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2006 was Coronation Street's forty-seventh year.

Main characters

Ranking Character Played by Duration Number of Episodes Running total Previous year's ranking
1 Sean Tully Antony Cotton Full year 165 344 7
2 Danny Baldwin Bradley Walsh Until December 157 391 3
3 Audrey Roberts Sue Nicholls Full year 145 2037 21
4 Gail Platt Helen Worth Full year 143 2864 6
5 Eileen Grimshaw Sue Cleaver Full year 140 687 15
6 Frankie Baldwin Debra Stephenson Until May and July to December 139 340 10
7 Jamie Baldwin Rupert Hill Full year 134 305 13
8 Charlie Stubbs Bill Ward Full year 127 407 4
9 Violet Wilson Jenny Platt Full year 126 315 1
10 Sally Webster Sally Whittaker Full year 124 1838 7
10 Claire Peacock Julia Haworth Full year 124 346 37
12 Tracy Barlow Kate Ford Full year 120 1123 5
13 Fiz Brown Jennie McAlpine Full year 118 689 9
13 Norris Cole Malcolm Hebden Full year 118 710 27
13 Sarah Platt Tina O'Brien Full year 118 1267 13
16 Steve McDonald Simon Gregson Full year 116 1599 11
17 David Platt Jack P. Shepherd Full year 114 894 39
18 Bev Unwin Susie Blake Until December 112 367 33
19 Rita Sullivan Barbara Knox Full year 110 2833 41
20 Kelly Crabtree Tupele Dorgu Full year 109 235 26
21 Deirdre Barlow Anne Kirkbride Full year 108 2672 12
22 Liz McDonald Beverley Callard Full year 107 1250 15
23 Ashley Peacock Steven Arnold Full year 106 990 49
24 Jason Grimshaw Ryan Thomas Full year 104 531 24
25 Hayley Cropper Julie Hesmondhalgh Full year except for April 100 854 23
26 Joanne Jackson Zaraah Abrahams Full year 99 159 54
27 Maria Sutherland Samia Smith Full year 98 534 43
28 Roy Cropper David Neilson Full year 96 968 25
29 Ken Barlow William Roache Full year 93 3507 22
30 Les Battersby-Brown Bruce Jones Full year except for February 92 993 32
30 Craig Harris Richard Fleeshman Until October 92 294 33
32 Blanche Hunt Maggie Jones Full year 90 629 31
33 Kevin Webster Michael Le Vell Full year 86 1948 17
34 Fred Elliott John Savident Until October 84 1063 17
35 Leanne Battersby Jane Danson Until July 83 654 20
35 Rosie Webster Helen Flanagan Full year except for July 83 799 28
37 Emily Bishop Eileen Derbyshire Full year except for June 75 2870 37
38 Janice Battersby Vicky Entwistle Full year except for May 74 1144 19
38 Tyrone Dobbs Alan Halsall Full year 74 737 30
40 Sophie Webster Brooke Vincent Full year 66 514 45
41 Cilla Battersby-Brown Wendi Peters Full year except for February and May 65 252 45
41 Kirk Sutherland Andrew Whyment Full year except for February 65 435 43
43 Dev Alahan Jimmi Harkishin Full year except for March 64 676 50
43 Shelley Unwin Sally Lindsay Until July and September 64 759 2
45 Adam Barlow Sam Robertson January and April to November 63 187 45
45 Chesney Battersby-Brown Sam Aston From March 63 227 42
47 Lloyd Mullaney Craig Charles Until July 61 130 45
48 Michelle Connor Kym Marsh/Ryder April and from August 58 58 -
48 Molly Compton Vicky Binns Full year except for May 58 81 71
50 Liam Connor Rob James-Collier From August 54 54 -
51 Keith Appleyard Ian Redford Until July 52 126 39
51 Becky Granger Katherine Kelly February to May and from November 52 53 78
53 Vernon Tomlin Ian Reddington January, March to September and from November 49 56 74
54 Vera Duckworth Elizabeth Dawn Full year except for July 46 2232 54
54 Joshua Peacock Benjamin Beresford March and from May 46 211 72
56 Thomas/Freddie Peacock Jack & Jake Rogers and Dylan & Hayden Whitbread From July 45 45 -
57 Jack Duckworth William Tarmey Full year 43 1906 62
58 Betty Williams Betty Driver Full year except for April 41 2603 58
59 Amy Barlow Madison Hampson and Amber Chadwick Full year 40 167 51
59 Amber Kalirai Nikki Patel January to February, May to June, August and from October 40 47 74
61 Nathan Cooper Ray Fearon Until July 38 99 52
62 Mike Baldwin Johnny Briggs January and March to April 32 2348 33
62 Bethany Platt Amy & Emily Walton Full year 32 325 70
64 Paul Connor Sean Gallagher September and from November 27 27 -
65 Bill Webster Peter Armitage From October 26 318 -
66 Ronnie Clayton Emma Stansfield Until June 25 56 68
67 Phil Nail Clive Russell Until March 19 61 63
68 Sunita Alahan Shobna Gulati Until February 16 463 33
68 Diggory Compton Eric Potts April to July 16 49 67
70 Penny King Pauline Fleming Until April 14 118 64
70 Archie Shuttleworth Roy Hudd April to May and October 14 115 -
72 Matt Ramsden Stephen Beckett March, May and July 11 138 -
73 Asha Alahan Hannah, Harris & Ria Ahmed January to February 10 10 -
74 Ryan Connor Ben Thompson August to September and December 9 9 -
75 Aadi Alahan Hannah, Harris & Ria Ahmed January to February 8 8 -
76 Carla Connor Alison King From December 4 4 -
76 Jessie Jackson Nailah Cumberbatch January only 4 63 56
76 Mark Redman Paul Fox April only 4 158 -
79 Warren Baldwin Danny Young November only 2 73 65
79 Maureen Webster Sherrie Hewson December only 2 401 -


Death of Mike Baldwin

Mike Baldwin dies in Ken Barlow's arms

Departing producer Tony Wood's final episode aired on 12th February. The preceding six weeks of Coronation Street had seen the birth of Dev and Sunita Alahan's twins Aadi and Asha - both played by triplets Hannah, Harris and Ria Ahmed - and the exit of axed Sunita, who walked out on Dev taking the twins with her after finding out that he'd fathered children with the women who ran his shops.

Wood's biggest storyline was two years in the making and concluded in April, after Wood had left. At a long-term conference in 2004, writer John Fay pitched a story where Mike Baldwin developed Alzheimer's and died in the arms of his longstanding enemy Ken Barlow. Fay's idea was taken up by the writing team and Johnny Briggs was effectively fired from the programme after 30 years.

