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1991 was Coronation Street's thirty-second year.

Main characters

Ranking Character Played by Duration Number of Episodes Running total Previous year's ranking
1Jack DuckworthWilliam TarmeyFull year1087205
2Liz McDonaldBeverley CallardFull year10320714
2Audrey RobertsSue NichollsFull year10353312
4Bet GilroyJulie GoodyearFull year10116402
5Vera DuckworthElizabeth DawnFull year10086528
5Gail Tilsley/PlattHelen WorthFull year100107323
7Alma SedgewickAmanda BarrieFull year972725
8Mavis WiltonThelma BarlowFull year96121912
9Don BrennanGeoff HinsliffFull year9430215
9Ivy BrennanLynne PerrieFull year94101610
11Des BarnesPhilip MiddlemissFull year9315729
12Jim McDonaldCharles LawsonFull year9218022
13Deirdre BarlowAnne KirkbrideFull year9112583
14Rita FaircloughBarbara KnoxFull year9013957
15Curly WattsKevin KennedyFull year8851925
16Betty TurpinBetty DriverFull year86157718
17Alec GilroyRoy BarracloughFull year834351
17Percy SugdenBill WaddingtonFull year8356416
19Ken BarlowWilliam RoacheFull year80210210
20Martin PlattSean WilsonFull year7939820
21Reg HoldsworthKen MorleyFull year7511238
22Sally WebsterSally WhittakerFull year734664
23Angie FreemanDeborah McAndrewFull year728742
23Kevin WebsterMichael Le VellFull year725679
25Derek WiltonPeter BaldwinFull year7130625
26Mike BaldwinJohnny BriggsFull year689867
27Emily BishopEileen DerbyshireFull year65183618
27Alf RobertsBryan MosleyUntil June and from November65138916
29Rosie WebsterEmma CollingeFull year586243
30Steph BarnesAmelia BullmoreUntil September5611530
31Andy McDonaldNicholas CochraneFrom March5411730
32Steve McDonaldSimon GregsonFrom March5310435
32Phyllis PearceJill SummersFull year5334525
34David Tilsley/PlattThomas OrmsonFull year505245
35Nicky Tilsley/PlattWarren JacksonMarch to June and from August4433140
36Sarah Louise Tilsley/PlattLynsay KingMarch to June and from August4313641
37Phil JenningsTommy BoyleUntil July386339
38Jackie Ingram/BaldwinShirin TaylorUntil July327336
39Tracy BarlowDawn ActonJanuary, March to May, July to August and December3146221
40Raquel WolstenhulmeSarah LancashireJanuary to May and December2828 -
41Victoria ArdenChloe NewsomeJuly to September and December232743
42Kimberley TaylorSuzanne HallUntil February198234
43Jenny BradleySally Ann MatthewsUntil March1428033
44Mark CaseyStuart WolfendenJanuary and November1310632
45Mark RedmanMichael BolstridgeJune only16 -


Gail martin wedding

Gail Tilsley becomes Gail Platt

In their third year as producer and executive producer, Mervyn Watson and David Liddiment completed their long game as the last of the new houses and shops became occupied. Phil Jennings took over the factory unit for PJ Leisure, Mike Baldwin started MVB Motors in the garage unit with Kevin Webster running it, No.2 became a charity shop with Emily Bishop in charge, the Platts bought No.8, and Reg Holdsworth moved into No.12, bringing his waterbed with him.

Watson stood down as producer at the end of the year, and was replaced by Carolyn Reynolds. Liddiment remained in his role.

Compared with 1989 and 1990, 1991 was quiet on the casting front, with the most notable signing being Sarah Lancashire as dipsy Raquel Wolstenhulme. Lancashire - daughter of 1960s writer Geoffrey Lancashire - appeared initially for three months before being brought back as a regular in the last episode of the year. Chloe Newsome played a recast Victoria Arden, now an orphan after the deaths of Sandra and Tim Arden. With her Handforth background and private schooling, Vicky was another character who typified the intention to broaden the scope of Coronation Street's characters. Also, after leaving the BBC One sitcom Allo! Allo!, Ken Morley increased his commitment to the Street, more than doubling his appearances as Reg Holdsworth from 1990.

