November 1 Chris Fewtrell John Anderson 9,830,000 7
228 7208 Friday 13th November 2 Simon Crowther John Anderson 9,580,000 9
229 7209 Monday 16th November 1 Simon Crowther David Kester 10,720,000 5
230 7210 Monday 16th November 2 Joe Turner David Kester 11,130,000 3
231 7211 Thursday 19th November Mark Wadlow David Kester 9,770,000 9
232 7212 Friday 20th November 1 Lucy Gannon David Kester 8,630,000 17
233 7213 Friday 20th November 2 Stephen Russell David Kester 8,130,000 19
234 7214 Monday 23rd November 1 Jayne Hollinson Ian Bevitt 10,490,000 4
235 7215 Monday 23rd November 2 Jonathan Harvey Ian Bevitt 10,720,000 3
236 7216 Thursday 26th November David Lane Ian Bevitt 7,400,000 18
237 7217 Friday 27th November 1 Daran Little Ian Bevitt 8,970,000 11
238 7218 Friday 27th November 2 Peter Whalley Ian Bevitt 9,550,000 7
239 7219 Monday 30th November Julie Jones Alan Wareing 10,360,000 4
240 7220 Tuesday 1st December John Kerr Alan Wareing 8,260,000 17
241 7221 Wednesday 2nd December Martin Allen Alan Wareing 9,270,000 8
242 7222 Thursday 3rd December Mark Burt Alan Wareing 9,630,000 5
243 7223 Friday 4th December Chris Fewtrell Alan Wareing 9,080,000 10
244 7224 Monday 7th December 1 David Lane Pip Short 10,400,000 4
245 7225 Monday 7th December 2 David Lane Pip Short 10,110,000 5
246 7226 Thursday 10th December Peter Whalley Pip Short 8,570,000 11
247 7227 Friday 11th December 1 Martin Allen Pip Short 8,890,000 9
248 7228 Friday 11th December 2 Jayne Hollinson Pip Short 9,350,000 7
249 7229 Monday 14th December 1 Damon Rochefort Stuart Davids 9,900,000 3
250 7230 Monday 14th December 2 Damon Rochefort Stuart Davids 9,510,000 6
251 7231 Thursday 17th December Mark Burt Stuart Davids 8,600,000 11
252 7232 Friday 18th December 1 Jonathan Harvey Stuart Davids 9,530,000 5
253 7233 Friday 18th December 2 Jonathan Harvey Stuart Davids 9,290,000 7
254 7234 Monday 21st December 1 Debbie Oates Tony Prescott 9,710,000 7
255 7235 Monday 21st December 2 Daran Little Tony Prescott 9,710,000 7
256 7236 Thursday 24th December John Kerr Tony Prescott 8,450,000 14
257 7237/8 Friday 25th December Joe Turner Tony Prescott 8,720,000 11
258 7239 Monday 28th December 1 Chris Fewtrell John Anderson 9,900,000 7
259 7240 Monday 28th December 2 Chris Fewtrell John Anderson 9,820,000 8
260 7241 Thursday 31st December Jonathan Harvey John Anderson 7,560,000 16



Tyrone and Molly make it to the altar

  • Tyrone Dobbs and Molly Compton's fairytale wedding is in doubt; Tyrone's mischievous mother Jackie returns but Tyrone bars her from the wedding, while on the day itself Tyrone is apparently arrested for possessing stolen sunglasses as part of his part in Pam Hobsworth's latest scam, although the man turns out to be a bogus police officer. Tyrone makes it to the church and marries Molly, but Jackie shows up at the reception and steals Tyrone and Molly's honeymoon tickts to Paris. By the time the newlyweds find out, she's long gone, however Pam arranges a caravan holiday for the pair so they can still have a honeymoon.
  • Still fighting alcoholism, Peter Barlow leaves for Portsmouth, where he goes into rehab after falling off the wagon.
  • Joe McIntyre's kitchen fitting business is failing. Unable to pay his rent, and too proud to admit his problems to his partner Gail Platt, Joe lives in his lock-up while he takes a job at the builders' yard. He's in trouble when he falls under suspicion of stealing copper piping from the yard, but David Platt knows it was Gary and Len Windass. Gary has been trying to wind David up by flirting with Tina McIntyre, but after turning a blind eye for weeks David snaps and punches Gary, starting a fight which ends with David getting beaten up. In hospital, David asks Tina to tell the police that Gary threw the first punch, which she does. Joe meanwhile accepts Gail's invitation to move into No.8.
  • Tara Mandal agrees to stay in Weatherfield for the time being. Dev Alahan isn't happy when Tara buys his daughter Amber Kalirai a car for her 18th birthday.
  • Steve McDonald is disgusted when he finds out his mum Liz is dating his business partner Lloyd Mullaney. Steve is questioned by his mum Liz when he admits he's trying to get Michelle Connor to dump him as he prefers Becky Granger. He persuades Michelle's bandmate JD to make a move on Michelle, telling him that his relationship with Michelle is over. Michelle confronts Steve, but doesn't find out the full truth until Lloyd blurts it out in the Rovers to spite Steve over his very vocal disapproval of Lloyd and Liz dating. Michelle and her son Ryan move out of the Rovers and into No.7 with Maria Connor, while Steve is relieved he can now openly pursue Becky - Becky however has already moved on and is seeing her ex-boyfriend Jason Grimshaw again now that Jason has started divorce proceedings from his wife Sarah.
  • Fiz Brown goes to see John Stape in court as he is sentenced to two years in prison.
  • Eddie Windass scams the Rovers darts team by collecting £20 from the team members, then pretending to have been mugged so he can keep the money for himself.
  • On returning from her holiday, Maria Connor continues to accuse Tony Gordon of killing her husband Liam and pensioner Jed Stone. When the police are uncooperative, Maria tries to hit Tony with her car in a moment of madness, pulling away just in time. She's surprised when Jed pops into the Rovers, unaware that Tony has arranged his visit to make Maria doubt her accusations. The incident sparks the curiosity of Tony's wife Carla, as Tony has apparently given Jed a house in Wigan even though Jed had been hassling Tony last year. Carla goes to see Jed and notices marks on his neck from where Tony tried to strangle him at Christmas.
  • Kevin and Sally Webster are shocked when Kevin finds a discarded pregnancy test. Sophie admits it was hers, but she isn't pregnant, it was a cry for attention.
  • Ken Barlow meets Martha Fraser, who invites him for a chat aboard her barge. Ken enjoys helping Martha prepare for her role in a production of A Streetcar Named Desire.
  • Norris Cole and Mary Taylor win a motor home in a competition.
  • Janice Battersby is shocked when her friend Mike Scott collapses and dies during a cigarette break.