As Mike was a standalone character with no family around, writers built up a Baldwin dynasty by re-introducing Adam and revealing Danny to secretly be Mike's son, setting up a battle over Mike's will. Paul Fox returned as Mark Redman, appearing just before Mike's death and at the funeral - the only occasion where all three of Mike's sons appeared together. Mike's girlfriend Penny King was written out immediately afterwards. Notably, the penultimate episode featuring Mike was the last script John Stevenson wrote for the programme before retiring. Stevenson had been hired by Bill Podmore in 1976, the year that Johnny Briggs joined Coronation Street.

Passing the torch

Kieran Roberts returned to Coronation Street as executive producer from Episode 6227, two years after ending a successful run as producer, while former Emmerdale producer Steve Frost succeeded Tony Wood with the same episode. Frost had replaced Roberts when the latter transferred from Emmerdale to Coronation Street in 2001.

In his first year, Frost placed new families in charge of Underworld and the Rovers Return. Initial plans for the factory to continue in the Baldwin name under Mike's sons Danny and Adam were revised when Bradley Walsh and Debra Stephenson announced that they were quitting the programme. Walsh's exit was reported as a break, although no return ever materialised. Gradually, the remaining Baldwins were phased out; Danny and Frankie last appeared on New Year's Eve, and Adam was written out in early 2007, going to work for Peter Barlow in his betting shop in Portsmouth. In addition, Danny's girlfriend Leanne Battersby ended their relationship and fled Weatherfield with £50,000 extorted from Danny, as actress Jane Danson went on maternity leave. Rupert Hill as Jamie was the only Baldwin left.

The Connors arrive: Liam, Ryan, Michelle and Paul

The new family was built around the character of singer-turned-barmaid Michelle Connor, played by former pop star Kym Marsh. Marsh first appeared as Michelle in April before returning in August, now a main cast member and supported by Ben Thompson as Michelle's teenage son Ryan, and Sean Gallagher and Rob James-Collier as her brothers Paul and Liam Connor respectively. Modelled after Liam and Noel Gallagher of Oasis, the Connor brothers bought the factory piecemeal, with Liam purchasing Adam's 40% and Paul buying Danny's 60% share three months later. Paul's glamorous wife Carla, also a major character, was introduced in December, played by Alison King.

A four-year period in which the Rovers Return was owned by Fred Elliott with Shelley Unwin as landlady came to an end when John Savident and Sally Lindsay both quit their roles. Savident resigned due to the heavy workload since the increase to five episodes per week. Fred was killed off, suffering a massive stroke while paying a dubious, but innocent visit to Audrey Roberts' house on his wedding day to check on his friend. His bride-to-be, Bev Unwin, was written out shortly thereafter, while Shelley departed in July for a new job in the Peak District with a brief return in September. The Rovers was sold to Steve McDonald, who appointed Liz as licensee and landlady.

Madison Hampson made her final appearance as Amy Barlow in March with Amber Chadwick taking over later that month. Chadwick had previously appeared as Amy in 2004 for three episodes.

Other cast changes

Most of the new characters from 2005 were written out over the course of the year, in the main Jessie Jackson, Phil Nail, Ronnie Clayton, Keith Appleyard, Nathan Cooper and Diggory Compton. Diggory left when Comptons went out of business, leaving the 18 Victoria Street shop unit empty.

Craig Harris, the last vestige of the once-prominent Harris family, departed in October when Richard Fleeshman left to pursue a career in music. Fleeshman's final scenes were shot on location in Paris in the first foreign shoot since the programme visited the city in 2000. The excursion to Paris by the Websters marked Kevin and Sally's twentieth wedding anniversary and featured the return of Peter Armitage as Bill Webster after a ten-year absence. Maureen Webster, last seen running off to Germany with Bill; made a brief appearance at Christmas where she found out about Bill's affair with Audrey, and ended their marriage.

Katherine Kelly made her debut appearance as Becky Granger in February. The character was intended to be the same one played by Amanda Tyrell in an episode the previous August, where she was credited as "Beggar". Becky was introduced as a homeless friend of Kelly Crabtree who stole from the factory and set Kelly up to take the blame. When she returned for a second time in November, Becky's character was softened though she retained a rough edge.

Meanwhile, Roy Hudd reprised the part of undertaker Archie Shuttleworth for Mike and Fred's funerals, Lloyd Mullaney was absent after 23rd July due to Craig Charles' suspension for suspected crack cocaine use, and Stephen Beckett returned for a short stint as Matt Ramsden, Joshua Peacock's biological father. Matt was eventually granted a two-hour visit with Joshua once a month by Ashley Peacock and delivered Ashley and Claire's son Thomas (later renamed Freddie) in July. Freddie was initially played by Jack and Jake Rogers, but in October the role was taken over by Dylan and Hayden Whitbread.

Viewing figures

Ratings chart for the year

Coronation Street experienced another exceptionally strong year in the BARB ratings charts despite suffering a sizeable drop in viewing figures for the third year in a row. 44 episodes reached number one - a drop of three from 2005 - while for the first year since 2003 no episodes fell outside the top twenty. The year's average was 10.18 million viewers, down 0.9 million from the previous year. For the fourth year in the decade, every month saw a drop from the same month in 2005.

The highest-rated episode aired on 13th March and drew an audience of 12.6 million viewers, pipping Mike Baldwin's death which drew 12.34 million viewers. For the second year in a row, the peak audience was the lowest of any year to date.


