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1997 was Coronation Street's thirty-eighth year.

Main characters

Ranking Character Played by Duration Number of Episodes Running total Previous year's ranking
1Kevin WebsterMichael Le VellFull year140109917
2Judy MallettGaynor FayeFull year12221720
3Sally WebsterSally WhittakerFull year12091822
3Jim McDonaldCharles LawsonFull year1207569
5Vera DuckworthElizabeth DawnFull year11914821
6Gary MallettIan MercerFull year11720528
7Chris CollinsMatthew MarsdenFrom March116116 -
7Alec GilroyRoy BarracloughFull year11672617
7Rita SullivanBarbara KnoxFull year11619978
10Fiona MiddletonAngela GriffinFull year11441613
11Deirdre RachidAnne KirkbrideFull year11117656
11Samantha FailsworthTina HobleyFull year11115446
13Ken BarlowWilliam RoacheFull year10826405
13Gail PlattHelen WorthFull year108170222
15Mike BaldwinJohnny BriggsFull year101148611
15Jack DuckworthWilliam TarmeyFull year10113214
15Natalie HorrocksDenise WelchFrom February101101 -
18Ashley PeacockSteven ArnoldFull year9914147
19Angie FreemanDeborah McAndrewFrom March9833365
20Maxine HeaveyTracy ShawFull year9620634
21Audrey RobertsSue NichollsFull year95105313
22Emily BishopEileen DerbyshireFull year87227134
22Maud GrimesElizabeth BradleyFull year8733627
24Alma BaldwinAmanda BarrieFull year8682013
24Martin PlattSean WilsonFull year8685132
26Des BarnesPhilip MiddlemissFull year8267413
26Liz McDonaldBeverley CallardFull year827792
28Curly WattsKevin KennedyFull year78107817
29Alan McKennaGlenn HugillUntil November778760
29Mavis WiltonThelma BarlowUntil October77178711
31Janice Lee/BattersbyVicky EntwistleFrom January7575 -
32Andy McDonaldNicholas CochraneUntil November745923
32Maureen Holdsworth/ElliottSherrie HewsonUntil October7439920
34Fred ElliottJohn SavidentFull year7313741
34Bill WebsterPeter ArmitageUntil October732927
36Betty WilliamsBetty DriverFull year73204425
37Steve McDonaldSimon GregsonFull year6758837
38Roy CropperDavid NeilsonFull year6611448
39Les BattersbyBruce JonesFrom July6060 -
39Rosie WebsterEmma CollingeFrom February6032057
41Leanne BattersbyJane DansonFrom July5757 -
42Percy SugdenBill WaddingtonUntil October5298229
43Toyah BattersbyGeorgia TaylorFrom July5151 -
44Don BrennanGeoff HinsliffUntil May and September to October487349
44Zoe TattersallJoanne FroggattFrom May4848 -
46Tricia ArmstrongTracy BrabinUntil May4719324
47Sophie WebsterAshleigh Middleton and Emma WoodwardFull year4510953
48Katy Tattersall/Katy Mallett/Shannon TattersallLucy WhipdayFrom August3838 -
49Jamie ArmstrongJoseph GilgunUntil May2410742
50Alf RobertsBryan MosleyUntil March and from November23175630
50Sean SkinnerTerence HillyerUntil May2310351
50Derek WiltonPeter BaldwinUntil April2372526
53Nick TilsleyAdam RickittFrom October2156858
54Anne MaloneEve SteeleUntil February198039
55Ida CloughHelene PalmerFull year1824855
56Becky PalmerEmily AstonUntil March165150
56Sarah Louise PlattLynsay KingJanuary and from May1636152
58Claire PalmerMaggie NorrisUntil April125944
58David PlattThomas OrmsonJanuary and July to November1230653
60Tony HorrocksLee WarburtonUntil February107737
60Joyce SmedleyAnita CareyUntil February107133
62Spider NugentMartin HancockFrom December99 -
63Daniel OsbourneLewis HarneyJanuary and July to August610136
64Billy WilliamsFrank MillsUntil February56055
65Norris ColeMalcolm HebdenApril only47649
65Terry DuckworthNigel PivaroApril only430561
67Denise OsbourneDenise BlackJanuary only326859
68Tracy Barlow/PrestonDawn ActonDecember only258764
68Lorraine HorrocksHolly NewmanNovember only22 -
70Tommy DuckworthDarryl EdwardsMarch only112161
70Blanche HuntMaggie JonesDecember only110166


New broom sweeps clean

1997 marked one of the key turning points in Coronation Street history.

