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1994 was Coronation Street's thirty-fifth year.

Main characters

Ranking Character Played by Duration Number of Episodes Running total Previous year's ranking
1Gail PlattHelen WorthFull year11714116
2Raquel WolstenhulmeSarah LancashireFull year1133654
3Curly WattsKevin KennedyFull year1108362
4Rita SullivanBarbara KnoxFull year109170111
5Mavis WiltonThelma BarlowFull year10415366
6Alma BaldwinAmanda BarrieFull year10255811
7Maureen Naylor/HoldsworthSherrie HewsonFull year10016629
8Bet GilroyJulie GoodyearFull year93190620
8Liz McDonaldBeverley CallardFull year934925
10Des BarnesPhilip MiddlemissFull year9240419
11Ken BarlowWilliam RoacheFull year91234421
11Reg HoldsworthKen MorleyFull year9133822
11Steve McDonaldSimon GregsonFull year9136314
11Tanya PooleyEva PopeUntil September9114235
15Mike BaldwinJohnny BriggsFull year86122024
15Denise OsbourneDenise BlackFull year8617718
15Derek WiltonPeter BaldwinFull year8655832
18Betty TurpinBetty DriverFull year84179922
19Maud GrimesElizabeth BradleyFull year829845
19Audrey RobertsSue NichollsFull year827949
21Vera DuckworthElizabeth DawnFull year81114216
22Jack DuckworthWilliam TarmeyFull year7910221
22Jim McDonaldCharles LawsonFull year794416
22Andy McDonaldNicholas CochraneFull year7933025
25Emily BishopEileen DerbyshireFull year78206614
25Percy SugdenBill WaddingtonFull year7879826
27Martin PlattSean WilsonFull year7762037
28Fiona MiddletonAngela GriffinFull year7210841
28Kevin WebsterMichael Le VellFull year7280013
30Don BrennanGeoff HinsliffFull year6950926
31Sally WebsterSally WhittakerFull year6767016
32Deirdre Barlow/RachidAnne KirkbrideFrom May6314973
33Alf RobertsBryan MosleyFull year6216039
34Charlie WhelanJohn St. RyanUntil October575949
35David PlattThomas OrmsonFull year5523338
36Nicky/Nick PlattWarren JacksonFull year5448540
37Rosie WebsterEmma CollingeFull year4921430
38Sarah Louise PlattLynsay KingFull year4227444
38Samir RachidAl NedjariFrom August4242 -
40Vicky ArdenChloe NewsomeFull year2811543
41Ivy BrennanLynne PerrieUntil March19116733
41Norris ColeMalcolm HebdenMarch to April and October to November1919 -
43Sean SkinnerTerence HillyerFrom August1616 -
44Mark RedmanChris CookJanuary, April and August126242
45Tracy BarlowDawn ActonFrom September955334
46Tricia ArmstrongTracy BrabinMarch only66 -
47Tommy DuckworthDarryl EdwardsJuly only510226
47Fred ElliottJohn SavidentAugust to September55 -
47Sophie WebsterAshleigh MiddletonFrom November55 -
50Phyllis PearceJill SummersDecember only245836
50Jamie ArmstrongJoseph GilgunMarch only22 -


Reg maureen wedding

Reg and Maureen make it to the altar

Carolyn Reynolds's last three episodes as producer were shown in January. Tony Wood, who would later produce Coronation Street from 2004 to 2006, served as a short-term replacement until Sue Pritchard took over the position beginning with Episode 3650 on 24th January. Reynolds remained with the programme as its executive producer. For the first time, both Coronation Street's producer and executive producer were women.

Writers had struggled with the character of Ivy Brennan for a number of years, leading to Ivy being led down, according to Carolyn Reynolds, "very narrow routes in terms of stories" (The Coronation Street Story, 1995). In consideration of Lynne Perrie's personal issues, including a drinking problem, Reynolds decided to dismiss Perrie from her role after 23 years. Tabloids speculated that the true reason for the sacking was that the producers were angered when Perrie dramatically changed her appearance with cosmetic surgery, getting collagen implants to create fuller lips. However, in contemporary and subsequent interviews Perrie and Reynolds denied this was a factor in her dismissal. Ivy wasn't given an exit, and left Weatherfield for a religious retreat four months after her last appearance in March.