# Ep.
Date Part Writer Director Viewing
1 6196 Sunday 1st January Debbie Oates Alan Wareing 10,430,000 6
2 6197 Monday 2nd January 1 Carmel Morgan Terry Dyddgen-Jones 11,750,000 2
3 6198 Monday 2nd January 2 Jayne Hollinson Terry Dyddgen-Jones 10,330,000 9
4 6199 Wednesday 4th January John Stevenson Terry Dyddgen-Jones 11,250,000 5
5 6200 Friday 6th January Damon Rochefort Terry Dyddgen-Jones 11,560,000 4
6 6201 Sunday 8th January Chris Fewtrell Terry Dyddgen-Jones 10,550,000 8
7 6202 Monday 9th January 1 Daran Little Tracey Rooney 12,270,000 1
8 6203 Monday 9th January 2 Daran Little Tracey Rooney 12,210,000 2
9 6204 Wednesday 11th January Patrea Smallacombe Tracey Rooney 11,060,000 7
10 6205 Friday 13th January Peter Whalley Tracey Rooney 11,330,000 5
11 6206 Sunday 15th January Stephen Russell Tracey Rooney 10,080,000 9
12 6207 Monday 16th January 1 Chris Fewtrell Duncan Foster 12,250,000 1
13 6208 Monday 16th January 2 John Fay Duncan Foster 11,590,000 3
14 6209 Wednesday 18th January Peter Whalley Duncan Foster 10,480,000 8
15 6210 Friday 20th January Jayne Hollinson Duncan Foster 11,410,000 4
16 6211 Sunday 22nd January Daran Little Duncan Foster 11,040,000 6
17 6212 Monday 23rd January 1 Damon Rochefort Rob Rohrer 11,790,000 1
18 6213 Monday 23rd January 2 Jonathan Harvey Rob Rohrer 11,160,000 6
19 6214 Wednesday 25th January Joe Turner Rob Rohrer 10,760,000 8
20 6215 Friday 27th January Mark Burt Rob Rohrer 11,200,000 5
21 6216 Sunday 29th January Martin Allen Rob Rohrer 10,090,000 11
22 6217 Monday 30th January 1 Debbie Oates Neil Alderton 11,920,000 1
23 6218 Monday 30th January 2 Debbie Oates Neil Alderton 11,300,000 3
24 6219 Wednesday 1st February Carmel Morgan Neil Alderton 10,820,000 7
25 6220 Friday 3rd February Mark Wadlow Neil Alderton 11,040,000 6
26 6221 Sunday 5th February John Stevenson Neil Alderton 11,080,000 5
27 6222 Monday 6th February 1 David Lane John Anderson 11,640,000 1
28 6223 Monday 6th February 2 Martin Allen John Anderson 10,910,000 5
29 6224 Wednesday 8th February Mark Wadlow John Anderson 11,140,000 3
30 6225 Friday 10th February Patrea Smallacombe John Anderson 10,390,000 6
31 6226 Sunday 12th February Jonathan Harvey John Anderson 9,870,000 9
32 6227 Monday 13th February 1 Stephen Russell Tom Poole 11,920,000 1
33 6228 Monday 13th February 2 Debbie Oates Tom Poole 10,920,000 4
34 6229 Wednesday 15th February Catherine Hayes Tom Poole 11,130,000 3
35 6230 Friday 17th February Peter Whalley Tom Poole 10,900,000 5
36 6231 Sunday 19th February Jan McVerry Tom Poole 10,260,000 8
37 6232 Monday 20th February 1 Daran Little Kay Patrick 11,660,000 1
38 6233 Monday 20th February 2 Joe Turner Kay Patrick 10,650,000 5
39 6234 Wednesday 22nd February Jayne Hollinson Kay Patrick 11,060,000 3
40 6235 Friday 24th February John Stevenson Kay Patrick 11,120,000 2
41 6236 Sunday 26th February Julie Jones Kay Patrick 10,850,000 4
42 6237 Monday 27th February 1 Jonathan Harvey Duncan Foster 12,260,000 1
43 6238 Monday 27th February 2 Stephen Russell Duncan Foster 11,780,000 3
44 6239 Wednesday 1st March Carmel Morgan Duncan Foster 11,750,000 4
45 6240 Friday 3rd March Damon Rochefort Duncan Foster 11,190,000 9
46 6241 Sunday 5th March Patrea Smallacombe Duncan Foster 11,810,000 2
47 6242 Monday 6th March 1 Mark Wadlow Tony Prescott 12,390,000 1
48 6243 Monday 6th March 2 Debbie Oates Tony Prescott 12,080,000 2
49 6244 Wednesday 8th March Peter Whalley Tony Prescott 11,490,000 4
50 6245 Friday 10th March John Fay Tony Prescott 11,340,000 5
51 6246 Sunday 12th March Mark Burt Tony Prescott 11,170,000 6
52 6247 Monday 13th March 1 Catherine Hayes Rob Rohrer 12,600,000 1
53 6248 Monday 13th March 2 Daran Little Rob Rohrer 11,660,000 4
54 6249 Wednesday 15th March John Stevenson Rob Rohrer 11,760,000 2
55 6250 Friday 17th March Jan McVerry Rob Rohrer 11,290,000 5
56 6251 Sunday 19th March Joe Turner Rob Rohrer 10,920,000 6
57 6252 Monday 20th March 1 David Lane Tessa Hoffe 12,150,000 1
58 6253 Monday 20th March 2 Martin Allen Tessa Hoffe 10,190,000 6
59 6254 Wednesday 22nd March Damon Rochefort Tessa Hoffe 11,170,000 2
60 6255 Friday 24th March Stephen Russell Tessa Hoffe 10,730,000 4
61 6256 Sunday 26th March Joe Turner Tessa Hoffe 10,750,000 3
62 6257 Monday 27th March 1 Mark Burt Tim Hopewell 11,040,000 3
63 6258 Monday 27th March 2 Catherine Hayes Tim Hopewell 11,060,000 2
64 6259 Wednesday 29th March Jayne Hollinson Tim Hopewell 10,960,000 4
65 6260 Friday 31st March Jonathan Harvey Tim Hopewell 10,360,000 5
66 6261 Sunday 2nd April Chris Fewtrell Tim Hopewell 11,160,000 1
67 6262 Monday 3rd April 1 John Fay Kay Patrick 11,810,000 2
68 6263 Monday 3rd April 2 John Fay Kay Patrick 11,730,000 3
69 6264 Wednesday 5th April John Stevenson Kay Patrick 10,930,000 5
70 6265 Friday 7th April Daran Little Kay Patrick 12,340,000 1
71 6266 Sunday 9th April Peter Whalley Kay Patrick 11,190,000 4
72 6267 Monday 10th April 1 Mark Wadlow Duncan Foster 11,490,000 1
73 6268 Monday 10th April 2 Joe Turner Duncan Foster 11,240,000 2
74 6269 Wednesday 12th April David Lane Duncan Foster 10,710,000 3
75 6270 Friday 14th April Jayne Hollinson Duncan Foster 10,220,000 5
76 6271 Sunday 16th April Peter Whalley Duncan Foster 9,080,000 7
77 6272 Monday 17th April 1 Debbie Oates Tony Prescott 10,820,000 2
78 6273 Monday 17th April 2 Debbie Oates Tony Prescott 11,360,000 1
79 6274 Wednesday 19th April Catherine Hayes Tony Prescott 10,410,000 4
80 6275 Friday 21st April Chris Fewtrell Sean Crotty 9,730,000 6
81 6276 Sunday 23rd April Martin Allen Tony Prescott 9,700,000 7
82 6277 Monday 24th April 1 Jan McVerry Tom Poole 10,450,000 2
83 6278 Monday 24th April 2 Daran Little Tom Poole 10,710,000 1
84 6279 Wednesday 26th April Julie Jones Tom Poole 9,960,000 4
85 6280 Friday 28th April Mark Burt Tom Poole 9,310,000 6
86 6281 Sunday 30th April Jonathan Harvey Tom Poole 9,570,000 5
87 6282 Monday 1st May 1 Catherine Hayes Tim Dowd 10,300,000 2
