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2004 was Coronation Street's forty-fifth year.

269 new episodes were broadcast on ITV in 2004.


# Ep.
Date Part Writer Director Viewing
15659Thursday 1st January Daran LittleOliver Horsbrugh12,070,0007
25660Friday 2nd January Daran LittleOliver Horsbrugh14,290,0002
35661Sunday 4th January Peter MillsOliver Horsbrugh14,270,0003
45662Monday 5th January1Stephen LoweHaldane Duncan14,830,0001
55663Monday 5th January2Chris ParkerHaldane Duncan14,690,0004
65664Wednesday 7th January John StevensonHaldane Duncan14,720,0003
75665Friday 9th January Jayne HollinsonHaldane Duncan13,520,0008
85666Sunday 11th January Daran LittleHaldane Duncan13,100,0009
95667Monday 12th January1Peter MillsTim O'Mara14,270,0001
105668Monday 12th January2Martin AllenTim O'Mara13,040,0009
115669Wednesday 14th January Peter WhalleyTim O'Mara14,000,0003
125670Friday 16th January Debbie OatesTim O'Mara13,230,0007
135671Sunday 18th January Joe TurnerTim O'Mara13,970,0005
145672Monday 19th January1Ken BlakesonDuncan Foster14,690,0001
155673Monday 19th January2Stephen RussellDuncan Foster13,000,0009
165674Wednesday 21st January Mark WadlowDuncan Foster13,920,0002
175675Friday 23rd January John FayDuncan Foster13,290,0007
185676Sunday 25th January David LaneDuncan Foster13,580,0005
195677Monday 26th January1Chris ParkerDavid Kester14,490,0002
205678Monday 26th January2Mark WadlowDavid Kester13,450,00010
215679Wednesday 28th January Sue MooneyDavid Kester15,160,0001
225680Friday 30th January1Stephen RussellDavid Kester13,990,0003
235681Friday 30th January2Daran LittleDavid Kester13,630,0006
245682Sunday 1st February Peter MillsDavid Kester13,950,0004
255683Monday 2nd February1Stephen LoweTerry Dyddgen-Jones14,620,0001
265684Monday 2nd February2John StevensonTerry Dyddgen-Jones14,430,0002
275685Wednesday 4th February David LaneTerry Dyddgen-Jones14,040,0004
285686Friday 6th February Ken BlakesonTerry Dyddgen-Jones13,670,0007
295687Sunday 8th February Peter WhalleyTerry Dyddgen-Jones13,980,0005
305688Monday 9th February1John FayKay Patrick14,940,0002
315689Monday 9th February2John FayKay Patrick14,350,0003
325690Wednesday 11th February Debbie OatesKay Patrick14,160,0004
335691Friday 13th February Joe TurnerKay Patrick12,830,0009
345692Sunday 15th February Martin AllenKay Patrick13,890,0005
355693Monday 16th February1Peter WhalleyJohn Anderson16,090,0002
365694Monday 16th February2John FayJohn Anderson16,330,0001
375695Wednesday 18th February John StevensonJohn Anderson14,830,0003
385696Friday 20th February Stephen LoweJohn Anderson13,960,0005
395697Sunday 22nd February Sue MooneyJohn Anderson14,550,0004
405698Monday 23rd February1Martin AllenTony Prescott14,870,0001
415699Monday 23rd February2Carmel MorganTony Prescott13,780,0004
425700Wednesday 25th February Stephen RussellTony Prescott14,160,0002
435701Friday 27th February Debbie OatesTony Prescott12,990,0006
445702Sunday 29th February Daran LittleTony Prescott13,740,0005
455703Monday 1st March1Jayne HollinsonIan Bevitt14,550,0001
465704Monday 1st March2Joe TurnerIan Bevitt13,820,0002
475705Wednesday 3rd March Catherine HayesIan Bevitt13,530,0004
485706Friday 5th March Ken BlakesonIan Bevitt12,530,0008
495707Sunday 7th March David LaneIan Bevitt13,140,0006
505708Monday 8th March1Martin AllenDuncan Foster14,440,0002
515709Monday 8th March2Daran LittleDuncan Foster14,560,0001
525710Wednesday 10th March John StevensonDuncan Foster13,900,0003
535711Friday 12th March Catherine HayesDuncan Foster13,320,0005
545712Sunday 14th March Chris ParkerDuncan Foster12,620,0007