Departures were more numerous. After one year as Steph Barnes, Amelia Bullmore decided to quit. Philip Middlemiss was kept on, with Des becoming the Street's romeo. Sally Ann Matthews left the role of Jenny Bradley after five years, Stuart Wolfenden departed as Mark Casey, and Tommy Boyle, Shirin Taylor and Suzanne Hall, respectively playing Phil Jennings, Jackie Baldwin and Kimberley Taylor, left when their characters' storylines wrapped up. Meanwhile, Bryan Mosley suffered a heart attack, resulting in Alf Roberts being off-screen for five months while he recovered.

For the first time, two episodes of Coronation Street were shown on the same day. This occurred on Christmas Day, when in addition to the episode shown at the usual time of 7.30pm, an extra installment was broadcast at 2.50pm. The episode both preceded and followed the Queen's speech, with no adverts or continuity announcements dividing the programmes - instead, the speech directly followed a scene in the Roberts household in which Alf Roberts sat down to watch it.

Viewing figures

1991 ratings

Ratings chart for the year

Ratings for every episode are available, making up partial sets of data for single-showing and aggregated figures. As a result, it is not possible to determine a yearly average or the highest/lowest rated episodes for 1991. From the data available, the initial-showing ratings were down year-on-year from January to July by an average of one million viewers, and up year-on-year by two million viewers in August and September.

20 episodes reached number one in the ratings, compared with 45 in 1989 and 1990, while two episodes dropped out of the top twenty.


