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2002 was Coronation Street's forty-third year.

Main characters

Ranking Character Played by Duration Number of Episodes Running total Previous year's ranking
1Shelley UnwinSally LindsayFull year15422837
2Gail Platt/HillmanHelen WorthFull year15023822
3Richard HillmanBrian CapronFull year13818057
4Audrey RobertsSue NichollsFull year134161115
5Steve McDonaldSimon GregsonFull year128107820
6Sarah PlattTina O'BrienFull year1237688
7Ken BarlowWilliam RoacheFull year115313517
8Dev AlahanJimmi HarkishinFull year11228823
9Geena GregoryJennifer JamesUntil October1093284
10Karen McDonaldSuranne JonesFull year10822425
11Fred ElliottJohn SavidentFull year10563015
12Kevin WebsterMichael Le VellFull year104158527
13Fiz BrownJennie McAlpineFull year10215746
14Sally WebsterSally WhittakerFull year99144112
15Peter BarlowChris GascoyneFull year9826612
15Toyah BattersbyGeorgia TaylorFull year985945
15Les BattersbyBruce JonesFull year except for November9858314
18Deirdre RachidAnne KirkbrideFull year97222831
19Vikram DesaiChris BissonUntil December9433027
20Rita SullivanBarbara KnoxFull year93250522
21Norris ColeMalcolm HebdenFull year9131739
22Janice BattersbyVicky EntwistleFull year886961
22Blanche HuntMaggie JonesFull year8830953
22Eileen GrimshawSue CleaverFull year8822111
25Curly WattsKevin KennedyFull year86148732
26Sunita ParekhShobna GulatiFull year8413351
26Maria SutherlandSamia SmithFebruary to August and from October8418048
28Tyrone DobbsAlan HalsallFull year834019
29Hayley CropperJulie HesmondhalghFrom February8143832
30David PlattJack P. ShepherdFull year8059027
31Maxine PeacockTracy ShawFull year except for February7965826
31Kirk SutherlandAndrew WhymentFrom February7910161
33Emma WattsAngela LonsdaleFull year except for February7720141
34Ashley PeacockSteven ArnoldFull year7561523
35Bethany PlattAmy & Emily WaltonFull year7317454
36Mike BaldwinJohnny BriggsFull year7220276
37Martin PlattSean WilsonFull year71133034
38Roy CropperDavid NeilsonFull year7057510
39Vera DuckworthElizabeth DawnFull year70196817
40Emily BishopEileen DerbyshireFull year68258056
41Joe CarterJonathan WratherFrom May6565 -
42Archie ShuttleworthRoy HuddFrom February6262 -
43Candice StoweNikki SandersonFull year6117842
43Betty WilliamsBetty DriverFull year61237243
45Jason GrimshawRyan ThomasFull year6014630
45Todd GrimshawBruno LangleyFull year6013634
47Eve ElliottMelanie KilburnUntil May5411543
48Ben WattsStephen CollinsFull year except for February and August545766
49Rosie WebsterHelen FlanaganMarch to September and from November5355549
50Doreen HeaveyPrunella GeeFrom July3956 -
51Sophie WebsterEmma WoodwardMarch to September and from November3632351
52Joshua PeacockBrandon JacksonApril to September and November to December3434 -
53Jack DuckworthWilliam TarmeyUntil July and from October32168138
54Sam KingstonScott WrightUntil June3013920
55Bobbi LewisNaomi RyanUntil April2913445
56Matt RamsdenStephen BeckettUntil April2512719
57Lucy RichardsKaty CarmichaelFrom September2222 -
58Tommy NelsonThomas CraigFrom November2222 -
59Angela NelsonKathryn HuntFrom November2222 -
60Charlie RamsdenClare McGlinnUntil April2110334
61Duggie FergusonJohn BoweUntil February202503
61Molly HardcastleJacqueline KingtonUntil May208046
63Katy NelsonLucy-Jo HudsonFrom November1717 -
64Harry FlaggIain RogersonFrom September1515 -
65Ciaran McCarthyKeith DuffyAugust and from December1212 -
65Nick TilsleyAdam RickittJuly to August12733 -
65Craig NelsonRichard Fleeshman From November1212 -
68Mick HopwoodIan GainFrom October99 -
69Bet LynchJulie GoodyearJune only81969 -
70Tracy PrestonKate FordFrom December4601 -
70Patrick TusselTrevor Dwyer-LynchFrom December44 -
72Dennis StringerCharles DaleJanuary only31677
73Gordon CleggGeoffrey LeesleyJune only2100 -
73Terry DuckworthNigel PivaroJanuary only234262
75Adam BarlowIain De CaesteckerFebruary only14555


