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1998 was Coronation Street's thirty-ninth year.

Main characters

Ranking Character Played by Duration Number of Episodes Running total Previous year's ranking
1Leanne Battersby/TilsleyJane DansonFull year12818541
2Alec GilroyRoy BarracloughJanuary and March to December1258517
3Les BattersbyBruce JonesFull year12118139
3Janice BattersbyVicky EntwistleFull year12119631
5Gail PlattHelen WorthFull year119182113
6Sally WebsterSally WhittakerFull year except for February11710353
7Natalie Horrocks/BarnesDenise WelchFull year11622716
8Jim McDonaldCharles LawsonFull year except for August1148683
8Kevin WebsterMichael Le VellFull year except for February11412141
10Vera DuckworthElizabeth DawnFull year11215945
11Toyah BattersbyGeorgia TaylorFull year11116243
11Greg KellyStephen BillingtonFrom April111111 -
13Nick TilsleyAdam RickittFull year except for March11067853
14Rita SullivanBarbara KnoxFull year10921067
15Roy CropperDavid NeilsonFull year10722138
16Mike BaldwinJohnny BriggsFull year103158915
17Alma BaldwinAmanda BarrieFull year except for May10092024
18Ashley PeacockSteven ArnoldFull year except for July9823918
18Audrey RobertsSue NichollsFull year98115121
20Des BarnesPhilip MiddlemissJanuary to June and September to November9777026
21Maxine HeaveyTracy ShawFull year9630220
22Steve McDonaldSimon GregsonFebruary to July and from September9368037
23Liz McDonaldBeverley CallardJanuary, March to July and September to November9287126
24Ken BarlowWilliam RoacheFull year except for February91273213
25Gary MallettIan MercerFull year except for August902946
26Jack Duckworth William TarmeyFull year except for February86140716
26Martin PlattSean WilsonFull year8693624
26Deirdre RachidAnne KirkbrideJanuary, March to April, July to August and from October86185111
29Spider NugentMartin HancockFull year except for May and November859462
30Fred ElliottJohn SavidentFull year except for March8121834
31Zoe TattersallJoanne FroggattJanuary to February, April to June and October to December7812644
32Hayley PattersonJulie HesmondhalghJanuary to April and from June7777 -
33Emily BishopEileen DerbyshireFull year except for August and October74234522
33Fiona MiddletonAngela GriffinJanuary to July and September7449010
33Betty WilliamsBetty DriverFebruary to September and from November74211936
36Judy MallettGaynor FayeFull year except for July732902
37Samantha FailsworthTina HobleyUntil June7122511
38Curly WattsKevin KennedyJanuary to April and July to September70114828
39Maud GrimesElizabeth BradleyFull year except for March and August6940522
40Sophie WebsterEmma WoodwardFrom March5416347
41Rosie WebsterEmma CollingeFrom March5137139
42Lorraine BrownlowHolly NewmanFrom July464868
43Jackie DobbsMargi ClarkeMarch to April and from November2828 -
44Shannon TattersallLucy WhipdayJanuary to February and April276548
45Chris CollinsMatthew MarsdenUntil March211377
46Tony HorrocksLee WarburtonFrom October to December209760
46Anne MaloneEve SteeleFrom August to October209954
48Alf RobertsBryan MosleyJanuary to February, July to September and December19177550
49Tyrone DobbsAlan HalsallFrom November1212 -
50Angie FreemanDeborah McAndrewJanuary and March to April1134419
51Sarah Louise PlattLynsay KingJanuary to February, May, September and December937056
52Linda SykesJacqueline PirieOctober and December88 -
53Ida CloughHelene PalmerJuly and August725455
53Vicky McDonaldChloe NewsomeDecember only7260 -
55David PlattThomas OrmsonJanuary to February, May and December731258
56Blanche HuntMaggie JonesDecember only410570
57Becky MallettMegan FosterDecember only33 -
57Billy MallettLewis AblettDecember only33 -
59Alison WakefieldNaomi RadcliffeDecember only22 -
60Edna MillerJoan KempsonJune only11 -


Park's masterplan

Deirdre in court

Deirdre Rachid lands in court after falling for the machinations of conman Jon Lindsay

Brian Park announced that he was stepping down as producer in April, feeling that he'd accomplished what he set out to do. After completing his contract, Park set up his own production company, Shed Productions. His replacement was David Hanson, who received his first credit in Episode 4520 on 6th December. Coronation Street's former executive producer Carolyn Reynolds returned to her old role at the same time.