88 6283 Monday 1st May 2 David Lane Tim Dowd 10,660,000 1
89 6284 Wednesday 3rd May Jan McVerry Tim Dowd 9,430,000 6
90 6285 Friday 5th May Julie Jones Tim Dowd 8,940,000 8
91 6286 Sunday 7th May Stephen Russell Tim Dowd 10,100,000 4
92 6287 Monday 8th May 1 John Fay Tim Hopewell 9,980,000 3
93 6288 Monday 8th May 2 John Fay Tim Hopewell 9,670,000 4
94 6289 Friday 12th May Damon Rochefort Tim Hopewell 9,460,000 5
95 6290 Sunday 14th May Chris Fewtrell
Martin Allen
Tim Hopewell 10,130,000 1
96 6292 Monday 15th May 1 Peter Whalley Terry Dyddgen-Jones 11,120,000 1
97 6293 Monday 15th May 2 Jonathan Harvey Terry Dyddgen-Jones 10,970,000 2
98 6294 Friday 19th May 1 Jonathan Harvey Terry Dyddgen-Jones 9,930,000 6
99 6295 Friday 19th May 2 Patrea Smallacombe Terry Dyddgen-Jones 9,980,000 5
100 6296 Sunday 21st May Mark Wadlow Terry Dyddgen-Jones 10,640,000 3
101 6297 Monday 22nd May 1 Mark Wadlow Neil Alderton 11,320,000 1
102 6298 Monday 22nd May 2 Joe Turner Neil Alderton 11,130,000 2
103 6299 Wednesday 24th May Jayne Hollinson Neil Alderton 10,110,000 4
104 6300 Friday 26th May Julie Jones Neil Alderton 9,130,000 5
105 6301 Sunday 28th May Debbie Oates Neil Alderton 8,580,000 8
106 6302 Monday 29th May 1 Peter Whalley Tony Prescott 9,560,000 1
107 6303 Monday 29th May 2 Damon Rochefort Tony Prescott 9,440,000 2
108 6304 Wednesday 31st May Stephen Russell Tony Prescott 8,860,000 7
109 6305 Friday 2nd June Chris Fewtrell Sean Crotty 8,160,000 10
110 6306 Sunday 4th June David Lane Sean Crotty 9,070,000 5
111 6307 Monday 5th June 1 Catherine Hayes Tom Poole 9,350,000 2
112 6308 Monday 5th June 2 Jan McVerry Tom Poole 9,230,000 4
113 6309 Wednesday 7th June Patrea Smallacombe Tom Poole 8,110,000 6
114 6310 Friday 9th June Jonathan Harvey Tom Poole 6,880,000 11
115 6311 Sunday 11th June Martin Allen Tom Poole 7,420,000 9
116 6312 Monday 12th June 1 Jonathan Harvey Tim Dowd 8,290,000 4
117 6313 Monday 12th June 2 Jonathan Harvey Tim Dowd 6,950,000 10
118 6314 Tuesday 13th June Stephen Bennett Tim Dowd 7,640,000 8
119 6315 Wednesday 14th June David Lane Tim Dowd 8,090,000 6
120 6316 Sunday 18th June Joe Turner
Debbie Oates
Tim Dowd
Pip Short
8,960,000 3
121 6318 Monday 19th June 1 Debbie Oates Pip Short 8,920,000 4
122 6319 Monday 19th June 2 Patrea Smallacombe Pip Short 7,980,000 9
123 6320 Wednesday 21st June Peter Whalley Pip Short 8,160,000 8
124 6321 Thursday 22nd June Julie Jones Pip Short 8,300,000 7
125 6322 Friday 23rd June John Fay Mike Adams 7,370,000 18
126 6324 Monday 26th June Chris Fewtrell Mike Adams 9,000,000 6
127 6325 Wednesday 28th June Catherine Hayes Mike Adams 7,840,000 8
128 6326 Friday 30th June Damon Rochefort
Mark Wadlow
Mike Adams
Terry Dyddgen-Jones
6,870,000 14
129 6328 Sunday 2nd July Mark Wadlow Terry Dyddgen-Jones 9,030,000 4
130 6329 Monday 3rd July 1 Martin Allen Terry Dyddgen-Jones 7,990,000 10
131 6330 Monday 3rd July 2 Jayne Hollinson Terry Dyddgen-Jones 8,590,000 7
132 6331 Friday 7th July Jan McVerry Terry Dyddgen-Jones 7,990,000 10
133 6332 Monday 10th July Joe Turner Tim O'Mara 8,960,000 1
134 6334 Wednesday 12th July Damon Rochefort Tim O'Mara 8,350,000 3
135 6335 Friday 14th July Mark Wadlow Tim O'Mara 8,220,000 4
136 6336 Sunday 16th July Jonathan Harvey Tim O'Mara 8,060,000 5
137 6337 Monday 17th July 1 Peter Whalley Tony Prescott 8,950,000 1
138 6338 Monday 17th July 2 Peter Whalley Tony Prescott 8,920,000 2
139 6339 Wednesday 19th July David Lane Tony Prescott 8,340,000 3
140 6340 Friday 21st July Catherine Hayes Tony Prescott 8,180,000 4
141 6341 Sunday 23rd July Jan McVerry Tony Prescott 7,790,000 6
142 6342 Monday 24th July 1 Chris Fewtrell Tom Poole 9,150,000 1
143 6343 Monday 24th July 2 Chris Fewtrell Tom Poole 8,970,000 2
144 6344 Wednesday 26th July Martin Allen Tom Poole 8,150,000 4
145 6345 Friday 28th July Julie Jones Tom Poole 7,720,000 5
146 6346 Sunday 30th July Stephen Bennett Tom Poole 7,630,000 6
147 6347 Monday 31st July 1 Peter Whalley Tim Hopewell 10,070,000 1
148 6348 Monday 31st July 2 Peter Whalley Tim Hopewell 10,060,000 2
149 6349 Wednesday 2nd August David Lane Tim Hopewell 9,590,000 3
150 6350 Friday 4th August Patrea Smallacombe Tim Hopewell 8,710,000 7
151 6351 Sunday 6th August Chris Fewtrell Tim Hopewell 8,820,000 5
152 6352 Monday 7th August 1 Stephen Bennett Pip Short 9,600,000 2
153 6353 Monday 7th August 2 Stephen Bennett Pip Short 9,580,000 3
154 6354 Wednesday 9th August Julie Jones Pip Short 8,900,000 6
155 6355 Friday 11th August Julie Jones Pip Short 9,250,000 4
156 6356 Sunday 13th August Damon Rochefort Pip Short 9,720,000 1
157 6357 Monday 14th August 1 Damon Rochefort John Anderson 10,200,000 2
158 6358 Monday 14th August 2 Mark Wadlow John Anderson 10,620,000 1
159 6359 Wednesday 16th August Jonathan Harvey John Anderson 9,460,000 5
160 6360 Friday 18th August Jonathan Harvey John Anderson 9,560,000 4
161 6361 Sunday 20th August Jayne Hollinson John Anderson 9,680,000 3
162 6362 Monday 21st August 1 Jayne Hollinson Henry Foster 10,270,000 2
163 6363 Monday 21st August 2 Jonathan Harvey Henry Foster 10,350,000 1
164 6364 Wednesday 23rd August Damon Rochefort Henry Foster 9,790,000 3
165 6365 Friday 25th August Patrea Smallacombe Henry Foster 8,810,000 5
166 6366 Sunday 27th August Joe Turner Henry Foster 8,430,000 6
167 6367 Monday 28th August 1 Martin Allen Tim O'Mara 9,240,000 3
168 6368 Monday 28th August 2 Martin Allen Tim O'Mara 9,050,000 6
169 6369 Wednesday 30th August Stephen Russell Tim O'Mara 10,300,000 1
170 6370 Friday 1st September Stephen Russell Tim O'Mara 9,230,000 4
171 6371 Sunday 3rd September Carmel Morgan Tim O'Mara 9,930,000 2
172 6372 Monday 4th September 1 Julie Jones Stuart Davids 10,350,000 1
173 6373 Monday 4th September 2 Julie Jones Stuart Davids 10,170,000 2
174 6374 Wednesday 6th September Peter Whalley Stuart Davids 9,380,000 4
175 6375 Friday 8th September Stephen Bennett Stuart Davids 8,600,000 7
