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1995 was Coronation Street's thirty-sixth year.

Main characters

Ranking Character Played by Duration Number of Episodes Running total Previous year's ranking
1 Fiona Middleton Angela Griffin Full year 109 217 28
2 Vera Duckworth Elizabeth Dawn Full year 108 1250 21
3 Jim McDonald Charles Lawson Full year 106 547 22
4 Gail Platt Helen Worth Full year 104 1515 1
5 Des Barnes Philip Middlemiss Full year 103 507 10
6 Steve McDonald Simon Gregson Full year 102 465 11
7 Raquel Wolstenhulme/Watts Sarah Lancashire Full year 101 466 2
8 Liz McDonald Beverley Callard Full year 100 592 8
9 Jack Duckworth William Tarmey Full year 98 1120 22
10 Betty Turpin/Williams Betty Driver Full year 97 1896 18
11 Ken Barlow William Roache Full year 93 2433 11
12 Alma Baldwin Amanda Barrie Full year 91 649 6
13 Rita Sullivan Barbara Knox Full year 89 1790 4
13 Vicky Arden/McDonald Chloe Newsome Full year 89 204 40
15 Don Brennan Geoff Hinsliff Full year 88 597 30
15 Mavis Wilton Thelma Barlow Full year 88 1624 5
17 Andy McDonald Nicholas Cochrane Full year 86 416 22
18 Martin Platt Sean Wilson Full year 82 702 27
18 Curly Watts Kevin Kennedy Full year 82 918 3
20 Maureen Holdsworth Sherrie Hewson Full year 79 246 7
20 Mike Baldwin Johnny Briggs Full year 79 1299 15
20 Audrey Roberts Sue Nicholls Full year 79 873 19
23 Maud Grimes Elizabeth Bradley Full year 78 176 19
24 Kevin Webster Michael Le Vell Full year 77 877 28
25 Denise Osbourne Denise Black Full year 73 250 15
26 Reg Holdsworth Ken Morley Until November 71 409 11
27 Derek Wilton Peter Baldwin Full year 70 628 15
28 Tricia Armstrong Tracy Brabin From January 64 70 46
28 Percy Sugden Bill Waddington Full year 64 861 25
30 Deirdre Rachid Anne Kirkbride From March 63 1560 32
31 Alf Roberts Bryan Mosley Full year 63 1666 33
32 Bill Webster Peter Armitage From July 61 127 -
33 Emily Bishop Eileen Derbyshire Full year 58 2123 25
34 Bet Gilroy Julie Goodyear Until October 55 1961 8
35 Josie Clarke Ellie Haddington From January 54 54 -
36 Maxine Heavey Tracy Shaw From May 50 50 -
37 Sally Webster Sally Whittaker Until March and from June 49 719 31
38 Nick Platt/Tilsley Warren Jackson Full year 41 526 36
39 Phyllis Pearce Jill Summers Full year 40 498 50
39 Sarah Louise Platt Lynsay King Full year 40 314 38
41 Daniel Osbourne Lewis Harney January, March to July and from October 37 37 -
42 David Platt Thomas Ormson Full year 34 267 35
43 Jamie Armstrong Joseph Gilgun Until August 32 34 50
43 Sophie Webster Ashleigh Middleton Full year 32 37 47
45 Sean Skinner Terence Hillyer Until April and from November 31 47 43
46 Billy Williams Frank Mills May to June and from September 29 29 -
47 Tracy Barlow Dawn Acton Until July 28 580 45
48 Samir Rachid Al Nedjari From April to June 25 67 38
49 Rosie Webster Emma Collinge From March to December 23 237 37
50 Norris Cole Malcolm Hebden January to April, September and December 17 36 41
51 Gary Mallett Ian Mercer From October 16 16 -
52 Judy Mallett Gaynor Faye From October 15 15 -
53 Alec Gilroy Roy Barraclough July to August 11 528 -
53 Tony Horrocks Lee Warburton From November 11 11 -
55 Tommy Duckworth Darryl Edwards April to May and September 10 112 47
56 Steph Barnes Amelia Bullmore September to October 9 130 -
56 Roy Cropper David Neilson July and from November 9 9 -
58 Fred Elliott John Savident February, August and from November 8 13 47
58 Anne Malone Eve Steele From September 8 8 -
60 Gordon Clegg Bill Kenwright September to October 3 98 -
61 Ashley Peacock Steven Arnold February only 2 2 -
62 Ida Clough Helene Palmer August only 1 204 -


1995 cast photo, marking Coronation Street's 35th anniversary

Sue Pritchard spent her second year as Coronation Street's producer, with Carolyn Reynolds continuing as executive producer.

The programme marked its 35th anniversary in December with its first purposely written hour-long episode, featuring the surprise wedding of Curly Watts and Raquel Wolstenhulme (previous hour-long episodes were made as single episodes which were edited together for scheduling purposes). Curly and Raquel's honeymoon aboard the QE2 was unseen on the main programme but served as the basis of its first straight-to-video spin-off, released under the title Coronation Street - The Feature Length Special. The video also starred Barbara Knox and Thelma Barlow, with Rita Sullivan and Mavis Wilton ending up on the same cruise at the Watts, and featured an appearance by Roy Barraclough as Alec Gilroy. Meant as an optional bonus for viewers, offering them a chance to see familiar characters in a more exotic locale, the special had a self-contained plot which was teased in the main programme but was not required viewing to follow current storylines.

After 25 years playing Rovers barmaid and landlady Bet Lynch, Julie Goodyear decided to move on from the programme. Goodyear's exit storyline saw brewery Newton & Ridley sell the Rovers Return, and Bet quietly leave Weatherfield for an uncertain future after failing to convince Rita and Vicky McDonald to fund her takeover of the pub. The Rovers was bought over by Jack and Vera Duckworth, using their £30,000 inheritance following the deaths of Jack's brother Clifford and sister-in-law Elsie and the sale of 9 Coronation Street. The Rovers becoming a free house brought an end to 35 years of brewery-related storylines, and led to more frequent changes of landlords. Meanwhile, No.9 was bought by Gary and Judy Mallett, a new young couple played by Ian Mercer and Gaynor Faye.