  • Ken continues to see Martha but doesn't admit he's married. When Deirdre hears about Ken buying expensive wine, she assumes he's planning an evening with her, so when Ken's late home he tells Deirdre he was at the theatre with Ted Page. Ken later confides in Ted his meeting with Martha, but won't admit he has feelings for her.
  • Tina is unsure about lying for David in court. At first the Windasses try to make amends with a charm offensive, but when the Platts refuse to budge, Len threatens Tina in the kebab shop, although Tina's surprised when Gary hits Len for doing so. Len moves onto dirtier tactics, first trashing Joe's lock-up then saving Joe's ailing business by giving him a contract on the condition that he persuades Tina to tell the truth in court. Desperate for the money, Joe starts working on Tina, but the pressure only makes Tina leave, apparently to miss the court case.
  • Janice has been reflecting on her life and decided to train as a nurse. Ken agrees to tutor her.

Tony's confession prompts Carla to flee

  • When questioned by Carla, Tony says he caught Jed trying to commit suicide at Christmas and housed him out of guilt. He then has Jimmy Dockerson threaten Jed, who ends up in hospital after a heart attack. Still not convinced, Carla goes to see Jimmy then confronts Tony again. The pair talk alone in a darkened factory, where Carla admits her true feelings for Liam, and Tony tells Carla how he was involved in Liam's death. As Tony confesses, Carla starts to fear for her own safety and runs off. As Tony tries to track his wife down, Maria is surprised when Tony shows up at Liam's grave on the anniversary of Liam and Maria's wedding, overcome with emotion.
  • Sophie introduces her friend Ben Richardson to her parents and joins the Christian Youth Club, deciding to lead a more Christian life.
  • Eddie's mugging scam backfires when he's recognised by one of the Flight Fandangos during a competition against the Rovers team, as he has used the same scheme before.
  • Wiki Dankowska returns home to Poland for a family emergency.
  • Steve is still upset over Becky seeing Jason and sleepwalks his way through a date with Natasha Blakeman. On Friday 13th, Jason proposes to Becky and she accepts - however as the couple celebrate Steve also proposes, and Becky decides to let Jason down. As Steve and Becky enjoy their engagement, Becky has trouble convincing Liz that she is worthy of Steve and will be a good mother to Amy. Becky's soon angry with Steve again when Michelle reveals that Steve proposed with the same ring he used when he asked Michelle to marry him last year. Steve however makes it up by booking the wedding for March.
  • Julie Carp is horrified when Tony tells her to sack someone at the factory or she's fired. Julie decides to sacrifice her own job, but she's saved when Luke Strong arrives as Tony's new partner, having been asked by Carla to take care of her shares of the factory and Lad Rags, Liam and Tom Kerrigan's T-shirt business. Tony doesn't trust Luke and is convinced he knows where Carla is.
  • Ashley Peacock is shocked when Graeme Proctor starts talking like the late Fred Elliott when he wears Fred's old butcher's hat. Claire admits that it was her idea.
  • Eileen Grimshaw meets up with her old friend Paula Carp and is surprised to find out she left school at 14 as she was pregnant.


Tina makes a decision in court

  • Tina arrives in court at the last minute, however she surprises everyone when she takes the stand and says David threw the first punch. Gary is found not guilty. In the wake of the court case, Tina splits up with David, while David finds out about Joe's deal with Len and tells the Platts. When Gail learns that he only moved into No.8 as he had nowhere to live, Joe ends their relationship out of embarrassment. Tina leaves to stay at her mum's, while Gail tries to bring Joe out of his depression, convincing him to move back into No.8 which causes an angry David to leave to stay with his dad for a few weeks.
  • Ken and Martha get closer and they share a kiss. Ken turns down an invitation to stay the night but continues to see Martha.
  • Becky is worried about the wedding being on Friday 13th and decides not to have a hen night in case it goes wrong. She's hurt when she overhears Liz and Lloyd betting that the wedding won't happen, which prompts Steve to bar them both from the ceremony. On her wedding day, Becky drinks to calm her nerves and ends up singing on the factory roof. When she finally gets to the register office, the Registrar refuses to marry her and Steve as she's too drunk. The next day Steve can't bring himself to tell a hung-over Becky that they're not married - though Michelle enjoys breaking the news. Becky puts her anger aside as she and Steve leave for their honeymoon in the Maldives.
  • Leanne Battersby, who has been running the bookies while Peter is away, is offered a job running a restaurant in Leeds. She turns it down when she hears Peter is returning, however when Christina turns up looking for Peter, Peter admits he left rehab and had a fling with Christina. An angry and hurt Leanne takes the job after all. Yet again, Peter turns to drink, which doesn't go unnoticed by Deirdre who starts to worry that Simon might not be safe living with Peter. Deirdre tries to take Simon away to No.1 but Peter takes him back. As Deirdre moans at Ken over his passive role in dealing with Peter, over at the flat a cigarette causes a major fire, which Peter and Simon only survive thanks to Tony and Luke getting them out just in time.
  • Dev agrees to fund an art gallery Tara wants to open. Meanwhile, Dev's Uncle Umed comes to stay. Umed thinks Dev is being taken for a ride by spending so much money for Tara. To encourage Tara, Dev asks Minnie Chandra to pretend to be an art dealer and buy some artwork but Tara finds out about the deal and leaves Dev. Dev meets up with Lisa Dalton and they spend the night together.
  • Mary invites Norris to go travelling with her in the motor home. They leave for the Lake District but return almost immediately as Norris has been having doubts.
  • Lloyd lies about his whereabouts as he can't afford to take Liz out. Liz thinks he's embarrassed about the age difference. Lloyd proves this isn't the case by announcing their relationship in the Rovers.
  • On Tony's advice, Maria refuses to sell Lad Rags to Luke. Tony meanwhile is furious to find out that Carla wants to sever all ties with him and is selling her share of Underworld to Luke. He hires a PI to find out more about Luke, while in an effort to forget Carla he takes up with hairdresser Natasha Blakeman. Maria meanwhile decides to accept Tony's help with Lad Rags when Carla gives Maria her share. As Tony gets close to Maria, he suffers panic attacks as he's reminded of Liam's death.
  • Ryan starts going out Sophie's friend Sian Powers.
  • Audrey Roberts asks Bill Webster to pay her back the money she loaned him for the builders' yard, forcing him to cut Jason's hours.


