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2005 was Coronation Street's forty-sixth year.

263 new episodes were broadcast on ITV in 2005.


# Ep.
Date Part Writer Director Viewing
15930Sunday 2nd January Joe TurnerJohn Anderson11,720,0005
25931Monday 3rd January1John StevensonColin Cant12,670,0002
35932Monday 3rd January2Stephen RussellColin Cant11,250,0008
45933Wednesday 5th January Jayne HollinsonColin Cant12,930,0001
55934Friday 7th January Chris ParkerColin Cant12,250,0003
65935Sunday 9th January Jonathan HarveyColin Cant12,040,0004
75936Monday 10th January1Debbie OatesKay Patrick12,700,0001
85937Monday 10th January2Debbie OatesKay Patrick11,640,0007
95938Wednesday 12th January Damon RochefortKay Patrick12,190,0003
105939Friday 14th January Mark WadlowKay Patrick11,940,0006
115940Sunday 16th January Mark BurtKay Patrick12,170,0004
125941Monday 17th January1Chris FewtrellTracey Rooney12,660,0001
135942Monday 17th January2Jayne HollinsonTracey Rooney12,200,0003
145943Wednesday 19th January Daran LittleTracey Rooney11,780,0007
155944Friday 21st January Damon RochefortTracey Rooney11,940,0006
165945Sunday 23rd January Chris ParkerTracey Rooney12,150,0004
175946Monday 24th January1Catherine HayesTony Prescott13,120,0001
185947Monday 24th January2Julie JonesTony Prescott12,060,0005
195948Wednesday 26th January Joe TurnerTony Prescott11,770,0006
205949Friday 28th January Peter WhalleyDayle Evans-Kar11,640,0007
215950Sunday 30th January John StevensonDayle Evans-Kar12,580,0002
225951Monday 31st January1Debbie OatesIan Bevitt12,960,0001
235952Monday 31st January2John FayIan Bevitt11,810,0005
245953Wednesday 2nd February Mark WadlowIan Bevitt12,010,0002
255954Friday 4th February David LaneIan Bevitt11,650,0006
265955Sunday 6th February Jonathan HarveyIan Bevitt11,930,0003
275956Monday 7th February1John FayJohn Anderson12,680,0001
285957Monday 7th February2John FayJohn Anderson12,680,0001
295958Wednesday 9th February Jonathan HarveyJohn Anderson11,140,0008
305959Friday 11th February Chris FewtrellJohn Anderson11,330,0007
315960Sunday 13th February Catherine HayesJohn Anderson11,120,0009
325961Monday 14th February1Debbie OatesDuncan Foster12,400,0003
335962Monday 14th February2Peter WhalleyDuncan Foster11,420,0009
345963Wednesday 16th February Stephen RussellDuncan Foster12,110,0004
355964Friday 18th February Mark BurtDuncan Foster12,080,0005
365965Sunday 20th February Jayne HollinsonDuncan Foster11,750,0007
375966Monday 21st February1John StevensonKay Patrick14,360,0001
385967Monday 21st February2Joe TurnerKay Patrick12,840,0004
395968Wednesday 23rd February Mark WadlowKay Patrick13,010,0003
405969Friday 25th February Mark WadlowKay Patrick12,220,0007
415970Sunday 27th February Daran LittleKay Patrick12,750,0005
425971Monday 28th February1Catherine HayesTerry Dyddgen-Jones13,960,0002
435972Monday 28th February2Stephen RussellTerry Dyddgen-Jones12,900,0004
445973Wednesday 2nd March Debbie OatesTerry Dyddgen-Jones13,420,0003
455974Friday 4th March Carmel MorganTerry Dyddgen-Jones14,250,0001
465975Sunday 6th March John FayTerry Dyddgen-Jones12,730,0005
475976Monday 7th March1Peter WhalleyTony Prescott13,960,0001
485977Monday 7th March2Peter WhalleyTony Prescott12,940,0002
495978Wednesday 9th March Joe TurnerTony Prescott12,560,0003
505979Friday 11th March Mark BurtTony Prescott10,060,00011
515980Sunday 13th March Chris FewtrellTony Prescott11,620,0006
525981Monday 14th March1Mark WadlowIan Bevitt13,520,0001
