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1992 was Coronation Street's thirty-third year.

Main characters

Ranking Character Played by Duration Number of Episodes Running total Previous year's ranking
1Gail PlattHelen WorthFull year12912025
2Raquel WolstenhulmeSarah LancashireFull year12515340
3Jack DuckworthWilliam TarmeyFull year1218411
3Mavis WiltonThelma BarlowFull year12113408
5Vera DuckworthElizabeth DawnFull year1139785
6Rita Fairclough/SullivanBarbara KnoxFull year108150314
7Curly WattsKevin KennedyFull year10662515
7Derek WiltonPeter BaldwinFull year10641225
9Bet GilroyJulie GoodyearFull year9617364
10Martin PlattSean WilsonFull year9549320
10Alma Sedgewick/BaldwinAmanda BarrieFull year953677
12Liz McDonaldBeverley CallardFull year943012
13Jim McDonaldCharles LawsonFull year9027012
14Audrey RobertsSue NichollsFull year896222
15Percy SugdenBill WaddingtonFull year8765117
16Angie FreemanDeborah McAndrewFull year8317023
16Steve McDonaldSimon GregsonFull year8318732
18Alec GilroyRoy BarracloughUntil September8251717
19Ivy BrennanLynne PerrieFull year7910959
19David PlattThomas OrmsonFull year7913134
21Des BarnesPhilip MiddlemissFull year7723411
22Mike BaldwinJohnny BriggsFull year76106226
22Deirdre BarlowAnne KirkbrideFull year76133413
24Ken BarlowWilliam RoacheFull year75217719
25Kevin WebsterMichael Le VellFull year7364023
26Sarah Louise PlattLynsay KingFull year7120736
27Don BrennanGeoff HinsliffFull year693719
28Emily BishopEileen DerbyshireFull year67190327
29Betty TurpinBetty DriverFull year64164116
30Andy McDonaldNicholas CochraneFull year6318031
31Alf RobertsBryan MosleyFull year62145127
32Reg HoldsworthKen MorleyFull year6117321
32Phyllis PearceJill SummersFull year6140632
32Nicky PlattWarren JacksonFull year6139235
35Lisa Horton/DuckworthCaroline MilmoeFebruary and from May6060 -
36Sally WebsterSally WhittakerFull year5452022
37Ted SullivanWilliam RussellFebruary to September4747 -
38Rosie WebsterEmma CollingeFull year3910129
39Victoria ArdenChloe NewsomeJanuary and April to September315841
40Tracy BarlowDawn ActonJanuary to March, June and from October3049239
41Tom DuckworthDarryl EdwardsFrom September2828 -
42Kimberley TaylorSuzanne HallAugust to November2310542
43Doug MurrayBrian HibbardFrom October1818 -
44Mark RedmanChris CookFrom September131945
45Terry DuckworthNigel PivaroJanuary to February, May to June and November12284 -
46Denise OsbourneDenise BlackFrom December1010 -
47Steph BarnesAmelia BullmoreApril to May612130
48Jackie IngramShirin TaylorApril and June27538
49Fiona MiddletonAngela GriffinDecember only11 -


1991 cast

1992 cast image

Carolyn Reynolds assumed the role of producer at the start of the year. Reynolds came to the job having just produced Granada's daytime soap opera Families, which shared its executive producer David Liddiment with Coronation Street. Liddiment remained at the Street until November, when he was appointed Director of Programmes at ITV. Reynolds was the programme's main creative force over the following thirteen years, working as both producer and executive producer in much the same manner as Bill Podmore had (except for two notable periods in 1997 and 2000-2001).

After six years playing Alec Gilroy, Roy Barraclough quit the programme to return to the stage. Barraclough wished for Alec to be killed off but writers instead chose to have him leave Bet. Meanwhile, Nigel Pivaro made a return as Terry Duckworth for a major storyline which ran over two years. Caroline Milmoe was cast as Lisa Horton, Terry's fiancée and eventual wife, and Darryl Edwards as Tom Duckworth, who was born while Terry was in prison for GBH, with Jack and Vera taking care of Lisa and Tom.

Other new cast members included Brian Hibbard as bankrupt mechanic Doug Murray, and Denise Black as Denise Osbourne, a hair stylist in the Elsie Tanner mould who converted No.2 into its familiar form as a salon. Her assistant there was Fiona Middleton, a character played by Angela Griffin whose role would grow significantly over the next few years. Lastly, Mike Baldwin's illegitimate son Mark Redman returned, now played by Chris Cook. Mark was aged up by two years as storylines required that he be the same age as Nicky Platt.

The third and last ITV Telethon was held, and again Coronation Street was featured. This time, a full-length episode was made specially for the event: a comedic piece centring around a Bettabuy staff outing, at which Brendan Scott tries to thwart Reg Holdsworth's attempts to impress Bettabuy supremo Lord Walter Morgan.