Brian park

Brian Park - Coronation Streets "smiling axeman"

After being the producer since 1994, Sue Pritchard left the programme in January. Executive producer Carolyn Reynolds appointed Brian Park as Pritchard's replacement, in one of her last acts before departing the series herself. Park joined the Street at a crucial time. Since the introduction of the Sunday episode, it had continually rated lower than the rest of the week by several million viewers, dragging the programme's ratings average below that of EastEnders. The fall in ratings was concentrated in the London area, and as such Carlton and LWT threatened to move the programme out of peak viewing hours. Additionally, ITV was concerned about a PR bias against Coronation Street, with The Sun and The Mirror attacking the programme for being old-fashioned compared with EastEnders and Brookside. Granada instructed Park to target younger viewers in particular to redress an age imbalance in the Street's audience.

Having not been a regular viewer of Coronation Street since the 1960s, Park was sympathetic to the tabloid press' "fuddy-duddy" impression of it. Upon discovering that writers were reluctant to let go of characters despite not having any storylines for them, Park insisted that they get rid of them. On his first day in the job, he dismissed actors Peter Baldwin, Geoff Hinsliff, Lee Warburton, Emily Aston, Maggie Norris, Nicholas Cochrane, Peter Armitage, Frank Mills, Sherrie Hewson, Anita Carey, and Eve Steele from their parts. Baldwin's axing came as a particular shock to the cast due to his longevity in the role and the popularity of Derek and Mavis Wilton, but Park - who had the job of implementing a decision which in fact preceded his arrival - believed that it was the correct choice as Thelma Barlow had recently given her resignation after wrestling with the idea for the past two years, and it was felt that Derek wouldn't work without her. Derek died of a heart attack following a road rage incident six months before the end of Thelma Barlow's contract, giving viewers the opportunity to see Mavis react to his death and begin to adjust to widowhood. His funeral marked the last appearance of Malcolm Hebden in the recurring part of Derek's nemesis Norris Cole until he was brought back as a main cast member in 1999.

News of Coronation Street's biggest cast cull to date gained an immediate reaction from the press, with Daily Mirror|Daily Mirror columnist Victor Lewis-Smith describing Park as a "smiling axeman" terrorising the Street. The press attention played into ITV's hands, with Park giving interviews for the The Guardian (and the Manchester Evening News) to explain what he wanted to achieve on the programme: "I'm going to fight tooth and nail not to become the TV equivalent of the heritage trail. I suppose the stately home analogy is correct. We have to keep it going into the next millennium, adapt it and attract younger viewers without losing the old ones and destroying what makes it singular."

Clearing the deadwood

By the time Park's first credited episode was shown on 16th March, viewers had already seen the last of several characters, some of whom were not given on-screen exits; Billy Williams was not seen again after 14th February, and died off-screen of a heart attack in November, Anne Malone left Weatherfield in February after trying to frame Samantha Failsworth for shoplifting, Claire and Becky Palmer left Des Barnes's life after Claire caught Des sans trousers outside No.7, and Tony Horrocks vanished soon after accidentally killing Joyce Smedley with his car.

Having considered quitting a number of times, Geoff Hinsliff felt no bitterness about his sacking. For Don Brennan's exit, the writers crafted a revenge plot which, while on the surface far-fetched, was consistent with the way the character had progressed since Ivy's death. Continuing to wallow in misery and self-pity, Don kidnapped Alma Baldwin in his taxi and tried to gain her sympathy after Mike sold him the garage which went bust under Don's management. The hour-long episode climaxed with a spectacular scene in which Don's cab plunged into the canal with him and Alma inside. After spending six months in Strangeways, Don re-appeared in October, where he escaped and returned to Coronation Street to kill Mike, only to meet a fiery end himself when he drove Mike's car into the viaduct. From this point onwards, stunt sequences such as this because a more regular staple in Coronation Street's storytelling arsenal.