535982Monday 14th March2Daran LittleIan Bevitt12,800,0002
545983Wednesday 16th March John StevensonIan Bevitt12,260,0004
555984Friday 18th March Jonathan HarveyIan Bevitt11,860,0007
565985Sunday 20th March Jonathan HarveyIan Bevitt12,730,0003
575986Monday 21st March1Damon RochefortTim Hopewell13,110,0001
585987Monday 21st March2Jayne HollinsonTim Hopewell12,680,0002
595988Wednesday 23rd March Chris FewtrellTim Hopewell12,340,0003
605989Friday 25th March Carmel MorganTim Hopewell12,050,0004
615990Sunday 27th March Peter WhalleyTim Hopewell10,710,0008
625991Monday 28th March1Julie JonesDuncan Foster12,060,0002
635992Monday 28th March2Martin AllenDuncan Foster12,260,0001
645993Wednesday 30th March Chris ParkerDuncan Foster10,840,0005
655994Friday 1st April Jonathan HarveyDuncan Foster11,570,0004
665995Sunday 3rd April Debbie OatesDuncan Foster11,640,0003
675996Monday 4th April1David LaneNeil Alderton12,880,0002
685997Monday 4th April2John StevensonNeil Alderton12,160,0003
695998Wednesday 6th April Stephen RussellNeil Alderton11,690,0005
705999Friday 8th April Daran LittleNeil Alderton13,030,0001
715999aSunday 10th April Daran LittleNeil Alderton11,800,0004
726000Monday 11th April1Joe TurnerNeil Alderton12,800,0001
736001Monday 11th April2Joe TurnerTerry Dyddgen-Jones12,120,0003
746002Wednesday 13th April Peter WhalleyTerry Dyddgen-Jones11,920,0004
756003Friday 15th April Martin AllenTerry Dyddgen-Jones12,350,0002
766004Sunday 17th April Jonathan HarveyTerry Dyddgen-Jones11,870,0005
776005Monday 18th April1David LaneTerry Dyddgen-Jones12,540,0001
786006Monday 18th April2John StevensonDayle Evans-Kar11,760,0002
796007Wednesday 20th April1Catherine HayesDayle Evans-Kar11,580,0003
806008Wednesday 20th April2Carmel MorganDayle Evans-Kar8,740,00016
816009Friday 22nd April1Daran LittleDayle Evans-Kar10,770,0007
826010Friday 22nd April2Julie JonesDayle Evans-Kar10,060,0008
836011Sunday 24th April Mark WadlowTony Prescott11,330,0005
846012Monday 25th April1Chris FewtrellDaniel Wilson12,010,0001
856013Monday 25th April2Chris FewtrellDaniel Wilson11,360,0002
866014Wednesday 27th April1Damon RochefortDaniel Wilson10,830,0003
876015Wednesday 27th April2Chris ParkerDaniel Wilson7,550,00018
886016Friday 29th April Stephen RussellDaniel Wilson10,390,0005
896017Sunday 1st May Debbie OatesDaniel Wilson9,670,0008
906018Monday 2nd May1Jayne HollinsonJohn Anderson11,480,0001
916019Monday 2nd May2Mark BurtJohn Anderson10,100,0005
926020Wednesday 4th May Mark WadlowJohn Anderson10,900,0002
936021Friday 6th May David LaneJohn Anderson10,620,0003
946022Sunday 8th May Joe TurnerJohn Anderson10,560,0004
956023Monday 9th May1John StevensonDuncan Foster11,630,0001
966024Monday 9th May2Martin AllenDuncan Foster11,090,0002
976025Wednesday 11th May Stephen RussellDuncan Foster10,920,0003
986026Friday 13th May Stephen RussellDuncan Foster10,650,0004
996027Sunday 15th May Daran LittleDuncan Foster10,330,0005
1006028Monday 16th May1Peter WhalleyNeil Alderton12,360,0001
1016029Monday 16th May2Julie JonesNeil Alderton11,170,0002
1026030Wednesday 18th May Chris ParkerNeil Alderton11,050,0003
1036031Friday 20th May John FayNeil Alderton10,400,0006
1046032Sunday 22nd May Chris FewtrellNeil Alderton10,780,0004
1056033Monday 23rd May1Jonathan HarveyTerry Dyddgen-Jones11,610,0001
1066034Monday 23rd May2Catherine HayesTerry Dyddgen-Jones10,690,0002
1076035Friday 27th May1Mark WadlowTerry Dyddgen-Jones9,500,0006
1086036Friday 27th May2Debbie OatesTerry Dyddgen-Jones8,770,00011