Bettabuy was phased out, making its final appearance in October when manager Curly Watts was confronted with a file of sexual harassment claims against him and fired. It was replaced as a continuing supermarket setting by Firman's Freezers the following year.

Location shooting took place in Normandy as Percy Sugden, Maud Grimes and Maureen Holdsworth visited the soldiers' graves on the fiftieth anniversary of D-Day. Two months later, Weatherfield's twin town Charleville made its only appearance in the programme, although no shooting in France took place to stand in for the fictional town. On the continent for a pudding contest, the mayor and mayoress Alf and Audrey Roberts were accompanied by Fred Elliott, with John Savident making his first appearance as the vain, overweight butcher.

Other actors joining the programme in 1994 included Malcolm Hebden as Norris Cole, whose initial role as the recurring nemesis of Derek Wilton continued until 1997, Ashleigh Middleton as Sophie Webster, Kevin and Sally Webster's second-born, and Tracy Brabin and Joseph Gilgun as single mother Tricia Armstrong and her mischievous 10-year-old son Jamie. Meanwhile, exits other than Lynne Perrie's included Eva Pope and John St. Ryan as Tanya Pooley and Charlie Whelan.

Anne Kirkbride returned in May after her successful treatment for non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma. Her first storyline upon her return saw Deirdre Barlow find love with 21-year-old Moroccan waiter Samir Rachid, with Al Nedjari joining the cast three days after leaving drama school. Dawn Acton also returned as Tracy Barlow in September after a nine-month absence, while Jill Summers returned in December after a year away.

Viewing figures

1994 ratings

Ratings chart for the year

The second hour-long edition of Coronation Street was shown on 18th April. As with Episode 3406 on 6th July 1992, it was made as two separate episodes which were shown together to dent BBC One's 8.00pm offering. On 11th April, EastEnders had launched its third weekly episode, transmitted on Mondays at 8.00pm, causing ITV to employ scheduling tactics similar to those used when Eldorado began two years earlier. For the first time, Coronation Street and EastEnders were shown head-to-head (albeit with Coronation Street having a 30-minute head-start). The resulting ratings for the sections of the episodes shown opposite each other were 14.9 million viewers for Coronation Street and 8.1 million viewers for EastEnders.

Again, only omnibus figures are available for this year. Ratings fell for the second year in a row, although the average of 16.44 million viewers represented a drop of only 2.2% on 1993, compared with 1993's drop of 8.3% on 1992. Ratings were broadly in line with 1993 except in January and February when they were down by over a million viewers. June to October saw small increases on the same months in 1993.

The most-watched episode of the year was Episode 3659 on 14th February with 19.68 million viewers. This was the first year since the launch of the omnibus that Coronation Street didn't cross twenty million viewers. 46 episodes reached number one in the ratings, a drop of five from 1993.


