1999 was Coronation Street's fortieth year.

Main characters

Ranking Character Played by Duration Number of Episodes Running total Previous year's ranking
1Leanne Tilsley/BattersbyJane DansonFull year1483331
2Ashley PeacockSteven ArnoldFull year14438318
3Gail PlattHelen WorthFull year14219635
3Janice BattersbyVicky EntwistleFull year1423383
5Mike BaldwinJohnny BriggsFull year except for September138172716
6Natalie BarnesDenise WelchFull year1363537
7Sally WebsterSally WhittakerFull year13511706
8Audrey RobertsSue NichollsFull year134128518
9Linda SykesJacqueline PirieFull year except for September13113952
10Rita SullivanBarbara KnoxFull year126223214
11Fred ElliottJohn SavidentFull year12234030
11Maxine Heavey/PeacockTracy ShawFull year12242421
13Toyah BattersbyGeorgia TaylorFull year12028211
13Sharon Gaskell/BentleyTracie BennettJanuary to November120173 -
15Martin PlattSean WilsonFull year116105226
16Alma BaldwinAmanda BarrieFull year114103417
17Les BattersbyBruce JonesFull year1132943
17Spider NugentMartin HancockFull year except for July11320729
17Kevin WebsterMichael Le VellFull year except for March11313278
20Vera DuckworthElizabeth DawnFull year109170410
21Jack Duckworth William TarmeyFull year108151526
22Deirdre RachidAnne KirkbrideFull year102195326
22Hayley Patterson/CropperJulie HesmondhalghFull year10217932
24Nita DesaiRebecca SarkerJanuary to August and from October100100 -
25Curly WattsKevin KennedyFrom March99124738
26Ken BarlowWilliam RoacheFull year98283024
26Alison WakefieldNaomi RadcliffeUntil September and from December9810059
28Tyrone DobbsAlan HalsallFull year except for June9410649
29Jim McDonaldCharles LawsonFull year919598
30Roy CropperDavid NeilsonFull year except for September9031115
31Gary MallettIan MercerFull year8537925
32Emily BishopEileen DerbyshireFull year except for July77242233
33Betty WilliamsBetty DriverFull year except for April73219233
34Vikram DesaiChris BissonFebruary to August and from October7272 -
35Judy MallettGaynor FayeUntil September6735736
35Steve McDonaldSimon GregsonFull year6774722
37Rosie WebsterEmma CollingeJanuary to July, September and December6143241
38Vinny SorrellJames GaddasFrom August5858 -
39Maud GrimesElizabeth BradleyUntil November5746239
39Sophie WebsterEmma WoodwardJanuary to July, September and December5722040
41Danny HargreavesRichard StandingFrom April5454 -
42Becky MallettMegan FosterFull year535657
43Billy MallettLewis AblettFull year525557
43Tom FergusonTom WisdomMarch to June and from August5252 -
45Sarah Louise PlattLynsay King and Tina O'BrienUntil July and from October4741751
46Nick TilsleyAdam RickittUntil April4372113
47David PlattThomas OrmsonJanuary to July and from October3734955
48Blanche HuntMaggie JonesJanuary and from August2613156
49Lorraine BrownlowHolly NewmanUntil March257342
50Gwen LovedayAnnie HulleyFrom October2424 -
50Jackie DobbsMargi ClarkeUntil March245243
52Mark RedmanPaul FoxFrom November2083 -
53Doreen HeaveyPrunella GeeFrom July1717 -
54Eunice GeeMeg JohnsonJanuary to March and May1672 -
55Terry DuckworthNigel PivaroAugust to October and December13318 -
55Rebecca HopkinsJill HalfpennyFrom December1313 -
57Dev AlahanJimmi HarkishinFrom November1010 -
57Tracy PrestonDawn ActonMarch and October10597 -
59Norris ColeMalcolm HebdenFrom December985 -
60Greg KellyStephen BillingtonJanuary and May711811
60Robert PrestonJulian KayMarch and October79 -
62Candice StoweNikki SandersonNovember only55 -
63Duggie FergusonJohn BoweOctober and December44 -
64Alf RobertsBryan MosleyJanuary only1177648


David Hanson

Desai family

The Desais - Coronation Street's first Asian family make their debut

After starting in late 1998, David Hanson remained in charge of Coronation Street for most of the year, with Carolyn Reynolds continuing as executive producer. Former production assistant Jane Macnaught became the programme's producer with Episode 4704, while Reynolds left after Episode 4691 and was not replaced.