Changing of the guard

Keiran Roberts

Kieran Roberts, later Coronation Street's long-running executive producer, initially joined the programme as its producer in December 2001

Kieran Roberts had taken up the position of producer in December 2001, two months after the removal of Jane Macnaught as executive producer and six months after Roberts left Emmerdale, which he had produced for three years. Granada's drama controller Carolyn Reynolds had been responsible for the day-to-day running of Coronation Street in the immediate aftermath of Macnaught's departure and remained exec producer during Roberts's reign to enable a smooth transition. The duo were first credited in their roles with Episode 5228 on 8th March.

To lure back lapsed viewers, producers adopted a back-to-basics approach, playing to Coronation Street's traditional strengths such as comedy and avoiding the issue-led storylines favoured by Jane Macnaught. The changes began in the writers' room. Roberts believed that writers weren't being given enough freedom over scripts, resulting in the programme becoming too plot-driven, and ordered a change to lessen the influence of the storyliners. Meanwhile, Reynolds re-hired writers Ken Blakeson, Jan McVerry and John Stevenson, who had resigned after clashing with Macnaught in 2000, and in order to affect the desired stylistic changes to the programme, five of Macnaught's key writers - Mariam Vossough, Jo O'Keefe, Phil Ford, Julie Gearey and Susan Wilkins - left the team, allowing an influx of new talent in the form of Carmel Morgan, Debbie Oates, Stephen Russell, Chris Parker and John Fay.

The now customary cast cull followed. At a two-day story conference, Reynolds, Roberts and the writers discussed the future potential of each character and from those analyses it was decided to write out Duggie Ferguson, Bobbi Lewis, Evelyn Elliott, Molly Hardcastle, Sam Kingston, and Matt and Charlie Ramsden. The Ramsdens left in April, deciding to fight for their marriage and put Matt's tryst with Maxine Peacock behind them, despite the fact that Maxine's son Joshua could be Matt's and not Ashley's. Duggie was dramatically killed off during an argument with Richard Hillman at The Ridings, a house they were redeveloping into flats; Duggie leaned against a shoddy bannister which gave way, causing him to fall two flights to his death. Richard's never-ending financial problems continued for the rest of the year, with him taking ever more desperate actions - including murdering his ex-wife Patricia and trying to kill Audrey Roberts and Emily Bishop for their money - in order to provide for oblivious wife Gail and the children. Richard's storyline was a key factor in restoring Coronation Street's success and the programme's ratings rose the longer it went on.

The glorious past

In taking Coronation Street back to its roots, writers gave more screentime to the senior cast members, engendered a greater sense of community spirit, and included more allusions to the past - both the programme's and the characters'. In August, the residents marked the centenary of the Rovers Return, and in June, to mark Queen Elizabeth's Golden Jubilee, the programme showed an episode in which the characters re-enacted an historical Weatherfield battle. In August, the 2002 Commonwealth Games, held in Manchester, was written into storylines, with Norris Cole working as a volunteer and Les Battersby putting up two Australian girls in exchange for a "Sydney Sandwich" (which turned out to be a real sandwich).

In April, Sally's Hardware in Victoria Street burned down, which led to Kevin and Sally Webster reconciling and re-marrying five years after they first split up. The hardware shop premises lay empty until 2005.


Julie Goodyear crashes out

Producers were eager to bring back a major character and in January, Julie Goodyear signed to return full-time as Bet Lynch after a seven-year absence from the main programme. On-screen, Bet visited to Coronation Street ostensibly to attend Betty Williams's retirement party at the Rovers but in actuality she was there to testify against her former lover, Phil Bennett, who had stolen money from her. The plan was for Fred Elliott to persuade Bet to run the Rovers for him, but Goodyear struggled with the hectic filming schedule and after recording eight episodes she took three weeks off, citing exhaustion. She never returned to filming. The storyline was re-written with Bet losing her court case and leaving Weatherfield off-screen, and Lillian Spencer, an Annie Walker-type character played by Maureen Lipman, taking over the pub in her place. Lillian was meant as a stop-gap character while writers decided the future of the Rovers and in July barmaid Shelley Unwin ascended to landlady. Following the high-profile failure of Goodyear's return, no other old cast members were brought back.