The three remaining axed actors departed later in the year. Maureen Holdsworth ran off to Germany with Bill Webster in October, less than two weeks after marrying Fred Elliott, while Andy McDonald left to make a new life in Barcelona in November. October also marked Thelma Barlow's final appearance as Mavis, as she left Rita's side to run a B&B in Cartmel, as well as Bill Waddington as Percy Sugden. Waddington had complained to the press about the increase in "raunchy" storylines since Park took over and announced his intention to quit. Percy left the street in October to live in a flat at Mayfield Court retirement complex. Meanwhile, after three years playing Tricia Armstrong, Tracy Brabin quit the show. After giving birth to son Brad, Tricia and Jamie Armstrong left Weatherfield with Tricia's new partner Ray Thorpe.

The new generation

Battersby family

The Battersbys, the "family from hell"

In their place came a horde of new characters, including a new family to take over No.5, which had been repossessed from Don Brennan and sold to the council while he was in prison. Les and Janice Battersby, and their teenager daughters Leanne and Toyah, arrived in the street in July. The Battersbys were a new creed of character; loud, obnoxious, thieving, and self-centred, they were referred to in the press as a "problem family", designed to upset the other street residents. For maximum impact, their early storylines showed them at their worst, with Les headbutting Curly Watts when a sleep-deprived Curly threw the girls' CD player out of the window. Anticipating accusations of dragging the programme downmarket (despite the idea for the family preceding him), Park told the Manchester Evening News: "People don't like innovation and change and they have selective memories - they thought the Ogdens were pretty rough at first - but the Battersbys follow in the Ogden's great tradition. After a while, familiarity breeds contempt." The first member of the family to appear was Janice, played by Vicky Entwistle, as a member of Mike Baldwin's workforce.

Other new characters included hunky mechanic Chris Collins played by Matthew Marsden, and Joanne Froggatt as troubled teen Zoe Tattersall. In February, Denise Welch joined the cast as Natalie Horrocks, mother of Tony, who replaced her son as Kevin Webster's partner at the garage. Welch was immediately brought to the forefront of the programme in a storyline which came about when Brian Park noticed that neither Kevin nor Sally Webster had ever had an affair; Park decided that Kevin would find himself in the arms of older woman Natalie. Sally Whittaker took maternity leave during the storyline; upon her return Sophie Webster was recast, with Emma Woodward replacing original actress Ashleigh Middleton.

Actors joining in the latter half of the year included Holly Newman as Natalie's niece Lorraine Brownlow, Martin Hancock as Emily Bishop's eco-warrior nephew and new lodger Geoffrey "Spider" Nugent, and Adam Rickitt as Nick Tilsley, who re-appeared on the programme for Don Brennan's funeral in October. Warren Jackson had planned to come back as Nick after completing his GCSEs, but Park took the opportunity to recast with someone more photogenic who could attract the elusive teen audience who watched Home and Away and Neighbours. Lastly, Deborah McAndrew was brought back full-time as Angie Freeman.

Bryan Mosley was absent for most of the year after suffering a major heart attack on 3rd February, shortly after recording his scenes for Episode 4159. He returned eight months later in Episode 4294. In consideration for Mosley's health, Alf's role was much reduced.

Structural changes

As well as shaking up the cast and characters, Park pushed for bolder and longer storylines, prioritising telling compelling storylines over the writing of individual scripts in order to weave more intricate plots. Story conferences were halved in length, with greater responsibility placed on the story associates which increased in number from three to five, with Ann McManus acting as story/script editor. Some writers were upset at this transfer of power away from them, and the team lost Tom Elliott, Julian Roach, Barry Hill and its longest-serving writer Adele Rose, all of whom resigned, Rose after disagreeing with Park on a storyline.