  • Following the Bookies fire, Peter vows to quit drinking, however a date with Michelle is a disaster as he won't stop talking about his drinking problem.
  • When Ken finally tells Martha he is married, she tells him she doesn't want to see him any more. Ken tries to move on, but can't resist going to see the play Martha is performing in and takes the opportunity to speak to Martha and plead forgiveness. Audrey, who saw Ken with Martha, tells Peter that Ken is having an affair. Peter is disgusted with Ken, but Ken says Martha is his soul mate and refuses to let her go.
  • Dev and Tara get back together but Dev keeps quiet about sleeping with Lisa. He's in the clear until Lisa shows up again and, thinking Dev and Lisa wasn't a one-off, Poppy Morales tells Tara about them. Tara decides to give Dev a chance to confess, but when he doesn't, Tara plots revenge, persuading him to have nude photographs taken.
  • Chesney starts skiving off school when he's being bullied by Kenzie Judd. Fiz goes to see the headmaster Mr Griffin but when he refuses to act, she decides that Chesney will be tutored at home. Ken is unavailable to help and the tutors he recommends are too expensive so Fiz gets help from John Stape in prison, without telling Chesney.
  • Kirk Sutherland finishes with Julie, explaining that she never takes his ambitions seriously. Julie moves out of No.5.
  • Mary tells Norris her mother has died, but she's happy about it as they can not travel the world together. Norris pretends to Rita Sullivan and Emily Bishop that he's keen.
  • Tina gets Joe to agree to move out of No.8, but while lifting some hardboard he does his back in, and Gail volunteers to look after him while he recovers... at No.8. Out of work in the meantime, Joe gives Gary a job under pressure from Len. David isn't happy about it and decides to hide Joe's painkillers, so that he can later gain Tina's favour by 'finding' them, however when he suggests he and Tina move into their own flat, Tina turns him down and tells him their relationship is over for good. Audrey, meanwhile, makes it clear that she doesn't like Joe sponging off Gail, but when this results in Gail throwing her out, she tries to make amends by giving David back his job at the salon.
  • Anna Windass gets a job at Roy's Rolls.
  • Molly starts looking over the books at the garage and isn't happy to find out Sally gets a wage for doing the same job. Kevin, Jason and Molly sign up for a 10k run.
  • David blames Gary for Tina dumping him and plots revenge. He sets Gary up for stealing Bill's tools but then provides him with a false alibi, saying he wants to call a truce.
  • Darryl Morton's mum Teresa Bryant shows up in Coronation Street as she has nowhere else to go. Dev reluctantly lets the shop flat to Teresa and Darryl.
  • When Tom objects to Tony giving Maria business advice, Tony buys his share of Lad Rags to get rid of him, although Tom tells Maria that she's making a mistake getting mixed up with Tony but she ignores his advice and allows him to take care of her as she gets closer to term.

    The truth about Julie's parentage comes out

  • Becky and Steve row when Becky tells Amy that her mother is in prison, even though Steve explicitly asked her not to do so.
  • Jason and Julie get drunk in the Rovers and end up in No.11. The next day, Paula hears about it and chastises Julie, telling her Jason is not the man for her. Meanwhile, Colin Grimshaw's 70th birthday party takes place in the Rovers, and Colin takes the opportunity to propose to Rita. She accepts. However, when Paula argues with Julie again at the party, Paula reveals to the whole pub that the reason behind her opposition to them being together is that they're related - Colin is Julie's father, and he got Paula pregnant when she was 14. Rita leaves, hurt and humiliated, while Eileen questions Paula. Julie reveals that nothing happened between her and Jason.
  • Jack Duckworth is distraught when one of his pigeons goes missing, but it's returned by Connie Rathbone. Jack and Connie meet up and get along well, as they have both been recently widowed, although Tyrone doesn't like Connie, thinking she's after Jack's money.