Ken Morley also quit, after six years playing Reg Holdsworth. The door was kept open for Morley, with Reg working away in Lowestoft and maintaining an off-screen presence until April 1996 when he ran off with wages clerk Yvonne Bannister. Curly Watts became the new manager of Firman's Freezers, which had first appeared as a continuing location in February. Although not seen as often as Bettabuy had been in the earlier part of the decade, Firman's served the same role in being the main workplace which wasn't part of Granada's backlot. Other staff members included Anne Malone, played by Eve Steele who joined the main cast in September.

Another setting introduced this year which was similarly shot on location was 5 Crimea Street, a large Victorian house converted into flats and owned by Mike Baldwin. With Anne Kirkbride well enough to return to a full-time role, Deirdre Rachid's husband Samir was killed off. The attack itself was not seen, but viewers were left to assume that Samir had been beaten up by a gang while walking to Weatherfield General to donate a kidney to Tracy Barlow, who was on dialysis after taking bad Ecstasy. The storyline also marked the departure of Dawn Acton from the regular cast, although she returned for short stints as Tracy in 1996, 1997 and 1999. Deirdre was subsequently offered a flat and the job of caretaker at 5 Crimea Street by Mike. One of the tenants was Roy Cropper, who was introduced as a creepy loner who hung around Deirdre. When David Neilson was asked back full-time, the darker elements of Roy's character were removed, establishing him as a harmless eccentric.

Ivy Brennan suffered a fatal stroke, 17 months after Lynne Perrie's last appearance. In order to claim No.5 as his inheritance, Nick Platt had to change his surname back to Tilsley. Don's new partner Josie Clarke was played by Ellie Haddington, who joined the cast in January. Helene Palmer returned as Ida Clough for Ivy's funeral.

Other new cast members included Tracy Shaw as hairdresser Maxine Heavey, Lee Warburton as mechanic Tony Horrocks, Lewis Harney as Daniel Osbourne, newborn son of Ken Barlow and Denise Osbourne, Frank Mills as Billy Williams, who wed Betty Turpin in October and, for two episodes, Steven Arnold as helium-voiced butcher Ashley Peacock. Meanwhile, Tracy Brabin and Joseph Gilgun as Tricia and Jamie Armstrong were made regulars, Peter Armitage returned as Bill Webster after ten years, and Roy Barraclough, Bill Kenwright and Amelia Bullmore made short returns as Alec Gilroy, Gordon Clegg and Steph Barnes respectively, the latter making her final appearances in the role. Lastly, Sally Whittaker was absent for three months between March and June due to maternity leave.

A small change was made to the title sequence following Episode 3819. The last shot, which featured a dog frantically running up the length of the Street appeared for the last time in that episode. From the next episode onwards (and many beforehand), a differing number of shots of activity in the Street closed the sequence and if the opening scene was set on the Street, then the title caption appeared over the start of that scene.

Viewing figures

Ratings chart for the year

For the fourth year in a row, Coronation Street sat atop the charts on most weeks of the year. 44 episodes reached number one, down from 46 in 1994, and for the third year in a row no episodes fell outside the top twenty. The highest-rated episode was Episode 3802 on 9th January, which saw Curly Watts fight Des Barnes after Des convinced Raquel Wolstenhulme to break her engagement with Curly. 19.44 million viewers either watched the episode on original transmission or saw it as part of the omnibus.

Overall, ratings declined by the same factor as in 1994. The average (aggregated) was 16.07 million viewers, a drop of 366k on the previous year. All months except October and December were down, with the biggest drops (of a million viewers) occurring in March, May and August.

The first hour-long Christmas special was shown at 6:30pm on 25th December, gaining an aggregated audience of 12.78 million viewers and charting at 13th place for the week. From 1997 onwards, an hour-long episode of Coronation Street was shown every Christmas Day.