1096037Sunday 29th May Julie JonesTerry Dyddgen-Jones9,030,0008
1106038Monday 30th May1Martin AllenTony Prescott9,720,0005
1116039Monday 30th May2Chris FewtrellTony Prescott10,580,0002
1126040Wednesday 1st June Joe TurnerTony Prescott11,240,0001
1136041Friday 3rd June John StevensonTony Prescott9,860,0004
1146042Sunday 5th June Peter WhalleyTony Prescott10,160,0003
1156043Monday 6th June1John FayeTim Hopewell10,300,0002
1166044Monday 6th June2Daran LittleTim Hopewell11,160,0001
1176045Wednesday 8th June Carmel MorganTim Hopewell9,440,0008
1186046Friday 10th June Mark BurtTim Hopewell10,180,0003
1196047Sunday 12th June Damon RochefortTim Hopewell9,990,0004
1206048Monday 13th June1John FayJohn Anderson10,090,0003
1216049Monday 13th June2Joe TurnerJohn Anderson10,140,0002
1226050Wednesday 15th June Chris FewtrellJohn Anderson10,340,0001
1236051Friday 17th June Mark BurtJohn Anderson9,350,0005
1246052Sunday 19th June John StevensonJohn Anderson8,820,0009
1256053Monday 20th June1Carmel MorganCharles Launder9,960,0002
1266054Monday 20th June2Debbie OatesCharles Launder9,900,0003
1276055Wednesday 22nd June Martin AllenCharles Launder9,260,0006
1286056Friday 24th June Mark WadlowCharles Launder10,570,0001
1296057Sunday 26th June Jayne HollinsonCharles Launder8,960,0008
1306058Monday 27th June1David LaneTessa Hoffe9,550,0002
1316059Monday 27th June2Daran LittleTessa Hoffe9,360,0005
1326060Wednesday 29th June Peter WhalleyTessa Hoffe9,830,0001
1336061Friday 1st July Jonathan HarveyTessa Hoffe9,420,0004
1346062Sunday 3rd July Stephen RussellTessa Hoffe9,500,0003
1356063Monday 4th July1Peter WhalleyNeil Alderton11,040,0001
1366064Monday 4th July2Peter WhalleyNeil Alderton10,780,0002
1376065Wednesday 6th July Jan McVerryNeil Alderton10,410,0003
1386066Friday 8th July Catherine HayesNeil Alderton9,110,0006
1396067Sunday 10th July Mark WadlowNeil Alderton8,340,00011
1406068Monday 11th July1Mark BurtRiitta-Leena Lynn9,750,0001
1416069Monday 11th July2Mark BurtRiitta-Leena Lynn9,630,0002
1426070Wednesday 13th July Chris ParkerRiitta-Leena Lynn8,740,0005
1436071Friday 15th July Daran LittleRiitta-Leena Lynn9,110,0004
1446072Sunday 17th July Debbie OatesRiitta-Leena Lynn8,530,0006
1456073Monday 18th July1John FayAlan Wareing10,530,0002
1466074Monday 18th July2John FayAlan Wareing11,310,0001
1476075Wednesday 20th July David LaneAlan Wareing9,820,0003
1486076Friday 22nd July Julie JonesAlan Wareing9,050,0006
1496077Sunday 24th July Jonathan HarveyAlan Wareing9,170,0005
1506078Monday 25th July1Chris FewtrellDaniel Wilson10,640,0001
1516079Monday 25th July2Chris FewtrellDaniel Wilson10,340,0002
1526080Wednesday 27th July Damon RochefortDaniel Wilson10,120,0003
1536081Friday 29th July Stephen RussellDaniel Wilson9,740,0004
1546082Sunday 31st July Martin AllenDaniel Wilson9,640,0005
1556083Monday 1st August1Jan McVerryJohn Anderson10,300,0002
1566084Monday 1st August2Stephen RussellJohn Anderson10,440,0001
1576085Wednesday 3rd August Jonathan HarveyJohn Anderson9,600,0003
1586086Friday 5th August Julie JonesJohn Anderson9,590,0004
1596087Sunday 7th August Damon RochefortJohn Anderson9,100,0005
1606088Monday 8th August1Peter WhalleyKay Patrick10,390,0002
1616089Monday 8th August2Martin AllenKay Patrick10,680,0001
1626090Wednesday 10th August David LaneKay Patrick9,520,0004
1636091Friday 12th August Joe TurnerKay Patrick9,220,0005
1646092Sunday 14th August Chris FewtrellKay Patrick9,690,0003
1656093Monday 15th August1John FayTim Hopewell10,350,0002