Two of Park's biggest changes harkened back to the show's past. The Rovers Return changed hands, with Jack and Vera Duckworth selling half of the pub to Alec Gilroy to settle a huge VAT bill, while, after Baldwin's Sportswear was gutted in a fire, Mike Baldwin went into business with Angie Freeman, opening lingerie factory Underworld in the empty unit in Coronation Street. Firman's Freezers continued to appear, with Park keen to maintain the amount of comedy in scripts.

A small change to the title sequence was made in Episode 4168 (30th March 1997). After a few years without a regular title caption (with the title instead appearing over various shots of activity in the street), the sequence was standardised, now ending with its fifth shot which showed a cat relaxing in the back yards (shown at the top of the page).

Viva Las Vegas

Following the success of 1995's direct-to-video spin-off entitled Coronation Street - The Feature Length Special, the experiment was repeated, with a different set of characters having an overseas adventure. Written by former story associate Russell T. Davies, Coronation Street: Viva Las Vegas! focused on the Duckworths as they flew to Las Vegas to renew their wedding vows. Hairdressers Maxine Heavey and Fiona Middleton featured in a story of their own, as their attempts to find fun in Vegas often backfired. Neville Buswell - by 1997 working as a bank manager in Vegas - was tracked down and made a cameo appearance as his old character Ray Langton (although this was ignored when the character returned to the main show in 2005). The events of the special, as well as the set up within Coronation Street, took place in late May but the VHS wasn't released until 17th November of that year.

Viewing figures

1997 ratings

Ratings chart for the year

In a crucial year for the programme, Coronation Street logged its lowest average of the decade, with an aggregated figure of 14.93 million viewers, representing a loss of 800,000 viewers from 1996. The drop is mostly due to the poor performance of the Sunday episode, introduced the previous November; the last three months of 1997 were up on the same months in 1996, while the biggest drops all occurred in the first half of the year. June was the only month outside the last quarter up on 1996, rising by 700,000 viewers.

The highest-rated episode of the year was Episode 4301 (17th November 1997), which gained an audience of 18.03 million viewers (again, an aggregated figure including the omnibus repeat). This was the lowest peak in any year since the omnibus began in 1989.

Meanwhile, Coronation Street's stranglehold on the charts continued, with 43 episodes reaching number one - a drop of only two episodes, while no episodes fell outside the top twenty for the sixth time of the decade.