Since his 1997 heart attack, Bryan Mosley had been appearing as Alf Roberts in a reduced capacity but, despite further problems including a dramatic weight loss, he had refused to call it a day. Out of concern for the actor, Hanson instructed writers to kill off Alf. Mosley's character passed away peacefully - and unnoticed - while slumped in a chair at Nick Tilsley's 18th birthday party in the New Year's Day episode. Mosley then died on 9th February, six weeks after his character's on-screen death.

Hanson inherited Brian Park's plans to introduce Coronation Street's first Asian family. These were Indian divorcee Ravi Desai, his daughter Nita and teenage son Vikram, who appeared over January and February. Writers were careful to avoid ethnic stereotypes but the show was accused of re-enforcing them by placing the family in the Corner Shop - a move which was defended by Rebecca Sarker (Nita) who commented that it was a fact of life that there were a lot of Asian shopkeepers in Britain. The Desais were meant as a long-term addition to the programme, but after seven months actor Saeed Jaffrey was dismissed from the role of Ravi by Jane Macnaught. Jaffrey's axing came two days before the actor spent the night in a cell for being drunk and disorderly on a train. Ravi was subsequently written out off-screen, returning to India after his brother Raj's sudden death.

In November, Jimmi Harkishin first appeared as Nita and Vikram's cousin Dev Alahan, who a month later bought Ravi's chain of corner shops. Instead of being a family-run business, the Corner Shop was run by Dev as a solitary character.

Comings and goings

Sharon ian wedding punch up

Sharon Gaskell kicks off at her wedding after discovering fiancé Ian Bentley's infidelity. 19.84 million viewers watch the episode, Coronation Street's biggest audience of the year

The departures of Mosley, Beverley Callard, Philip Middlemiss and Roy Barraclough left room for more new cast members. Tracie Bennett was brought back as Rita Sullivan's former foster daughter Sharon Gaskell and was involved in one of the biggest storylines of the year, as Sharon learned about her fiancé Ian Bentley's fling with Natalie Barnes and dumped him at the altar. Writers put Sharon at the forefront of the show by having Rita give her the Kabin, only to pull the plug on the character after ten months and have her marry Ian after all and leave Weatherfield. Sharon's place at Rita's side was taken by Norris Cole, Derek Wilton's former nemesis who was brought back on a full-time basis. Pompous, nosy and prattling, Emily Bishop's eventual lodger in some respects served as a replacement for both Mavis Wilton and Percy Sugden.

Meg Johnson also returned as Eunice Gee, making her first appearance since 1982 for a short storyline showing Jack and Vera Duckworth become residents and eventual managers of the Park Road B&B. The Duckworths were joined by lodger Tyrone Dobbs, who was retained after mother Jackie was written out in March. Jackie's exit storyline tied into Curly Watts's return, with Curly enlisting help from the neighbours to remove the squatting Dobbs from No.7.

Maggie Jones reprised Blanche Hunt full-time for the first time since 1976. Blanche played a key role in bringing Ken and Deirdre back together after ten years, in a storyline which saw Dawn Acton play Tracy for the last time prior to the re-cast of the character in 2002. Ken and Deirdre's reconciliation occurred as two marriages ended; Mike and Alma Baldwin divorced after Mike's fling with Julia Stone, while Martin Platt embarked on an affair with fellow nurse Rebecca Hopkins in a storyline which continued into 2000. Mike's life went in a new direction, with Mike getting engaged to one of his machinists, Linda Sykes, and his son Mark Redman, now 18, joining as a full-time character played by Paul Fox. Meanwhile, the focus of the Platts' storylines also shifted; with Adam Rickitt quitting his role of Nick Tilsley to pursue a pop career, and Nick moving to Canada after forcing Leanne to abort their baby, Gail's younger children became more prominent. In October, Tina O'Brien replaced Lynsay King as Sarah Louise, who was given a best friend in the form of Candice Stowe, played by Nikki Sanderson.