# Ep.
Date Writer Director Viewing
(With omnibus)
1 3799 Monday 2nd January Barry Hill Brian Mills 18,150,000 3
2 3800 Wednesday 4th January Martin Allen Brian Mills 18,620,000 2
3 3801 Friday 6th January Frank Cottrell Boyce Brian Mills 18,870,000 1
4 3802 Monday 9th January Tom Elliott Kay Patrick 19,440,000 1
5 3803 Wednesday 11th January Stephen Lowe Kay Patrick 18,450,000 2
6 3804 Friday 13th January Peter Whalley Kay Patrick 17,820,000 3
7 3805 Monday 16th January John Stevenson Michael Kerrigan 18,530,000 1
8 3806 Wednesday 18th January Martin Allen Michael Kerrigan 17,070,000 3
9 3807 Friday 20th January Julian Roach Michael Kerrigan 18,160,000 2
10 3808 Monday 23rd January Sally Wainwright John Michael Phillips 18,590,000 2
11 3809 Wednesday 25th January Stephen Mallatratt John Michael Phillips 17,880,000 3
12 3810 Friday 27th January Adele Rose John Michael Phillips 18,980,000 1
13 3811 Monday 30th January Stephen Mallatratt Brian Mills 18,840,000 1
14 3812 Wednesday 1st February Tom Elliott Brian Mills 17,670,000 3
15 3813 Friday 3rd February Peter Whalley Brian Mills 17,840,000 2
16 3814 Monday 6th February Sally Wainwright Colin Cant 18,330,000 1
17 3815 Wednesday 8th February Mark Wadlow Colin Cant 17,200,000 3
18 3816 Friday 10th February Adele Rose Colin Cant 18,210,000 2
19 3817 Monday 13th February John Stevenson Michael Kerrigan 18,390,000 1
20 3818 Wednesday 15th February Stephen Lowe Michael Kerrigan 18,240,000 2
21 3819 Friday 17th February Martin Allen Michael Kerrigan 18,110,000 3
22 3820 Monday 20th February Martin Allen John Michael Phillips 17,990,000 2
23 3821 Wednesday 22nd February Stephen Lowe John Michael Phillips 18,420,000 1
24 3822 Friday 24th February Julian Roach John Michael Phillips 17,690,000 3
25 3823 Monday 27th February Stephen Mallatratt Brian Mills 18,270,000 1
26 3824 Wednesday 1st March John Stevenson Brian Mills 17,970,000 2
27 3825 Friday 3rd March Phil Woods Brian Mills 17,630,000 3
28 3826 Monday 6th March Adele Rose Colin Cant 17,820,000 1
29 3827 Wednesday 8th March Tom Elliott Colin Cant 17,050,000 2
30 3828 Friday 10th March Peter Whalley Colin Cant 16,410,000 4
31 3829 Monday 13th March Stephen Lowe Michael Kerrigan 18,000,000 2
32 3830 Wednesday 15th March Mark Wadlow Michael Kerrigan 18,070,000 1
33 3831 Friday 17th March Barry Hill Michael Kerrigan 14,870,000 7
34 3832 Monday 20th March Peter Whalley John Michael Phillips 17,510,000 2
35 3833 Wednesday 22nd March Julian Roach John Michael Phillips
Jon Woods
17,440,000 3
36 3834 Friday 24th March Stephen Mallatratt Jon Woods 16,930,000 4
37 3835 Monday 27th March Patrea Smallacombe Brian Mills 17,600,000 1
38 3836 Wednesday 29th March John Stevenson Brian Mills 16,650,000 2
39 3837 Friday 31st March Adele Rose Brian Mills 15,890,000 5
40 3838 Monday 3rd April Peter Whalley Colin Cant 16,700,000 2
41 3839 Wednesday 5th April Barry Hill Colin Cant 16,850,000 1
42 3840 Friday 7th April Sally Wainwright Colin Cant 15,770,000 3
43 3841 Monday 10th April Patrea Smallacombe Penelope Shales 16,270,000 1
44 3842 Wednesday 12th April Stephen Lowe Penelope Shales 15,730,000 2
45 3843 Friday 14th April Stephen Mallatratt Penelope Shales 15,110,000 3
46 3844 Monday 17th April Adele Rose Jon Woods 17,940,000 1
47 3845 Wednesday 19th April Julian Roach Jon Woods 16,410,000 2
48 3846 Friday 21st April John Stevenson Jon Woods 15,470,000 3
49 3847 Monday 24th April Peter Whalley Brian Mills 16,940,000 1
50 3848 Wednesday 26th April Mark Wadlow Brian Mills 15,440,000 2
51 3849 Friday 28th April Martin Allen Brian Mills 14,820,000 3
52 3850 Monday 1st May Phil Woods Colin Cant 14,740,000 1
53 3851 Wednesday 3rd May Adele Rose Colin Cant 14,100,000 2
54 3852 Friday 5th May Frank Cottrell Boyce Colin Cant 13,220,000 5
55 3853 Monday 8th May John Stevenson Penelope Shales 11,610,000 8
56 3854 Wednesday 10th May Stephen Mallatratt Penelope Shales 13,510,000 4
57 3855 Friday 12th May Julian Roach Penelope Shales 15,850,000 1
58 3856 Monday 15th May Barry Hill Jon Woods 15,610,000 2
59 3857 Wednesday 17th May Peter Whalley Jon Woods 16,150,000 1
60 3858 Friday 19th May Tom Elliott Jon Woods 14,840,000 3
61 3859 Monday 22nd May Sally Wainwright Brian Mills 15,300,000 2
62 3860 Wednesday 24th May Adele Rose Brian Mills 13,350,000 5
63 3861 Friday 26th May John Stevenson Brian Mills 14,840,000 3
64 3862 Monday 29th May Patrea Smallacombe Colin Cant 15,120,000 3
65 3863 Wednesday 31st May Stephen Lowe Colin Cant 14,460,000 4
66 3864 Friday 2nd June Stephen Mallatratt Colin Cant 15,480,000 1
67 3865 Monday 5th June Stephen Mallatratt Gareth Morgan 15,170,000 2
68 3866 Wednesday 7th June Adele Rose Gareth Morgan 15,320,000 1
69 3867 Friday 9th June Peter Whalley Gareth Morgan 14,600,000 3
70 3868 Monday 12th June Frank Cottrell Boyce Jon Woods 15,780,000 1
71 3869 Wednesday 14th June Mark Wadlow Jon Woods 15,530,000 2
72 3870 Friday 16th June Phil Woods Jon Woods 12,800,000 5
73 3871 Monday 19th June John Stevenson Mervyn Cumming 15,290,000 1
74 3872 Wednesday 21st June Tom Elliott Mervyn Cumming 13,750,000 2
75 3873 Friday 23rd June Paul Abbott Mervyn Cumming 13,110,000 4
76 3874 Monday 26th June Paul Abbott Kay Patrick 14,020,000 1
77 3875 Wednesday 28th June Patrea Smallacombe Kay Patrick 13,250,000 2
78 3876 Friday 30th June Tom Elliott Kay Patrick 12,540,000 4
79 3877 Monday 3rd July Peter Whalley Brian Mills 15,020,000 2