# Ep.
Date Writer Director Viewing
(With omnibus)
14118Wednesday 1st JanuaryPeter WhalleyMervyn Cumming15,210,0006
24119Friday 3rd JanuarySally WainwrightMervyn Cumming16,350,0004
34120Sunday 5th JanuaryBarry HillColin Cant13,770,0009
44121Monday 6th JanuaryJohn StevensonColin Cant17,660,0002
54122Wednesday 8th JanuaryPeter WhalleyColin Cant17,700,0001
64123Friday 10th JanuaryPeter WhalleyColin Cant16,830,0005
74124Sunday 12th JanuarySally WainwrightNoreen Kershaw12,760,00013
84125Monday 13th JanuaryTom ElliottNoreen Kershaw17,660,0001
94126Wednesday 15th JanuaryPeter WhalleyNoreen Kershaw17,470,0002
104127Friday 17th JanuaryPhil WoodsNoreen Kershaw16,060,0006
114128Sunday 19th JanuaryPeter WhalleyBrian Mills13,600,0009
124129Monday 20th JanuaryJohn StevensonBrian Mills17,560,0001
134130Wednesday 22nd JanuaryAdele RoseBrian Mills17,280,0002
144131Friday 24th JanuaryPatrea SmallacombeBrian Mills16,300,0006
154132Sunday 26th JanuarySally WainwrightMervyn Cumming13,970,0007
164133Monday 27th JanuaryCatherine HayesMervyn Cumming17,050,0002
174134Wednesday 29th JanuaryMartin AllenMervyn Cumming17,390,0001
184135Friday 31st JanuaryJulian RoachMervyn Cumming16,270,0006
194136Sunday 2nd FebruaryPeter WhalleyGarth Tucker13,880,0008
204137Monday 3rd FebruaryPatrea SmallacombeGarth Tucker17,090,0003
214138Wednesday 5th FebruaryMartin AllenGarth Tucker17,430,0001
224139Friday 7th FebruaryTom ElliottGarth Tucker15,750,0007
234140Sunday 9th FebruaryJohn StevensonNoreen Kershaw13,450,0009
244141Monday 10th FebruaryPhil WoodsNoreen Kershaw17,300,0002
254142Wednesday 12th FebruaryAdele RoseNoreen Kershaw16,060,0005
264143Friday 14th FebruaryJulian RoachNoreen Kershaw16,320,0004
274144Sunday 16th FebruaryPeter WhalleyBrian Mills14,170,0008
284145Monday 17th FebruaryPatrea SmallacombeBrian Mills17,600,0001
294146Wednesday 19th FebruaryAdele RoseBrian Mills17,590,0002
304147Friday 21st FebruaryTom ElliottBrian Mills15,730,0006
314148Sunday 23rd FebruaryJohn StevensonMervyn Cumming13,970,0009
324149Monday 24th FebruaryCatherine HayesMervyn Cumming17,880,0002
334150Wednesday 26th FebruaryPhil WoodsMervyn Cumming16,990,0003
344151Friday 28th FebruarySally WainwrightMervyn Cumming15,440,0007
354152Sunday 2nd MarchSally WainwrightGarth Tucker13,670,0008
364153Monday 3rd MarchKen BlakesonGarth Tucker17,380,0001
374154Wednesday 5th MarchAdele RoseGarth Tucker13,990,0006
384155Friday 7th MarchCatherine HayesGarth Tucker15,310,0003
394156Sunday 9th MarchJohn StevensonNoreen Kershaw13,240,0008
404157Monday 10th MarchJulian RoachNoreen Kershaw17,500,0001
414158Wednesday 12th MarchTom ElliottNoreen Kershaw17,250,0002
424159Friday 14th MarchMartin AllenNoreen Kershaw12,870,0008
434160Sunday 16th MarchPatrea SmallacombeBrian Mills13,400,0007
444161Monday 17th MarchPhil WoodsBrian Mills16,820,0001
454162Wednesday 19th MarchJohn StevensonBrian Mills14,050,0005
464163Friday 21st MarchAdele RoseBrian Mills14,470,0004
474164Sunday 23rd MarchPeter WhalleyLaurence Moody13,070,0007
484165Monday 24th MarchCatherine HayesLaurence Moody16,250,0003
494166Wednesday 26th MarchMartin AllenLaurence Moody16,840,0001
504167Friday 28th MarchJohn StevensonLaurence Moody14,610,0006
514168Sunday 30th MarchTom ElliottGarth Tucker12,460,0007
524169Monday 31st MarchPeter WhalleyGarth Tucker14,010,0007
534170Wednesday 2nd AprilBarry HillGarth Tucker16,850,0001