Tom Wisdom joined as hairdresser Tom Ferguson, joined in October by John Bowe as his father Duggie, while Annie Hulley played Underworld worker Gwen Loveday, Richard Standing played market trader Danny Hargreaves, Sally Webster's new partner, and James Gaddas played Vinny Sorrell, the Rovers' new cellarman.

Departures included Elizabeth Bradley as Maud Grimes, Holly Newman as barmaid Lorraine Brownlow, and Stephen Billington as Greg Kelly. Greg departed on New Year's Day but returned for six episodes in May. The storyline climaxed with an episode focused entirely on Greg taking Rosie and Sophie hostage in No.13 in order to use Sally as a pawn in his battle against Mike. Meanwhile, Gaynor Faye decided to leave after four years as Judy Mallett. As the character had only recently given birth to twins, Judy was killed off, suffering an embolism caused by a car crash.

Set and title changes

Following the closure of the Granada Studios Tour, Coronation Street's set was extended to include part of Victoria Street. The new development was comprised of four new shop units, two houses, six flats and a builders' yard. Most of the building work took place later in the year but a frontage for Roy's Rolls's new premises was built months earlier so that cafe could be transferred there, removing the need for location filming whenever the cafe exterior was seen at its present Rosamund Street location.

With the arrival of Jane Macnaught as producer, a minor change was made to the title sequence: the programme logo was moved to the start of the sequence, and writer and director credits added.

Coronation Street: After Hours

In August, ITV announced a six-part late evening spin-off of Coronation Street set in Brighton and Calais, featuring the returns of several ex-cast members. The series was transmitted over six consecutive evenings in November, and starred Julie Goodyear, Ken Morley and Chloe Newsome as Bet Gilroy, Reg Holdsworth and Vicky McDonald, together with Simon Gregson and Chris Bisson as Steve McDonald and Vikram Desai who journeyed down to Brighton from Weatherfield.

Unlike its parent programme, Coronation Street - After Hours was shot by a single video camera, not unlike film work. There was some speculation that a late-night slot would lead to a more "adult" presentation than the usual "family" fare of the main programme but in the event it stayed firmly within the boundaries expected by its viewer base.

Viewing figures

1999 ratings

Ratings chart for the year

Ratings slipped from their 1998 high to an average of 15.57 million viewers (aggregated), representing a drop of almost 200,000 viewers on the previous year's figure. January to March, along with May, June and August were up on the same months in 1998, while the other six months experienced falls. October to December saw the biggest drops, each of over 1.5 million viewers.

The number of episodes at number one also fell, with 25 episodes reaching the top spot - the lowest figure since 1991.

Episode 4572 (7th March 1999) was the highest-rated episode of the year, gaining an audience of 19.84 million viewers. The episode saw Sharon Gaskell jilt Ian Bentley for his affair with Natalie Barnes.