  • Colin collapses from a stroke when Rita and Eileen make it clear they now want nothing to do with him, but Julie is determined to be there for her dad and goes to visit Colin in hospital when he stabilises. After some consideration, Eileen also visits him but makes it clear she hasn't forgiven him. Against his doctor's advice, Colin discharges himself from hospital, and Eileen reluctantly agrees to take him in. Paula is trying to make amends with Julie and Eileen but when she finds out Colin is back in the street, Paula goes to the police to report him for abuse. Eileen persuades Colin to face up to his actions, but he dies from another stroke just as the police knock on the door.
  • Ken visits Martha and persuades her to give him another chance. She asks him to leave Manchester with her. Deciding to seize the opportunity, Ken puts his affairs in order and writes a letter for Deirdre before he embarks on his new life, but as he arrives at Martha's barge and she makes plans for their future, the reality of the situation sinks in and

    Ken makes his choice

    Ken chickens out. Although Deirdre hasn't seen the letter, Ken opts to show it to her anyway. Deirdre is angry but also understanding and agrees to forgive Ken as long as the incident is never mentioned again. Blanche thinks Deirdre is letting Ken off too lightly, so Deirdre throws her out of No.1. Peter isn't happy when Blanche moves into his flat without asking him.
  • Roy gives Anna his account card and details so she can go to the cash and carry for him, however Eddie uses the card for some shopping trips of his own. On one such trip, an alarm goes off at the checkout, and Eddie finds out he's the shop's millionth customer and is offered a free European holiday.
  • Tara plans a public art display outside the Victoria Court flats. At the exhibition, Dev proposes to Tara, but Tara's response is to unveil a massive poster of Dev in the nude, humiliating him in public as revenge for his lies.
  • David makes sure Gary overhears him and Graeme planning a (fake) robbery, and Gary tells David he wants in on it.
  • Mary is getting sick of waiting for Norris to decide to go travelling with her. Much to Norris's horror, Mary tries to seduce him in their motor home, which convinces him that travelling with her is not for him. As Mary leaves, another visitor arrives looking for Norris - his half-brother Ramsay Clegg, who he hasn't spoken to in 50 years. Norris wants nothing to do with Ramsay but won't tell Emily or Rita what caused the rift between them.
  • Peter and Luke both vie for Michelle's affections. JD asks Michelle to go on tour with the band for six months - she declines for Ryan's sake but Ryan makes arrangements to stay with his friend Phil so Michelle can go. In the meantime, she starts seeing Luke, and a jealous Peter asks Michelle to stay in Weatherfield. She's impressed when Peter sees off Sian's dad Vinnie when an angry Vinnie accused Ryan of raping Sian.
  • Jack agrees to go on holiday to Spain with Connie, but tells Tyrone and Molly he's going to Blackpool alone as he knows Tyrone won't approve.
  • Fiz learns that John is in hospital after being attacked by another inmate. When Chesney becomes suspicious he follows Fiz to the prison, realising she's been seeing John, runs off. He only agrees to return home when he hears his dog Schmeichel has been pining for him. Chesney tells Fiz to choose between him and John, but as she wonders how to resolve the situation, she visits John who insists they end their relationship. Chesney decides to go back to school so he doesn't have to see Fiz during the day.
  • As Tony spends more time supporting Maria, he ignores Natasha's phone calls. He later explains away his action to Natasha by saying he only feels sorry for Maria, but when Natasha tells Maria this, Maria confronts Tony who denies saying it. Tony dumps Natasha, insulting her in the process.
  • Joe is becoming dependent on painkillers to get him through the working day and isn't happy when he's prescribed a lower dosage.


  • Peter and Michelle spend the night together, but Michelle regrets it the next day and leaves for her tour as planned. Her departure hits Peter hard and he is tempted to drink, though at Ken's suggestion he starts going to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, where he admits his addiction and begins to come to terms with it.
  • David and Gary plan their burglary. Unbeknown to Gary, however, David is setting him up and their target is actually Audrey's house. The plan is for Graeme to call the police when Gary enters the house but before he does Ted arrives, causing Gary to flee. Gary is arrested and receives a custodial sentence but he tells Audrey about David's involvement, a story David unwittingly confirms while denying it.

    When Rosie comes into money, Luke turns on the charm

    While most of his family shun him, David is surprised when Ted forgives him, even though the incident caused him to have a heart attack.
  • After a disastrous date with Minnie, Jason starts seeing more of Tina. They share a kiss.
  • Fiz becomes worried about John's state of mind as he refuses to see her and returns her letters. Rosie, meanwhile, receives a visiting order and goes to see John. He claims he wants to do right by her and gives her £150,000 as compensation for kidnapping her last year. Rosie immediately quits her job at the factory and starts spending the money, buying a sports car (even though she can't drive) and, at Luke's suggestion, investing in a 9% share of Underworld. She also takes back her PA position, replacing Janice who was disastrous in her brief tenure in the role. John, meanwhile, is on suicide watch, prompting Fiz to make a scene outside the prison and hold up a banner asking John to marry her, with John watching on the CCTV. Fiz is allowed to see him, and he accepts.
  • While shopping, Hayley sees the cardboard cutouts of 'Roy Cropper' and confronts Eddie about his scam, though Roy is forgiving.
  • Joe isn't coping well with his bad back, a situation made worse by the fact that David frequently hides his pills.
  • Kevin notices Jason and Molly getting along well and angrily accuses Jason of being too friendly with her. After running the marathon with Molly, Kevin realises he is attracted to her and wonders if his feelings are reciprocated. Molly, meanwhile, is caught up with other problems as Tyrone realises that Jack went on holiday with Connie. Tyrone continues to be hostile towards Connie, causing Jack to decide to move out. Molly is shocked when Kevin admits he has feelings for her but while she is initially disgusted, problems at home make her seek out Kevin's company. They go on another run together and as they're caught up in the excitement they kiss.
  • As manageress at the Rovers, and with Liz away, Poppy sacks barmaid Betty Williams, believing she's too old. Steve assures Betty that her job is safe but Betty refuses to work with Poppy. Steve sacks Poppy and reinstates Betty.
  • Bill and Pam see a different side to each other when they meet up on a single's night.
  • Maria has a false labour. Tony offers his support and accepts Maria's invitation to stay at No.7 until the baby is born. In the meantime, he does everything he can to support her, even putting aside his managerial duties at the factory.
  • Norris is annoyed as Emily and Rita appear determined to welcome Ramsay into their lives, despite Norris's attempts to make him feel as unwelcome as possible.
  • Becky's old boyfriend Slug visits, telling her that he's got a legitimate job and is no longer a drug user. Becky is worried about Steve's reaction as Slug continues to visit.
  • Eileen meets up with Jesse Chadwick again, this time without his General Custard guise. They start seeing more of each other.