# Ep.
Date Writer Director Viewing
(With omnibus)
13641Monday 3rd JanuaryBarry HillJeremy Summers16,300,0007
23642Wednesday 5th JanuaryMartin AllenJeremy Summers17,700,0002
33643Friday 7th JanuaryStephen MallatrattJeremy Summers19,310,0001
43644Monday 10th JanuaryJohn StevensonDavid Penn19,040,0002
53645Wednesday 12th JanuaryAdele RoseDavid Penn17,710,0003
63646Friday 14th JanuaryPeter WhalleyDavid Penn19,430,0001
73647Monday 17th JanuaryPeter WhalleyRomey Allison19,070,0001
83648Wednesday 19th JanuaryBarry HillRomey Allison17,160,0003
93649Friday 21st JanuaryPhil WoodsRomey Allison18,530,0002
103650Monday 24th JanuaryJulian RoachBrian Mills18,950,0002
113651Wednesday 26th JanuaryMark WadlowBrian Mills19,310,0001
123652Friday 28th JanuaryAdele RoseBrian Mills18,620,0003
133653Monday 31st JanuaryStephen MallatrattJeremy Summers18,840,0001
143654Wednesday 2nd FebruaryFrank Cottrell BoyceJeremy Summers17,990,0003
153655Friday 4th FebruaryJohn StevensonJeremy Summers18,420,0002
163656Monday 7th FebruaryMark WadlowNicholas Ferguson18,780,0001
173657Wednesday 9th FebruaryAdele RoseNicholas Ferguson16,850,0003
183658Friday 11th FebruaryPeter WhalleyRobert Khodadad18,610,0002
193659Monday 14th FebruaryTom ElliottRomey Allison19,680,0001
203660Wednesday 16th FebruaryJulian RoachRomey Allison17,590,0002
213661Friday 18th FebruaryPatrea SmallacombeRomey Allison16,360,0005
223662Monday 21st FebruaryJohn StevensonBrian Mills18,590,0002
233663Wednesday 23rd FebruaryBarry HillBrian Mills17,490,0004
243664Friday 25th FebruaryPhil WoodsBrian Mills18,140,0003
253665Monday 28th FebruaryPhil WoodsJeremy Summers17,990,0003
263666Wednesday 2nd MarchFrank Cottrell BoyceJeremy Summers18,120,0002
273667Friday 4th MarchPaul AbbottJeremy Summers18,160,0001
283668Monday 7th MarchPatrea SmallacombeRobert Khodadad18,610,0001
293669Wednesday 9th MarchPeter WhalleyRobert Khodadad18,550,0002
303670Friday 11th MarchJohn StevensonRobert Khodadad17,960,0003
313671Monday 14th MarchStephen MallatrattCharles Lauder18,660,0001
323672Wednesday 16th MarchAdele RoseCharles Lauder17,990,0003
333673Friday 18th MarchTom ElliottCharles Lauder18,540,0002
343674Monday 21st MarchStephen MallatrattBrian Mills18,720,0001
353675Wednesday 23rd MarchMartin AllenBrian Mills18,710,0002
363676Friday 25th MarchMark WadlowBrian Mills17,360,0003
373677Monday 28th MarchJulian RoachJulian Farino17,780,0001
383678Wednesday 30th MarchJohn StevensonJulian Farino16,980,0002
393679Friday 1st AprilFrank Cottrell BoyceJulian Farino14,120,0003
403680Monday 4th AprilPeter WhalleyRobert Khodadad17,510,0003
413681Wednesday 6th AprilBarry HillRobert Khodadad17,780,0001
423682Friday 8th AprilPhil WoodsRobert Khodadad17,620,0002
433683Monday 11th AprilMartin AllenCharles Lauder16,060,0004
443684Wednesday 13th AprilBarry HillCharles Lauder16,720,0002
453685Friday 15th AprilStephen MallatrattCharles Lauder17,100,0001
463686Monday 18th AprilJulian Roach
John Stevenson
Brian Mills16,360,0003
473688Wednesday 20th AprilAdele RoseBrian Mills17,640,0001
483689Friday 22nd AprilMark WadlowJulian Farino16,400,0002
493690Monday 25th AprilPeter WhalleyJulian Farino17,160,0001
503691Wednesday 27th AprilPeter WhalleyJulian Farino13,330,0005
513692Friday 29th AprilStephen MallatrattRobert Khodadad14,670,0002
523693Monday 2nd MayKen BlakesonRobert Khodadad13,240,0006
533694Wednesday 4th MayFrank Cottrell BoyceRobert Khodadad13,660,0005