Park's resignation occurred when the programme was resolving its notorious "Deirdre in prison" storyline. After falling for supposed airline pilot Jon Lindsay, Deirdre Rachid had been embroiled in his web of lies, and ended up being sentenced to 18 months in prison after being found guilty of his crimes despite being completely innocent. The storyline was very well received and generated a lot of press attention, with The Sun and The Guardian entering into the spirit of the occasion by calling for Deirdre's release, dubbing the campaign "Free the Weatherfield One". Deirdre was pardoned after three weeks when another victim of Jon's came forward. Her cellmate in prison was Jackie Dobbs, played by Margi Clarke who reprised her character full-time in November. Jackie was accompanied in her second stint by her oafish but kind-hearted son Tyrone, with Alan Halsall playing Tyrone.

The most noteworthy character created this year - and Park's proudest achievement on the programme - was Hayley Patterson, a new Firman's Freezers recruit who, upon starting a romance with Roy Cropper, confessed to him that she was a pre-op trans woman. Before Hayley, Coronation Street had never featured an LGBT character and ITV had started making enquiries about whether they planned to introduce one. Script editor Ann McManus pitched the character as a way to have the programme be seen to be leading the way instead of chasing the other soaps' coattails. Julie Hesmondhalgh and David Neilson filmed scenes in Amsterdam when Hayley went there to complete her transition, with Roy joining her there and the couple returning together to Weatherfield. Despite the initial focus on Hayley's transgenderism and the difficulties she faced in her everyday life, writers were careful to avoid having it define Hayley's character. Her warm personality and friendships with Roy, Alma Baldwin and Curly Watts were established before revealing the truth to the audience, and over time her transgenderism was mentioned less and less, while Roy and Hayley became one of Coronation Street's most enduring and popular couples.

Cast changes

With Underworld now up and running, new machinists were cast, including Linda Sykes played by Jacqueline Pirie and Alison Wakefield played by Naomi Radcliffe, while Helene Palmer as Ida Clough and Deborah McAndrew as Angie Freeman made their last appearances. Angie dissolved her partnership with Mike to work for Jarvis Rousseau Associates in London, while Ida wasn't given a firm departure. Mike's new partner was the hitherto unknown son of Les Battersby, Greg Kelly, who was developed as a villainous character who moved in on Sally Webster due to her receiving a large inheritance after her mother's death. The year also saw the birth of Billy and Becky Mallett on Christmas Day, the return of Lorraine Brownlow as a new Rovers barmaid, and a one-off appearance by Joan Kempson as miserable cleaner Edna Miller, who returned full-time in 2000.

Jack and Vera Duckworth's reign at the Rovers came to an end when Alec Gilroy bought them out, with the condition that they were kept on as staff and remained in residence. This unworkable agreement ended with a Christmas Day stand-off between Alec and the Duckworths, with Alec eventually admitting defeat and selling up to Natalie Barnes. 26 years after his debut as Alec, Roy Barraclough decided to leave, this time making his final exit from the programme. Chloe Newsome made a brief return as Vicky McDonald for the storyline, in which Alec decided to invest in a wine bar in Brighton with his granddaughter.

Natalie cradles des 1998

The violent death of Des Barnes earns Coronation Street its biggest audience of the year, with 20.3 million viewers

Natalie's ownership of the Rovers was bittersweet, coming a month after the death of her husband Des Barnes at the hands of drug dealers. After nearly nine years playing Des, Philip Middlemiss decided to leave but, against his wishes, writers chose to kill off Des to make Natalie's story more tragic. Lee Warburton returned briefly as Tony Horrocks, on the run from gangsters who caught up with him at No.6, leading Des to try to intervene only to receive a fatal blow to the head.