New and old faces

The first new character to arrive in 2002 was undertaker Archie Shuttleworth, played by comedian Roy Hudd. Other newcomers included Jonathan Wrather as ex-con Joe Carter, former boyband singer Keith Duffy as smooth-talking Ciaran McCarthy, and Iain Rogerson as cleaner Harry Flagg.

Betty's retirement storyline (although she subsequently returned to work) was also notable for featuring a brief appearance by a recast Gordon Clegg. Geoffrey Leesley played the role both in 2002 and 2004 in the absence of Bill Kenwright.


The Nelsons: Angela, Tommy, Katy and Craig

Cast changes in the latter half of the year included the full-time return of Prunella Gee as Maxine's mother Doreen Heavey, the arrivals of cabbie Patrick Tussel, PC Mick Hopwood and florist Lucy Richards, and the departures of Chris Bisson as Vikram Desai and Jennifer James as Geena Gregory. In November, the Nelson family moved into No.6. Comprised of dad Tommy, mum Angela, and teenagers Katy and Craig, the "Nelsons" were in fact the Harrises who had been placed in Weatherfield as part of a witness protection scheme. After their initial storyline played out, the Harrises reverted to their true surname and continued in the programme. The last new face of the year, first appearing on Christmas Day, was Kate Ford as a recast Tracy Preston. For her return - the first time Tracy had appeared regularly since 1995 - Tracy was turned into a more antagonistic character and man-eater.

Additionally, Adam Rickitt made a short return as Nick Tilsley at the time of Gail and Richard's wedding, and William Tarmey took time off between July and October to undergo a bypass operation.

Recording upgrades

With Episode 5191 on 7th January, Coronation Street was broadcast in 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio, which had become the industry standard. A new title sequence was introduced in the same episode. This sequence used CGI to integrate shots recorded on the outdoor set with others shot on location in Salford, allowing for Coronation Street to be shown surrounded by other terraced houses for the first time.

The end credits underwent a change with Episode 5370 on 28th October. Beginning with this episode, the credits switched to an ITV standardised full-screen with blue background, matching other ITV programmes of the time.

Coronation Street continued to experiment with showing five episodes per week; some weeks in the first third of the year had additional episodes on Tuesday, and up to July there were four instances of two episodes being shown on the same day. Beginning on 9th September, when a major storyline was playing two episodes would be shown on a Monday night, at 7.30pm and 8.30pm. These episodes had a single title sequence and combined end credits roll at the end of the second episode.

Viewing figures

2002 ratings

Ratings chart for the year

The new system adopted by BARB whereby the ratings for each showing of an episode were counted separately makes it impossible to compare 2002's ratings with those from 2001, which include the omnibus' figures. However, while the year started with ratings 2.5 million down on 2001's aggregated figures, the gap narrowed as the year progressed, with October and November less than 200,000 viewers down on 2002 and December's ratings were up on the same month in 2001. Except for January-April (where the gaps are wider), all months were 2-3 million viewers down on 1990 which was the previous year to 2002 for which all first-showing ratings are available. The average for 2002 was 12.97 million viewers.

The highest-rated episode of the year was Episode 5383 on 17th November, which was a four-hander in which Audrey tries to convince Archie Shuttleworth that son-in-law Richard is trying to kill her. The episode drew an audience of 15.01 million viewers.

34 episodes reached number one in the ratings - a massive increase from the three episodes which did so in 2001. No episodes fell outside the top twenty.