555713Monday 15th March1Debbie OatesTracey Rooney14,370,0001
565714Monday 15th March2John FayTracey Rooney13,740,0002
575715Wednesday 17th March Mark WadlowTracey Rooney13,480,0003
585716Friday 19th March Carmel MorganTracey Rooney13,040,0004
595717Sunday 21st March David LaneTracey Rooney12,860,0007
605718Monday 22nd March1Ken BlakesonKay Patrick14,690,0001
615719Monday 22nd March2Joe TurnerKay Patrick12,870,0006
625720Wednesday 24th March Peter MillsKay Patrick13,450,0002
635721Friday 26th March Jayne HollinsonKay Patrick12,920,0005
645722Sunday 28th March Peter WhalleyKay Patrick11,870,0008
655723Monday 29th March1Catherine HayesJohn Anderson14,280,0001
665724Monday 29th March2Peter WhalleyJohn Anderson12,860,0003
675725Wednesday 31st March Chris ParkerJohn Anderson12,600,0004
685726Friday 2nd April Joe TurnerJohn Anderson11,630,0009
695727Sunday 4th April Joe TurnerJohn Anderson12,160,0006
705728Monday 5th April1David LaneTony Prescott13,270,0001
715729Monday 5th April2Stephen LoweTony Prescott12,190,0004
725730Wednesday 7th April John StevensonTony Prescott12,520,0003
735731Friday 9th April Mark WadlowTony Prescott11,910,0005
745732Sunday 11th April Mark WadlowTony Prescott11,200,0007
755733Monday 12th April1Daran LittleIan Bevitt12,770,0002
765734Monday 12th April2John FayIan Bevitt12,080,0005
775735Wednesday 14th April Martin AllenIan Bevitt11,870,0006
785736Friday 16th April Carmel MorganIan Bevitt12,380,0003
795737Sunday 18th April Stephen RussellIan Bevitt12,820,0001
805738Monday 19th April1Martin AllenTerry Dyddgen-Jones12,910,0002
815739Monday 19th April2Peter WhalleyTerry Dyddgen-Jones11,890,0004
825740Wednesday 21st April Daran LittleTerry Dyddgen-Jones13,270,0001
835741Friday 23rd April John FayTerry Dyddgen-Jones11,140,0007
845742Sunday 25th April Carmel MorganTerry Dyddgen-Jones11,740,0006
855743Monday 26th April1Jayne HollinsonTracey Rooney12,860,0001
865744Monday 26th April2Debbie OatesTracey Rooney12,400,0004
875745Wednesday 28th April Chris ParkerTracey Rooney12,790,0002
885746Friday 30th April1David LaneTracey Rooney11,710,0007
895747Friday 30th April2Chris FewtrellTracey Rooney10,000,00011
905748Sunday 2nd May John StevensonTracey Rooney11,150,0009
915749Monday 3rd May Joe Turner
Stephen Lowe
Kay Patrick12,850,0003
925751Wednesday 5th May Ken BlakesonKay Patrick12,330,0005
935752Friday 7th May Stephen RussellKay Patrick11,900,0007
945753Sunday 9th May Stephen RussellKay Patrick11,920,0006
955754Monday 10th May1Jayne HollinsonJohn Anderson12,590,0001
965755Monday 10th May2David LaneJohn Anderson12,280,0003
975756Wednesday 12th May Mark WadlowJohn Anderson11,320,0005
985757Friday 14th May Stephen RussellJohn Anderson10,560,0008
995758Sunday 16th May Catherine HayesJohn Anderson10,490,0009
1005759Monday 17th May1Ken BlakesonTony Prescott11,970,0001
1015760Monday 17th May2John StevensonTony Prescott11,720,0002
1025761Wednesday 19th May John StevensonTony Prescott10,930,0005
1035762Friday 21st May Joe TurnerTony Prescott11,280,0003
1045763Sunday 23rd May Peter WhalleyTony Prescott10,770,0006
1055764Monday 24th May1Jonathan HarveyIan Bevitt13,020,0002
1065765Monday 24th May2John FayIan Bevitt13,380,0001
1075766Monday 24th May3Stephen RussellIan Bevitt12,550,0003
1085767Friday 28th May1Carmel MorganIan Bevitt11,390,0005
1095768Friday 28th May2Daran LittleIan Bevitt9,840,0009
1105769Sunday 30th May Chris ParkerIan Bevitt10,370,0008
1115770Monday 31st May1Joe TurnerAlan Wareing11,830,0002
1125771Monday 31st May2John StevensonAlan Wareing12,540,0001
1135772Monday 31st May3Stephen LoweAlan Wareing10,960,0007