Meanwhile, Chris Collins departed when Matthew Marsden quit after a year to attempt a pop music career, Tina Hobley quit after two years as Samantha Failsworth, and Joanne Froggatt left after 19 months as Zoe Tattersall, departing with a memorable storyline in which Zoe joined a religious cult, the Etheric Foundation, after the death of her daughter Shannon from meningitis. Fiona Middleton left after six years - taking her son Morgan with her - and Liz McDonald after nine years, although Beverley Callard would make several returns to the part starting in 2000.

Two major storylines were affected by the unavailability of Kevin Kennedy as Curly Watts. In the first instance, Kennedy had emergency surgery after picking up a bug on holiday, causing Curly to be hurriedly excised from Samantha Failsworth's exit storyline. Three months later, Kennedy checked into a clinic to be treated for his alcoholism. Curly was written out of a revenge storyline in which Anne Malone returned to ruin Curly, causing him to be wrongly arrested for blackmail. Her plans backfired when a security guard accidentally locked her inside a walk-in freezer when she was putting WD-40 on the fish fingers at Freshco, resulting in her being frozen to death. Kennedy left the clinic after a month having beaten the bottle but Curly spent the rest of the year off-screen, having skipped bail and gone travelling.

Viewing figures

1998 ratings

Ratings chart for the year

For the first time in six years, Coronation Street increased its yearly average. At 15.76 million viewers, this put 1998 slightly ahead of 1996 and well ahead of 1997. This was also only the fourth time - and the first since the 1960s - that every month increased its audience from the same month the year before. The biggest increases were in March and December, each of a million and a half viewers. The former month featured Deirdre and Jon Lindsay's trial for fraud.

Des Barnes's death was the biggest audience-puller of the year, drawing 20.3 million viewers. This was the highest peak since 1993. As in 1997, 43 episodes reached number one in the ratings, and none fell outside the top twenty.

ITV2 started transmission on 7th December and consequently Episode 4521 (7th December 1998) was the first edition of the programme to be repeated on that channel later on the night of its first showing.