# Ep.
Date Part Writer Director Viewing
(With omnibus)
13169Wednesday 2nd January Peter WhalleyBrian Mills19,520,0002
23170Friday 4th January Phil WoodsBrian Mills17,440,0008
33171Monday 7th January Phil WoodsSarah Harding18,260,0006
43172Wednesday 9th January Julian RoachSarah Harding19,190,0001
53173Friday 11th January Barry HillSarah Harding17,240,00010
63174Monday 14th January Leslie DuxburyJune Howson18,000,0005
73175Wednesday 16th January Harry DuffinJune Howson18,560,0003
83176Friday 18th January Stephen MallatrattJune Howson16,670,0008
93177Monday 21st January Peter WhalleyRichard Signy17,070,0006
103178Wednesday 23rd January Ken BlakesonRichard Signy18,070,0003
113179Friday 25th January John StevensonRichard Signy17,930,0004
123180Monday 28th January Leslie DuxburyBrian Mills17,670,0005
133181Wednesday 30th January Barry HillBrian Mills18,130,0002
143182Friday 1st February Ken BlakesonBrian Mills16,480,00012
153183Monday 4th February Paul AbbottOliver Horsbrugh17,390,0008
163184Wednesday 6th February Julian RoachOliver Horsbrugh18,790,0004
173185Friday 8th February Peter WhalleyOliver Horsbrugh19,070,0003
183186Monday 11th February Frank Cottrell BoyceJune Howson17,400,0005
193187Wednesday 13th February Stephen MallatrattJune Howson17,580,0004
203188Friday 15th February John StevensonJune Howson16,440,00010
213189Monday 18th February John StevensonRichard Signy16,790,0007
223190Wednesday 20th February Julian RoachRichard Signy17,990,0003
233191Friday 22nd February Adele RoseRichard Signy16,610,0008
243192Monday 25th February Leslie DuxburyBrian Mills17,000,0004
253193Wednesday 27th February Paul AbbottBrian Mills17,800,0001
263194Friday 1st March Barry HillBrian Mills15,840,0008
273195Monday 4th March Harry DuffinJulian Jarrold16,860,0003
283196Wednesday 6th March Peter WhalleyJulian Jarrold16,460,0006
293197Friday 8th March Stephen MallatrattJulian Jarrold16,720,0004
303198Monday 11th March Harry DuffinJohn Darnell16,500,0004
313199Wednesday 13th March Barry HillJohn Darnell16,740,0003
323200Friday 15th March Julian RoachJohn Darnell14,880,0009
333201Monday 18th March Ken BlakesonOliver Horsbrugh16,580,0004
343202Wednesday 20th March John StevensonOliver Horsbrugh17,300,0002
353203Friday 22nd March Paul AbbottOliver Horsbrugh16,690,0003
363204Monday 25th March Phil WoodsBrian Mills16,240,0003
373205Wednesday 27th March Adele RoseBrian Mills17,170,0001
383206Friday 29th March Peter WhalleyBrian Mills13,750,00010
393207Monday 1st April Frank Cottrell BoyceJulian Jarrold11,210,00026
403208Wednesday 3rd April Peter WhalleyJulian Jarrold16,410,0006
413209Friday 5th April Ken BlakesonJulian Jarrold16,280,0007
423210Monday 8th April Julian RoachDavid Richards15,700,0005
433211Wednesday 10th April Barry HillDavid Richards16,180,0004
443212Friday 12th April Phil WoodsDavid Richards15,580,0006
453213Monday 15th April Paul AbbottRichard Signy14,700,0007
463214Wednesday 17th April John StevensonRichard Signy16,240,0004
473215Friday 19th April Adele RoseRichard Signy16,250,0003
483216Monday 22nd April Adele RoseBrian Mills15,260,0003
493217Wednesday 24th April Frank Cottrell BoyceBrian Mills15,690,0002
503218Friday 26th April Phil WoodsBrian Mills14,600,0006
513219Monday 29th April Barry HillJulian Jarrold16,159,0002
523220Wednesday 1st May Julian RoachJulian Jarrold15,150,0007
533221Friday 3rd May Peter WhalleyJulian Jarrold14,520,0008
543222Monday 6th May Ken BlakesonDavid Richards11,305,00014
553223Wednesday 8th May Tom ElliottDavid Richards15,330,0004
563224Friday 10th May John StevensonDavid Richards15,050,0005
573225Monday 13th May Julian RoachRichard Signy15,299,0002
583226Wednesday 15th May Harry DuffinRichard Signy13,700,0006
593227Friday 17th May Adele RoseRichard Signy14,500,0004
603228Monday 20th May John StevensonBrian Mills12,899,0002
613229Wednesday 22nd May Barry HillBrian Mills13,420,0004
623230Friday 24th May Paul AbbottBrian Mills13,540,0003
633231Monday 27th May Peter WhalleyJulian Jarrold11,098,00011
643232Wednesday 29th May Ken BlakesonJulian Jarrold13,040,0005
653233Friday 31st May Leslie DuxburyJulian Jarrold14,550,0003
663234Monday 3rd June Frank Cottrell BoyceDavid Richards14,632,0003
673235Wednesday 5th June Paul AbbottDavid Richards15,690,0001
683236Friday 7th June Peter WhalleyDavid Richards14,630,0003
693237Monday 10th June Leslie DuxburySpencer Campbell14,793,0004
703238Wednesday 12th June Harry DuffinSpencer Campbell15,680,0001
713239Friday 14th June Barry HillSpencer Campbell15,440,0003
723240Monday 17th June John StevensonBrian Mills14,687,0005
733241Wednesday 19th June Adele RoseBrian Mills15,300,0003
743242Friday 21st June Julian RoachBrian Mills14,990,0004
753243Monday 24th June Frank Cottrell BoyceJulian Jarrold14,620,0003
763244Wednesday 26th June Leslie DuxburyJulian Jarrold14,200,0004