1145773Wednesday 2nd June Catherine HayesAlan Wareing11,340,0004
1155774Friday 4th June1Debbie OatesAlan Wareing11,410,0003
1165775Friday 4th June2John FayAlan Wareing9,980,00010
1175776Sunday 6th June David LaneTerry Dyddgen-Jones10,160,0009
1185777Monday 7th June1Jonathan HarveyTerry Dyddgen-Jones11,590,0003
1195778Monday 7th June2Carmel MorganTerry Dyddgen-Jones11,870,0002
1205779Wednesday 9th June Peter WhalleyTerry Dyddgen-Jones11,360,0004
1215780Friday 11th June1Peter WhalleyTerry Dyddgen-Jones11,110,0005
1225781Friday 11th June2Daran LittleTerry Dyddgen-Jones9,780,00010
1235782Monday 14th June Jayne HollinsonTom Poole8,690,0009
1245783Wednesday 16th June Chris FewtrellTom Poole7,670,00014
1255784Sunday 20th June Martin AllenTom Poole9,020,0007
1265785Monday 21st June1Stephen RussellDavid Kester8,270,00014
1275786Monday 21st June2Mark WadlowDavid Kester7,180,00020
1285787Sunday 27th June Mark WadlowDavid Kester10,310,0007
1295788Monday 28th June1Ken BlakesonDavid Kester10,370,0004
1305789Monday 28th June2Stephen LoweDaniel Wilson8,770,00011
1315790Monday 28th June3Chris ParkerDaniel Wilson8,380,00014
1325791Wednesday 30th June Jayne HollinsonDaniel Wilson10,220,0003
1335792Friday 2nd July Jonathan HarveyDaniel Wilson10,570,0005
1345793Sunday 4th July Carmel MorganDaniel Wilson7,080,00025
1355794Monday 5th July1Peter WhalleyMike Adams11,340,0004
1365795Monday 5th July2Peter WhalleyMike Adams11,470,0003
1375796Wednesday 7th July Daran LittleMike Adams11,660,0001
1385797Friday 9th July David LaneMike Adams10,490,0007
1395798Sunday 11th July Chris FewtrellMike Adams11,510,0002
1405799Monday 12th July1Mark WadlowIan Bevitt11,850,0001
1415800Monday 12th July2John StevensonIan Bevitt11,660,0002
1425801Wednesday 14th July John FayIan Bevitt11,090,0004
1435802Friday 16th July John FayNeil Alderton10,400,0005
1445803Sunday 18th July Martin AllenNeil Alderton9,860,0007
1455804Monday 19th July1Peter WhalleyAlan Wareing11,780,0002
1465805Monday 19th July2John FayAlan Wareing12,040,0001
1475806Wednesday 21st July Jonathan HarveyAlan Wareing10,650,0005
1485807Friday 23rd July Jonathan HarveyAlan Wareing9,490,0008
1495808Sunday 25th July Stephen LoweAlan Wareing10,160,0007
1505809Monday 26th July1Stephen RussellTerry Dyddgen-Jones11,350,0002
1515810Monday 26th July2Stephen RussellTerry Dyddgen-Jones11,920,0001
1525811Wednesday 28th July Jayne HollinsonTerry Dyddgen-Jones10,300,0004
1535812Friday 30th July Carmel MorganTerry Dyddgen-Jones9,500,0008
1545813Sunday 1st August Daran LittleTerry Dyddgen-Jones9,000,00010
1555814Monday 2nd August1Mark WadlowKay Patrick11,260,0001
1565815Monday 2nd August2John StevensonKay Patrick11,190,0002
1575816Wednesday 4th August John StevensonKay Patrick10,140,0005
1585817Friday 6th August Catherine HayesKay Patrick9,630,0008
1595818Sunday 8th August David LaneKay Patrick9,980,0006
1605819Monday 9th August1Debbie OatesDaniel Wilson12,350,0001
1615820Monday 9th August2Debbie OatesDaniel Wilson11,780,0002
1625821Wednesday 11th August Chris ParkerDaniel Wilson10,480,0004
1635822Friday 13th August Martin AllenDaniel Wilson9,310,0008
1645823Sunday 15th August Joe TurnerDaniel Wilson9,920,0006
1655824Monday 16th August1Joe TurnerDiana Patrick11,130,0002
1665825Monday 16th August2Joe TurnerDiana Patrick11,300,0001
1675826Wednesday 18th August Mark BurtDiana Patrick10,050,0004
1685827Friday 20th August Carmel MorganDiana Patrick10,230,0003
1695828Sunday 22nd August Stephen RussellDiana Patrick9,630,0006
1705829Monday 23rd August1Jonathan HarveyMike Adams10,800,0002