# Ep.
Date Writer Director Viewing
(With omnibus)
14327Friday 2nd JanuaryCatherine HayesLaurence Moody16,950,0002
24328Sunday 4th JanuarySally WainwrightTerry Dyddgen-Jones18,370,0001
34329Monday 5th JanuarySally WainwrightTerry Dyddgen-Jones18,320,0001
44330Wednesday 7th JanuaryJohn StevensonTerry Dyddgen-Jones17,550,0002
54331Friday 9th JanuaryJohn StevensonTerry Dyddgen-Jones16,830,0003
64332Sunday 11th JanuaryCatherine HayesKay Patrick14,460,0008
74333Monday 12th JanuaryMaureen ChadwickKay Patrick18,000,0001
84334Wednesday 14th JanuaryPeter WhalleyKay Patrick17,970,0002
94335Friday 16th JanuaryMartin AllenKay Patrick17,390,0003
104336Sunday 18th JanuaryPhil FordMichael Kerrigan15,700,0005
114337Monday 19th JanuaryCatherine HayesMichael Kerrigan18,330,0001
124338Wednesday 21st JanuaryJan McVerryMichael Kerrigan17,500,0002
134339Friday 23rd JanuaryDavid LaneMichael Kerrigan16,500,0003
144340Sunday 25th JanuaryPeter MillsBrian Mills15,010,0006
154341Monday 26th JanuaryAdele RoseBrian Mills17,850,0001
164342Wednesday 28th JanuaryMartin AllenBrian Mills17,610,0002
174343Friday 30th JanuaryMaureen ChadwickBrian Mills16,340,0003
184344Sunday 1st FebruaryAdele RoseLaurence Moody16,250,0005
194345Monday 2nd FebruarySally WainwrightLaurence Moody17,030,0002
204346Wednesday 4th FebruaryCatherine HayesLaurence Moody17,260,0001
214347Friday 6th FebruaryMark WadlowLaurence Moody16,780,0003
224348Sunday 8th FebruaryPeter WhalleyTerry Dyddgen-Jones15,460,0004
234349Monday 9th FebruaryPeter WhalleyTerry Dyddgen-Jones17,390,0001
244350Wednesday 11th FebruaryMaureen ChadwickTerry Dyddgen-Jones16,870,0002
254351Friday 13th FebruaryJohn StevensonTerry Dyddgen-Jones15,630,0004
264352Sunday 15th FebruaryMark WadlowGarth Tucker15,770,0003
274353Monday 16th FebruaryPhil FordGarth Tucker17,370,0001
284354Wednesday 18th FebruaryPhil WoodsGarth Tucker17,020,0002
294355Friday 20th FebruaryDavid LaneGarth Tucker16,620,0003
304356Sunday 22nd FebruaryPeter MillsMichael Kerrigan16,130,0005
314357Monday 23rd FebruaryJan McVerryMichael Kerrigan17,200,0001
324358Wednesday 25th FebruaryJohn StevensonMichael Kerrigan16,690,0002
334359Friday 27th FebruaryMaureen ChadwickMichael Kerrigan16,210,0004
344360Sunday 1st MarchCatherine HayesBrian Mills16,280,0003
354361Monday 2nd MarchJan McVerryBrian Mills17,440,0001
364362Wednesday 4th MarchPeter WhalleyBrian Mills13,040,0007
374363Friday 6th MarchDavid LaneBrian Mills15,710,0003
384364Sunday 8th MarchMaureen ChadwickLaurence Moody15,850,0002
394365Monday 9th MarchAndy ArmitageLaurence Moody17,310,0001
404366Wednesday 11th MarchPeter MillsLaurence Moody17,010,0002
414367Friday 13th MarchPhil FordLaurence Moody15,950,0004
424368Sunday 15th MarchPhil FordMike Adams16,120,0003
434369Monday 16th MarchPhil WoodsMike Adams17,480,0001
444370Wednesday 18th MarchPeter WhalleyMike Adams14,960,0004
454371Friday 20th MarchSally WainwrightMike Adams15,030,0003
464372Sunday 22nd MarchMark WadlowGarth Tucker16,000,0002
474373Monday 23rd MarchCatherine HayesGarth Tucker17,570,0002
484374Wednesday 25th MarchJohn StevensonGarth Tucker16,430,0003
494375Friday 27th MarchMartin AllenGarth Tucker15,840,0004
504376Sunday 29th MarchMartin AllenMichael Kerrigan17,610,0001
514377Monday 30th MarchJohn StevensonMichael Kerrigan17,130,0001
524378Wednesday 1st AprilPeter MillsMichael Kerrigan13,370,0005