In October, the Broadcasting Standards Council attacked the Street for its lack of ethnic faces compared with rival soaps EastEnders and Brookside. The press defended Coronation Street from the claim, referring to the figures from the 1991 census showing that Manchester was 97.8% white, while David Liddiment replied, in the official response from ITV: "The idea that serial drama is there to directly reflect real life is a false one. It is there to entertain, not provide a demographic reflection of Britain."

Viewing figures

1992 ratings

Ratings chart for the year

By the beginning of the year, only Granada and UTV were showing the omnibus edition of Coronation Street. Only BARB's combined ratings are available for this year.

With 21.6 million viewers, Episode 3329 on 8th January was the highest-rated episode of 1992. The average was 18.34 million viewers, an increase of over a million viewers on the aggregated figure from 1991. 27 episodes reached number one, while no episodes dropped out of the top twenty.

On 6th July, for the first time in its history Coronation Street transmitted an hour-long episode. This was in fact two separate episodes edited together to be shown opposite the premiere of the BBC's new soap opera Eldorado. The move was ordered by ITV executives, determined to kill the competition at birth. In any case, Eldorado was a commercial and critical disaster for the BBC, and was cancelled after one year.


# Ep.
Date Writer Director Viewing
(With omnibus)
13326Wednesday 1st JanuaryAdele RoseDavid Richards21,510,0002
23327Friday 3rd JanuaryJulian RoachDavid Richards21,110,0003
33328Monday 6th JanuaryJulian RoachBrian Mills19,070,0005
43329Wednesday 8th JanuaryTom ElliottBrian Mills21,550,0002
53330Friday 10th JanuaryBarry HillBrian Mills21,310,0003
63331Monday 13th JanuaryKen BlakesonSarah Harding19,860,0002
73332Wednesday 15th JanuaryAdele RoseSarah Harding19,680,0003
83333Friday 17th JanuaryPhil WoodsSarah Harding19,640,0004
93334Monday 20th JanuaryPeter WhalleyIan White19,600,0005
103335Wednesday 22nd JanuaryFrank Cottrell BoyceIan White21,480,0002
113336Friday 24th JanuaryJohn StevensonIan White21,250,0003
123337Monday 27th JanuaryJohn StevensonDavid Richards19,570,0006
133338Wednesday 29th JanuaryAdele RoseDavid Richards20,440,0003
143339Friday 31st JanuaryPhil WoodsDavid Richards20,700,0002
153340Monday 3rd FebruaryMartin AllenBrian Mills20,350,0003
163341Wednesday 5th FebruaryKen BlakesonBrian Mills20,270,0004
173342Friday 7th FebruaryTom ElliottBrian Mills20,480,0002
183343Monday 10th FebruaryBarry HillJune Howson19,520,0004
193344Wednesday 12th FebruaryJulian RoachJune Howson19,210,0005
203345Friday 14th FebruaryPeter WhalleyJune Howson19,670,0002
213346Monday 17th FebruaryTom ElliottIan White19,680,0005
223347Wednesday 19th FebruaryBarry HillIan White20,570,0002
233348Friday 21st FebruaryHarry DuffinIan White19,890,0004
243349Monday 24th FebruaryAdele RoseDavid Richards19,550,0003
253350Wednesday 26th FebruaryFrank Cottrell BoyceDavid Richards19,380,0004
263351Friday 28th FebruaryJulian RoachDavid Richards17,730,0008
273352Monday 2nd MarchPeter WhalleyBrian Mills19,490,0002
283353Wednesday 4th MarchJohn StevensonBrian Mills17,130,0007
293354Friday 6th MarchPaul AbbottBrian Mills19,360,0004
303355Monday 9th MarchMartin AllenJulian Jarrold19,240,0005
313356Wednesday 11th MarchPhil WoodsJulian Jarrold20,020,0002
323357Friday 13th MarchStephen MallatrattJulian Jarrold19,270,0004
333358Monday 16th MarchBarry HillIan White19,510,0004
343359Wednesday 18th MarchAdele RoseIan White18,670,0005
353360Friday 20th MarchJohn StevensonJulian Farino19,800,0002
363361Monday 23rd MarchPeter WhalleyDavid Richards19,210,0004
373362Wednesday 25th MarchKen BlakesonDavid Richards20,810,0001