# Ep.
Date Part Writer Director Viewing
15186Tuesday 1st January1Phil FordColin Cant11,970,0008
25187Tuesday 1st January2Phil FordColin Cant14,280,0002
35188Wednesday 2nd January Julie GeareyDavid Kester13,900,0003
45189Friday 4th January Daran LittleDavid Kester13,530,0005
55190Sunday 6th January Jayne HollinsonDavid Kester11,700,0009
65191Monday 7th January Susan Wilkins
Peter Whalley
Ian Bevitt13,730,0002
75192Wednesday 9th January Jo O'KeefeIan Bevitt13,120,0004
85193Friday 11th January Martin AllenIan Bevitt12,530,0006
95194Sunday 13th January Joe TurnerIan Bevitt11,320,0008
105195Monday 14th January Jo O'KeefePhilip Wood13,940,0002
115196Wednesday 16th January Susan WilkinsPhilip Wood12,760,0005
125197Friday 18th January Daran LittlePhilip Wood11,920,0008
135198Sunday 20th January Peter WhalleyPhilip Wood12,270,0006
145199Monday 21st January Joe TurnerTony Prescott13,900,0001
155200Wednesday 23rd January Mark WadlowTony Prescott13,890,0002
165201Friday 25th January David LaneTony Prescott12,670,0006
175202Sunday 27th January Catherine HayesTracey Rooney12,410,0008
185203Monday 28th January Joe TurnerJohn Anderson14,070,0001
195204Wednesday 30th January Phil FordJohn Anderson12,580,0005
205205Friday 1st February Mariam VossoughJohn Anderson10,720,00011
215206Sunday 3rd February Daran LittleJohn Anderson12,240,0006
225207Monday 4th February Jayne Hollinson
Martin Allen
David Kester13,640,0001
235209Wednesday 6th February Julie GeareyDavid Kester12,060,0008
245210Friday 8th February Peter WhalleyDavid Kester12,660,0006
255211Sunday 10th February David LaneDavid Kester12,060,0008
265212Monday 11th February Julie GeareyIan Bevitt13,620,0001
275213Wednesday 13th February Mark WadlowIan Bevitt11,510,0007
285214Friday 15th February Catherine HayesIan Bevitt12,510,0004
295215Sunday 17th February Daran LittleIan Bevitt11,200,0008
305216Monday 18th February Jo O'KeefeColin Cant13,950,0001
315217Tuesday 19th February Martin AllenColin Cant10,110,00012
325218Friday 22nd February David LaneColin Cant12,380,0004
335219Sunday 24th February Peter WhalleyColin Cant13,490,0003
345220Monday 25th February Daran LittleTony Prescott13,330,0001
355221Tuesday 26th February Joe TurnerTracey Rooney9,770,00011
365222Friday 1st March Mariam VossoughTracey Rooney12,110,0006
375223Sunday 3rd March Mark WadlowTracey Rooney12,640,0003
385224Monday 4th March Jayne HollinsonJohn Anderson13,040,0002
395225Tuesday 5th March David LaneJohn Anderson9,960,0009
405226Wednesday 6th March Peter WhalleyJohn Anderson11,730,0005
415227Friday 8th March Susan WilkinsJohn Anderson11,350,0006
425228Sunday 10th March Phil FordJohn Anderson11,090,0008
435229Monday 11th March Phil FordDavid Kester12,980,0001
445230Tuesday 12th March Julie GeareyDavid Kester9,670,00011
455231Friday 15th March Martin AllenDavid Kester11,150,0006
465232Sunday 17th March Peter WhalleyDavid Kester10,820,0007
475233Monday 18th March Jo O'KeefeIan Bevitt12,940,0001
485234Tuesday 19th March Catherine HayesIan Bevitt9,430,00010
495235Friday 22nd March Joe TurnerIan Bevitt11,350,0004
505236Sunday 24th March Daran LittleIan Bevitt10,310,0007
515237Monday 25th March Daran LittleTony Prescott13,040,0001
525238Wednesday 27th March Peter WhalleyTony Prescott11,620,0004
535239Friday 29th March Martin AllenTony Prescott11,190,0006
545240Sunday 31st March David LaneTony Prescott10,910,0008
555241Monday 1st April Ken BlakesonTracey Rooney11,500,0003
565242Tuesday 2nd April Mariam VossoughTracey Rooney10,410,0007
575243Friday 5th April Peter MillsTracey Rooney10,960,0006