534379Friday 3rd AprilDavid LaneMichael Kerrigan15,520,0003
544380Sunday 5th AprilAdele RoseBrian Mills15,860,0002
554381Monday 6th AprilJan McVerryBrian Mills15,920,0003
564382Wednesday 8th AprilSally WainwrightBrian Mills16,570,0001
574383Friday 10th AprilPeter WhalleyBrian Mills15,170,0004
584384Sunday 12th AprilMaureen ChadwickJune Howson15,950,0002
594385Monday 13th AprilMartin AllenJune Howson17,510,0001
604386Wednesday 15th AprilJohn StevensonJune Howson14,740,0004
614387Friday 17th AprilSally WainwrightJune Howson17,140,0003
624388Sunday 19th AprilPhil FordMike Adams17,440,0002
634389Monday 20th AprilJan McVerryMike Adams16,720,0001
644390Wednesday 22nd AprilPhil WoodsMike Adams16,590,0002
654391Friday 24th AprilPeter WhalleyMike Adams15,180,0004
664392Sunday 26th AprilDavid LaneGarth Tucker15,660,0003
674393Monday 27th AprilCatherine HayesGarth Tucker16,210,0001
684394Wednesday 29th AprilMaureen ChadwickGarth Tucker15,480,0002
694395Friday 1st MayPeter MillsGarth Tucker14,630,0003
704396Sunday 3rd MayMark WadlowTim Dowd13,870,0004
714397Monday 4th MayJohn StevensonTim Dowd16,150,0002
724398Wednesday 6th MayPhil WoodsTim Dowd16,290,0001
734399Friday 8th MayPhil WoodsTim Dowd13,770,0005
744400Sunday 10th MayJan McVerryNoreen Kershaw
Brian Mills
754401Monday 11th MayPhil WoodsNoreen Kershaw
Brian Mills
764402Wednesday 13th MayKen BlakesonNoreen Kershaw
Brian Mills
774403Friday 15th MayMartin AllenNoreen Kershaw
Brian Mills
784404Sunday 17th MayMaureen ChadwickNoreen Kershaw
Brian Mills
794405Monday 18th MayJohn StevensonNoreen Kershaw
Brian Mills
804406Wednesday 20th MayDavid LaneNoreen Kershaw
Brian Mills
814407Friday 22nd MayCatherine HayesBrian Mills
Noreen Kershaw
824408Sunday 24th MayPeter WhalleyJune Howson12,670,0004
834409Monday 25th MayPeter MillsJune Howson15,220,0001
844410Wednesday 27th MayMark WadlowJune Howson14,900,0002
854411Friday 29th MayPhil FordJune Howson13,240,0004
864412Sunday 31st MayDavid LaneMike Adams13,030,0005
874413Monday 1st JuneMartin AllenMike Adams16,200,0001
884414Wednesday 3rd JuneSally WainwrightMike Adams15,840,0002
894415Friday 5th JuneCatherine HayesMike Adams14,140,0004
904416Sunday 7th JuneMaureen ChadwickLaurence Moody15,790,0003
914417Monday 8th JunePeter MillsLaurence Moody16,350,0001
924418Wednesday 10th JunePhil WoodsLaurence Moody14,430,0003
934419Friday 12th JuneMark WadlowLaurence Moody12,640,0006
944420Sunday 14th JuneJohn StevensonTim Dowd14,750,0002
954421Monday 15th JuneKen BlakesonTim Dowd15,720,0001
964422Wednesday 17th JuneCatherine HayesTim Dowd14,760,0002
974423Friday 19th JunePeter WhalleyTim Dowd12,360,0004
984424Sunday 21st JunePhil FordBrian Mills13,540,0003
994425Monday 22nd JuneMaureen ChadwickBrian Mills14,030,0005
1004426Wednesday 24th JuneJohn StevensonBrian Mills13,500,0006
1014427Friday 26th JuneMartin AllenBrian Mills12,570,0009
1024428Sunday 28th JuneSally WainwrightRobert Khodadad12,590,0008
1034429Monday 29th JunePhil WoodsRobert Khodadad14,170,0004
1044430Wednesday 1st JulyPeter WhalleyRobert Khodadad14,420,0003
1054431Friday 3rd JulyPeter MillsRobert Khodadad12,330,0006
1064432Sunday 5th JulyMaureen ChadwickNoreen Kershaw13,130,0005
1074433Monday 6th JulySally WainwrightNoreen Kershaw15,280,0003
1084434Wednesday 8th JulyJan McVerryNoreen Kershaw14,790,0004
1094435Friday 10th JulyPeter MillsNoreen Kershaw13,090,0008