80 3878 Wednesday 5th July John Stevenson Brian Mills 13,920,000 3
81 3879 Friday 7th July Stephen Mallatratt Brian Mills 13,630,000 4
82 3880 Monday 10th July Stephen Lowe Gareth Morgan 14,610,000 1
83 3881 Wednesday 12th July Adele Rose Gareth Morgan 14,320,000 2
84 3882 Friday 14th July Barry Hill Gareth Morgan 13,990,000 3
85 3883 Monday 17th July Frank Cottrell Boyce John Michael Phillips 15,430,000 1
86 3884 Wednesday 19th July Martin Allen John Michael Phillips 13,930,000 2
87 3885 Friday 21st July Barry Hill John Michael Phillips 13,540,000 3
88 3886 Monday 24th July Julian Roach Mervyn Cumming 14,080,000 1
89 3887 Wednesday 26th July Sally Wainwright Mervyn Cumming 13,980,000 2
90 3888 Friday 28th July Peter Whalley Mervyn Cumming 13,180,000 3
91 3889 Monday 31st July Stephen Mallatratt Kay Patrick 14,090,000 1
92 3890 Wednesday 2nd August Adele Rose Kay Patrick 13,630,000 2
93 3891 Friday 4th August Patrea Smallacombe Kay Patrick 12,750,000 4
94 3892 Monday 7th August Phil Woods Brian Mills 14,210,000 1
95 3893 Wednesday 9th August Julian Roach Brian Mills 13,340,000 2
96 3894 Friday 11th August Adele Rose Brian Mills 12,660,000 3
97 3895 Monday 14th August John Stevenson John Michael Phillips 14,020,000 1
98 3896 Wednesday 16th August Martin Allen John Michael Phillips 13,390,000 2
99 3897 Friday 18th August Mark Wadlow John Michael Phillips 12,740,000 3
100 3898 Monday 21st August Tom Elliott Mervyn Cumming 14,020,000 2
101 3899 Wednesday 23rd August Stephen Lowe Mervyn Cumming 15,170,000 1
102 3900 Friday 25th August Peter Whalley Mervyn Cumming 13,650,000 3
103 3901 Monday 28th August Peter Whalley Kay Patrick 14,500,000 2
104 3902 Wednesday 30th August Julian Roach Kay Patrick 15,420,000 1
105 3903 Friday 1st September John Stevenson Kay Patrick 14,030,000 5
106 3904 Monday 4th September Phil Woods Brian Mills 15,720,000 2
107 3905 Wednesday 6th September Tom Elliott Brian Mills 15,780,000 1
108 3906 Friday 8th September Frank Cottrell Boyce Brian Mills 15,300,000 4
109 3907 Monday 11th September Patrea Smallacombe June Howson 14,740,000 5
110 3908 Wednesday 13th September Stephen Mallatratt June Howson 13,300,000 9
111 3909 Friday 15th September Barry Hill June Howson 16,200,000 2
112 3910 Monday 18th September Martin Allen Colin Cant 15,990,000 2
113 3911 Wednesday 20th September Mark Wadlow Colin Cant 15,920,000 3
114 3912 Friday 22nd September Peter Whalley Colin Cant 15,510,000 4
115 3913 Monday 25th September Julian Roach Kay Patrick 16,110,000 3
116 3914 Wednesday 27th September Tom Elliott Kay Patrick 15,500,000 4
117 3915 Friday 29th September Barry Hill Kay Patrick 16,400,000 1
118 3916 Monday 2nd October Phil Woods Brian Mills 16,510,000 3
119 3917 Wednesday 4th October Stephen Lowe Brian Mills 17,220,000 1
120 3918 Friday 6th October Patrea Smallacombe Brian Mills 17,220,000 1
121 3919 Monday 9th October Phil Woods June Howson 17,040,000 1
122 3920 Wednesday 11th October Adele Rose June Howson 16,870,000 3
123 3921 Friday 13th October Julian Roach June Howson 16,940,000 2
124 3922 Monday 16th October Stephen Mallatratt Colin Cant 19,220,000 1
125 3923 Wednesday 18th October Peter Whalley Colin Cant 16,380,000 4
126 3924 Friday 20th October John Stevenson Colin Cant 17,560,000 3
127 3925 Monday 23rd October Barry Hill Kay Patrick 18,170,000 1
128 3926 Wednesday 25th October Sally Wainwright Kay Patrick 17,740,000 4
129 3927 Friday 27th October Tom Elliott Kay Patrick 17,940,000 3
130 3928 Monday 30th October Sally Wainwright Brian Mills 18,060,000 1
131 3929 Wednesday 1st November Julian Roach Brian Mills 14,620,000 8
132 3930 Friday 3rd November Tom Elliott Brian Mills 17,530,000 2
133 3931 Monday 6th November Frank Cottrell Boyce Penelope Shales 17,850,000 3
134 3932 Wednesday 8th November Martin Allen Penelope Shales 17,870,000 2
135 3933 Friday 10th November Phil Woods Penelope Shales 17,770,000 4
136 3934 Monday 13th November John Stevenson Jon Woods 17,090,000 4
137 3935 Wednesday 15th November Peter Whalley Jon Woods 17,300,000 3
138 3936 Friday 17th November Adele Rose Jon Woods 17,660,000 2
139 3937 Monday 20th November Frank Cottrell Boyce John Michael Phillips 17,770,000 2
140 3938 Wednesday 22nd November Adele Rose John Michael Phillips 15,460,000 6
141 3939 Friday 24th November Sally Wainwright John Michael Phillips 15,470,000 5
142 3940 Monday 27th November Barry Hill Kay Patrick 17,120,000 1
143 3941 Wednesday 29th November Julian Roach Kay Patrick 16,880,000 2
144 3942 Friday 1st December Martin Allen Kay Patrick 16,500,000 4
145 3943 Monday 4th December Mark Wadlow Penelope Shales 17,720,000 2
146 3944 Wednesday 6th December Tom Elliott Penelope Shales 14,200,000 7
147 3945 Friday 8th December John Stevenson Penelope Shales 19,420,000 1
148 3946 Monday 11th December Barry Hill Jon Woods 18,190,000 1
149 3947 Wednesday 13th December Adele Rose Jon Woods 16,860,000 2
150 3948 Friday 15th December Stephen Mallatratt Jon Woods 16,620,000 3
151 3949 Monday 18th December Patrea Smallacombe John Michael Phillips 17,400,000 1
152 3950 Wednesday 20th December Martin Allen John Michael Phillips 17,300,000 2
153 3951 Friday 22nd December Peter Whalley John Michael Phillips 17,120,000 3
154 3952 Monday 25th December Julian Roach Brian Mills 12,780,000 13
155 3953 Wednesday 27th December Tom Elliott Brian Mills 17,550,000 2
156 3954 Friday 29th December John Stevenson Brian Mills 16,620,000 3