# Ep.
Date Writer Director Viewing
(With omnibus)
14535Friday 1st JanuaryMark WadlowBrian Mills16,280,0007
24536Sunday 3rd JanuaryJohn StevensonJim O'Hanlon18,580,0003
34537Monday 4th JanuaryStephen BennettJim O'Hanlon19,600,0002
44538Wednesday 6th JanuaryPeter WhalleyJim O'Hanlon18,800,0003
54539Friday 8th JanuaryPeter MillsJim O'Hanlon16,760,0007
64540Sunday 10th JanuaryPhil FordTerry Dyddgen-Jones16,040,0008
74541Monday 11th JanuaryPhil WoodsTerry Dyddgen-Jones19,670,0001
84542Wednesday 13th JanuaryMartin AllenTerry Dyddgen-Jones19,130,0003
94543Friday 15th JanuaryMartin AllenTerry Dyddgen-Jones18,160,0005
104544Sunday 17th JanuaryPeter MillsGed Maguire16,780,0006
114545Monday 18th JanuaryPeter WhalleyGed Maguire18,660,0003
124546Wednesday 20th JanuaryPhil FordGed Maguire17,460,0004
134547Friday 22nd JanuarySally WainwrightGed Maguire16,220,0007
144548Sunday 24th JanuaryCatherine HayesTim Dowd16,570,0006
154549Monday 25th JanuaryJohn StevensonTim Dowd18,740,0002
164550Wednesday 27th JanuaryMark WadlowTim Dowd18,520,0003
174551Friday 29th JanuaryStephen BennettTim Dowd16,070,0007
184552Sunday 31st JanuaryPhil FordBrian Mills16,410,0006
194553Monday 1st FebruaryMark WadlowBrian Mills17,980,0001
204554Wednesday 3rd FebruarySally WainwrightBrian Mills17,520,0003
214555Friday 5th FebruaryCatherine HayesBrian Mills16,100,0007
224556Sunday 7th FebruaryPhil WoodsMichael Kerrigan15,980,0006
234557Monday 8th FebruaryJohn StevensonMichael Kerrigan18,300,0001
244558Wednesday 10th FebruaryPeter WhalleyMichael Kerrigan18,150,0002
254559Friday 12th FebruaryKen BlakesonMichael Kerrigan15,880,0007
264560Sunday 14th FebruaryKen BlakesonTerry Dyddgen-Jones17,080,0005
274561Monday 15th FebruaryCatherine HayesTerry Dyddgen-Jones18,050,0003
284562Wednesday 17th FebruaryStephen BennettTerry Dyddgen-Jones17,980,0004
294563Friday 19th FebruaryMaureen ChadwickTerry Dyddgen-Jones16,780,0007
304564Sunday 21st FebruaryJohn StevensonGed Maguire17,140,0006
314565Monday 22nd FebruaryPhil WoodsGed Maguire17,960,0003
324566Wednesday 24th FebruaryMartin AllenGed Maguire17,830,0004
334567Friday 26th FebruaryDavid LaneGed Maguire17,260,0006
344568Sunday 28th FebruaryMartin AllenJim O'Hanlon17,640,0005
354569Monday 1st MarchPhil WoodsJim O'Hanlon18,260,0004
364570Wednesday 3rd MarchKen BlakesonJim O'Hanlon14,970,0009
374571Friday 5th MarchJohn StevensonJim O'Hanlon17,750,0005
384572Sunday 7th MarchMark WadlowBrian Mills19,840,0001
394573Monday 8th MarchPhil FordBrian Mills18,840,0001
404574Wednesday 10th MarchCatherine HayesBrian Mills18,440,0002
414575Friday 12th MarchJan McVerryBrian Mills15,790,0008
424576Sunday 14th MarchSally WainwrightMichael Kerrigan16,120,0006
434577Monday 15th MarchJoe TurnerMichael Kerrigan17,800,0002
444578Wednesday 17th MarchPeter MillsMichael Kerrigan15,750,0008
454579Friday 19th MarchMaureen ChadwickMichael Kerrigan16,430,0006
464580Sunday 21st MarchPhil FordTim Dowd17,530,0003
474581Monday 22nd MarchMartin AllenTim Dowd17,580,0002
484582Wednesday 24th MarchPhil WoodsTim Dowd17,870,0001
494583Friday 26th MarchPeter WhalleyTim Dowd16,640,0003
504584Sunday 28th MarchPhil WoodsGed Maguire15,900,0005
514585Monday 29th MarchKen BlakesonGed Maguire16,600,0003
524586Wednesday 31st MarchPeter WhalleyGed Maguire16,720,0002
534587Friday 2nd AprilJohn StevensonGed Maguire16,000,0005
544588Sunday 4th AprilSally WainwrightTerry Dyddgen-Jones13,060,0007
554589Monday 5th AprilMaureen ChadwickTerry Dyddgen-Jones15,730,0002