  • Maria goes into labour while on a walk at the beach with Tony, and Tony has to deliver the baby boy there. With Maria back home, Tony stays on at No.7 to help with baby Liam, although when Barry and Helen Connor arrive to see their grandson, they're suspicious of Tony and Helen even accuses Maria of betraying their Liam's memory. Tony warns Barry that he and his wife risk alienating Maria if they interfere too much with her life, prompting Helen to apologise. Maria agrees to go to Ireland with the Connors.
  • Kevin and Molly try to continue their affair, but Kevin's family commitments continually get in the way of them meeting. Kevin makes it up to Molly by booking a hotel room for them, but when Sally finds out about it on her birthday he has to tell Sally it's a birthday surprise. He makes it up to Molly by having sex with her, but comes to regret it so much that he ends the affair and persuades Tyrone to go on holiday with Molly to Tenerife, as he knows he won't be able to resist Molly otherwise. Molly is furious.
  • Tina breaks the news about her relationship with Jason to David. David vents his anger by throwing objects at Jason. Meanwhile, Graeme secures painkillers for a dependent Joe, although he refuses subsequent requests from Joe. David finds out about the deal and decides to take advantage of Joe's addiction by giving him painkillers in exchange for large amounts of money, which necessitates a desperate Joe stealing from Gail. David, however, withholds most of the pills from Joe until he convinces Tina to leave Jason. Tina and Jason meanwhile have decided to buy a property and sell it at a profit, with their sights set on No.12 flat above the Kabin. In light of David's demands, Joe retracts his offer to fit their kitchen for free, and warns Tina that Jason is still in love with Becky. Jason reassures Joe that he's wrong.
  • Steve is jealous of Slug, unaware that Slug has unsuccessfully tried to convince Becky to leave him. Steve sets a date for his and Becky's wedding.
  • Sean fancies a man called Leon at the gym. He tells Leon that Jason is his boyfriend, then tries to gain Leon's sympathy by telling him that Jason dumped him as he doesn't want to come out as gay. He's alarmed when Leon meets and befriends Jason.
  • Norris returns shoes that he thought were from Rita when he finds out that they were actually from Ramsay, even though they helped his feet. Meanwhile, Emily and Ramsay are developing feelings for each other, although Norris is oblivious and is pleased when Emily's visiting niece Freda also dislikes Ramsay.
  • Bill responds to a personal ad and agrees to a date but ends up cancelling to go out with Pam instead, unaware that the ad was actually Pam's.
  • Fiz and John prepare their prison wedding, but Fiz hasn't yet told Chesney about the wedding. Chesney learns about it when he finds Fiz's engagement ring. In his anger, he steals Rosie's car, but Anna finds him and convinces him to leave it, where it's found by Kevin. Chesney soon realises that he's left the ring in the car.

    Claire tells Ashley to have a vasectomy

  • Sophie is jealous when Rosie flirts with Ben, even though Ben is unresponsive. When she throws a drink over Rosie, Ben dumps her.
  • Claire starts behaving oddly, and rows with Ashley for silly reasons. Lloyd pays her a visit when she doesn't turn up for work, only to find Claire has collapsed. In hospital, Ashley finds out that Claire was pregnant and has lost the baby. When she wakes, Claire is shocked to learn she was pregnant and tells Ashley that she doesn't want any more children because of her postnatal depression after their son Freddie's birth. Ashley agrees to have a vasectomy but when he goes to hospital to have the operation he chickens out.
  • Connie finally shows Jack where she lives - a mansion. Jack learns that Connie is wealthy.
  • Eddie tries to convince Anna to marry him, but she refuses.
  • Deirdre is made redundant from the council. The Barlows go along to an AA meeting to support Peter.


  • Rosie finds Fiz's ring and gives it to Sally as a present. When Fiz sees Sally with it, she steals it back, but with the factory girls accusing Fiz is being a thief, Julie tells them about Fiz's engagement to John to clear her name. Fiz covers for Chesney by saying she stole Rosie's car but Kevin works out the truth and lets Chesney help out at the garage to make up for it. While he refuses to speak to Fiz, Chesney finds a confidante in Anna.
  • Joe's painkiller addiction costs him a kitchen fitting contract which had been sustaining him financially. At his wits end, Joe steals Gail's keys to the Medical Centre and trashes the place in a search for painkillers. He sets off an alarm, alerting the police as well as the street residents. His addiction finally revealed to Gail, Joe refuses methadone to ease his withdrawal, preferring to go without drugs. Looking after Joe is a struggle for Gail but she talks him round when he offers to leave, the pair deciding to give their relationship another go. Joe's problems finally begin to ease as he gets a job in a hardware shop.
  • The rift between Tina and David is deepened when she finds out that he took advantage of Joe. Meanwhile, Jason and Tina buy No.12 at an auction and move in. When Tina's bracelet goes missing, Tina accuses David, who swears his innocence and threatens Tina. Later that day, David is beaten up, but he can't identify the attacker and points the finger at Jason. Jason is arrested by the police, sparking an argument between the Platts and the Grimshaws in the Street, but he is released as there is no evidence that he was the attacker.