544171Friday 4th AprilSally WainwrightGarth Tucker15,420,0004
554172Sunday 6th AprilKen BlakesonNoreen Kershaw11,700,00015
564173Monday 7th AprilPhil WoodsNoreen Kershaw16,370,0001
574174Wednesday 9th AprilAdele RoseNoreen Kershaw15,540,0002
584175Friday 11th AprilJohn StevensonNoreen Kershaw14,330,0005
594176Sunday 13th AprilTom ElliottBrian Mills12,970,0007
604177Monday 14th AprilPeter WhalleyBrian Mills16,520,0003
614178Wednesday 16th AprilKen BlakesonBrian Mills15,670,0006
624179Friday 18th AprilCatherine HayesKay Patrick17,050,0002
634180Sunday 20th AprilAdele RoseKay Patrick15,810,0005
644181Monday 21st AprilPatrea SmallacombeKay Patrick17,400,0001
654182Wednesday 23rd AprilSally WainwrightLaurence Moody13,860,0005
664183Friday 25th AprilJohn StevensonKay Patrick15,470,0003
674184Sunday 27th AprilJohn StevensonGarth Tucker13,690,0006
684185Monday 28th AprilAdele RoseGarth Tucker16,450,0002
694186Wednesday 30th AprilTom ElliottGarth Tucker14,140,0004
704187Friday 2nd MayPhil WoodsGarth Tucker12,600,0006
714188Sunday 4th MayMartin AllenTerry Dyddgen-Jones12,590,0007
724189Monday 5th MayKen BlakesonTerry Dyddgen-Jones15,100,0003
734190Wednesday 7th MayPeter WhalleyTerry Dyddgen-Jones16,500,0001
744191Friday 9th MayPeter WhalleyTerry Dyddgen-Jones14,200,0005
754192Sunday 11th MayMartin AllenBrian Mills12,980,0007
764193Monday 12th MayMark WadlowBrian Mills15,790,0001
774194Wednesday 14th MayTom ElliottBrian Mills13,550,0006
784195Friday 16th MayPhil WoodsBrian Mills13,770,0005
794196Sunday 18th MayKen BlakesonLaurence Moody11,920,0007
804197Monday 19th MayPatrea SmallacombeLaurence Moody15,300,0002
814198Wednesday 21st MayCatherine HayesLaurence Moody15,760,0001
824199Friday 23rd MayJohn StevensonLaurence Moody13,370,0005
834200Sunday 25th MayAdele RoseGarth Tucker10,180,00010
844201Monday 26th MayKen BlakesonGarth Tucker12,650,0002
854202Wednesday 28th MayPaul CornellGarth Tucker10,860,0008
864203Friday 30th MayPatrea SmallacombeGarth Tucker11,610,0005
874204Sunday 1st JuneCatherine HayesTerry Dyddgen-Jones11,440,0006
884205Monday 2nd JuneTom ElliottTerry Dyddgen-Jones14,540,0001
894206Wednesday 4th JunePeter WhalleyTerry Dyddgen-Jones13,460,0006
904207Friday 6th JuneMartin AllenTerry Dyddgen-Jones13,710,0004
914208Sunday 8th JuneMark WadlowBrian Mills12,140,0007
924209Monday 9th JuneAndy ArmitageBrian Mills14,760,0002
934210Wednesday 11th JuneJohn StevensonBrian Mills14,910,0001
944211Friday 13th JunePeter WhalleyBrian Mills13,340,0005
954212Sunday 15th JuneMaureen ChadwickLaurence Moody13,110,0007
964213Monday 16th JunePatrea SmallacombeLaurence Moody14,570,0002
974214Wednesday 18th JunePhil WoodsLaurence Moody15,180,0001
984215Friday 20th JuneKen BlakesonLaurence Moody14,170,0004
994216Sunday 22nd JunePatrea SmallacombeGarth Tucker12,850,0007
1004217Monday 23rd JuneKen BlakesonGarth Tucker15,290,0001
1014218Wednesday 25th JuneAdele RoseGarth Tucker15,100,0002
1024219Friday 27th JuneMark WadlowGarth Tucker14,780,0003
1034220Sunday 29th JuneCatherine HayesLou Wakefield13,920,0005
1044221Monday 30th JuneJohn StevensonLou Wakefield16,010,0001
1054222Wednesday 2nd JulyJohn StevensonLou Wakefield15,370,0002
1064223Friday 4th JulySally WainwrightLou Wakefield13,410,0005
1074224Sunday 6th JulySally WainwrightTerry Dyddgen-Jones11,740,0007
1084225Monday 7th JulyJohn StevensonTerry Dyddgen-Jones14,920,0001
1094226Wednesday 9th JulyPhil WoodsTerry Dyddgen-Jones14,120,0003