585244Sunday 7th April Joe TurnerTracey Rooney11,420,0004
595245Monday 8th April Mark WadlowJohn Anderson12,840,0001
605246Tuesday 9th April John StevensonJohn Anderson10,220,0008
615247Friday 12th April Jayne HollinsonJohn Anderson12,190,0002
625248Sunday 14th April Susan WilkinsJohn Anderson10,520,0006
635249Monday 15th April Susan WilkinsDavid Kester12,650,0002
645250Tuesday 16th April Phil FordDavid Kester10,990,0009
655251Wednesday 17th April David LaneDavid Kester12,380,0003
665252Friday 19th April Catherine HayesDavid Kester11,400,0007
675253Sunday 21st April Martin AllenDavid Kester11,260,0008
685254Monday 22nd April Ken BlakesonIan Bevitt13,450,0001
695255Tuesday 23rd April John StevensonIan Bevitt9,920,00010
705256Friday 26th April Jayne HollinsonIan Bevitt11,470,0005
715257Sunday 28th April Daran LittleIan Bevitt11,280,0006
725258Monday 29th April1Jan McVerryTony Prescott12,640,0001
735259Monday 29th April2Peter WhalleyTony Prescott10,900,0004
745260Friday 3rd May Julie GeareyTony Prescott11,030,0003
755261Sunday 5th May Joe TurnerTony Prescott10,000,0009
765262Monday 6th May Joe TurnerTracey Rooney12,470,0001
775263Wednesday 8th May Peter WhalleyTracey Rooney11,200,0005
785264Friday 10th May Ken BlakesonTracey Rooney10,770,0007
795265Sunday 12th May Julie GeareyTracey Rooney10,770,0007
805266Monday 13th May Phil FordEugene Ferguson13,220,0001
815267Tuesday 14th May Catherine HayesEugene Ferguson9,550,00011
825268Friday 17th May Daran LittleEugene Ferguson
John Anderson
835269Sunday 19th May Jan McVerryJohn Anderson
Eugene Ferguson
845270Monday 20th May Martin AllenEugene Ferguson
John Anderson
855271Wednesday 22nd May John StevensonJohn Anderson
Eugene Ferguson
865272Friday 24th May Mark WadlowEugene Ferguson
John Anderson
875273Sunday 26th May Peter MillsJohn Anderson
Eugene Ferguson
885274Monday 27th May Joe TurnerDavid Kester11,990,0004
895275Wednesday 29th May John FayDavid Kester10,970,0006
905276Friday 31st May David LaneDavid Kester9,620,0008
915277Sunday 2nd June Mark WadlowDavid Kester9,260,0009
925278Monday 3rd June Martin AllenIan Bevitt8,190,00017
935279Wednesday 5th June Jayne HollinsonIan Bevitt11,800,0003
945280Friday 7th June Julie GeareyIan Bevitt10,710,0006
955281Sunday 9th June Catherine HayesIan Bevitt11,490,0004
965282Monday 10th June1John StevensonTony Prescott12,790,0001
975283Monday 10th June2John StevensonTony Prescott11,630,0006
985284Wednesday 12th June Daran LittleTony Prescott11,320,0008
995285Friday 14th June Peter WhalleyTony Prescott10,860,0009
1005286Sunday 16th June Ken BlakesonTony Prescott9,910,00011
1015287Monday 17th June David LaneTracey Rooney11,490,0002
1025288Wednesday 19th June Jan McVerryTracey Rooney10,720,0006
1035289Friday 21st June Joe TurnerTracey Rooney10,440,0008
1045290Sunday 23rd June Jayne HollinsonTracey Rooney10,170,0009
1055291Monday 24th June Chris ParkerJohn Anderson10,320,0005
1065292Wednesday 26th June Mark WadlowJohn Anderson11,140,0004
1075293Friday 28th June Peter WhalleyJohn Anderson9,830,0009
1085294Sunday 30th June Peter MillsJohn Anderson11,690,0001
1095295Monday 1st July1John StevensonDiana Patrick11,540,0004
1105296Monday 1st July2Daran LittleDiana Patrick10,440,0009
1115297Wednesday 3rd July Ken Blakeson
Jan McVerry
Diana Patrick11,440,0005
1125298Friday 5th July Catherine HayesDiana Patrick11,700,0003
1135299Sunday 7th July Joe TurnerIan Bevitt11,060,0006
1145300Monday 8th July Peter WhalleyIan Bevitt11,880,0003
1155301Wednesday 10th July Daran LittleIan Bevitt11,490,0004
1165302Friday 12th July Julie GeareyIan Bevitt10,250,0006