    Steve and Becky tie the knot

    In private, Gary, released from prison, admits to David that he attacked him as payback for setting him up.
  • In preparation for the wedding, Becky invites Jim McDonald as a surprise for Steve, while Liz and Steve's brother Andy return from Spain for the occasion. Becky stays sober at her hen night, determined not to ruin another wedding, and to everyone's surprise the ceremony goes without a hitch. At the reception in the Rovers, the police turn up to search the pub for drugs, and find some in Becky's bag. Becky is arrested for drug trafficking and is interviewed by DC Hooch, a bent copper who is an old enemy of Becky's. Hooch has got revenge on her by paying Slug to plant the drugs at the Rovers while everybody was at the wedding. Becky is released on bail but while Steve supports her, nobody else does. Steve and Becky realise that Slug is involved and try to find him.
  • When Michelle pays a brief visit to Weatherfield, a smitten Luke focuses his attentions on her instead of Rosie.
  • Maria returns with the news that she's thinking of moving to Ireland permanently. She decides to stay when Tony admits he is in love with her. They sleep together. Michelle finds out and is horrified. Tony moves into No.7 permanently.
  • Liz ends her relationship with Lloyd, deciding that she is too old for him, having re-evaluated her life during her stay in Spain.
  • Ramsay makes one last attempt to bury the hatchet with Norris and tries to persuade Norris to move into a Victoria Court flat with him. Norris tells Ramsay that if he doesn't leave, then Norris will, prompting Ramsay to book an immediate flight back home. Emily is disgusted with Norris's lack of empathy. Norris soon learns that Ramsay has died on the flight to Australia, and that he had a brain tumour. While Emily mourns, Norris gets on with his life, apparently unaffected by his brother's death.
  • Claire decides to arrange a charity fete in the Street. The residents turn out in force at the event, with Claire trying her best to make sure it goes according to plan. She fails to notice that Josh is in pain after swallowing a bee but when he goes into shock in front of Janice, Janice gets Ashley to phone for an ambulance. Josh is rushed to hospital.
  • Kevin tries to avoid Molly when she returns from her holiday but is unable to back out of a fun run with her. At the event, they succumb to desire and go off to a hotel together.
  • Amber passes her exams and is admitted to University in London.
  • Eileen's delight that Jesse has finally stood up to his domineering mother is short-lived as he is thrown out of his house, and has to move into No.11 with his parrot, John.

    Kevin and Molly have an affair


  • Joe is given community service for the pharmacy break-in.
  • Leon doesn't believe Sean's assertion that Jason is straight. Leon enters Jason in his club's Mr Gay Weatherfield contest.
  • Jesse hires Julie as an assistant for his act.
  • Jack decides to move in with Connie. Tyrone apologises to Connie when he sees her house and realises he's been wrong about her.
  • While Kevin tells Sally that he is taking on more out-of-hours breakdowns, Molly tells Tyrone that she's taking yoga classes, allowing Kevin and Molly to meet for sex without their families becoming suspicious. The affair is put on hold however when Rosie pays for a holiday for Kevin and Sally. Kevin's departure clashes with Jack's leaving party but Kevin and Molly meet anyway, and both almost miss their commitments. Tyrone becomes worried that Molly is losing interest in him and tries to work harder on his marriage.
  • Josh suffers no lasting effects from the bee incident. Ashley finally admits to Claire that he didn't go through with the vasectomy. Claire bans sex until he has the operation.
  • As a favour to Emily, Norris changes the arrangements of Ramsay's funeral so that it takes place in England. He also makes a last-minute decision to deliver a eulogy, and is surprised when he discovers Ramsay has left him all of his assets, which include correspondence between Ramsay and their mother that Norris didn't know about. Norris finds out that their mother had tried to keep Ramsay out of their lives because of its illegitimacy and begins to regret how he treated Ramsay. Ramsay's death also makes Rita re-evaluate the time her life and she decides to retire. Norris buys Rita's share of the Kabin with the inheritance money. Rita leaves Weatherfield to go on a cruise.
  • Liz makes Becky feel guilty about the trouble she's causing, and Becky decides to leave Weatherfield. Steve catches up with Becky at the coach station and persuades her to stay. Shortly thereafter, Lloyd spots Slug and he and Steve bundle him into a car and take him to Becky, who gets him to admit that Hooch blackmailed him into getting involved in the scheme. They confront Hooch, who seems unfazed. As Becky awaits sentencing, she's told that the charges have been dropped. Steve and Becky embark on their long overdue honeymoon though neither is pleased that Liz has asked Michelle to help out at the Rovers in their absence.
  • Peter has a date with Naomi and introduces her to Simon but when they don't get on, Peter dumps Naomi. When Simon's rabbit Leanne dies, Peter goes to see Leanne Battersby, and tells her how she had a positive effect on him and that he is now putting Simon first. Leanne is annoyed at first but soon arrive back in Weatherfield. Peter blows his chances again when Leanne finds out that he's lied about not seeing anyone else while she was away. Leanne decides to give him one last chance.
  • Amber and Darryl argue over Amber's friendship with her student friend Mitch and they split up. They reconcile when Amber returns during Fresher's week and admits she's thinking of quitting University to stay in Weatherfield. Dev is determined that Amber will return to London and bribes Darryl to move to Spain, where his family lives.
  • No.11 is burgled by a man Sean had invited into the house. Steve and Lloyd buy Eileen a new TV when the insurance company won't pay out.
  • Kirk inadvertently tells Chesney that Fiz is marrying John in prison, resulting in Chesney refusing to attend. When Fiz shouts at Kirk, he decides to move in with Maria. At the wedding, Fiz tells John she can't marry him if it means losing Chesney, unaware that Chesney has had a last-minute change of heart and is on his way to the prison.
  • Michelle's tour finishes and she returns for good. Luke dumps Rosie for Michelle but Rosie seduces him and invites Michelle over, who dumps Luke.
  • David brings his new girlfriend, Zoe, to Tina and Jason's flat-warming party.