  • Raquel Wolstenhulme and Curly Watts hold an engagement party at which Raquel's ex-boyfriend Des Barnes shows up and asks her to marry him instead. Although she rejects him, Raquel realises that she only loves Curly as a friend and calls off the engagement. Curly is devastated and feels that Raquel was only with him to make Des jealous. After picking a fight with Des at Skinner's Bookies, he breaks down at Soopascoopa by shovelling kidney beans into Percy Sugden and Emily Bishop's basket. When he's reprimanded, he resigns from the food store.

Daniel Osbourne is born

  • Pregnant Denise Osbourne goes into labour at Jim's Cafe. Against Denise's wishes, Alma Baldwin informs the father, Ken Barlow. Denise eventually relects and calls Ken, who is by her side as she gives birth to Daniel. Afterwards, Denise declares that Daniel will be an "Osbourne" rather than a "Barlow", and upsets Ken by leaving his name off the birth certificate. Ken begins suffocating Denise again, making up a bed on her sofa for himself and never leaving her alone.
  • Clifford Duckworth gets his brother Jack to field calls for him at 9 Coronation Street. The calls come from a mystery woman. Jack also gets a black eye when a man mistakes him for Cliff and punches him. The woman, Cliff's wife Elsie Duckworth, shows up at No.9 to collect her husband, as Jack and Vera find out that his claims of having a fatal heart condition were made up.
  • Derek Wilton decides to get fit for his medical at Hawthornes. Norris Cole interests him in buying a "Mile Muncher" running machine, and Derek horrifies Mavis by purchasing one for £700. When Mavis tries out the machine in her court shoes, she is thrown off and suffers a concussion. Derek is unsympathetic until Martin Platt suggests suing Mile Muncher for damages.
  • Martin makes an effort with Nicky Platt by giving him a United team shirt.
  • Vicky Arden turns eighteen and inherits her parents' trust fund of £240,000.
  • Jim and Liz McDonald celebrate their 21st wedding anniversary.
  • Ken decides to buy 1 Coronation Street back from Mike Baldwin for his new family but Mike intends to rent it out. Out of spite, Mike also refuses to return Albert Tatlock's old furniture. Ken is able to let himself in and take the furniture after Emily gives him her own key. Mike responds by reporting Ken to the police, but the officer, PC Bathurst, is an ex-pupil of Ken's and declines to press charges. Mike attempts to provoke Ken into a fight at the Rovers Return by challenging him about his bastard son, but Bet Gilroy intervenes before things get ugly.
  • Tricia Armstrong enquires after Jim's Cafe flat for her and her son Jamie. As there's only one bedroom, Alma arranges with Mike for them to move into No.1 on a short-term tenancy instead.
  • Reg Holdsworth fixes Curly up with a new job under him as assistant manager at Firman's Freezers.
  • With Ivy Brennan still at a religious retreat, Don helps fare Josie Clarke look for her daughter and kindly lets her off when she's £2.50 short for her fare. She later tracks him down to repay him and they start seeing each other, with Don introducing her to the Rovers regulars.
  • Sean Skinner's divorce is finalised. While out celebrating, he offers Liz a job at the betting shop, an offer he later forgets making due to being drunk at the time. Nevertheless, Liz chases it up and gets taken on, keeping the Rovers on in the evenings. Working there makes Liz realise how much her son Steve is gambling. When she refuses to place his £300 bet, Des takes it instead and Liz is reprimanded by Sean. Concerned, Liz asks Steve's girlfriend Fiona Middleton to keep an eye on him, but Fiona relays her orders to Steve instead causing a row between mother and son. Liz resigns from the bookies, but returns following a show of support from Des.
  • Roger Crompton continues his friendship with Rita Sullivan but is put off when a jealous Mavis tells him that Rita can't have a platonic relationship with a man. Over lunch, he and Rita clear the air and agree that they only want companionship.
  • Andy McDonald considers selling his car as he can't afford to run it. Steve gives him enough from his gambling winnings to get it through its MOT.
  • Tracy Barlow visits Ken, expecting a generous cash present for her eighteenth birthday, but slams out after he only gives her £50.
  • Jack is accused of going out with Tricia when Jamie identifies him as the man his dad Carl thumped in March 1994.
  • Tricia tries to get taken on at the Rovers, but puts her foot in it by asking Bet to put in a good word with the "slab-faced" landlady.
  • Audrey Roberts regrets her decision to resign as Mayoress when she discovers that a royal is attending the upcoming County Hall bash. She nags Alf to take her, but Alf is adamant that her replacement, Betty Turpin, should have the honour.


  • Derek makes Mavis pretend that her injury is more serious as he stymies Norris's own investigation into the accident. When Rita warns Mavis that a court will find her at fault for wearing court shoes on the Mile Muncher, Mavis tries to make Derek drop the lawsuit idea, but he's already filed the compensation claim. In order to avoid going to court, Norris agrees to settle with the Wiltons, however their employer Angela Hawthorne orders Derek to drop the claim instead and he dutifully obeys his ex-wife.
  • Steve starts doing his gambling in other betting shops and tells his family that he's given up betting. However, he finds himself blacklisted at Billy Featherstone's shop after Sean spreads it about that Steve refused to settle the £2,000 owing on his account. When Fiona finds out that his credit card has been cut off, Steve admits that his debts run to £6,000 and they row over his lies. Steve proposes to Fiona, thinking she must really love him to stick with him when he's broke, but she refuses to marry him until he's paid his debts. Fiona convinces Steve to give up his Weatherfield Quays flat and arranges with Alma for them to move into Jim's Cafe flat.