1715830Monday 23rd August2Mark WadlowMike Adams10,830,0001
1725831Wednesday 25th August Chris FewtrellMike Adams10,280,0004
1735832Friday 27th August Martin AllenMike Adams8,580,0008
1745833Sunday 29th August John StevensonMike Adams9,340,0005
1755834Monday 30th August1Daran LittleAlan Wareing11,570,0002
1765835Monday 30th August2Daran LittleAlan Wareing11,690,0001
1775836Wednesday 1st September Debbie OatesAlan Wareing10,940,0003
1785837Friday 3rd September Stephen LoweAlan Wareing10,660,0004
1795838Sunday 5th September Peter WhalleyAlan Wareing9,670,00010
1805839Monday 6th September1John FayDuncan Foster12,140,0001
1815840Monday 6th September2Stephen RussellDuncan Foster11,330,0002
1825841Wednesday 8th September Jayne HollinsonDuncan Foster9,680,0009
1835842Friday 10th September Catherine HayesDuncan Foster10,750,0005
1845843Sunday 12th September Joe TurnerDuncan Foster11,330,0002
1855844Monday 13th September1Chris FewtrellNeil Alderton12,310,0001
1865845Monday 13th September2Chris FewtrellNeil Alderton11,360,0003
1875846Wednesday 15th September Chris ParkerNeil Alderton10,900,0006
1885847Friday 17th September John StevensonNeil Alderton10,790,0007
1895848Sunday 19th September Debbie OatesNeil Alderton10,360,0008
1905849Monday 20th September1David LaneTim Hopewell12,060,0001
1915850Monday 20th September2Martin AllenTim Hopewell11,310,0003
1925851Wednesday 22nd September Daran Little
Peter Whalley
Tim Hopewell11,570,0002
1935853Friday 24th September Peter WhalleyTim Hopewell10,940,0005
1945854Sunday 26th September Mark WadlowDiana Patrick10,970,0004
1955855Monday 27th September1Catherine HayesDiana Patrick12,720,0001
1965856Monday 27th September2Debbie OatesDiana Patrick11,870,0002
1975857Wednesday 29th September John StevensonDiana Patrick11,530,0003
1985858Friday 1st October Joe TurnerDiana Patrick11,220,0005
1995859Sunday 3rd October Stephen LoweColin Cant11,480,0004
2005860Monday 4th October1Martin AllenColin Cant12,560,0001
2015861Monday 4th October2Peter WhalleyColin Cant12,190,0002
2025862Wednesday 6th October David LaneColin Cant11,820,0003
2035863Friday 8th October Chris ParkerColin Cant11,360,0004
2045864Sunday 10th October Carmel MorganCharles Lauder10,960,0006
2055865Monday 11th October1Jayne HollinsonCharles Lauder12,640,0001
2065866Monday 11th October2Chris FewtrellCharles Lauder12,000,0003
2075867Wednesday 13th October Jonathan HarveyCharles Lauder11,860,0004
2085868Friday 15th October Mark BurtCharles Lauder11,810,0005
2095869Sunday 17th October Mark WadlowAnne Ross Muir12,150,0002
2105870Monday 18th October1David LaneAnne Ross Muir12,960,0001
2115871Monday 18th October2Daran LittleAnne Ross Muir12,620,0002
2125872Wednesday 20th October Jonathan HarveyAnne Ross Muir11,760,0005
2135873Friday 22nd October Jonathan HarveyAnne Ross Muir11,910,0004
2145874Sunday 24th October Debbie OatesTerry Dyddgen-Jones12,330,0003
2155875Monday 25th October1Debbie OatesTerry Dyddgen-Jones13,550,0001
2165876Monday 25th October2Mark BurtTerry Dyddgen-Jones13,490,0002
2175877Wednesday 27th October Carmel MorganTerry Dyddgen-Jones12,850,0003
2185878Friday 29th October Damon RochefortTerry Dyddgen-Jones11,650,0005
2195879Sunday 31st October Jayne HollinsonDavid Kester11,250,0007
2205880Monday 1st November1Catherine HayesDavid Kester13,300,0001
2215881Monday 1st November2Chris FewtrellDavid Kester12,500,0003
2225882Wednesday 3rd November Stephen LoweDavid Kester12,600,0002
2235883Friday 5th November Martin AllenDavid Kester11,300,0008
2245884Sunday 7th November John FayDaniel Wilson12,400,0004
2255885Monday 8th November1John FayDaniel Wilson13,490,0001