564590Wednesday 7th AprilPhil FordTerry Dyddgen-Jones13,860,0007
574591Friday 9th AprilMark WadlowTerry Dyddgen-Jones14,460,0004
584592Sunday 11th AprilPeter WhalleyBrian Mills14,020,0005
594593Monday 12th AprilDavid LaneBrian Mills16,760,0002
604594Wednesday 14th AprilJan McVerryBrian Mills16,370,0004
614595Friday 16th AprilMaureen ChadwickBrian Mills15,100,0007
624596Sunday 18th AprilMartin AllenMichael Kerrigan15,740,0006
634597Monday 19th AprilCatherine HayesMichael Kerrigan17,140,0001
644598Wednesday 21st AprilJohn StevensonMichael Kerrigan16,510,0004
654599Friday 23rd AprilPhil FordMichael Kerrigan17,020,0002
664600Sunday 25th AprilMaureen ChadwickTim Dowd15,970,0005
674601Monday 26th AprilPhil FordTim Dowd16,240,0001
684602Wednesday 28th AprilStephen BennettTim Dowd14,290,0003
694603Friday 30th AprilJan McVerryTim Dowd13,910,0004
704604Sunday 2nd MayPhil WoodsAdrian Bean12,420,0007
714605Monday 3rd MayJohn StevensonAdrian Bean13,270,0007
724606Wednesday 5th MayKen BlakesonAdrian Bean15,560,0002
734607Friday 7th MayPeter WhalleyAdrian Bean15,430,0003
744608Sunday 9th MayMark WadlowTerry Dyddgen-Jones15,220,0005
754609Monday 10th MayPhil FordDavid Kester16,490,0001
764610Wednesday 12th MayJohn StevensonTerry Dyddgen-Jones15,700,0003
774611Friday 14th MayMartin AllenTerry Dyddgen-Jones14,630,0006
784612Sunday 16th MayKen BlakesonJune Howson15,950,0002
794613Monday 17th MayPeter WhalleyJune Howson16,800,0001
804614Wednesday 19th MayDavid LaneJune Howson15,340,0004
814615Friday 21st MayJan McVerryJune Howson15,030,0005
824616Sunday 23rd MayPeter MillsBrian Mills
David Penn
834617Monday 24th MayJohn StevensonBrian Mills
David Penn
844618Wednesday 26th MayJoe TurnerBrian Mills
David Penn
854619Friday 28th MayMark WadlowBrian Mills
David Penn
864620Sunday 30th MayStephen BennettBrian Mills
David Penn
874621Monday 31st MayJan McVerryBrian Mills
David Penn
884622Wednesday 2nd JunePeter WhalleyBrian Mills
David Penn
894623Friday 4th JuneMartin AllenBrian Mills
David Penn
904624Sunday 6th JuneMark WadlowTim Dowd13,370,0007
914625Monday 7th JuneStephen BennettTim Dowd16,090,0001
924626Wednesday 9th JunePeter WhalleyTim Dowd14,030,0006
934627Friday 11th JunePhil WoodsTim Dowd14,000,0007
944628Sunday 13th JuneDavid LaneAdrian Bean15,220,0003
954629Monday 14th JunePeter MillsAdrian Bean15,490,0001
964630Wednesday 16th JuneStephen MallatrattAdrian Bean14,380,0003
974631Friday 18th JuneJohn StevensonAdrian Bean13,730,0006
984632Sunday 20th JunePeter MillsGarth Tucker13,500,0007
994633Monday 21st JuneKen BlakesonGarth Tucker15,730,0003
1004634Wednesday 23rd JunePhil WoodsGarth Tucker14,750,0005
1014635Friday 25th JunePhil FordGarth Tucker12,920,0007
1024636Sunday 27th JunePeter WhalleyJune Howson14,460,0006
1034637Monday 28th JuneMartin AllenJune Howson15,550,0001
1044638Wednesday 30th JuneMaureen ChadwickDavid Kester15,370,0002
1054639Friday 2nd JulyJoe TurnerDavid Kester12,780,0006
1064640Sunday 4th JulyJoe TurnerBrian Mills13,010,0005
1074641Monday 5th JulyPhil FordBrian Mills15,580,0001
1084642Wednesday 7th JulyPeter WhalleyBrian Mills14,450,0002
1094643Friday 9th JulyDavid LaneBrian Mills12,670,0006
1104644Sunday 11th JulyMark WadlowGed Maguire12,630,0007
1114645Monday 12th JulyPhil WoodsGed Maguire14,160,0004
1124646Wednesday 14th JulyStephen MallatrattGed Maguire15,190,0001
1134647Friday 16th JulyJohn StevensonGed Maguire13,620,0005