1175303Sunday 14th July David LaneTony Prescott9,140,0009
1185304Monday 15th July John FayTony Prescott12,140,0001
1195305Wednesday 17th July John StevensonTony Prescott11,480,0004
1205306Friday 19th July Martin AllenTony Prescott10,790,0005
1215307Sunday 21st July Catherine HayesAlan Wareing9,130,0008
1225308Monday 22nd July Mark WadlowAlan Wareing12,610,0001
1235309Friday 26th July Peter MillsAlan Wareing9,880,0006
1245310Sunday 28th July Jan McVerryAlan Wareing11,510,0004
1255311Monday 29th July Martin AllenDuncan Foster11,310,0002
1265312Wednesday 31st July Ken BlakesonDuncan Foster11,580,0001
1275313Friday 2nd August Peter MillsDuncan Foster10,970,0004
1285314Sunday 4th August David LaneDuncan Foster10,930,0005
1295315Monday 5th August Julie GeareyDavid Kester12,390,0001
1305316Wednesday 7th August Jan McVerryDavid Kester11,120,0003
1315317Friday 9th August Chris ParkerDavid Kester10,440,0006
1325318Sunday 11th August John FayDavid Kester10,480,0005
1335319Monday 12th August Peter WhalleyIan Bevitt12,040,0001
1345320Wednesday 14th August Peter WhalleyIan Bevitt10,440,0004
1355321Friday 16th August Jayne HollinsonIan Bevitt10,090,0007
1365322Sunday 18th August Daran LittleIan Bevitt10,290,0005
1375323Monday 19th August Mark WadlowTracey Rooney11,940,0001
1385324Wednesday 21st August Mark WadlowTracey Rooney11,590,0003
1395325Friday 23rd August John StevensonTracey Rooney10,550,0005
1405326Sunday 25th August John StevensonTracey Rooney9,050,0007
1415327Monday 26th August Peter WhalleyAlan Wareing10,000,0008
1425328Wednesday 28th August Julie GeareyAlan Wareing10,810,0003
1435329Friday 30th August Ken BlakesonAlan Wareing11,230,0002
1445330Sunday 1st September Jayne HollinsonAlan Wareing10,430,0004
1455331Monday 2nd September Catherine HayesDuncan Foster10,130,0009
1465332Wednesday 4th September Peter MillsDuncan Foster11,690,0003
1475333Friday 6th September John StevensonDuncan Foster11,260,0006
1485334Sunday 8th September David LaneDuncan Foster11,210,0007
1495335Monday 9th September1Joe TurnerDavid Kester12,980,0002
1505336Monday 9th September2Joe TurnerDavid Kester11,250,0006
1515337Wednesday 11th September John FayDavid Kester11,400,0005
1525338Friday 13th September John FayDavid Kester10,750,0008
1535339Sunday 15th September Mark WadlowDavid Kester11,060,0007
1545340Monday 16th September1Joe TurnerTim O'Mara12,910,0001
1555341Monday 16th September2Martin AllenTim O'Mara11,390,0006
1565342Wednesday 18th September John StevensonTim O'Mara11,810,0003
1575343Friday 20th September Peter MillsTim O'Mara10,950,0008
1585344Sunday 22nd September Jayne HollinsonTim O'Mara11,120,0007
1595345Monday 23rd September1Daran LittlePip Short12,630,0001
1605346Monday 23rd September2Daran LittlePip Short11,630,0004
1615347Wednesday 25th September Catherine HayesPip Short12,050,0002
1625348Friday 27th September David LanePip Short11,240,0008
1635349Sunday 29th September David LanePip Short8,640,00013
1645350Monday 30th September1Ken BlakesonAlan Wareing12,800,0001
1655351Monday 30th September2Ken BlakesonAlan Wareing11,590,0007
1665352Wednesday 2nd October Julie GeareyAlan Wareing11,930,0005
1675353Friday 4th October Chris ParkerAlan Wareing11,410,0008
1685354Sunday 6th October John FayAlan Wareing12,080,0003
1695355Monday 7th October1John FayEugene Ferguson12,980,0002
1705356Monday 7th October2Joe TurnerEugene Ferguson11,750,0008
1715357Wednesday 9th October Peter MillsEugene Ferguson13,000,0001
1725358Friday 11th October Ken BlakesonEugene Ferguson11,960,0006
1735359Sunday 13th October Stephen RussellEugene Ferguson11,580,0009