Fred Elliott instructs his assistant and nephew Ashley Peacock

  • Audrey declares war on Alf and asks Fred Elliott to escort her as she branches out on her own as mayoress. At their first "engagement", Audrey re-organises the official opening of the South Weatherfield Leisure Centre so that Alf and Betty don't arrive in time. Alf decides to give in to spare himself further humiliation, but with Betty refusing to give ground, he's left with no option but to stay home and let the women attend the County Hall bash as mayoress and friend. Afterwards, Audrey is full of stories about meeting the princess but Betty admits to everyone that they hardly got near her.
  • Mike decides not to prosecute Ken over the stolen furniture.
  • Vicky drops out of school and tells Bet she plans to live off her inheritance. Bet doesn't approve, but is forced to accept her decision when Raquel warns her that Vicky is considering leaving Weatherfield as she's sick of Bet's bitchiness. When Alec Gilroy finds out, he blames Bet, leading Vicky to go to Southampton to put her grandfather straight.
  • Bet takes on Tricia as Rovers cleaner.
  • Liz gives up the Rovers when her job at Skinner's is made permanent. When Sean makes a pass at her, Liz turns him down, prompting Sean to order Des to fire her. However, Des refuses to do so without grounds, so Sean apologises to Liz and asks her to forget what happened.
  • Jon Welch enters the Weatherfield Federation of Hairdressers competition, with Raquel agreeing to model for him in exchange for six months' worth of free haircuts. He persuades Fiona to compete, with Steve as her model. On the day, Jon wins second prize and Fiona gets a special commendation.
  • Josie begins to look after Don by doing his laundry and cleaning. Vera, as Ivy's oldest friend, is disgusted to see Don with another woman.
  • Vera befriends Tricia when she hears that her estranged husband Carl Armstrong used to knock her about. She decides to matchmake her with Curly, inviting them both to No.9 for tea. The evening goes well but Curly is alarmed when Jamie advises him to take precautions when seeing his mother.
  • Jamie takes an interest in Jack's pigeons and the two start to bond.
  • Martin writes his thesis at No.7, where he's disturbed by Tricia borrowing tea. Gail walks in on them and when word reaches Alf that they were alone together in the house, he quizzes Martin about how things are with Gail. Later, when Martin sees Alf kissing Rita on her birthday and makes a jokey comment, Alf uncharacteristically flies off the handle. Alf later explains his coldness to Martin, revealing that he saw him kiss nurse Cathy Power at Weatherfield General on Christmas Day.
  • Reg and Curly react to the news that Firman's is being taken over by American Edibles. Reg panics when Norris tells him that they have a reputation for sacking anyone over forty.
  • When Alec offers Vicky a free three-week cruise holiday to North Africa for two, she invites Bet along. Bet asks Raquel to run the Rovers in her absence, but Raquel isn't convinced that she's up to the challenge and stalls Bet, resulting in her being passed over in favour of brewery-appointed Rodney Bostock, a retired policeman.
  • Maureen Holdsworth gets fed up when the Corner Shop van keeps breaking down.
  • The Wiltons and Norris are invited to dinner by Angela Hawthorne. When Angela makes a play for Norris, Derek advises him to be masterful, delighting in the thought that she'll eat him alive.
  • Maureen wonders what Reg is up to when a mystery man keeps phoning and doesn't leave a message.
  • Rodney agrees to a lock-in after-hours at the pub, at Jack's suggestion. However, all of Jack's friends prove too busy and Jack has a miserable night listening to Rodney playing his trombone.


  • Reg has a £300 hairpiece fitted in order to give himself a more youthful appearance for the Americans. At first, he only wears the wig at work and hides it from Maureen. When the van breaks down again, Maureen drives Reg's car and pulls down the sun visor, causing the hairpiece to fall onto her lap. Coming clean, Reg is met with support from Maureen, while Maud Grimes mocks him for being too scared to wear the toupee in public. Reg braves the Rovers and begins wearing the hairpiece regularly, even purchasing another one with longer hair to make it seem his hair is growing.