1144648Sunday 18th JulyStephen MallatrattAdrian Bean11,160,0007
1154649Monday 19th JulyStephen BennettAdrian Bean15,640,0001
1164650Wednesday 21st JulyMark WadlowAdrian Bean15,080,0002
1174651Friday 23rd JulyDavid LaneAdrian Bean13,080,0006
1184652Sunday 25th JulyPeter MillsJohn Anderson12,410,0007
1194653Monday 26th JulyJohn StevensonJohn Anderson13,900,0002
1204654Wednesday 28th JulyPhil FordJohn Anderson14,580,0001
1214655Friday 30th JulyMartin AllenJohn Anderson12,190,0006
1224656Sunday 1st AugustDavid LaneDavid Kester12,030,0007
1234657Monday 2nd AugustCatherine HayesDavid Kester15,230,0001
1244658Wednesday 4th AugustMaureen ChadwickDavid Kester14,920,0004
1254659Friday 6th AugustPeter MillsDavid Kester13,070,0007
1264660Sunday 8th AugustJohn StevensonBrian Mills13,890,0006
1274661Monday 9th AugustKen BlakesonBrian Mills15,820,0002
1284662Wednesday 11th AugustPhil FordBrian Mills11,760,0007
1294663Friday 13th AugustPeter WhalleyBrian Mills14,010,0005
1304664Sunday 15th AugustPeter WhalleyGed Maguire13,750,0006
1314665Monday 16th AugustPeter MillsGed Maguire15,080,0003
1324666Wednesday 18th AugustCatherine HayesGed Maguire15,700,0002
1334667Friday 20th AugustJoe TurnerGed Maguire13,950,0006
1344668Sunday 22nd AugustJohn StevensonGarth Tucker12,950,0007
1354669Monday 23rd AugustStephen BennettGarth Tucker14,930,0002
1364670Wednesday 25th AugustMaureen ChadwickGarth Tucker14,210,0004
1374671Friday 27th AugustPhil FordGarth Tucker13,420,0005
1384672Sunday 29th AugustPeter WhalleyJohn Anderson12,330,0007
1394673Monday 30th AugustMaureen ChadwickJohn Anderson15,180,0003
1404674Wednesday 1st SeptemberMartin AllenJohn Anderson14,550,0004
1414675Friday 3rd SeptemberPeter MillsJohn Anderson12,860,0009
1424676Sunday 5th SeptemberCatherine HayesDavid Kester13,590,0008
1434677Monday 6th SeptemberDavid LaneDavid Kester16,280,0003
1444678Wednesday 8th SeptemberStephen BennettDavid Kester13,670,0008
1454679Friday 10th SeptemberJoe TurnerDavid Kester13,450,00010
1464680Sunday 12th SeptemberSusan WilkinsGed Maguire14,120,0007
1474681Monday 13th SeptemberCatherine HayesGed Maguire16,420,0001
1484682Wednesday 15th SeptemberKen BlakesonGed Maguire12,280,0009
1494683Friday 17th SeptemberPeter MillsGed Maguire14,800,0004
1504684Sunday 19th SeptemberPeter WhalleyBrian Mills15,890,0002
1514685Monday 20th SeptemberMark WadlowBrian Mills16,370,0003
1524686Wednesday 22nd SeptemberJan McVerryBrian Mills13,380,0007
1534687Friday 24th SeptemberPhil FordBrian Mills15,920,0004
1544688Sunday 26th SeptemberJohn StevensonGarth Tucker17,350,0001
1554689Monday 27th SeptemberMark WadlowGarth Tucker17,250,0001
1564690Wednesday 29th SeptemberDavid LaneGarth Tucker14,340,0006
1574691Friday 1st OctoberJoe TurnerGarth Tucker14,730,0005
1584692Sunday 3rd OctoberMartin AllenNeil Adams14,030,0007
1594693Monday 4th OctoberPeter MillsNeil Adams16,150,0007
1604694Wednesday 6th OctoberPeter WhalleyNeil Adams16,560,0005
1614695Friday 8th OctoberPhil WoodsNeil Adams14,320,0009
1624696Sunday 10th OctoberJohn StevensonDavid Kester16,480,0006
1634697Monday 11th OctoberPeter MillsDavid Kester16,600,0004
1644698Wednesday 13th OctoberCatherine HayesDavid Kester16,420,0005
1654699Friday 15th OctoberPhil WoodsDavid Kester15,900,0007
1664700Sunday 17th OctoberMaureen ChadwickJune Howson15,880,0008
1674701Monday 18th OctoberJoe TurnerJune Howson16,690,0005
1684702Wednesday 20th OctoberStephen BennettJune Howson12,540,0009
1694703Friday 22nd OctoberMark WadlowJune Howson13,600,0008