1104436Sunday 12th JulyPhil WoodsLaurence Moody13,280,0007
1114437Monday 13th JulyCatherine HayesJim O'Hanlon16,660,0001
1124438Wednesday 15th JulyDavid LaneLaurence Moody14,970,0002
1134439Friday 17th JulyMark WadlowLaurence Moody13,000,0003
1144440Sunday 19th JulyDavid LaneTim Dowd12,240,0006
1154441Monday 20th JulyPeter MillsTim Dowd14,810,0002
1164442Wednesday 22nd JulySally WainwrightTim Dowd15,220,0001
1174443Friday 24th JulyMartin AllenTim Dowd13,070,0003
1184444Sunday 26th JulyKen BlakesonBrian Mills13,050,0007
1194445Monday 27th JulyMaureen ChadwickBrian Mills15,330,0002
1204446Wednesday 29th JulyPhil FordBrian Mills15,550,0001
1214447Friday 31st JulyPeter WhalleyBrian Mills14,340,0005
1224448Sunday 2nd AugustMaureen ChadwickWill Brenton11,900,0007
1234449Monday 3rd AugustPeter MillsWill Brenton16,010,0001
1244450Wednesday 5th AugustJohn StevensonWill Brenton14,250,0003
1254451Friday 7th AugustKen BlakesonWill Brenton13,130,0006
1264452Sunday 9th AugustPhil WoodsNoreen Kershaw11,150,0007
1274453Monday 10th AugustPeter WhalleyNoreen Kershaw13,910,0002
1284454Wednesday 12th AugustPhil FordNoreen Kershaw12,290,0007
1294455Friday 14th AugustJan McVerryNoreen Kershaw13,390,0003
1304456Sunday 16th AugustJan McVerryJim O'Hanlon12,860,0005
1314457Monday 17th AugustPeter WhalleyJim O'Hanlon15,380,0002
1324458Wednesday 19th AugustMark WadlowLaurence Moody13,300,0007
1334459Friday 21st AugustPhil FordLaurence Moody13,840,0006
1344460Sunday 23rd AugustJim O'HanlonGed Maguire14,350,0005
1354461Monday 24th AugustPhil FordGed Maguire15,790,0002
1364462Wednesday 26th AugustPeter MillsGed Maguire15,860,0001
1374463Friday 28th AugustPhil WoodsGed Maguire13,960,0006
1384464Sunday 30th AugustMark WadlowMichael Kerrigan11,520,0008
1394465Monday 31st AugustJohn StevensonMichael Kerrigan
Jim O'Hanlon
1404466Wednesday 2nd SeptemberMartin AllenMichael Kerrigan
Jim O'Hanlon
1414467Friday 4th SeptemberPhil FordMichael Kerrigan
Jim O'Hanlon
1424468Sunday 6th SeptemberCatherine HayesWill Brenton15,300,0003
1434469Monday 7th SeptemberJan McVerryWill Brenton16,610,0001
1444470Wednesday 9th SeptemberPeter MillsWill Brenton16,420,0002
1454471Friday 11th SeptemberPeter WhalleyWill Brenton15,310,0004
1464472Sunday 13th SeptemberPhil FordNoreen Kershaw13,860,0006
1474473Monday 14th SeptemberJohn StevensonNoreen Kershaw16,330,0001
1484474Wednesday 16th SeptemberCatherine HayesNoreen Kershaw13,390,0007
1494475Friday 18th SeptemberKen BlakesonNoreen Kershaw15,180,0003
1504476Sunday 20th SeptemberPeter WhalleyJim O'Hanlon14,270,0006
1514477Monday 21st SeptemberSally WainwrightJim O'Hanlon15,370,0004
1524478Wednesday 23rd SeptemberPeter WhalleyJim O'Hanlon16,780,0001
1534479Friday 25th SeptemberPhil WoodsJim O'Hanlon15,880,0002
1544480Sunday 27th SeptemberJohn StevensonMike Adams15,650,0003
1554481Monday 28th SeptemberMark WadlowMike Adams16,680,0001
1564482Wednesday 30th SeptemberPeter WhalleyMike Adams12,350,0008
1574483Friday 2nd OctoberPhil WoodsMike Adams16,350,0003
1584484Sunday 4th OctoberSally WainwrightMichael Kerrigan16,470,0002
1594485Monday 5th OctoberMartin AllenMichael Kerrigan17,230,0001
1604486Wednesday 7th OctoberCatherine HayesMichael Kerrigan17,160,0002
1614487Friday 9th OctoberPeter MillsMichael Kerrigan16,290,0005
1624488Sunday 11th OctoberPeter MillsWill Brenton16,950,0003