1666094Monday 15th August2Debbie OatesTim Hopewell10,530,0001
1676095Wednesday 17th August Mark WadlowTim Hopewell9,020,0005
1686096Friday 19th August John StevensonTim Hopewell9,570,0004
1696097Sunday 21st August Daran LittleTim Hopewell9,590,0003
1706098Monday 22nd August1Peter WhalleyNeil Alderton10,480,0002
1716099Monday 22nd August2Peter WhalleyNeil Alderton10,560,0001
1726100Wednesday 24th August Chris ParkerNeil Alderton10,110,0003
1736101Sunday 28th August John Stevenson
Catherine Hayes
Neil Alderton9,250,0006
1746103Monday 29th August1Jonathan HarveyGraeme Harper9,670,0005
1756104Monday 29th August2Joe TurnerGraeme Harper10,120,0003
1766105Wednesday 31st August Jan McVerryGraeme Harper10,680,0001
1776106Friday 2nd September Daran LittleGraeme Harper9,040,0009
1786107Sunday 4th September Stephen RussellGraeme Harper9,200,0007
1796108Monday 5th September1John FayTessa Hoffe10,790,0002
1806109Monday 5th September2Chris FewtrellTessa Hoffe9,840,0005
1816110Wednesday 7th September Jayne HollinsonTessa Hoffe8,930,0009
1826111Friday 9th September Martin AllenTessa Hoffe10,380,0003
1836112Sunday 11th September David LaneTessa Hoffe9,370,0008
1846113Monday 12th September1John StevensonIan Bevitt10,520,0002
1856114Monday 12th September2Mark WadlowIan Bevitt9,660,0008
1866115Wednesday 14th September Joe TurnerIan Bevitt10,540,0001
1876116Friday 16th September1Daran LittleIan Bevitt9,980,0005
1886117Friday 16th September2Catherine HayesIan Bevitt9,090,00010
1896118Sunday 18th September Chris FewtrellDaniel Wilson10,360,0003
1906119Monday 19th September1Debbie OatesDaniel Wilson12,110,0002
1916120Monday 19th September2John FayDavid Kester11,170,0006
1926121Wednesday 21st September John FayDavid Kester12,330,0001
1936122Friday 23rd September1Peter WhalleyDavid Kester11,330,0005
1946123Friday 23rd September2Stephen RussellDaniel Wilson11,080,0007
1956124Sunday 25th September Stephen RussellDaniel Wilson11,360,0004
1966125Monday 26th September1Julie JonesKay Patrick12,140,0001
1976126Monday 26th September2Martin AllenKay Patrick11,400,0003
1986127Wednesday 28th September Damon RochefortKay Patrick11,510,0002
1996128Friday 30th September Jonathan HarveyKay Patrick10,650,0006
2006129Sunday 2nd October Mark BurtKay Patrick11,090,0004
2016130Monday 3rd October1Joe TurnerRob Rohrer12,250,0001
2026131Monday 3rd October2Chris ParkerRob Rohrer11,520,0003
2036132Wednesday 5th October Peter WhalleyRob Rohrer11,650,0002
2046133Friday 7th October Peter WhalleyRob Rohrer11,270,0004
2056134Sunday 9th October Damon RochefortRob Rohrer10,830,0006
2066135Monday 10th October1Jonathan HarveyTerry Dyddgen-Jones12,150,0002
2076136Monday 10th October2John FayTerry Dyddgen-Jones12,160,0001
2086137Wednesday 12th October Jan McVerryTerry Dyddgen-Jones10,840,0006
2096138Friday 14th October Debbie OatesTerry Dyddgen-Jones11,290,0004
2106139Sunday 16th October Daran LittleTerry Dyddgen-Jones11,140,0005
2116140Monday 17th October1Mark WadlowTracey Rooney12,040,0001
2126141Monday 17th October2Martin AllenTracey Rooney11,150,0003
2136142Wednesday 19th October Mark BurtTracey Rooney11,130,0004
2146143Friday 21st October Chris FewtrellTracey Rooney11,310,0002
2156144Sunday 23rd October John StevensonTracey Rooney10,690,0006
2166145Monday 24th October1Catherine HayesIan Bevitt12,640,0003
2176146Monday 24th October2Joe TurnerIan Bevitt11,970,0005
2186147Wednesday 26th October John FayIan Bevitt11,380,0007
2196148Friday 28th October Peter WhalleyIan Bevitt10,930,0009