176 6376 Sunday 10th September Stephen Bennett Stuart Davids 9,100,000 6
177 6377 Monday 11th September 1 Jan McVerry Diana Patrick 10,470,000 1
178 6378 Monday 11th September 2 Jan McVerry Diana Patrick 10,340,000 2
179 6379 Wednesday 13th September Catherine Hayes Diana Patrick 9,830,000 3
180 6380 Friday 15th September Julie Jones Diana Patrick 9,010,000 4
181 6381 Sunday 17th September Stephen Bennett Diana Patrick 8,990,000 5
182 6382 Monday 18th September 1 Mark Wadlow Judith Dine 10,680,000 1
183 6383 Monday 18th September 2 Mark Wadlow Judith Dine 10,440,000 2
184 6384 Wednesday 20th September David Lane Judith Dine 9,780,000 3
185 6385 Friday 22nd September Joe Turner Judith Dine 9,650,000 6
186 6386 Sunday 24th September Patrea Smallacombe Judith Dine 9,720,000 4
187 6387 Monday 25th September 1 John Fay Pip Short 10,880,000 1
188 6388 Monday 25th September 2 John Fay Pip Short 10,280,000 3
189 6389 Wednesday 27th September Damon Rochefort Pip Short 10,350,000 2
190 6390 Friday 29th September Martin Allen Pip Short 9,570,000 6
191 6391 Sunday 1st October Jonathan Harvey Pip Short 9,960,000 4
192 6392 Monday 2nd October 1 Peter Whalley Kay Patrick 10,720,000 1
193 6393 Monday 2nd October 2 Peter Whalley Kay Patrick 9,880,000 4
194 6394 Wednesday 4th October Carmel Morgan Kay Patrick 10,130,000 3
195 6395 Friday 6th October Jayne Hollinson Kay Patrick 10,150,000 2
196 6396 Sunday 8th October Stephen Russell Kay Patrick 9,350,000 5
197 6397 Monday 9th October 1 Peter Whalley Alan Wareing 11,420,000 2
198 6398 Monday 9th October 2 Peter Whalley Alan Wareing 11,660,000 1
199 6399 Wednesday 11th October Carmel Morgan Alan Wareing 10,130,000 4
200 6400 Friday 13th October Jan McVerry Alan Wareing 10,200,000 3
201 6401 Sunday 15th October Damon Rochefort Alan Wareing 9,520,000 5
202 6402 Monday 16th October 1 Jonathan Harvey Tony Prescott 11,340,000 1
203 6403 Monday 16th October 2 Jonathan Harvey Tony Prescott 10,740,000 3
204 6404 Wednesday 18th October Stephen Bennett Tony Prescott 11,140,000 2
205 6405 Friday 20th October 1 Stephen Russell Tony Prescott 10,320,000 4
206 6406 Friday 20th October 2 Stephen Russell Tony Prescott 9,690,000 6
207 6407 Monday 23rd October 1 Joe Turner Tony Prescott 9,870,000 7
208 6408 Monday 23rd October 2 Chris Few John Anderson 11,290,000 1
209 6409 Monday 23rd October 3 Chris Fewtrell John Anderson 10,630,000 3
210 6410 Wednesday 25th October Jayne Hollinson John Anderson 10,870,000 2
211 6411 Friday 27th October Martin Allen John Anderson 10,220,000 4
212 6412 Sunday 29th October John Fay John Anderson 10,160,000 5
213 6413 Monday 30th October 1 Carmel Morgan Michael Kerrigan 11,710,000 1
214 6414 Monday 30th October 2 Jonathan Harvey Michael Kerrigan 11,510,000 2
215 6415 Wednesday 1st November David Lane Michael Kerrigan 11,170,000 3
216 6416 Friday 3rd November Peter Whalley Michael Kerrigan 10,580,000 4
217 6417 Sunday 5th November Catherine Hayes Michael Kerrigan 9,840,000 7
218 6418 Monday 6th November 1 Chris Fewtrell Piotr Szkopiak 11,630,000 1
219 6419 Monday 6th November 2 Mark Wadlow Piotr Szkopiak 11,010,000 2
220 6420 Wednesday 8th November Stephen Bennett Piotr Szkopiak 10,630,000 3
221 6421 Friday 10th November Damon Rochefort Piotr Szkopiak 10,280,000 6
222 6422 Sunday 12th November Patrea Smallacombe Piotr Szkopiak 10,540,000 4
223 6423 Monday 13th November 1 Julie Jones Tim O'Mara 11,310,000 1
224 6424 Monday 13th November 2 Julie Jones Tim O'Mara 10,540,000 3
225 6425 Wednesday 15th November Joe Turner Tim O'Mara 9,610,000 6
226 6426 Friday 17th November 1 Debbie Oates Tim O'Mara 9,210,000 11
227 6427 Friday 17th November 2 Debbie Oates Tim O'Mara 8,330,000 17
228 6428 Sunday 19th November Jayne Hollinson Tim O'Mara 10,930,000 2
229 6429 Monday 20th November 1 Jan McVerry Alan Wareing 11,480,000 1
230 6430 Monday 20th November 2 Jan McVerry Alan Wareing 11,020,000 3
231 6431 Wednesday 22nd November Chris Fewtrell Alan Wareing 10,990,000 4
232 6432 Friday 24th November Joe Turner Alan Wareing 11,150,000 2
233 6433 Sunday 26th November Martin Allen Alan Wareing 10,790,000 5
234 6434 Monday 27th November 1 Stephen Bennett Kay Patrick 11,870,000 1
235 6435 Monday 27th November 2 Debbie Oates Kay Patrick 11,270,000 2
236 6436 Wednesday 29th November Julie Jones Kay Patrick 10,950,000 3
237 6437 Friday 1st December 1 Stephen Russell Kay Patrick 10,610,000 4
238 6438 Friday 1st December 2 Stephen Russell Kay Patrick 10,400,000 5
239 6439 Sunday 3rd December Jonathan Harvey Kay Patrick 10,330,000 6
240 6440 Monday 4th December 1 Peter Whalley John Anderson 11,100,000 1
241 6441 Monday 4th December 2 Peter Whalley John Anderson 10,750,000 2
242 6442 Wednesday 6th December Damon Rochefort John Anderson 10,270,000 5
243 6443 Friday 8th December Mark Wadlow John Anderson 10,300,000 4
244 6444 Sunday 10th December Carmel Morgan John Anderson 9,850,000 6
245 6445 Monday 11th December 1 Mark Wadlow Duncan Foster 11,500,000 1
246 6446 Monday 11th December 2 Peter Whalley Duncan Foster 11,070,000 2
247 6447 Wednesday 13th December Jayne Hollinson Duncan Foster 10,230,000 6
248 6448 Friday 15th December Martin Allen Duncan Foster 10,230,000 6
249 6449 Sunday 17th December David Lane Duncan Foster 10,330,000 5
250 6450 Monday 18th December 1 Stephen Bennett Piotr Szkopiak 11,400,000 2
251 6451 Monday 18th December 2 Patrea Smallacombe Piotr Szkopiak 11,080,000 3
252 6452 Wednesday 20th December Chris Fewtrell Piotr Szkopiak 10,800,000 4
253 6453 Friday 22nd December Simon Crowther Piotr Szkopiak 10,050,000 6
254 6454 Sunday 24th December Julie Jones Piotr Szkopiak 8,440,000 12
255 6455 Monday 25th December Stephen Russell Tim O'Mara 10,200,000 3
256 6456 Wednesday 27th December Damon Rochefort Tim O'Mara 9,870,000 6
257 6457 Friday 29th December Catherine Hayes Tim O'Mara 9,740,000 7
258 6458 Sunday 31st December Jonathan Harvey Tim O'Mara 8,570,000 16