1745360Monday 14th October1Peter WhalleyTracey Rooney13,290,0001
1755361Monday 14th October2Peter WhalleyTracey Rooney11,770,0008
1765362Friday 18th October Mark WadlowTracey Rooney12,560,0003
1775363Sunday 20th October Jayne HollinsonTracey Rooney11,970,0006
1785364Monday 21st October1Jan McVerryTim O'Mara14,040,0002
1795365Monday 21st October2Jan McVerryTim O'Mara14,060,0001
1805366Wednesday 23rd October David LaneTim O'Mara13,470,0003
1815367Friday 25th October Daran LittleTim O'Mara13,330,0005
1825368Sunday 27th October Martin AllenTim O'Mara13,190,0006
1835369Monday 28th October1Martin AllenJohn Anderson14,840,0001
1845370Monday 28th October2Jayne HollinsonJohn Anderson14,270,0002
1855371Wednesday 30th October Chris ParkerJohn Anderson13,270,0005
1865372Friday 1st November Daran LittleJohn Anderson13,190,0006
1875373Sunday 3rd November Julie GeareyJohn Anderson12,060,0008
1885374Monday 4th November1Mark WadlowIan Bevitt13,870,0002
1895375Monday 4th November2Joe TurnerIan Bevitt12,270,0008
1905376Wednesday 6th November Catherine HayesIan Bevitt13,770,0003
1915377Friday 8th November David LaneIan Bevitt13,160,0006
1925378Sunday 10th November Debbie OatesIan Bevitt13,560,0004
1935379Monday 11th November1Peter WhalleyTim Dowd14,470,0002
1945380Monday 11th November2Ken BlakesonTim Dowd14,410,0003
1955381Wednesday 13th November Jan McVerryTim Dowd13,640,0005
1965382Friday 15th November John StevensonTim Dowd12,360,0008
1975383Sunday 17th November John FayTim Dowd15,010,0001
1985384Monday 18th November Peter MillsColin Cant14,030,0003
1995385Wednesday 20th November John FayColin Cant14,320,0001
2005386Friday 22nd November Martin AllenColin Cant13,440,0005
2015387Sunday 24th November Stephen RussellColin Cant13,790,0004
2025388Monday 25th November Joe TurnerTracey Rooney14,120,0001
2035389Wednesday 27th November Mark WadlowTracey Rooney13,450,0003
2045390Friday 29th November Peter WhalleyTracey Rooney12,770,0005
2055391Sunday 1st December Chris ParkerTracey Rooney13,170,0004
2065392Monday 2nd December David LaneEugene Ferguson12,860,0005
2075393Wednesday 4th December Julie GeareyEugene Ferguson13,280,0002
2085394Friday 6th December Daran LittleEugene Ferguson12,290,0007
2095395Sunday 8th December John StevensonEugene Ferguson13,470,0001
2105396Monday 9th December1John StevensonJohn Anderson14,740,0001
2115397Monday 9th December2John StevensonJohn Anderson14,470,0002
2125398Wednesday 11th December Peter MillsJohn Anderson13,880,0003
2135399Friday 13th December John FayJohn Anderson12,730,0007
2145400Sunday 15th December Jayne HollinsonIan Bevitt13,870,0004
2155401Monday 16th December Joe TurnerIan Bevitt13,100,0003
2165402Wednesday 18th December Martin AllenIan Bevitt13,220,0002
2175403Friday 20th December Carmel MorganIan Bevitt12,180,0008
2185404Sunday 22nd December Debbie OatesIan Bevitt12,740,0005
2195405Monday 23rd December David LaneTim Dowd12,460,00010
2205406Wednesday 25th December Peter WhalleyTim Dowd14,180,0003
2215407Friday 27th December Daran LittleTim Dowd14,150,0004
2225408Sunday 29th December Catherine HayesTim Dowd11,920,00011
2235409Monday 30th December Catherine HayesDavid Kester14,190,0002


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Coronation Street

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Awards and nominations


National Television Awards

  • Best newcomer Brian Capron (Nominee)
  • Most popular serial drama Coronation Street (Nominee)
Coronation Street in the 2000s
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