543695Friday 6th MayBarry HillDavid Penn15,740,0001
553696Monday 9th MayPeter WhalleyDavid Penn15,350,0002
563697Wednesday 11th MayPhil WoodsDavid Penn16,380,0001
573698Friday 13th MayAdele RoseBrian Mills15,270,0003
583699Monday 16th MayJohn StevensonBrian Mills16,520,0001
593700Wednesday 18th MayTom ElliottBrian Mills14,890,0003
603701Friday 20th MayTom ElliottJulian Farino16,110,0002
613702Monday 23rd MayPatrea SmallacombeJulian Farino16,340,0002
623703Wednesday 25th MayStephen MallatrattJulian Farino16,420,0001
633704Friday 27th MayMartin AllenRobert Khodadad15,550,0003
643705Monday 30th MayKen BlakesonRobert Khodadad15,320,0003
653706Wednesday 1st JuneBarry HillRobert Khodadad16,160,0002
663707Friday 3rd JuneJohn StevensonDavid Penn16,430,0001
673708Monday 6th JuneJulian RoachDavid Penn14,960,0002
683709Wednesday 8th JunePeter WhalleyDavid Penn16,230,0001
693710Friday 10th JuneStephen MallatrattMichael Kerrigan14,720,0003
703711Monday 13th JuneMark WadlowMichael Kerrigan14,200,0002
713712Wednesday 15th JunePatrea SmallacombeMichael Kerrigan15,100,0001
723713Friday 17th JunePhil WoodsGareth Morgan13,030,0004
733714Monday 20th JuneStephen LoweGareth Morgan14,770,0002
743715Wednesday 22nd JuneFrank Cottrell BoyceGareth Morgan13,940,0003
753716Friday 24th JuneAdele RoseRobert Khodadad15,090,0001
763717Monday 27th JunePeter WhalleyRobert Khodadad13,890,0003
773718Wednesday 29th JuneJohn StevensonRobert Khodadad16,530,0001
783719Friday 1st JulyJulian RoachDavid Penn15,300,0002
793720Monday 4th JulyPatrea SmallacombeDavid Penn
Mervyn Cumming
803721Wednesday 6th JulyBarry HillDavid Penn
Mervyn Cumming
813722Friday 8th JulyFrank Cottrell BoyceBrian Mills
Mervyn Cumming
823723Monday 11th JulyJohn StevensonBrian Mills
Mervyn Cumming
833724Wednesday 13th JulyPeter WhalleyBrian Mills
Mervyn Cumming
843725Friday 15th JulyAdele RoseMichael Kerrigan
Mervyn Cumming
853726Monday 18th JulyMartin AllenMichael Kerrigan15,500,0001
863727Wednesday 20th JulyStephen MallatrattMichael Kerrigan
Mervyn Cumming
873728Friday 22nd JulyStephen MallatrattGareth Morgan13,710,0003
883729Monday 25th JulyPhil WoodsGareth Morgan15,340,0001
893730Wednesday 27th JulyPeter WhalleyGareth Morgan14,820,0002
903731Friday 29th JulyMark WadlowMervyn Cumming13,570,0003
913732Monday 1st AugustAdele RoseMervyn Cumming15,830,0001
923733Wednesday 3rd AugustMartin AllenMervyn Cumming15,090,0002
933734Friday 5th AugustJohn StevensonJohn Michael Phillips13,690,0003
943735Monday 8th AugustPatrea SmallacombeJohn Michael Phillips14,980,0002
953736Wednesday 10th AugustBarry HillJohn Michael Phillips16,770,0001
963737Friday 12th AugustMark WadlowBrian Mills14,220,0003
973738Monday 15th AugustPeter WhalleyBrian Mills14,950,0002
983739Wednesday 17th AugustMartin AllenBrian Mills15,920,0001
993740Friday 19th AugustStephen LoweBrian Mills13,720,0003
1003741Monday 22nd AugustPhil WoodsGareth Morgan15,090,0002
1013742Wednesday 24th AugustAdele RoseSimon Massey15,830,0001
1023743Friday 26th AugustStephen MallatrattSimon Massey12,840,0003
1033744Monday 29th AugustStephen MallatrattMervyn Cumming14,770,0004
1043745Wednesday 31st AugustJohn StevensonMervyn Cumming16,350,0001
1053746Friday 2nd SeptemberBarry HillMervyn Cumming14,470,0005
1063747Monday 5th SeptemberFrank Cottrell BoyceMichael Owen Morris15,840,0001
1073748Wednesday 7th SeptemberBarry HillMichael Owen Morris13,710,0005