1704704Sunday 24th OctoberJoe TurnerGraham Wetherell15,520,0006
1714705Monday 25th OctoberPeter WhalleyGraham Wetherell16,770,0005
1724706Wednesday 27th OctoberStephen BennettGraham Wetherell13,430,0009
1734707Friday 29th OctoberCatherine HayesGraham Wetherell15,590,0007
1744708Sunday 31st OctoberKen BlakesonTony Prescott15,600,0006
1754709Monday 1st NovemberDavid LaneGarth Tucker17,450,0003
1764710Wednesday 3rd NovemberMartin AllenGarth Tucker13,200,00011
1774711Friday 5th NovemberJoe TurnerGarth Tucker14,600,0008
1784712Sunday 7th NovemberJohn StevensonBrian Mills16,590,0004
1794713Monday 8th NovemberMark WadlowBrian Mills17,140,0003
1804714Wednesday 10th NovemberKen BlakesonBrian Mills17,360,0002
1814715Friday 12th NovemberSusan WilkinsBrian Mills15,960,0006
1824716Sunday 14th NovemberJan McVerryDavid Kester16,980,0004
1834717Monday 15th NovemberJoe TurnerDavid Kester17,510,0002
1844718Friday 19th NovemberDavid LaneDavid Kester15,110,0004
1854719Friday 19th NovemberPeter WhalleyDavid Kester13,490,00010
1864720Sunday 21st NovemberJulie GeareyStephen Butcher16,530,0003
1874721Monday 22nd NovemberPhil WoodsStephen Butcher17,510,0001
1884722Wednesday 24th NovemberDavid LaneStephen Butcher13,130,0009
1894723Friday 26th NovemberJoe TurnerStephen Butcher14,150,0006
1904724Sunday 28th NovemberKen BlakesonGraham Wetherell15,660,0005
1914725Monday 29th NovemberPeter WhalleyGraham Wetherell17,280,0001
1924726Wednesday 1st DecemberJan McVerryGraham Wetherell16,350,0004
1934727Friday 3rd DecemberSusan WilkinsGraham Wetherell15,280,0007
1944728Sunday 5th DecemberDavid LaneColin Cant16,310,0005
1954729Monday 6th DecemberCatherine HayesColin Cant16,740,0002
1964730Wednesday 8th DecemberPeter MillsColin Cant13,980,0007
1974731Friday 10th DecemberJan McVerryColin Cant15,600,0005
1984732Sunday 12th DecemberJoe TurnerBrian Mills15,290,0006
1994733Monday 13th DecemberSusan WilkinsBrian Mills16,100,0003
2004734Wednesday 15th DecemberKen BlakesonBrian Mills15,690,0005
2014735Friday 17th DecemberPhil FordBrian Mills14,220,0008
2024736Sunday 19th DecemberStephen BennettTony Prescott15,440,0006
2034737Monday 20th DecemberPeter WhalleyTony Prescott17,250,0002
2044738Wednesday 22nd DecemberMark WadlowTony Prescott16,360,0005
2054739Friday 24th DecemberJohn StevensonTony Prescott15,510,0007
2064740Saturday 25th DecemberPhil FordDavid Kester15,560,0006
2074741Sunday 26th DecemberCatherine HayesNoreen Kershaw13,970,0009
2084742Monday 27th DecemberSusan WilkinsNoreen Kershaw16,080,0008
2094743Wednesday 29th DecemberJan McVerryNoreen Kershaw17,420,0007
2104744Friday 31st DecemberJoe TurnerNoreen Kershaw11,780,00020


To be added.

Who lives where

Coronation Street

Rosamund Street

Victoria Street


Awards and nominations

British Soap Awards

TV Quick Awards

  • Best Soap Actress: Julie Hesmondhalgh (Winner)
  • Best Soap Actor: David Neilson (Nominee)
  • Best Newcomer: Alan Halsall (Nominee)
  • Best Soap: Coronation Street (Nominee)

National Television Awards

  • Most Popular Serial Drama: Coronation Street (Winner)
  • Most Popular Newcomer: Alan Halsall (Nominee), Naomi Radcliffe (Nominee)
  • Most Popular Actress: Julie Hesmondhalgh (Nominee)
  • Most Popular Actor: Steven Arnold (Nominee)

Inside Soap Awards

  • Best Young Actor: Alan Halsall (Winner)
  • Best Comic Performer: John Savident (Winner)
Coronation Street in the 1990s
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