383363Friday 27th MarchJulian RoachDavid Richards19,870,0003
393364Monday 30th MarchBarry HillBrian Mills19,050,0002
403365Wednesday 1st AprilAdele RoseBrian Mills21,240,0001
413366Friday 3rd AprilTom ElliottBrian Mills18,610,0003
423367Monday 6th AprilPhil WoodsJulian Jarrold18,580,0003
433368Wednesday 8th AprilKen BlakesonJulian Jarrold19,230,0001
443369Friday 10th AprilPaul AbbottJulian Jarrold18,040,0005
453370Monday 13th AprilStephen MallatrattJulian Farino18,000,0003
463371Wednesday 15th AprilJohn StevensonJulian Farino19,890,0001
473372Friday 17th AprilPeter WhalleyJulian Farino16,320,00011
483373Monday 20th AprilPeter WhalleyStephen Butcher15,720,0007
493374Wednesday 22nd AprilBarry HillStephen Butcher19,520,0002
503375Friday 24th AprilPaul AbbottStephen Butcher19,560,0001
513376Monday 27th AprilFrank Cottrell BoyceBrian Mills18,690,0002
523377Wednesday 29th AprilKen BlakesonBrian Mills18,930,0001
533378Friday 1st MayJulian RoachBrian Mills18,520,0004
543379Monday 4th MayJohn StevensonJulian Jarrold14,950,0009
553380Wednesday 6th MayStephen MallatrattJulian Jarrold19,020,0002
563381Friday 8th MayTom ElliottJulian Jarrold19,220,0001
573382Monday 11th MayPhil WoodsJulian Farino17,870,0001
583383Wednesday 13th MayPeter WhalleyJulian Farino16,700,0004
593384Friday 15th MayStephen MallatrattJulian Farino16,720,0003
603385Monday 18th MayJulian RoachStephen Butcher16,150,0001
613386Wednesday 20th MayHarry DuffinStephen Butcher14,830,0003
623387Friday 22nd MayAdele RoseStephen Butcher15,940,0002
633388Monday 25th MayMartin AllenBrian Mills13,110,00011
643389Wednesday 27th MayBarry HillBrian Mills17,400,0002
653390Friday 29th MayJohn StevensonBrian Mills18,640,0001
663391Monday 1st JuneJohn StevensonAlan Marsden17,660,0002
673392Wednesday 3rd JunePeter WhalleyAlan Marsden16,540,0004
683393Friday 5th JuneMartin AllenAlan Marsden19,280,0001
693394Monday 8th JuneTom ElliottJulian Farino17,430,0001
703395Wednesday 10th JunePhil WoodsJulian Farino13,990,0007
713396Friday 12th JuneBarry HillJulian Farino14,300,0006
723397Monday 15th JuneStephen MallatrattIan White13,240,0008
733398Wednesday 17th JunePaul AbbottIan White12,850,00010
743399Friday 19th JuneFrank Cottrell BoyceIan White17,010,0001
753400Monday 22nd JuneFrank Cottrell BoyceStephen Butcher14,840,0004
763401Wednesday 24th JuneBarry HillStephen Butcher16,120,0002
773402Friday 26th JunePeter WhalleyStephen Butcher12,470,00011
783403Monday 29th JuneHarry DuffinAlan Marsden15,410,0005
793404Wednesday 1st JulyAdele RoseAlan Marsden17,900,0001
803405Friday 3rd JulyKen BlakesonAlan Marsden16,920,0002
813406Monday 6th JulyPaul Abbott
Tom Elliott
Julian Farino15,400,0004
823408Wednesday 8th JulyJulian RoachJulian Farino18,730,0001
833409Friday 10th JulyStephen MallatrattNicholas Ferguson17,590,0002
843410Monday 13th JulyJohn StevensonNicholas Ferguson18,340,0001
853411Wednesday 15th JulyPhil WoodsNicholas Ferguson16,930,0002
863412Friday 17th JulyJulian RoachIan White16,080,0004
873413Monday 20th JulyHarry DuffinIan White18,140,0001
883414Wednesday 22nd JulyPhil WoodsCharles Lauder17,100,0002
893415Friday 24th JulyAdele RoseBrian Mills16,540,0003
903416Monday 27th JulyPeter WhalleyBrian Mills16,420,0001
913417Wednesday 29th JulyStephen MallatrattBrian Mills16,040,0002
923418Friday 31st JulyKen BlakesonAlan Marsden15,510,0003
933419Monday 3rd AugustMartin AllenAlan Marsden16,110,0002
943420Wednesday 5th AugustBarry HillAlan Marsden15,430,0004
953421Friday 7th AugustBarry HillNicholas Ferguson15,780,0003
963422Monday 10th AugustStephen MallatrattNicholas Ferguson16,610,0003
973423Wednesday 12th AugustPeter WhalleyNicholas Ferguson17,540,0001
983424Friday 14th AugustFrank Cottrell BoyceCharles Lauder16,030,0004
993425Monday 17th AugustAdele RoseCharles Lauder16,900,0001