1083749Friday 9th SeptemberStephen LoweMichael Owen Morris15,710,0002
1093750Monday 12th SeptemberMark WadlowBrian Mills16,260,0001
1103751Wednesday 14th SeptemberStephen MallatrattBrian Mills15,330,0004
1113752Friday 16th SeptemberAdele RoseBrian Mills16,070,0002
1123753Monday 19th SeptemberJohn StevensonSimon Massey17,490,0001
1133754Wednesday 21st SeptemberPatrea SmallacombeSimon Massey16,380,0003
1143755Friday 23rd SeptemberPeter WhalleySimon Massey16,640,0002
1153756Monday 26th SeptemberPatrea SmallacombeMervyn Cumming17,320,0001
1163757Wednesday 28th SeptemberMartin AllenMervyn Cumming15,580,0004
1173758Friday 30th SeptemberPeter WhalleyMervyn Cumming16,340,0003
1183759Monday 3rd OctoberSally WainwrightMichael Owen Morris17,440,0001
1193760Wednesday 5th OctoberFrank Cottrell BoyceMichael Owen Morris16,460,0002
1203761Friday 7th OctoberStephen MallatrattMichael Owen Morris16,290,0003
1213762Monday 10th OctoberPhil WoodsBrian Mills16,620,0002
1223763Wednesday 12th OctoberStephen LoweBrian Mills17,400,0001
1233764Friday 14th OctoberStephen LoweBrian Mills16,480,0003
1243765Monday 17th OctoberStephen MallatrattSimon Massey17,280,0001
1253766Wednesday 19th OctoberFrank Cottrell BoyceSimon Massey16,780,0003
1263767Friday 21st OctoberPhil WoodsSimon Massey17,220,0002
1273768Monday 24th OctoberAdele RoseJohn Gorrie17,830,0003
1283769Wednesday 26th OctoberMartin AllenJohn Gorrie17,020,0005
1293770Friday 28th OctoberJohn StevensonJohn Gorrie17,370,0004
1303771Monday 31st OctoberBarry HillMichael Owen Morris16,850,0004
1313772Wednesday 2nd NovemberStephen LoweMichael Owen Morris14,590,0008
1323773Friday 4th NovemberPeter WhalleyMichael Owen Morris17,050,0003
1333774Monday 7th NovemberPeter WhalleyBrian Mills18,100,0002
1343775Wednesday 9th NovemberPatrea SmallacombeBrian Mills18,810,0001
1353776Friday 11th NovemberJohn StevensonBrian Mills17,400,0004
1363777Monday 14th NovemberKen BlakesonSimon Massey17,510,0004
1373778Wednesday 16th NovemberBarry HillSimon Massey17,580,0003
1383779Friday 18th NovemberMark WadlowSimon Massey17,140,0006
1393780Monday 21st NovemberStephen LoweJohn Gorrie17,500,0002
1403781Wednesday 23rd NovemberFrank Cottrell BoyceJohn Gorrie14,920,0009
1413782Friday 25th NovemberAdele RoseJohn Gorrie17,060,0004
1423783Monday 28th NovemberBarry HillTim Dowd17,600,0002
1433784Wednesday 30th NovemberPatrea SmallacombeTim Dowd17,650,0001
1443785Friday 2nd DecemberFrank Cottrell BoyceTim Dowd16,840,0003
1453786Monday 5th DecemberMark WadlowBrian Mills17,500,0001
1463787Wednesday 7th DecemberKen BlakesonBrian Mills15,120,00010
1473788Friday 9th DecemberPeter WhalleyBrian Mills16,670,0003
1483789Monday 12th DecemberSally WainwrightKay Patrick17,500,0001
1493790Wednesday 14th DecemberJohn StevensonKay Patrick16,340,0003
1503791Friday 16th DecemberAdele RoseKay Patrick16,350,0002
1513792Monday 19th DecemberAdele RoseMichael Kerrigan17,680,0001
1523793Wednesday 21st DecemberSally WainwrightMichael Kerrigan16,480,0003
1533794Friday 23rd DecemberTom ElliottMichael Kerrigan17,610,0002
1543795Sunday 25th DecemberJohn StevensonTim Dowd12,380,00018
1553796Monday 26th DecemberPeter WhalleyTim Dowd12,530,00016
1563797Wednesday 28th DecemberPatrea SmallacombeTim Dowd15,430,0004
1573798Friday 30th DecemberPhil WoodsTim Dowd17,150,0002


Who lives where

Coronation Street

Rosamund Street


Coronation Street in the 1990s
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