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==Who lives where==
==Who lives where==
'''Coronation Street'''
'''Coronation Street'''
*[[Rovers Return Inn]] -
*[[Rovers Return Inn]] -
*[[1 Coronation Street]] -
*[[1 Coronation Street]] -
*[[3 Coronation Street]] - [[Emily Bishop]].
*[[3 Coronation Street]] - [[Emily Bishop]]. [[Norris Cole]]
*[[4 Coronation Street]] - [[Ashley Peacock|Ashley]] and [[Maxine Peacock]].
*[[4 Coronation Street]] - [[Ashley Peacock|Ashley]] and [[Maxine Peacock]].
*[[5 Coronation Street]] - [[Janice Battersby]] ''(until November)'' and [[Les Battersby-Brown|Les Battersby]]. [[Dennis Stringer]] ''(until February)''.
*[[5 Coronation Street]] - [[Janice Battersby]] ''(until November)'' and [[Les Battersby-Brown|Les Battersby]]. [[Dennis Stringer]] ''(until February)''.
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*[[9 Coronation Street]] - [[Jack Duckworth]], [[Vera Duckworth]] and [[Tyrone Dobbs]]. [[Maria Sutherland]] ''(May onwards)''.
*[[9 Coronation Street]] - [[Jack Duckworth]], [[Vera Duckworth]] and [[Tyrone Dobbs]]. [[Maria Sutherland]] ''(May onwards)''.
*[[11 Coronation Street]] - [[Liz McDonald]] ''(until January)''. [[Eileen Grimshaw]], [[Jason Grimshaw]] and [[Todd Grimshaw]] ''(from January)''. [[Dennis Stringer]] ''(February to November)''.
*[[11 Coronation Street]] - [[Liz McDonald]] ''(until January)''. [[Eileen Grimshaw]], [[Jason Grimshaw]] and [[Todd Grimshaw]] ''(from January)''. [[Dennis Stringer]] ''(February to November)''.
*[[12 Coronation Street]] - [[Steve McDonald]] and [[Karen McDonald]].
*[[12 Coronation Street]] - [[Steve McDonald]] and [[Karen McDonald]].
*[[13 Coronation Street]] -
*[[13 Coronation Street]] -
*[[15a Coronation Street|Corner Shop flat]] - [[Peter Barlow]] ''(January to March)''. [[Sunita Parekh]] ''(March onwards)''.
*[[15a Coronation Street|Corner Shop flat]] - [[Peter Barlow]] ''(January to March)''. [[Sunita Parekh]] ''(March onwards)''.

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Logo 2001

2001 was Coronation Street's forty-second year.

224 new episodes were broadcast on ITV in 2001.