1104227Friday 11th JulyCatherine HayesTerry Dyddgen-Jones14,370,0002
1114228Sunday 13th JulyPeter WhalleyBrian Mills12,400,0007
1124229Monday 14th JulyMartin AllenBrian Mills15,560,0001
1134230Wednesday 16th JulyKen BlakesonBrian Mills14,870,0002
1144231Friday 18th JulyMaureen ChadwickBrian Mills13,810,0004
1154232Sunday 20th JulyPatrea SmallacombeSue Dunderdale10,830,00010
1164233Monday 21st JulyPeter WhalleySue Dunderdale14,330,0001
1174234Wednesday 23rd JulyAdele RoseSue Dunderdale13,980,0002
1184235Friday 25th JulySally WainwrightSue Dunderdale13,010,0003
1194236Sunday 27th JulyPhil WoodsLaurence Moody11,170,0007
1204237Monday 28th JulyCatherine HayesLaurence Moody13,900,0002
1214238Wednesday 30th JulyAndy ArmitageLaurence Moody14,160,0001
1224239Friday 1st AugustMaureen ChadwickLaurence Moody13,370,0003
1234240Sunday 3rd AugustPeter WhalleyLou Wakefield11,850,0006
1244241Monday 4th AugustAdele RoseLou Wakefield14,420,0001
1254242Wednesday 6th AugustMaureen ChadwickLou Wakefield14,220,0002
1264243Friday 8th AugustCatherine HayesLou Wakefield11,530,0005
1274244Sunday 10th AugustMark WadlowJune Howson10,880,0007
1284245Monday 11th AugustKen BlakesonJune Howson14,050,0002
1294246Wednesday 13th AugustJohn StevensonJune Howson14,110,0001
1304247Friday 15th AugustSally WainwrightJune Howson12,070,0003
1314248Sunday 17th AugustPatrea SmallacombeBrian Mills10,970,0007
1324249Monday 18th AugustKen BlakesonBrian Mills14,140,0001
1334250Wednesday 20th AugustPeter WhalleyBrian Mills13,670,0002
1344251Friday 22nd AugustMartin AllenBrian Mills12,120,0006
1354252Sunday 24th AugustAndy ArmitageSue Dunderdale12,500,0004
1364253Monday 25th AugustSally WainwrightSue Dunderdale12,380,0008
1374254Wednesday 27th AugustMark WadlowSue Dunderdale14,200,0001
1384255Friday 29th AugustCatherine HayesSue Dunderdale13,600,0005
1394256Sunday 31st AugustMark WadlowLaurence Moody14,080,0002
1404257Monday 1st SeptemberPatrea SmallacombeLaurence Moody14,500,0004
1414258Wednesday 3rd SeptemberMaureen ChadwickLaurence Moody16,000,0002
1424259Friday 5th SeptemberAdele RoseLaurence Moody12,850,0009
1434260Sunday 7th SeptemberPeter WhalleyLou Wakefield12,420,00011
1444261Monday 8th SeptemberAndy ArmitageLou Wakefield15,050,0001
1454262Wednesday 10th SeptemberSally WainwrightLou Wakefield14,170,0004
1464263Friday 12th SeptemberCatherine HayesLou Wakefield14,370,0003
1474264Sunday 14th SeptemberMaureen ChadwickRobert Khodadad13,490,0008
1484265Monday 15th SeptemberAdele RoseRobert Khodadad15,380,0001
1494266Wednesday 17th SeptemberPeter WhalleyRobert Khodadad12,820,0008
1504267Friday 19th SeptemberPatrea SmallacombeRobert Khodadad15,150,0003
1514268Sunday 21st SeptemberSally WainwrightWill Brenton14,400,0004
1524269Monday 22nd SeptemberCatherine HayesWill Brenton15,840,0001
1534270Wednesday 24th SeptemberMartin AllenWill Brenton15,730,0003
1544271Friday 26th SeptemberPhil WoodsWill Brenton14,740,0005
1554272Sunday 28th SeptemberPeter WhalleySue Dunderdale14,750,0004
1564273Monday 29th SeptemberKen BlakesonSue Dunderdale16,130,0001
1574274Wednesday 1st OctoberPhil WoodsSue Dunderdale13,590,0007
1584275Friday 3rd OctoberCatherine HayesSue Dunderdale15,140,0003
1594276Sunday 5th OctoberMaureen ChadwickMike Adams14,950,0004
1604277Monday 6th OctoberMartin AllenMike Adams16,710,0002
1614278Wednesday 8th OctoberJohn StevensonMike Adams17,350,0001