2265886Monday 8th November2John StevensonDaniel Wilson12,470,0003
2275887Wednesday 10th November Chris ParkerDaniel Wilson12,300,0005
2285888Friday 12th November Stephen RussellDaniel Wilson12,330,0004
2295889Sunday 14th November Stephen RussellJohn Anderson12,540,0002
2305890Monday 15th November1Catherine HayesJohn Anderson13,790,0001
2315891Monday 15th November2Mark WadlowJohn Anderson12,860,0003
2325892Wednesday 17th November Chris FewtrellJohn Anderson12,730,0004
2335893Friday 19th November Martin AllenJohn Anderson11,320,0007
2345894Sunday 21st November Debbie OatesJohn Anderson13,360,0002
2355895Monday 22nd November1Mark BurtColin Cant14,650,0002
2365896Monday 22nd November2Daran LittleColin Cant
Duncan Foster
2375897Monday 22nd November3Daran LittleDuncan Foster13,650,0003
2385898Wednesday 24th November1John FayDuncan Foster13,240,0004
2395899Wednesday 24th November2John FayDuncan Foster12,120,0007
2405900Friday 26th November1Carmel MorganColin Cant12,960,0006
2415901Friday 26th November2Carmel MorganColin Cant10,730,00011
2425902Sunday 28th November Chris ParkerColin Cant13,000,0005
2435903Monday 29th November1Joe TurnerKay Patrick13,310,0001
2445904Monday 29th November2Stephen LoweKay Patrick12,060,0004
2455905Wednesday 1st December John StevensonKay Patrick12,430,0003
2465906Friday 3rd December Peter WhalleyKay Patrick12,560,0002
2475907Sunday 5th December Jonathan HarveyKay Patrick11,270,0006
2485908Monday 6th December1Chris FewtrellTony Prescott13,500,0001
2495909Monday 6th December2Chris FewtrellTony Prescott12,310,0003
2505910Wednesday 8th December David LaneTony Prescott12,430,0002
2515911Friday 10th December Peter WhalleyTony Prescott12,000,0004
2525912Sunday 12th December Peter WhalleyTony Prescott11,560,0006
2535913Monday 13th December1Martin AllenNeil Alderton13,560,0001
2545914Monday 13th December2John StevensonNeil Alderton12,490,0002
2555915Wednesday 15th December John StevensonNeil Alderton11,700,0004
2565916Friday 17th December Jayne HollinsonNeil Alderton11,550,0005
2575917Sunday 19th December Joe TurnerNeil Alderton12,030,0003
2585918Monday 20th December1Carmel MorganDavid Kester13,130,0001
2595919Monday 20th December2Debbie OatesDavid Kester12,110,0005
2605920Wednesday 22nd December Mark WadlowDavid Kester11,570,0009
2615921Friday 24th December1Stephen RussellDavid Kester10,530,00014
2625922Friday 24th December2Daran LittleDavid Kester11,480,00010
2635923Saturday 25th December John FayTerry Dyddgen-Jones11,990,0006
2645924Sunday 26th December Mark BurtTerry Dyddgen-Jones11,480,00010
2655925Monday 27th December1Peter WhalleyJohn Anderson12,660,0002
2665926Monday 27th December2Catherine HayesJohn Anderson12,060,0004
2675927Wednesday 29th December David LaneJohn Anderson12,940,0001
2685928Friday 31st December1Daran LittleJohn Anderson11,420,0008
2695929Friday 31st December2Daran LittleJohn Anderson9,670,00012

Main cast


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Who lives where

Coronation Street

Awards and nominations

National Television Awards

Royal Television Society

  • Soap Coronation Street (Winner)


  • Best continuing drama Coronation Street (Winner)

TV Quick Awards

The Celebrity Awards

  • Best newcomer: Sam Aston (Winner)
  • Woman of the year: Suranne Jones (Nominee)
  • TV cast of the year: The cast of Coronation Street (Winner)
  • Sexist female of the year: Tina O'Brien, Nikki Sanderson, Suranne Jones (Nominees)
  • Sexiest male of the year: Ryan Thomas (Nominee)
Coronation Street in the 2000s
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