2206149Sunday 30th October David LaneIan Bevitt11,540,0006
2216150Monday 31st October1Chris FewtrellDavid Kester12,540,0002
2226151Monday 31st October2Stephen RussellDavid Kester12,650,0001
2236152Wednesday 2nd November Debbie OatesDavid Kester11,410,0006
2246153Friday 4th November Martin AllenDavid Kester11,130,0009
2256154Sunday 6th November Jayne HollinsonDavid Kester11,640,0004
2266155Monday 7th November1John StevensonJohn Anderson12,660,0001
2276156Monday 7th November2Jan McVerryJohn Anderson12,440,0003
2286157Wednesday 9th November Mark BurtJohn Anderson11,530,0008
2296158Friday 11th November Jonathan HarveyJohn Anderson11,160,0009
2306159Sunday 13th November Mark WadlowJohn Anderson11,600,0006
2316160Monday 14th November1Debbie OatesKay Patrick12,360,0002
2326161Monday 14th November2Debbie OatesKay Patrick12,310,0003
2336162Wednesday 16th November Martin AllenKay Patrick11,810,0005
2346163Friday 18th November Catherine HayesKay Patrick10,150,0009
2356164Sunday 20th November Mark BurtKay Patrick12,090,0004
2366165Monday 21st November1Joe TurnerTerry Dyddgen-Jones12,900,0001
2376166Monday 21st November2Carmel MorganTerry Dyddgen-Jones11,620,0004
2386167Monday 21st November3John StevensonTerry Dyddgen-Jones9,750,00011
2396168Wednesday 23rd November1Julie JonesTerry Dyddgen-Jones11,300,0005
2406169Wednesday 23rd November2Jonathan HarveyMike Adams8,480,00024
2416170Friday 25th November Jonathan HarveyMike Adams10,960,0006
2426171Sunday 27th November Chris FewtrellMike Adams12,080,0003
2436172Monday 28th November1Peter WhalleyTracey Rooney12,800,0001
2446173Monday 28th November2Mark WadlowTracey Rooney11,990,0002
2456174Wednesday 30th November Chris ParkerTracey Rooney11,190,0005
2466175Friday 2nd December Daran LittleTracey Rooney10,910,0007
2476176Sunday 4th December Jayne HollinsonTracey Rooney11,340,0004
2486177Monday 5th December1Peter WhalleyCharles Launder11,900,0002
2496178Monday 5th December2Daran LittleCharles Launder11,530,0003
2506179Wednesday 7th December Damon RochefortCharles Launder10,800,0007
2516180Friday 9th December Stephen RussellCharles Launder11,040,0006
2526181Sunday 11th December Chris FewtrellCharles Launder11,320,0004
2536182Monday 12th December1Carmel MorganDavid Kester12,170,0001
2546183Monday 12th December2Catherine HayesDavid Kester11,490,0002
2556184Wednesday 14th December Martin AllenDavid Kester10,730,0004
2566185Friday 16th December David LaneDavid Kester10,720,0005
2576186Sunday 18th December Jonathan HarveyDavid Kester9,950,00010
2586187Monday 19th December1Mark WadlowJohn Anderson11,800,0001
2596188Monday 19th December2Jan McVerryJohn Anderson11,570,0002
2606189Wednesday 21st December Mark BurtJohn Anderson10,420,0005
2616190Friday 23rd December John FayJohn Anderson10,350,0006
2626191Sunday 25th December Joe TurnerJohn Anderson9,810,00010
2636192Monday 26th December1Jonathan HarveyAlan Wareing9,690,0009
2646193Monday 26th December2John FayAlan Wareing9,070,00010
2656194Wednesday 28th December Catherine HayesAlan Wareing11,390,0002
2666195Friday 30th December Joe TurnerAlan Wareing10,440,0005

Main cast


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Coronation Street

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Royal Television Society

  • Soap Coronation Street (Winner)
  • Network newcomer: Sam Aston (Nominee)


  • Continuing drama: Coronation Street (Winner)
Coronation Street in the 2000s
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