1624279Friday 10th OctoberPeter WhalleyMike Adams16,140,0005
1634280Sunday 12th OctoberMaureen ChadwickJune Howson16,250,0004
1644281Monday 13th OctoberMark WadlowJune Howson16,930,0002
1654282Wednesday 15th OctoberAdele RoseJune Howson17,470,0001
1664283Friday 17th OctoberMartin AllenJune Howson15,360,0005
1674284Sunday 19th OctoberJohn StevensonRobert Khodadad15,630,0004
1684285Monday 20th OctoberPeter WhalleyRobert Khodadad17,400,0001
1694286Wednesday 22nd OctoberKen BlakesonRobert Khodadad12,810,0008
1704287Friday 24th OctoberPhil WoodsRobert Khodadad15,680,0004
1714288Sunday 26th OctoberAdele RoseWill Brenton16,630,0002
1724289Monday 27th OctoberSally WainwrightWill Brenton17,390,0001
1734290Wednesday 29th OctoberAndy ArmitageWill Brenton17,040,0002
1744291Friday 31st OctoberCatherine HayesWill Brenton15,060,0007
1754292Sunday 2nd NovemberPeter WhalleyKay Patrick15,810,0004
1764293Monday 3rd NovemberMartin AllenKay Patrick17,710,0001
1774294Wednesday 5th NovemberKen BlakesonKay Patrick13,520,0008
1784295Friday 7th NovemberMaureen ChadwickKay Patrick17,500,0002
1794296Sunday 9th NovemberMaureen ChadwickMike Adams17,450,0003
1804297Monday 10th NovemberAndy ArmitageMike Adams17,780,0002
1814298Wednesday 12th NovemberAdele RoseMike Adams17,720,0003
1824299Friday 14th NovemberMartin AllenMike Adams16,620,0005
1834300Sunday 16th NovemberKen BlakesonNoreen Kershaw16,100,0006
1844301Monday 17th NovemberPeter WhalleyNoreen Kershaw18,030,0001
1854302Wednesday 19th NovemberMark WadlowNoreen Kershaw17,510,0003
1864303Friday 21st NovemberSally WainwrightNoreen Kershaw15,410,0006
1874304Sunday 23rd NovemberJan McVerryRobert Khodadad16,790,0004
1884305Monday 24th NovemberCatherine HayesRobert Khodadad17,540,0002
1894306Wednesday 26th NovemberAndy ArmitageRobert Khodadad12,120,00011
1904307Friday 28th NovemberMark WadlowRobert Khodadad15,860,0004
1914308Sunday 30th NovemberPeter WhalleyTerry Dyddgen-Jones16,750,0003
1924309Monday 1st DecemberJohn StevensonTerry Dyddgen-Jones17,880,0001
1934310Wednesday 3rd DecemberAdele RoseTerry Dyddgen-Jones17,170,0002
1944311Friday 5th DecemberMaureen ChadwickTerry Dyddgen-Jones15,580,0006
1954312Sunday 7th DecemberCatherine HayesKay Patrick16,280,0004
1964313Monday 8th DecemberPhil FordKay Patrick17,270,0001
1974314Wednesday 10th DecemberJohn StevensonKay Patrick12,460,0008
1984315Friday 12th DecemberPhil WoodsKay Patrick14,770,0003
1994316Sunday 14th DecemberPeter WhalleyMike Adams15,560,0002
2004317Monday 15th DecemberKen BlakesonMike Adams17,400,0001
2014318Wednesday 17th DecemberJan McVerryJune Howson17,220,0002
2024319Friday 19th DecemberMaureen ChadwickJune Howson15,130,0006
2034320Sunday 21st DecemberSally WainwrightBrian Mills15,370,0003
2044321Monday 22nd DecemberPeter MillsBrian Mills17,250,0001
2054322Thursday 25th DecemberPeter WhalleyBrian Mills14,060,0005
2064323Friday 26th DecemberPeter WhalleyBrian Mills13,550,0008
2074324Sunday 28th DecemberMartin AllenLaurence Moody13,890,0006
2084325Monday 29th DecemberJan McVerryLaurence Moody16,650,0003
2094326Wednesday 31st DecemberJohn StevensonLaurence Moody15,640,0004


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National Television Awards

Mental Health Media Awards

  • Soap Opera Storyline: Don Brennan's mental breakdown (Nominee)

Royal Television Society (North West) Awards

Coronation Street in the 1990s
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