# Ep.
Date Part Writer Director Viewing
(With omnibus
except where
marked #)
14960Monday 1st January Jo O'KeefePhilip Wood16,400,0004
24961Wednesday 3rd January Phil FordPhilip Wood16,360,0005
34962Friday 5th January Peter WhalleyPhilip Wood14,760,000 #7
44963Sunday 7th January Peter MillsPhilip Wood15,450,000 #6
54964Monday 8th January Nick DoughtyColin Cant16,700,0004
64965Wednesday 10th January Susan WilkinsColin Cant15,520,0005
74966Friday 12th January Martin AllenColin Cant14,330,000 #7
84967Sunday 14th January Mark WadlowColin Cant14,150,000 #8
94968Monday 15th January Peter MillsDavid Kester16,660,0003
104969Wednesday 17th January Mariam VossoughDavid Kester15,320,0005
114970Friday 19th January David LaneDavid Kester14,480,000 #6
124971Sunday 21st January Jo O'KeefeDavid Kester14,440,000 #7
134972Monday 22nd January Martin AllenNoreen Kershaw16,620,0003
144973Wednesday 24th January Phil FordNoreen Kershaw15,600,0005
154974Friday 26th January Joe TurnerNoreen Kershaw14,150,000 #7
164975Sunday 28th January Nick DoughtyNoreen Kershaw14,880,000 #6
174976Monday 29th January Joe TurnerJohn Anderson16,610,0004
184977Wednesday 31st January Peter WhalleyJohn Anderson15,370,0005
194978Friday 2nd February Wendy LeeJohn Anderson14,230,000 #7
204979Sunday 4th February Martin AllenJohn Anderson14,620,000 #6
214980Monday 5th February Catherine HayesTony Prescott16,450,0004
224981Wednesday 7th February Phil FordTony Prescott15,190,0005
234982Friday 9th February Peter MillsTony Prescott13,770,000 #7
244983Sunday 11th February Mark WadlowTony Prescott13,830,000 #6
254985Monday 12th February Mark WadlowGraham Wetherell15,280,0004
264986Wednesday 14th February Joe TurnerGraham Wetherell11,940,0008
274987Friday 16th February Susan WilkinsGraham Wetherell13,230,000 #6
284988Sunday 18th February David LaneGraham Wetherell14,210,000 #5
294989Monday 19th February Julie GeareyDavid Kester15,800,0004
304990Wednesday 21st February Martin AllenDavid Kester12,370,0008
314991Friday 23rd February Mariam VossoughDavid Kester13,460,000 #6
324992Sunday 25th February Peter WhalleyDavid Kester14,320,000 #5
334993Monday 26th February Jo O'KeefePhilip Wood15,710,0004
344994Wednesday 28th February Catherine HayesPhilip Wood15,050,0005
354995Friday 2nd March Nick DoughtyPhilip Wood13,690,000 #6
364996Sunday 4th March Peter MillsPhilip Wood13,530,000 #7
374997Monday 5th March Joe TurnerJohn Anderson15,230,0005
384998Wednesday 7th March Mark WadlowJohn Anderson10,810,0009
394999Friday 9th March Phil FordJohn Anderson13,750,000 #6
405000Sunday 11th March Susan WilkinsJohn Anderson15,460,000 #4
415001Monday 12th March Peter MillsTony Prescott15,430,0004
425002Wednesday 14th March Catherine HayesTony Prescott13,640,0006
435003Friday 16th March Joe TurnerTony Prescott12,130,000 #8
445004Sunday 18th March Peter WhalleyTony Prescott14,770,000 #5
455005Monday 19th March Martin AllenGraham Wetherell15,840,0004
465006Wednesday 21st March Mariam VossoughGraham Wetherell15,730,0005
475007Friday 23rd March Jo O'KeefeGraham Wetherell13,080,000 #7
485008Sunday 25th March Julie GeareyGraham Wetherell13,160,000 #6
495009Monday 26th March Martin AllenDavid Kester15,150,0004
505010Wednesday 28th March Mariam VossoughDavid Kester12,360,0006
515011Friday 30th March Nick DoughtyDavid Kester12,330,000 #7
525012Sunday 1st April Mark WadlowDavid Kester13,940,000 #5
535013Monday 2nd April David LaneIan Bevitt15,220,0004
545014Wednesday 4th April Phil FordIan Bevitt11,710,0008
555015Friday 6th April Joe TurnerIan Bevitt12,620,000 #7
565016Sunday 8th April Martin AllenIan Bevitt13,750,000 #5
575017Monday 9th April Daran LittleJohn Anderson15,070,0005
585018Wednesday 11th April Peter WhalleyJohn Anderson13,660,0006