1003426Wednesday 19th AugustJulian RoachCharles Lauder16,610,0003
1013427Friday 21st AugustMartin AllenBrian Mills15,980,0004
1023428Monday 24th AugustJohn StevensonBrian Mills18,120,0002
1033429Wednesday 26th AugustTom ElliottBrian Mills18,920,0001
1043430Friday 28th AugustJohn StevensonHoward Baker17,740,0003
1053431Monday 31st AugustAdele RoseHoward Baker17,520,0005
1063432Wednesday 2nd SeptemberPeter WhalleyHoward Baker19,430,0001
1073433Friday 4th SeptemberStephen MallatrattJulian Farino18,850,0003
1083434Monday 7th SeptemberMartin AllenJulian Farino17,790,0002
1093435Wednesday 9th SeptemberPaul AbbottJulian Farino17,640,0003
1103436Friday 11th SeptemberKen BlakesonCharles Lauder18,820,0001
1113437Monday 14th SeptemberPhil WoodsCharles Lauder17,480,0002
1123438Wednesday 16th SeptemberBarry HillCharles Lauder15,500,0008
1133439Friday 18th SeptemberBarry HillBrian Mills17,610,0001
1143440Monday 21st SeptemberJohn StevensonBrian Mills18,170,0003
1153441Wednesday 23rd SeptemberPeter WhalleyBrian Mills18,600,0002
1163442Friday 25th SeptemberStephen MallatrattHoward Baker18,650,0001
1173443Monday 28th SeptemberJulian RoachHoward Baker17,820,0003
1183444Wednesday 30th SeptemberAdele RoseHoward Baker18,660,0002
1193445Friday 2nd OctoberPhil WoodsJulian Farino19,200,0001
1203446Monday 5th OctoberFrank Cottrell BoyceJulian Farino18,400,0004
1213447Wednesday 7th OctoberPaul AbbottJulian Farino19,480,0003
1223448Friday 9th OctoberBarry HillCharles Lauder19,670,0002
1233449Monday 12th OctoberTom ElliottCharles Lauder18,560,0004
1243450Wednesday 14th OctoberJulian RoachCharles Lauder20,100,0001
1253451Friday 16th OctoberKen BlakesonBrian Mills19,230,0002
1263452Monday 19th OctoberStephen MallatrattBrian Mills18,480,0005
1273453Wednesday 21st OctoberMartin AllenBrian Mills19,880,0002
1283454Friday 23rd OctoberAdele RoseBrian Mills19,870,0003
1293455Monday 26th OctoberJohn StevensonIan White19,870,0004
1303456Wednesday 28th OctoberPeter WhalleyIan White20,880,0003
1313457Friday 30th OctoberPhil WoodsIan White19,630,0005
1323458Monday 2nd NovemberBarry HillJune Howson19,480,0003
1333459Wednesday 4th NovemberTom ElliottJune Howson18,600,0005
1343460Friday 6th NovemberStephen MallatrattJune Howson19,850,0002
1353461Monday 9th NovemberAdele RoseHoward Baker18,940,0005
1363462Wednesday 11th NovemberJohn StevensonHoward Baker20,190,0004
1373463Friday 13th NovemberKen BlakesonHoward Baker20,380,0003
1383464Monday 16th NovemberHarry DuffinBrian Mills19,350,0004
1393465Wednesday 18th NovemberFrank Cottrell BoyceBrian Mills20,170,0003
1403466Friday 20th NovemberPeter WhalleyBrian Mills18,480,0005
1413467Monday 23rd NovemberPeter WhalleyEugene Ferguson19,130,0005
1423468Wednesday 25th NovemberJohn StevensonEugene Ferguson19,430,0003
1433469Friday 27th NovemberTom ElliottEugene Ferguson19,190,0004
1443470Monday 30th NovemberBarry HillJune Howson19,150,0005
1453471Wednesday 2nd DecemberStephen MallatrattJune Howson20,190,0002
1463472Friday 4th DecemberJulian RoachJune Howson19,960,0003
1473473Monday 7th DecemberMartin AllenCharles Lauder18,520,0005
1483474Wednesday 9th DecemberAdele RoseCharles Lauder19,140,0002
1493475Friday 11th DecemberPaul AbbottCharles Lauder19,880,0001
1503476Monday 14th DecemberPaul AbbottBrian Mills18,680,0006
1513477Wednesday 16th DecemberHarry DuffinBrian Mills19,020,0005
1523478Friday 18th DecemberPhil WoodsBrian Mills19,360,0002
1533479Monday 21st DecemberMartin AllenDavid Richards19,040,0006
1543480Wednesday 23rd DecemberStephen MallatrattDavid Richards19,930,0004
1553481Friday 25th DecemberJulian RoachDavid Richards15,630,00014
1563482Monday 28th DecemberAdele RoseJune Howson15,850,00012
1573483Wednesday 30th DecemberPeter WhalleyJune Howson20,280,0002


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