  • Chesney arrives at the prison chapel just in time for Fiz and John to get married. Chesney agrees to live with Fiz and John at No.5 when John is released from prison, but John isn't sure the neighbours will be happy with him living in the Street and sends letters to every house asking the families for their support. Sally calls a meeting at the Rovers to convince the locals not to allow John to live in the Street but Fiz shows up and delivers a heartfelt speech which convinces most of them otherwise.
  • When Leanne quits her job, Peter suggests they open a wine bar in an empty shop unit in the Street. At Ken and Emily's joint birthday party, the Barlows find out about Peter and Leanne's plan and are wary of the idea, worried that Peter will be tempted to drink. They pursue it anyway but can't get a big enough loan to afford it.

    Lloyd and Teresa get close

  • A sexually frustrated Ashley finally goes through with his vasectomy.
  • Darryl regrets accepting Dev's bribe but prepares to move to Spain anyway. When Teresa tells Amber about the deal, Amber immediately leaves for London, angry at Darryl and Dev. When Darryl cancels his plans and throws Teresa out of their flat, Lloyd takes pity on Teresa and lets her stay with him for one night. After another rejection by Liz, Lloyd ends up sleeping with Teresa, but he regrets it right away and loses any hope of reconciling with Liz when she finds out. Teresa also loses her job at the kebab shop.
  • Joe buys a used boat and decides to fix it up.
  • Roy and Hayley go to Frankie Baldwin's wedding in Romania. (See Romanian Holiday)
  • Norris hires new Kabin assistants Sheila, who never stops talking, and Joan, who never says anything. He sacks them both.
  • When the Websters return from their holiday, Kevin books a romantic break in Chester for him and Molly, using a 10k run in Glasgow as cover. While Sally suspects nothing, Tyrone has started thinking Molly might be having an affair with someone and confides in Kevin, who assures him he's wrong. Pam finds out about the affair when she sees Kevin and Molly kissing, and confronts Molly, telling her that if they don't end the affair she'll tell Tyrone. Kevin suggests that they lie to Pam that it's over.
  • Eileen demands that Jesse sack Julie, convinced that he fancies her. Jesse tells Eileen that he has, although they continue to work together in secret.
  • Luke fires Rosie for tricking him. He soon has other problems however as Carla backs out of their deal, losing him his factory shares. In desperate need of money, he flatters Rosie and convinces her to buy "his" 51% share of the factory, and flees Weatherfield before Rosie realises she's been conned. The money John gave her is now gone.
  • Umed annoys the shop customers with a comedic doorbell. Graeme breaks it accidentally on purpose. Umed later decides to return to Mumbai and face his gambling debts.
  • Maria struggles to deal with Barry and Helen, who arrive for baby Liam's christening. On the anniversary of Liam's death, Tony proposes to Maria and she accepts. As the christening takes place, Tony is called away by Carla, who has returned to put a stop to his relationship with Maria and tells him to leave Weatherfield or she'll tell the police everything. Tony calls Jimmy and tells him to kill Carla, but has a last-minute change of heart and rushes to Carla's flat to stop Jimmy, inadvertantly alerting Carla to Jimmy's presence and allowing her to hit Jimmy over the head. Tony tells Carla that Jimmy is dead and that she has to leave Weatherfield while he disposes of the body. Carla does so, unaware that Jimmy is alive. While Maria goes to Cyprus to tell her parents about her engagement, Tony gives Sally Rosie's old job at the factory and, alone in the Street, suffers a heart attack. Roy finds him and gets him to hospital, where Tony is convinced he's going to die and, full of drugs, confesses to Liam's murder.
  • Ben moves in with Michelle and Ryan while his parents are away. Michelle hires builder Jake Harman to repair her roof, but he seems more interested in sexually harassing Michelle, causing Michelle to phone the police. She agrees to a date with him and is surprised when she enjoys it.


  • Tony recovers from his heart attack but doesn't remember his deathbed confession, which Roy believes was genuine, despite Hayley refusing to believe it and accepting an invitation by Tony to take charge at the factory while he is ill. Roy begins obsessing over Tony and stalks him until Tony threatens to kill him. Fearing for their lives, the Croppers tell the police what