595019Friday 13th April David LaneJohn Anderson12,510,000 #7
605020Sunday 15th April Julie GeareyJohn Anderson15,410,000 #4
615021Monday 16th April Phil FordTony Prescott14,710,000 #4
625022Friday 20th April Mark Wadlow
Jayne Hollinson
Tony Prescott14,160,000 #6
635024Sunday 22nd April Jo O'KeefeTony Prescott14,520,000 #5
645025Monday 23rd April Jo O'KeefeGraham Wetherell14,970,0004
655026Wednesday 25th April Peter MillsGraham Wetherell14,080,0005
665027Friday 27th April Joe TurnerGraham Wetherell12,810,000 #7
675028Sunday 29th April Peter WhalleyGraham Wetherell14,030,000 #6
685029Monday 30th April Phil FordDavid Kester15,160,0003
695030Wednesday 2nd May Nick DoughtyDavid Kester11,550,0007
705031Friday 4th May Catherine HayesDavid Kester12,440,000 #5
715032Sunday 6th May Mariam VossoughDavid Kester12,350,000 #6
725033Monday 7th May Phil FordIan Bevitt13,060,000 #4
735034Wednesday 9th May Joe TurnerIan Bevitt12,190,0005
745035Friday 11th May Mariam VossoughIan Bevitt11,260,000 #7
755036Sunday 13th May Jo O'KeefeIan Bevitt13,220,000 #3
765037Monday 14th May Daran LittleAnne Ross Muir15,530,0002
775038Wednesday 16th May Peter MillsAnne Ross Muir12,300,0006
785039Friday 18th May David LaneAnne Ross Muir11,420,000 #7
795040Sunday 20th May Mark WadlowAnne Ross Muir12,420,000 #5
805041Monday 21st May Nick DoughtyTim Dowd12,390,0006
815042Wednesday 23rd May Catherine HayesTim Dowd18,140,0001
825043Friday 25th May Phil FordTim Dowd10,710,000 #7
835044Sunday 27th May Mark WadlowTim Dowd12,630,000 #5
845045Monday 28th May Joe TurnerGraham Wetherell11,810,000 #7
855046Wednesday 30th May Susan WilkinsGraham Wetherell13,350,0004
865047Friday 1st June Jayne HollinsonGraham Wetherell12,640,000 #6
875048Sunday 3rd June Mariam VossoughGraham Wetherell13,140,000 #5
885049Monday 4th June Jayne HollinsonDavid Kester13,610,0004
895050Wednesday 6th June Phil FordDavid Kester12,420,0006
905051Friday 8th June Jo O'KeefeDavid Kester11,760,000 #7
915052Sunday 10th June Julie Gearey
David Lane
David Kester
Tony Prescott
13,470,000 #5
925053Monday 11th June Martin AllenTony Prescott14,240,0004
935054Tuesday 12th June Peter WhalleyTony Prescott13,230,0008
945055Wednesday 13th June Peter WhalleyTony Prescott14,010,0006
955056Thursday 14th June Susan WilkinsIan Bevitt13,100,000 #9
965057Friday 15th June Joe TurnerIan Bevitt13,810,000 #7
975058Sunday 17th June Joe TurnerIan Bevitt14,240,000 #4
985059Monday 18th June Phil FordAnne Ross Muir14,760,0001
995060Wednesday 20th June Mark WadlowAnne Ross Muir13,860,0005
1005061Friday 22nd June Daran LittleAnne Ross Muir11,750,000 #6
1015062Sunday 24th June Julie GeareyAnne Ross Muir11,160,000 #7
1025063Monday 25th June Jayne HollinsonColin Cant12,860,0004
1035064Wednesday 27th June Jo O'KeefeColin Cant12,630,0005
1045065Friday 29th June David LaneColin Cant11,380,000 #6
1055066Sunday 1st July Martin AllenColin Cant11,090,000 #7
1065067Monday 2nd July Catherine HayesGarth Tucker12,200,0004
1075068Wednesday 4th July Daran LittleGarth Tucker12,180,0005
1085069Friday 6th July David LaneGarth Tucker11,460,000 #7
1095070Sunday 8th July Peter MillsGarth Tucker12,030,000 #6
1105071Monday 9th July Martin AllenIan Bevitt13,410,0006
1115072Wednesday 11th July Peter WhalleyIan Bevitt14,020,0003
1125073Friday 13th July Susan WilkinsIan Bevitt11,460,000 #8
1135074Sunday 15th July1Jayne HollinsonTony Prescott13,350,000 #7
1145075Sunday 15th July2Joe TurnerTony Prescott13,700,000 #4
1155076Monday 16th July Joe TurnerDavid Kester14,310,0003
1165077Wednesday 18th July Peter MillsDavid Kester13,630,0005
1175078Friday 20th July Jo O'KeefeDavid Kester11,730,000 #6
1185079Sunday 22nd July Daran LittleDavid Kester11,680,000 #7
1195080Monday 23rd July Martin AllenAnne Ross Muir13,240,0001