Martin confesses to his fling with nurse Cathy Power

  • Alf fills Audrey in on Martin's illicit kiss. When Martin begs Alf to keep quiet about what he saw, the Roberts become worried that there was more to it, with Alf warning Martin that secrets always find their way out. Martin then confesses to Gail that he was unfaithful to her but tells her it only happened once and meant nothing. Afterwards, Gail falls into a depression and refuses to let Martin touch her. Trying to comfort her daughter, Audrey gives away the fact that she and Alf knew, causing Gail to become further embittered. Meanwhile, Nicky and Martin have a bust-up over Martin's fling, with Martin telling Nicky that he started everything by hating him. Nicky leaves No.8 and tries to stay with Don before he along with Sarah Louise and David are taken in by the Robertses, in order for Gail and Martin to have time alone. As she considers whether to forgive Martin, Gail tracks down Cathy and is shocked to find that she isn't bothered she slept with a married man.
  • Jack reluctantly baby-sits Jamie while Tricia goes out with Curly. Worn out by the lad's pranks, Jack nevertheless enjoys himself and promises Jamie a newborn pigeon the next time one hatches.
  • Josie assumes that Don is going off her after he refuses to let her stay the night at No.5. Don explains that he isn't ready for a sexual relationship and they agree to continue as friends. When he hears that Josie has been talking to Denise, Don makes her aware that he stalked Denise over the phone in 1993. Although shocked, Josie carries on seeing him.
  • Percy looks after Rosie Webster to help Sally out.
  • Jack fears Rodney is carrying out a time and motion study at the Rovers when he helps out with the cellar work. In protest, Jack throws the beer away, telling Rodney the customers are complaining about the taste.
  • Steve and Fiona move into the cafe flat. Collecting the £500 deposit money from the Quays flat, Steve spends it at the dogs and wins £300. However, Sean sees him win and takes the £800 off him to pay off some of his debt. Fiona doesn't trust Steve to balance the books, especially when his credit card is cut up at an expensive restaurant. When Billy Featherstone demands Steve settle his debt with him, Steve reports Sean to the police for robbing him in the hope of getting the £800 back. Sean explains to the police that it was a gambling debt and gives Des's name as a witness. However, Des fails to back up his story, forcing Sean to let to Steve pay off his debt at £20 a week in exchange for him dropping the charges.
  • Alma receives a £2,000 inheritance after her ex-husband Jim Sedgewick passes away and shocks Mike by buying a sports car. Thinking she must have been swindled, Mike clears the car with an agency, causing Alma to retaliate by having Mike's Mercedes checked out. They're amazed to discover that the Merc is stolen, and Mike immediately puts the vehicle up for sale.
  • Norris's relationship with Angela is going well, much to Derek's chagrin.
  • Rodney decides to liven the Rovers up with a karaoke evening. Denise, Fiona, Jon, and Reg have turns on the karaoke machine, but a returning Bet steals the show with "What Do You Want to Make Those Eyes at Me For?". Smitten with Bet, Rodney calls on her with flowers.
  • Reg tells Maureen that he doesn't want to mark his birthday and is disappointed when she takes him at his word and doesn't buy a present.
  • Ken grows tired of being a baby-sitter for his own son. When he finds out that Denise went out with Jon, he tells her he's seeing a solicitor and getting full rights to Daniel.
  • Vicky decides to give up on her dream of running a stables and invests £2,000 in Steve's deal with Costello's Club. Steve doesn't tell Fiona about the arrangement.
  • The Americans arrive to look over Firman's Freezers. Afraid that one of them will lose their job when the deal goes through, Reg and Curly nobble each other, with Reg talking Curly into meeting Brad Martin without his glasses and Curly failing to warn Reg that Brad is touchy about his wig. They both make a terrible impression but fortunately the Americans pull out of the deal anyway.
  • Tracy is rushed to hospital after taking bad Ecstasy. As Ken waits for Tracy to wake from a coma, her mother Deirdre Rachid arrives from Morocco. Ken lets Deirdre live at No.12 while in the UK but is shocked when Denise refuses to allow him to live with her temporarily. Tracy awakens from her coma as Deirdre repairs her friendship with Emily.
  • Raquel lets Curly know that Tricia has been seeing Sean. Curly finishes with Tricia.


Mike has a fight on his hands to evict Tricia

  • Reminded of his promise to give Deirdre any profit he makes on No.1, Mike puts the house up for sale and tells Tricia to move out. Tricia refuses to leave, citing her rights as a sitting tenant, and she and Jamie rip up the "For Sale" sign.
  • Gail goes back to work but remains deeply unhappy. At Martin and Alma's urging, she sees a doctor and is prescribed anti-depressants. Martin considers leaving Gail as he gets sick of waiting for her to decide whether they have a future together.
  • As Tracy recovers in hospital, Ken and Deirdre are informed that her kidneys are damaged and she'll be on dialysis until a donor is found. Tracy falls into a depression upon being told. Meanwhile, Samir Rachid arrives in the country as Deirdre extends her stay until Tracy is better. When Deirdre announces her intention to give Tracy one of her kidneys, Samir is unsupportive due to the immense risk to her and the fact that even if it goes well, it would make them unable to have children. Deirdre is tested but is found to be incompatible. While Deirdre attempts to track down Tracy's biological father Ray Langton to test him for compatibility, Ken puts himself forward as a donor, causing friction between Deirdre and a jealous Samir. When Ken is also rejected, Samir decides to get tested to please Deirdre.
  • Ken sees a solicitor about Daniel but is told he has no rights as he's not named as the baby's father. Forced to reach an agreement with Denise, Ken gives her a letter outlining his requests concerning access and his say over Daniel's future.
  • Rodney decides to buy Mike's Mercedes to impress Bet. Taking Tricia out to the country on a test drive, he does a check on the vehicle using his police contacts and discovers it's stolen. Desperate to sell, Mike offers Rodney half price for the car if he doesn't go to the police but he already has. Mike is questioned and released without charge, having purchased the vehicle in good faith, but the police seize the car leaving him £9,000 out of pocket.
  • Bet puts Ken up at the Rovers while the Rachids are using No.12, refusing to take no for an answer.
  • The Mayor of Charleville, Valery Picot, makes an official visit to Weatherfield, staying with the Roberts at Grasmere Drive. Due to a series of misunderstandings, Valery comes to believe that Betty is Alf's mistress and the Rovers is a brothel. When a charmed Audrey tries to get herself invited to a Town Hall dinner as Valery's escort, Valery thinks she's offering herself to him and turns her down, having already secured Raquel's services for the occasion. He again gets the wrong idea when Raquel tells him that she's a model known for hand jobs, and after the dinner he tries to get into her bedroom, only to be baffled when she rebuffs him. Meanwhile, a rejected Audrey invites ex-Mayoral Rolls driver Brian Bowes for a drink to make Alf jealous. After the Town Hall dinner, Alf returns to the Rovers and catches Audrey flirting with Brian.
  • The print shop, renamed Dun 2 A T, finishes the Costello order with Steve collecting a cheque from Nick Gerrity. Vicky then agrees to invest a further £1,500 on the condition that Steve enters into a business partnership with her. Steve manages to convince Fiona that the partnership with his ex-girlfriend is just business, while Andy warns his brother about messing both women around. Due to Costello's going bust, Gerrity's cheque bounces and Vicky is left out of pocket. Putting it down to experience, Vicky drops Steve and signs up for a business administration course at the Community College.
  • Des is down on his thirtieth birthday.
  • Fiona qualifies as a stylist.
  • The Duckworths join Don and Josie at the theatre, after which Don and Josie spend the night together for the first time.
  • Derek buys a couple of gnomes for the Wiltons' garden. Norris laughs at the gnomes when he visits Derek to show off his new watch from Angela.
  • Jon continues to pursue Denise. When Denise begins to open up to him, Jon kisses her only to be firmly rejected. Feeling misled, Jon tells Denise she's sick for the way she treats men and quits the salon. Following his departure, Denise begins rowing with Fiona at the salon. Eventually, Denise leaves the street with Daniel, telling Fiona that she can't cope anymore.
  • Sean sorts out a lease for a new betting shop in Fallowfield.
  • Jack books a caravan holiday in Mold, where he was evacuated during the war. The Duckworths' grandson Tommy arrives to stay ahead of the excursion. Jack agrees to let Jamie look after his pigeons while he's away.