    Roy fights for his life

    they know, although after being questioned Tony is released, as there is no evidence against him. Tony admits to Maria that the Croppers wants them dead but denies killing Liam. In shock, Maria goes to see Hayley, while Tony confronts Roy at the canal. Roy tries to put up a fight but is pushed into the water. After a moment of indecision, Tony rescues Roy before going to the police station and confessing to Liam's murder. Maria is overwhelmed by guilt that she let Tony into her life and agrees to move to Ireland with Barry and Helen so that they can help with baby Liam. Meanwhile, Carla returns to face police questioning but doesn't admit that Tony had confessed to her in February. Carla also takes over the factory.
  • Michelle and Jake sleep together. Jake invites Michelle to go to Glasgow with him but she turns him down.
  • A man introduces himself to Peter as Simon's grandad George Wilson. Peter allows George and his wife Eve to meet Simon. The affluent couple gain the approval of the entire Barlow clan except Ken, who wonders why George has not contacted them before. When Blanche tells George about Peter's alcoholism, George assures Peter that that past is the past.
  • Despite having just lost his job at the hardware shop, Joe proposes to Gail on his completed boat, Gail Force. Gail accepts. His happiness is short-lived however as debt collector Rick Neelan visits him, and Joe has to give him his van. Joe tells Gail he sold the van to buy an engagement ring. However, Rick turns up again and doubles his remaining debt. Joe admits to Gail that he owes thousands, and is surprised when Gail decides that they will sell No.8 to pay it off and move into a flat. Audrey strongly objects to their plans and to their decision to marry but is unable to change Gail's mind. Meanwhile, Ted agrees to give Gail away.
  • Norris continues his search for an assistant with Horace Steel, who is a clone of Norris, although Norris fires him when he is rude to customers.
  • Jack worries that Connie wants more than friendship from him when he starts hearing her outside his bedroom during the night. Connie tells him that she's sleepwalking.
  • Freda loses her job and moves into No.3.
  • John is released from prison and moves into No.5. Sally protests his arrival by painting the house's windows black. John manages to get a job at the café, but is deflated when Rosie starts to prey on him, demanding that he give her more money or she'll say he assaulted her. John refuses, so Rosie screams for help.
  • When Sally checks the Garage's accounts, she notices many discrepancies, which are actually down to the motel expenses. She confronts Kevin, who is relieved when she attributes it to Molly's poor accounting skills. When they're almost caught in bed by Sophie, Kevin and Molly decide to tell their partners about the affair.
  • Eileen finds out that Julie is still working for Jesse and makes him sack her. Jesse opts to spend his birthday with his parents rather than Eileen.
  • Ted gives Gary a sharp talking-to when he mocks poppy-wearing. The incident makes Gary think about joining the army, and to that end he goes to an army taster weekend.
  • Steve and Dev complete at a golf club for a membership. Both of them book lessons with Bernie Sayers, and Dev starts dating her.
  • Claire accuses Becky of teaching Amy swear words, which Amy has taught Joshua. They call a truce and become friends, and go to drama classes together.
  • Lloyd throws a vicars and slappers themed party. Liz is offended when the guests gain the inspiration from her.


  • Rosie accuses John of trying to grab her, and Sally contacts the police, but Rosie drops the charge when John publically exposes her story as a lie in the Rovers. Rosie later gets a job as a promotions girl for a vodka company, which involves her wearing skimpy outfits. Graeme falls for Rosie when she shows him her modelling photos.
  • Teresa apologises to Liz, but only after making Lloyd propose and accepting as a joke.
  • Becky finds out the price of golf club membership and distracts Steve at the play-off with Dev to make sure he loses the game. Dev starts going golfing regularly and meets Matt Davis, who Dev is stunned to learn is engaged to Dev's ex-wife Sunita. Dev doesn't like the idea of him raising his children Aadi and Asha and can't resist having a go at Matt whenever he visits Sunita. Sunita quickly tires of his behaviour and considers restricting his access to the children. Dev considers applying for custody of the kids and asks Bernie to move in with him, hoping that a stable relationship will count in his favour, but Bernie dumps him instead, unwilling to be used.
  • Ken's fears that George is trying to buy his way into Simon's life intensify when George gives Peter the money he needs for his bar. Ken takes a job as a Santa so that he can buy Simon a bike for Christmas, but when George shows up at the department store with Simon, Ken has a go at George and ends up being sacked. Ken becomes determined to put a stop to the

    Simon gets a surprise when he goes to see Santa

    bar opening, although his efforts only turn the family against him. Peter is furious when the Gazette publishes an article against his character, using material provided by Ken. Against his better judgement, Peter agrees to a family dinner at No.1, but when Ken uses the opportunity to criticise George, all of the guests walk out.
  • Eddie tries to scam the residents by clearing their guttering which he blocked in the first place, but Eileen rumbles his scheme.
  • Blanche goes on holiday to Portugal to house-sit for a friend.
  • Molly is annoyed when Kevin postpones splitting up with Sally, and when Sally surprises Kevin with a weekend in Paris, he leaves Molly in the lurch yet again. When Kevin returns, Molly tells him their affair is over, but on Christmas Day Kevin meets Molly and they agree to tell their partners about the affair immediately so they can be together. As Kevin is about to tell Sally, Sally tells him she has breast cancer. Kevin gets to Molly before she tells Tyrone and tells her that the affair is over. Confused over his feelings, Kevin admits his troubes to Bill, who demands that he support Sally and forget his bit on the side. He decides to do so.
  • Becky and Claire decide to put on a Christmas panto in the Rovers. John gives them his script for Cinderella, and the play is performed on Christmas Eve with Claire as Cinderella and Steve as Prince Charming. Amy takes to the stage to sing but forgets her lines and lets out a swear word.
  • Gary decides to join the army.
  • When questioned again by the police following Jimmy's arrest, Carla admits that Tony confessed to her in February. Michelle quickly pieces the truth together and rages at Carla in the Street, blaming her for letting Tony get close to Maria. When Ben later tries to console Michelle, he clumsily tries to kiss her, which causes the embarrassed teen to move back into his parents' house, and Sophie to dump him when she finds out. Michelle's delighted when Jake returns to spend New Year with her, although as they return home they interrupt Ryan and Sian, who have taken advantage of Michelle's absence to sleep together for the first time.
  • Audrey takes Norris as her guest to the Weatherfield Traders' Association lunch. There, Audrey meets her old friend Claudia and her escort, Lewis Archer.
  • Audrey secretly invites Gail's son Nick Tilsley to Weatherfield. She tells him that Gail is marrying a loser and hopes his disapproval will make Gail see sense. On his first night back, Nick goes on a night out and meets Tina, who has fallen out with Jason after finding out that he is still married to Sarah. When they kiss, Tina feels guilty and leaves, later reconciling with Jason. The pair don't discover their identities until Christmas Day when Tina and Jason go to No.8 for Christmas dinner.
  • Steve suggests to Becky that they try for a baby, but Becky doesn't want children of her own.

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