1205081Wednesday 25th July Phil FordPenelope Shales11,460,0005
1215082Friday 27th July David LaneAnne Ross Muir10,670,000 #6
1225083Sunday 29th July Peter WhalleyPenelope Shales10,260,000 #7
1235084Monday 30th July Mark WadlowAnne Ross Muir12,150,0004
1245085Wednesday 1st August Phil FordAnne Ross Muir
Penelope Shales
1255086Friday 3rd August Catherine HayesAnne Ross Muir
Penelope Shales
11,050,000 #6
1265087Sunday 5th August Joe TurnerPenelope Shales
Garth Tucker
10,930,000 #7
1275088Monday 6th August Mariam VossoughJohn Michael Phillips
Garth Tucker
1285089Wednesday 8th August Jo O'KeefeJohn Michael Phillips11,670,0007
1295090Friday 10th August Susan WilkinsJohn Michael Phillips
Garth Tucker
8,550,000 #13
1305091Sunday 12th August Mark WadlowJohn Michael Phillips
Garth Tucker
12,090,000 #6
1315092Monday 13th August Mark WadlowMervyn Cumming12,990,000 #5
1325093Wednesday 15th August Mariam VossoughMervyn Cumming11,740,000 #6
1335094Friday 17th August Julie GeareyMervyn Cumming11,300,000 #7
1345095Sunday 19th August Peter WhalleyMervyn Cumming11,200,000 #8
1355096Monday 20th August Daran LittleColin Cant12,540,0005
1365097Wednesday 22nd August Jayne HollinsonColin Cant12,010,0006
1375098Friday 24th August David LaneColin Cant10,870,000 #7
1385099Sunday 26th August Joe TurnerColin Cant10,700,000 #8
1395100Monday 27th August Daran LittleTony Prescott10,880,0009
1405101Wednesday 29th August Peter MillsTony Prescott13,060,0004
1415102Friday 31st August Catherine HayesTony Prescott11,920,000 #7
1425103Sunday 2nd September Jayne HollinsonTony Prescott12,440,000 #5
1435104Monday 3rd September1Peter WhalleyAnne Ross Muir13,950,0004
1445105Monday 3rd September2Martin AllenJohn Anderson13,940,0005
1455106Wednesday 5th September Mariam VossoughJohn Anderson12,420,0009
1465107Thursday 6th September David LaneAnne Ross Muir11,840,00010
1475108Friday 7th September Julie GeareyAnne Ross Muir12,880,000 #7
1485109Sunday 9th September Joe TurnerTony Prescott12,580,000 #8
1495110Monday 10th September David LaneAlan Wareing14,020,0002
1505111Wednesday 12th September Susan WilkinsAlan Wareing13,190,0006
1515112Friday 14th September Mariam VossoughAlan Wareing11,780,0009
1525113Sunday 16th September Jayne HollinsonAlan Wareing11,980,000 #8
1535114Monday 17th September Daran LittleDavid Kester13,640,000 #3
1545115Wednesday 19th September Phil FordDavid Kester9,490,00015
1555116Thursday 20th September Jo O'KeefeDavid Kester12,030,0007
1565117Friday 21st September Peter WhalleyDavid Kester11,980,000 #8
1575118Sunday 23rd September Mark WadlowDavid Kester13,110,000 #6
1585119Monday 24th September Mark WadlowColin Cant13,580,000 #5
1595120Wednesday 26th September Daran LittleColin Cant9,200,00015
1605121Thursday 27th September Phil FordColin Cant10,160,00010
1615122Friday 28th September Phil FordColin Cant11,410,000 #7
1625123Sunday 30th September Jayne HollinsonColin Cant11,850,000 #6
1635124Monday 1st October Catherine HayesIan Bevitt13,570,000 #6
1645125Wednesday 3rd October Jo O'KeefeIan Bevitt13,610,0005
1655126Friday 5th October Peter MillsIan Bevitt12,500,000 #8
1665127Sunday 7th October David LaneIan Bevitt13,430,000 #7
1675128Monday 8th October David LaneTony Prescott14,520,0006
1685129Wednesday 10th October Mariam VossoughTony Prescott9,940,00011
1695130Friday 12th October Joe TurnerTony Prescott11,950,000 #7
1705131Sunday 14th October Daran LittleTony Prescott14,680,000 #5
1715132Monday 15th October Catherine HayesJohn Anderson14,120,000 #5
1725133Wednesday 17th October Jo O'KeefeJohn Anderson10,810,00010
1735134Thursday 18th October Peter WhalleyJohn Anderson12,380,0007
1745135Friday 19th October Phil FordJohn Anderson12,340,000 #8