  • Fiona calls in her friend Maxine Heavey to help out at the salon as she soldiers on single-handedly. As Denise continues to stay away, Maxine encourages Fiona to pocket the takings rather than put them through the till but Fiona remains loyal to her employer.
  • Vera throws a party for Tommy and allows Des to take her grandson out for the day. Des enjoys it when Tommy is mistaken for his son.
  • A moody Tracy is discharged from hospital and moves into No.12. The flat proves to be a tight squeeze for the three of them and Deirdre arranges for her and Samir to stay at No.11, with Ken moving back into No.12 to look after Tracy and Andy taking Des's spare room at No.6.
  • Samir's initial tests show that he is a match for Tracy, much to everyone's surprise. While he awaits further tests, the Barlows keep Tracy in the dark so as not to get her hopes up. Unaware of Samir's sacrifice, she continues to needle him for marrying Deirdre. While Samir presses ahead with becoming a donor, he admits to Jim that he only put himself forward as he didn't think he'd be compatible, and now he feels obliged to carry on with the operation. Final tests prove positive, and Tracy is told that Samir will be her donor. At a counselling session, Samir convinces Tracy of his love for Deirdre and they finally start to get along. As the operation nears, Deirdre and Samir start making plans to remain in Weatherfield. The day then arrives and Samir chooses to walk to the hospital on his own to prepare himself for surgery. On the way, he bumps into a gang of youths who make racial slurs at him.
  • Vicky begins pursuing Steve again, offering to invest more money if she has total responsibility over the finances. Together they buy a paper company, Dalmation Consolidated Holdings, with Vicky putting up the cash. Vicky then plans a business trip to Dublin with Steve to secure a contract with Red Ferret Records. Meanwhile, Fiona becomes increasingly convinced that Vicky has designs on Steve. When the couple return having landed the contract, Vicky tells Andy that she intends to have Steve.
  • While Steve and Vicky are in Ireland, a heavy, Denny Bull, calls at Steve and Fiona's flat and smashes furniture as a warning for Steve to pay his debts. Fiona is terrified but Steve shows little concern upon his return. She's grateful when Andy lends her a sympathetic ear.
  • Fiona gives Ken Denise's address in Macclesfield and he goes to see her and Daniel to make sure they're all right. Surprised that he didn't take the opportunity to pressure her over access, Denise decides to return to Weatherfield and give a proper relationship a try in order to give Daniel stability. However, Ken turns her down, as he feels she'll change her mind again. After a pep talk from Bet, Denise convinces Ken that she really does want him and they are reconciled.
  • Arthur the gnome goes missing from the Wiltons' garden. Derek and Mavis realise they're being pranked when they receive a postcard from Arthur in Eastbourne. The mystery deepens when, weeks later, the gnome re-appears.
  • After passing his nursing exams, Martin takes the Platts away to a caravan in Mold. Arriving at the site, the family discover they're in the caravan next to the Duckworths'. Vera volunteers Jack to baby-sit the Platt children, which he gets around by playing hide and seek with them and "hiding" miles away. Returning at midnight after a sing-song at the local pub, Jack can't find his own caravan and spends the night under the Platts'. Seeing Jack and Vera bickering the next morning makes Gail realise what she's got with Martin and they patch up their marriage.
  • Don and Josie's plans for an intimate weekend are thwarted when Nicky arrives to stay with them while the Platts are away. While there, Nicky skives off school with his girlfriend Melanie Hesketh. Josie catches them snogging at No.5 and Don warns Nicky about skipping school.
  • Maxine makes a play for Des, finding him attractive.
  • The fiftieth anniversary of VE Day arrives. At the Rovers, Betty is reunited with her old flame Billy Williams when he recreates a pub crawl from five decades ago. He begins to romance her again, taking Betty dancing at the Ritz Ballroom. She is shocked when Billy tells that her he wrote to her in 1945 proposing marriage, but the letter never reached her.
  • Tricia is pleased to be given bar work at the Rovers, but resigns when Bet docks her pay for her continued lateness. Raquel is forced to do the cleaning at the pub.
  • Alf and Betty's term of office comes to an end.
  • Alma and Audrey go shopping in Southport, where they meet a couple of men in the guise of a fashion buyer and caterer. Gareth Jenkins asks Alma to look over his pub, The Wheatsheaf. Keen to see Jeff Bryant again, Audrey rings Gareth on Alma's behalf, forcing Alma to make an appointment to see his pub so that she can go along. There, Gareth asks Alma to make up a sample menu and Alma decides to take the job to prove to Mike that she is a good businesswoman.
  • Maureen and Maud go down with gastroenteritis. Reg pushes Maureen into work while she's sick before employing Tricia to help out. Maud gives Tricia her approval when she calls her a misereable old hag for giving her a hard time.
  • Jim fixes up his old motorbike in the yard, with Jamie giving a hand. Jim returns the favour by taking Jamie along on a chauffeuring job.

Audrey spreads the good news

  • The Prime Minister writes to Alf offering him an OBE. Against Alf's wishes, a proud Audrey announces it to all the Rovers regulars.

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