1634489Monday 12th OctoberCatherine HayesWill Brenton17,120,0002
1644490Wednesday 14th OctoberJan McVerryWill Brenton15,870,0005
1654491Friday 16th OctoberSally WainwrightWill Brenton17,330,0001
1664492Sunday 18th OctoberPeter WhalleyBrian Mills16,810,0003
1674493Monday 19th OctoberSally WainwrightBrian Mills18,170,0001
1684494Wednesday 21st OctoberMark WadlowBrian Mills13,510,00010
1694495Friday 23rd OctoberKen BlakesonBrian Mills17,530,0002
1704496Sunday 25th OctoberPeter MillsJim O'Hanlon17,110,0003
1714497Monday 26th OctoberSally WainwrightJim O'Hanlon17,470,0004
1724498Wednesday 28th OctoberJan McVerryJim O'Hanlon17,890,0003
1734499Friday 30th OctoberJohn StevensonJim O'Hanlon17,190,0005
1744500Sunday 1st NovemberJohn StevensonMike Adams16,810,0007
1754501Monday 2nd NovemberMartin AllenMike Adams18,290,0001
1764502Wednesday 4th NovemberCatherine HayesMike Adams14,690,0008
1774503Friday 6th NovemberMark WadlowMike Adams16,780,0005
1784504Sunday 8th NovemberCatherine HayesMichael Kerrigan16,560,0006
1794505Monday 9th NovemberJohn StevensonMichael Kerrigan17,690,0003
1804506Wednesday 11th NovemberPeter WhalleyMichael Kerrigan18,960,0001
1814507Friday 13th NovemberPeter WhalleyMichael Kerrigan16,200,0007
1824508Sunday 15th NovemberPhil FordTerry Dyddgen-Jones17,170,0005
1834509Monday 16th NovemberPhil FordTerry Dyddgen-Jones19,400,0002
1844510Wednesday 18th NovemberPhil FordTerry Dyddgen-Jones20,300,0001
1854511Friday 20th NovemberCatherine HayesTerry Dyddgen-Jones17,960,0003
1864512Sunday 22nd NovemberCatherine HayesBrian Mills17,610,0005
1874513Monday 23rd NovemberCatherine HayesBrian Mills18,450,0001
1884514Wednesday 25th NovemberJohn StevensonBrian Mills14,390,0008
1894515Friday 27th NovemberPeter WhalleyBrian Mills17,570,0003
1904516Sunday 29th NovemberPeter WhalleyJim O'Hanlon17,650,0002
1914517Monday 30th NovemberPhil FordJim O'Hanlon18,410,0004
1924518Wednesday 2nd DecemberPhil FordJim O'Hanlon18,570,0003
1934519Friday 4th DecemberPhil FordJim O'Hanlon17,300,0005
1944520Sunday 6th DecemberMaureen ChadwickJune Howson17,200,0007
1954521Monday 7th DecemberPeter WhalleyJune Howson18,740,0001
1964522Wednesday 9th DecemberJohn StevensonJune Howson15,260,0007
1974523Friday 11th DecemberPhil FordJune Howson17,210,0006
1984524Sunday 13th DecemberMark WadlowMichael Kerrigan17,560,0005
1994525Monday 14th DecemberPhil WoodsMichael Kerrigan17,700,0003
2004526Wednesday 16th DecemberPeter MillsMichael Kerrigan17,260,0004
2014527Friday 18th DecemberPeter MillsMichael Kerrigan16,800,0005
2024528Sunday 20th DecemberPeter MillsTim Dowd15,810,0007
2034529Monday 21st DecemberPhil WoodsTim Dowd17,890,0004
2044530Wednesday 23rd DecemberPeter WhalleyTim Dowd18,460,0003
2054531Friday 25th DecemberJohn StevensonTim Dowd17,710,0005
2064532Sunday 27th DecemberJohn StevensonBrian Mills16,250,0008
2074533Monday 28th DecemberPhil FordBrian Mills16,210,0008
2084534Wednesday 30th DecemberMark WadlowBrian Mills17,330,0006


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Who lives where

Coronation Street

Rosamund Street

Victoria Street

  • 17a Victoria Street - Liz McDonald (January to July). Deirdre Rachid (April onwards). Liz McDonald (November only). Jackie and Tyrone Dobbs (both from November to December).


Awards and nominations

TV Quick Awards

Coronation Street in the 1990s
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