1755136Sunday 21st October Phil FordJohn Anderson14,120,000 #5
1765137Monday 22nd October1Mark WadlowDavid Kester14,650,000 #6
1775138Monday 22nd October2Mark WadlowIan Bevitt12,880,000 #8
1785139Wednesday 24th October Mariam VossoughDavid Kester10,130,00014
1795140Thursday 25th October Daran LittleIan Bevitt13,310,000 #7
1805141Friday 26th October Phil FordDavid Kester12,590,000 #9
1815142Sunday 28th October Jo O'KeefeDavid Kester14,930,000 #5
1825143Monday 29th October Julie GeareyPhilip Wood15,330,0005
1835144Wednesday 31st October David LanePhilip Wood11,160,0009
1845145Friday 2nd November Joe TurnerPhilip Wood13,270,000 #7
1855146Sunday 4th November Jayne HollinsonPhilip Wood14,300,000 #6
1865147Monday 5th November Jayne HollinsonTony Prescott13,990,000 #7
1875148Wednesday 7th November David LaneTony Prescott14,430,0006
1885149Thursday 8th November Catherine HayesTony Prescott12,390,00010
1895150Friday 9th November Susan WilkinsTony Prescott13,430,000 #8
1905151Sunday 11th November Mariam VossoughTony Prescott14,950,000 #5
1915152Monday 12th November Julie GeareyColin Cant14,640,000 #6
1925153Wednesday 14th November Jo O'KeefeColin Cant14,770,0004
1935154Thursday 15th November Martin AllenColin Cant12,220,0008
1945155Friday 16th November Joe TurnerColin Cant12,040,000 #9
1955156Sunday 18th November Peter WhalleyColin Cant14,760,000 #5
1965157Monday 19th November Phil FordJohn Anderson14,430,000 #7
1975158Wednesday 21st November Joe TurnerJohn Anderson12,440,0009
1985159Thursday 22nd November Daran LittleJohn Anderson11,470,00011
1995160Friday 23rd November David LaneJohn Anderson13,310,000 #8
2005161Sunday 25th November Peter WhalleyJohn Anderson15,360,000 #6
2015162Monday 26th November Mark WadlowDavid Kester15,290,000 #5
2025163Wednesday 28th November Jayne HollinsonDavid Kester14,350,0006
2035164Thursday 29th November Mariam VossoughDavid Kester12,880,0008
2045165Friday 30th November Susan WilkinsDavid Kester12,700,000 #9
2055166Sunday 2nd December Martin AllenDavid Kester14,200,000 #7
2065167Monday 3rd December Martin AllenChris Jury15,370,0004
2075168Thursday 6th December Jo O'KeefeChris Jury12,670,0007
2085169Friday 7th December Daran LittleChris Jury12,500,000 #8
2095170Sunday 9th December Phil FordChris Jury14,580,000 #6
2105171Monday 10th December Catherine HayesPhilip Wood15,320,000 #4
2115172Wednesday 12th December David LanePhilip Wood13,440,0006
2125173Thursday 13th December Susan WilkinsPhilip Wood11,620,0009
2135174Friday 14th December Jayne HollinsonPhilip Wood11,860,000 #8
2145175Sunday 16th December Peter WhalleyPhilip Wood13,170,000 #7
2155176Monday 17th December Jayne HollinsonTony Prescott13,620,000 #5
2165177Wednesday 19th December Martin AllenTony Prescott11,900,0008
2175178Friday 21st December Daran LittleTony Prescott12,250,000 #7
2185179Sunday 23rd December Phil FordTony Prescott12,420,000 #6
2195180Monday 24th December Julie GeareyGarth Tucker12,060,000 #10
2205181Tuesday 25th December David LaneJohn Anderson12,980,000 #7
2215182Wednesday 26th December Mark WadlowJohn Anderson11,970,000 #11
2225183Friday 28th December Joe TurnerGarth Tucker12,320,000 #9
2235184Sunday 30th December Peter WhalleyGarth Tucker12,680,000 #8
2245185Monday 31st December David LaneColin Cant12,990,000 #7

Main cast


To be added.

Who lives where

Coronation Street

Awards and nominations


British Soap Awards

and Jack & Vera Duckworth (Nominee)

Note: winners to be added National Television Awards

  • Most popular serial drama Coronation Street (Nominee)
  • Most popular newcomer Scott Wright (Nominee)
  • Most popular actress Georgia Taylor (Nominee)

Note: winners to be added

Coronation Street in the 2000s
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