Sally tries to stop Rosie and Craig sleeping together

  • Kevin and Sally Webster bar their daughter Rosie from leaving the house to stop her having sex with her boyfriend Craig Harris, although they continue seeing each other when Rosie's house arrest is lifted. When Sally catches them together she forces Rosie to take the morning after pill. Rosie decides to go on the contraceptive pill, which causes a furious Kevin and Sally to report Craig to the police, although the police don't pursue the matter as Rosie and Craig are the same age and both consenting. Rosie goes on a school trip to prove that time apart won't split them up. Meanwhile, Rosie getting so much attention has left her younger sister Sophie feeling ignored.
  • Blanche Hunt inherits her friend Lena Thistlewood's dog Eccles. Eccles takes a disliking to Ken Barlow, although the feeling is mutual.
  • Jamie Baldwin throws his mum Carol out of No.7 when she accuses him of having an affair with his stepmum Frankie.
  • Jason Grimshaw gets jealous when he sees his ex Violet Wilson having drinks with Jamie, and has a go at them. He tries to win Violet back by proposing to her, but she turns him down as he has been too unreliable in the past. Jason's girlfriend Sarah Platt rows with him over Violet, causing Jason to dump her, but they quickly make up.
  • Liz McDonald joins Vernon Tomlin on a cruise. Fred Elliott backs out of going with Bev Unwin as he worries his feelings for Bev aren't reciprocated. He's disappointed when Liz returns without Bev, who has met a man. Later, Fred has a chance encounter with Stacy Hilton, who conned him in a Thai bride scam in 2004. He learns she has pulled the same trick on another man but been beaten up.
  • Mike Baldwin proposes to Penny King but she turns him down. Mike's memory lapses continue as he accuses his son Adam of having an affair with Penny, confusing the pair for his son Mark and ex-wife Linda. The row causes Adam to return to Scotland. Mike's other son Danny meanwhile is worried about his inheritance, as he stands to lose a lot from his divorce from Frankie. He manipulates a confused Mike into making him the sole beneficiary in his will, and sabotages Mike's attempt to contact Mark, although he feels guilty for doing so. Mike decides to go golfing in Spain by himself.
  • Jack Duckworth raises money for a present for Vera by modelling nude for an art class. Vera sees the picture at an exhibition and hits Jack over the head with one.
  • Emily Bishop's friendship with fellow churchgoer Ed Jackson is blooming. Ed also strikes up a relationship with Eileen Grimshaw but admits he's just out of prison.
  • David Platt continues his hate campaign against his mum Gail and her partner Phil Nail. When provoked, Phil pins David against a wall and threatens him, but denies doing so in front of Gail. David gets revenge by slamming the car boot on Phil's hand. Phil tries to make peace with David, but David refuses and starts playing truant from school.
  • Tyrone Dobbs enters his girlfriend Maria Sutherland into a "Surprise the Bride" competition, for which the prize is a wedding, although Maria thinks it's tacky. Maria tries to improve Tyrone's look by waxing his chest and back. Tyrone starts doing up a fish and chip van, planning to sell fast food from it. Molly Compton helps him with the project.
  • Roy Cropper goes to a school reunion, where only he and his old friend Clifford Ford attend.
  • When Jessie Jackson is sacked from the factory, she gets a job as an air hostess and leaves Weatherfield.
  • Pregnant Sunita Alahan refuses to allow her husband Dev to attend the birth of their twins, but relents at the last minute. Despite this, she hasn't forgiven him for lying to her and is determined to cope with the babies without his help. Dev is worried that Sunita won't change her mind and registers the twins births without telling her so that his name will be on the birth certificates. After a few days, an exhausted Sunita allows Dev to help with the babies.


  • Fred persuades Rita Sullivan to let Stacy stay with her in her flat for a few days but the man who beat her up, Stuart, finds out where she's staying and ransacks the flat while Rita and Stacy are out. Rita is shaken by the incident but Stacy refuses to speak to the police. When Stuart confronts Rita in the Kabin, Fred rescues her and lets Stacy be taken away by the police with Stuart, having no sympathy for her plight. Rita starts finding it difficult to be alone in her flat and considers moving to a retirement home.

Ed confesses to Ernie's murder

  • Tyrone finishes with Maria after deciding that they're too different. Maria has a difficult few days as she dyes a customer's hair the wrong colour at the salon and unwittingly provides a journalist with ammunition for a story about her and Tyrone's breakup. Tyrone has better luck when he and Molly finish work on the burger van but drive into a lake when it catches fire. He and Molly end up kissing and start dating.
  • Sunita leaves the Street with Aadi and Asha, unable to bear being around Dev any longer. Dev's annoyed to learn he can only have two hour supervised visits with his own children. He later has trouble with his daughter Amber Kalirai when Amber finds out that he hasn't told her about his other children. Dev gives Amber a job at the shop.
  • Eileen and Ed finally move their relationship to the bedroom, but Ed needs to clear his conscience before continuing to see Eileen and confesses to Emily that he was the man who shot her husband Ernest in 1978. He asks for her forgiveness but Emily only feels hatred for him, which makes her guilty about betraying her religion. Rita moves in with Emily for a while to support her, while Norris moves into Rita's flat. When Eileen finds out about Ed's confession she goes on seeing him, but Ed decides to end it as he can't stand the gossip.
  • The Platts are in shock when Sarah gets a card from Gail's dead husband Richard Hillman for her birthday, and Gail herself later gets a Valentine's card from him. David denies sending them, leading Gail to wonder who is behind it.
  • At the police station to retrieve stolen property, Kelly Crabtree sees old friend Becky Granger. Becky later tracks Kelly down in the Street and starts trying to ingratiate herself with Kelly, who tries her best to put up with her. She's not happy when Becky applies for a job at the factory.
  • Roy helps Clifford with his model railway so he can enter a competition, spending more time on it than on his cafe duties.
  • Tracy Barlow moves in with Charlie Stubbs at his invitation, although he's perturbed when Tracy moves in her daughter Amy too and then leaves him to watch her while she goes out shopping. When Charlie tells Tracy to decide between him and Amy, Tracy leaves Amy with Ken and Deirdre, who are disgusted with her.
  • David agrees to do odd jobs for Jo, who has just moved into the bookies flat. He later shows Craig Jo's cannabis farm which he looks after for her. The drugs are discovered when Jack and Charlie break into the flat to investigate a burst irrigation pipe. The police interview David, who denies knowing anything about it.
  • On a night out with some friends, Deirdre Barlow drunkenly kisses a man. The man tracks her down at work and blackmails her into processing his planning application, but her bosses find out, putting her job in jeopardy. Ken is supportive when Deirdre admits everything to him.
  • Frankie starts going out with mechanic Nathan Cooper, but Nathan is annoyed that Frankie constantly talks about Danny.
  • Fred comes to the aid of Bev when she is left stranded at a roadside. The pair admit their feelings for each other and Bev accepts a marriage proposal from Fred.
  • Rosie and Craig are loved up when Rosie returns from her holiday, despite Craig being friendly with Suzie Watkins, a girl from school.
  • Danny buys partner Leanne Battersby a old car and asks Kevin to clean it, but the brakes fail when Leanne testdrives it. Janice Battersby starts bullying Sally as she blames Kevin for Leanne's minor injuries. When Janice and Sally start fighting, Danny sacks Janice. Janice feels betrayed when the girls refuse to strike on her behalf.
  • Ashley Peacock receives a letter from Matt Ramsden, his son Josh's real father, asking about Josh. Ashley is worried that Matt will want to see him.


  • Ashley agrees to meet with Matt and his wife Sylvia. Matt wants access to Josh but Ashley refuses to allow it. When Matt and Sylvia appear at No.4 to see Josh, Ashley throws them out and is annoyed st Claire for having let them in. Ashley is so worried about Matt that he considers moving to Scotland, but Fred talks him out of it. At Josh's birthday party, Matt and Sylvia turn up, but again Ashley makes them leave.
  • Janice is annoyed when Leanne sticks up for Danny over the car accident. Janice is comforted by her ex-husband Les and they end up in bed together, despite Les being married to Cilla. Janice tells Cilla about it and suddenly leaves Weatherfield, deciding there is nothing left for her. When Cilla throws Les out, he stays at Danny's flat for a night and then sleeps in his taxi. Cilla takes him back when he makes a grovelling apology.
  • As Rosie and Craig are still sleeping together, Sally decides to send Rosie to a boarding school. In a moment of anger, she forces Rosie into her car, intending to drive to the school. They get lost but Kevin arrives to bring them home. Rosie decides not to sleep with Craig until she is older, for Sally's sake.
  • Tracy pretends to be pregnant. Charlie pays her to have an abortion, after which Tracy guilts him into agreeing to let Amy live with them - which was Tracy's plan all along. Tracy and Charlie entertain Steve and Ronnie. Charlie tries it on with Ronnie but she turns him down. Tracy and Steve are suspicious about what went on between them.
  • Roy writes a love letter to say sorry for neglecting her for Clifford when her Uncle Wilf was dying.
  • Emily's niece Freda visits to take care of her. Emily tries to go to church but leaves when she sees Ed there. Emily grows upset at having lost her faith and goes to see Reverend Sedgley, who tells her that Ed is suicidal. Emily forces herself to forgive Ed, and begs him not to kill himself as she doesn't want his death on her conscience.
  • Becky starts as cleaner at Underworld, but Danny soon promotes her to machinist and gets Kelly to train her. Kelly becomes annoyed at Becky's clingy behaviour.
  • Two more cards from "Richard" are received by the Platts. Audrey Roberts convinces Gail that Phil might have sent them, but when Gail speaks to Phil about it, he's angry that she suspects him and grabs her arm, witnessed by David. Gail throws Phil out for being violent with her.

Mike is not at his best as he returns from Spain

  • Jamie collects Mike from Spain. Mike has had a minor stroke which has accelerated his Alzheimer's. Family and friends are shocked at his confused state, as he barely remembers who anybody is. Mike gives Danny power of attorney to protect the factory. Penny returns upon hearing about Mike but he doesn't know who she is. Leanne is annoyed when Danny keeps leaving her to look after Mike. When Mike confuses her for an old girlfriend she takes advantage by going on a shopping spree with his money. Danny considers moving Mike to a nursing home but the rest of the Baldwins decide against it.
  • Mike's illness causes Audrey to consider selling the salon so she can enjoy retirement while still healthy. Maria is interested in buying the salon but her brother Kirk is refused a bank loan to buy her share of the kennels. Tyrone gives Maria money from their wedding fund but to Maria's frustration Audrey decides not to sell.
  • Shelley is annoyed when Fred tells her that when he marries Bev she will be the landlady of the Rovers.
  • Sean Tully has a great night with a man called Chris, but is stood up on a second date.
  • Vernon returns and Liz invites him to move in with her and Steve, although Steve isn't happy about it.
  • Sarah dumps Jason when she finds out he proposed to Violet. After being rejected by Violet, Jason proposes to Sarah, who instantly accepts.


  • Chesney is upset when Cilla doesn't know who his real dad is. He asks Les to adopt him as he's the only dad he's ever known. Les pursues it but makes a mess of things by lying to the social worker about his criminal record. When Cilla delivers a heartfelt speech about how good a dad Les is to Chesney, the social worker recommends him.
  • Rita finds out that Norris has joined an internet dating agency and sets up a date with him for a laugh. After a bad date with another woman, Norris starts screening replies.

Mike dies in Ken's arms

  • Danny decides to go against his family's wishes and put Mike in a care home. While Leanne is looking after him, Mike wanders off and goes to Doncaster to see Mark, thinking he is Adam, but leaves when he remembers his affair with Linda. Frankie and Jamie find Mike and take him home. When Mike develops a cough, he's taken to hospital, where a doctor reveals he's got pneumonia. The next day, Mike wanders out of the hospital and makes his way to the factory. Ken finds him and phones for an ambulance but Mike has a heart attack and dies in Ken's arms. Family and friends are shocked by Mike's death. Leanne finds a will Mike wrote in Spain which leaves everything to Adam, and shows Danny a copy - keeping the original for herself as insurance. At the will reading, Danny inherits nearly everything, including the factory. The Baldwins are furious at Danny for manipulating Mike and Adam decides to contest the will.
  • Frankie's divorce papers come through the post. Danny offers her £50,000 as a settlement.
  • Vernon auditions new vocalists for his band. Liz auditions but Vernon's more impressed with Michelle Connor and gives her the job instead. Liz thinks Michelle is interested in Vernon, and is surprised when Vernon asks Liz to move in with him. They decide on a flat and move out of the Rovers but soon return as the landlord won't let Vernon play his drums.
  • Becky warns off Joanne when she sees her being friendly with Kelly. For Kelly's birthday, Lloyd asks Kelly to move in with him and she agrees. Becky gives her a watch, but Kelly accuses her of stealing it. Hurt, Becky produces a receipt. When Becky is evicted from her flat, Kelly and Lloyd take her in.
  • Tyrone and Molly are getting on well but both are feeling insecure. Tyrone cooks Molly dinner at No.9 and they allay each other's fears and sleep together.
  • Gail receives another card from Richard on her birthday. The news gets out to the neighbours, who are soon gossiping about who the sender could be. Ashley is upset to hear about it as it reminds him of Maxine's murder. Gail becomes convinced that Eileen is sending them and confronts her when she finds out that Eileen thinks she's been sending them to herself. Still unsure of the sender's identity, Gail phones the police, but they don't take the matter seriously. Gail is on edge and panicking about the ordeal.
  • Sarah finds out that Tracy has had an abortion. The gossip soon reaches the Barlows, and Deirdre accepts Tracy's sob story about Charlie not wanting a baby. When Tracy sees Deirdre feeling guilty for being a terrible mother, she confesses that the "pregnancy" was a scam. It doesn't take long for Charlie to find this out and he demands the money back that he gave Tracy for the abortion.
  • Undertaker Archie Shuttleworth meets his ex-partners Audrey and Blanche at Mike's funeral, but while they are both interested in rekindling their prior romances, it is Rita who Archie takes out when back on the Street.
  • Janice returns and moves in with Danny and Leanne. Danny soon tells Leanne to get Janice out.
  • Rosie is hit by a car outside her school. The Websters and Craig go to the hospital, where they find out Rosie is going to be fine.


Gail finds out David is the Richard Hillman card sender

  • Gail suspects David of being the Hillman card sender when he complains about a paper cut when the latest card has blood on it. She tests him by lying that Richard's birthday is coming up. When a birthday card for Richard arrives, Gail confronts David and he admits to sending the cards. The police arrive as they've arrested Phil, but Gail doesn't shop David as she feels sorry for him, accepting his story that he feels neglected. Audrey convinces Gail to tell the police the truth but the Platts are tight-lipped about the sender's identity in public. At Gail's insistence, David takes a job at the salon.
  • Frankie demands half of everything from Danny in their divorce. Danny confesses he's still in love with her but she rejects him. Danny tells his solicitor that Frankie is living with Nathan. Frankie is angry to find out he has done so and decides to spite Danny by asking Nathan to move in. They later agree on a divorce settlement, with Frankie acquiring Mike's Spanish villa.
  • Danny appoints Leanne as his PA at the factory.
  • Audrey is jealous of Archie and Rita and dumps Keith Appleyard for being too boring. Norris warns Archie away from Rita.
  • Kelly feels that Becky is suffocating her and asks her to move out of the flat. Becky steals valuables from several Street residents and plants them in Kelly's locker at the factory. Kelly is taken by the police and charged. While Kelly is at the police station, Becky kisses Lloyd but he stops it. Upon her release, Kelly confronts Becky but she denies being the thief. When Lloyd tells Kelly about the kiss, she moves out of his flat. Joanne takes her in. Becky leaves the area abruptly. The factory girls back Kelly but at Lloyd's suggestion she pleads guilty in court. She is sentenced to 26 weeks in prison, suspended. Kelly dumps Lloyd when he is unsupportive after court.
  • At Adam Barlow's eighteenth birthday party, Adam loses his rag with Danny and hits him. Ken and Deirdre pressure Adam to get a job.
  • Norris slips and hits his head in the cafe. When he gets out of hospital, he needs to use a wheelchair. Customers in the cafe complain about a smell and Jamie sees a mouse. A health inspector calls at the cafe and shuts it down. Roy and Hayley return from their holiday and clean the cafe. Vera resigns before Roy can sack her, but Roy gives Vera her job back as the cafe is short-staffed.
  • Kevin invites Craig to dinner at the Websters'. Craig goes all out to impress Kevin and Sally.
  • Norris goes on a date with a woman called Helen. While he is out, Rita sneaks into his flat but he returns while she is there and she is caught. Norris admits he misses Emily. Rita tricks Emily and Norris into moving back in together.
  • Matt and Ashley meet their solicitors to discuss Matt having contact with Joshua. Ashley is still against it.
  • Dev allows Sunita to move into their house with the twins, while he moves into the shop flat. As Amber's mother Ravinder is moving to Finland, Amber wants to move in with Dev, but he refuses. Hayley offers Amber a room above the cafe, but Dev asks her to move in with him when Shelley points out that it would show Sunita he is a good father.
  • Sean leaves a phone message for his dad to tell him a relative has died. He hasn't spoken to his father for twenty years.
  • When Keith refuses to pay Charlie a roof repair bill of £165, Charlie removes all the slates from No.6's roof. Charlie threatens Keith.

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