773245Friday 28th June Leslie DuxburyJulian Jarrold12,360,0008
783246Monday 1st July Barry HillDavid Richards13,559,0002
793247Wednesday 3rd July Paul AbbottDavid Richards13,640,0001
803248Friday 5th July Peter WhalleyDavid Richards12,740,0004
813249Monday 8th July Julian RoachRichard Signy14,693,0001
823250Wednesday 10th July Adele RoseRichard Signy14,000,0003
833251Friday 12th July Ken BlakesonRichard Signy14,610,0002
843252Monday 15th July Tom ElliottSpencer Campbell14,120,0003
853253Wednesday 17th July John StevensonSpencer Campbell14,650,0002
863254Friday 19th July John StevensonSpencer Campbell14,870,0001
873255Monday 22nd July John StevensonBrian Mills11,570,00010
883256Wednesday 24th July Barry HillBrian Mills15,090,0001
893257Friday 26th July Peter WhalleyBrian Mills12,370,0006
903258Monday 29th July Adele RoseKen Horn13,130,0005
913259Wednesday 31st July Adele RoseKen Horn14,870,0001
923260Friday 2nd August Harry DuffinKen Horn13,210,0003
933261Monday 5th August Julian RoachMervyn Cumming16,090,0003
943262Wednesday 7th August Julian RoachMervyn Cumming16,930,0001
953263Friday 9th August Leslie DuxburyMervyn Cumming16,220,0002
963264Monday 12th August Paul AbbottSpencer Campbell15,660,0004
973265Wednesday 14th August Adele RoseSpencer Campbell16,210,0003
983266Friday 16th August Ken BlakesonSpencer Campbell16,260,0002
993267Monday 19th August Leslie DuxburyBrian Mills16,910,0001
1003268Wednesday 21st August Julian RoachBrian Mills16,540,0004
1013269Friday 23rd August Peter WhalleyBrian Mills16,790,0003
1023270Monday 26th August Frank Cottrell BoyceKen Horn14,960,0005
1033271Wednesday 28th August Phil WoodsKen Horn17,730,0001
1043272Friday 30th August John StevensonKen Horn16,010,0002
1053273Monday 2nd September Peter WhalleyJohn Darnell16,460,0002
1063274Wednesday 4th September Adele RoseJohn Darnell17,630,0001
1073275Friday 6th September Harry DuffinJohn Darnell14,690,0006
1083276Monday 9th September Julian RoachMervyn Cumming16,560,0002
1093277Wednesday 11th September Ken BlakesonMervyn Cumming16,330,0003
1103278Friday 13th September John StevensonMervyn Cumming16,280,0004
1113279Monday 16th September Paul AbbottBrian Mills17,230,0005
1123280Wednesday 18th September Phil WoodsBrian Mills16,240,0007
1133281Friday 20th September Barry HillBrian Mills17,580,0002
1143282Monday 23rd September Harry DuffinKen Horn18,260,0004
1153283Wednesday 25th September Julian RoachKen Horn18,400,0003
1163284Friday 27th September John StevensonKen Horn19,260,0001
1173285Monday 30th September Phil WoodsJohn Darnell18,140,0005
1183286Wednesday 2nd October Peter WhalleyJohn Darnell19,220,0002
1193287Friday 4th October Peter WhalleyJohn Darnell18,600,0003
1203288Monday 7th October Adele RoseSpencer Campbell18,400,0004
1213289Wednesday 9th October Barry HillSpencer Campbell18,710,0002
1223290Friday 11th October Mervyn WatsonSpencer Campbell18,440,0003
1233291Monday 14th October Barry HillBrian Mills18,900,0004
1243292Wednesday 16th October Adele RoseBrian Mills19,820,0001
1253293Friday 18th October Leslie DuxburyBrian Mills19,810,0002
1263294Monday 21st October Leslie DuxburyKen Horn19,400,0003
1273295Wednesday 23rd October John StevensonKen Horn18,400,0004
1283296Friday 25th October Frank Cottrell BoyceKen Horn19,600,0001
1293297Monday 28th October Peter WhalleyJohn Darnell19,670,0004
1303298Wednesday 30th October Paul AbbottJohn Darnell21,040,0001
1313299Friday 1st November Phil WoodsJohn Darnell20,910,0002
1323300Monday 4th November Barry HillSpencer Campbell19,990,0003
1333301Wednesday 6th November Tom ElliottSpencer Campbell18,600,0004
1343302Friday 8th November Paul AbbottSpencer Campbell21,010,0002
1353303Monday 11th November Frank Cottrell BoyceBrian Mills20,170,0004
1363304Wednesday 13th November Stephen MallatrattBrian Mills20,790,0003
1373305Friday 15th November Peter WhalleyBrian Mills20,890,0002
1383306Monday 18th November Adele RoseKen Horn20,190,0004
1393307Wednesday 20th November John StevensonKen Horn21,600,0002
1403308Friday 22nd November Leslie DuxburyKen Horn19,040,0005
1413309Monday 25th November Leslie DuxburyJohn Darnell20,450,0003
1423310Wednesday 27th November Barry HillJohn Darnell19,340,0005
1433311Friday 29th November John StevensonJohn Darnell20,800,0002
1443312Monday 2nd December Stephen MallatrattSpencer Campbell19,460,0005
1453313Wednesday 4th December Tom ElliottSpencer Campbell21,470,0001
1463314Friday 6th December Adele RoseSpencer Campbell19,810,0003
1473315Monday 9th December Ken BlakesonBrian Mills19,720,0003
1483316Wednesday 11th December Julian RoachBrian Mills19,180,0004
1493317Friday 13th December Peter WhalleyBrian Mills20,620,0001
1503318Monday 16th December Tom ElliottKen Horn18,640,0005
1513319Wednesday 18th December Paul AbbottKen Horn19,740,0003
1523320Friday 20th December John Stevenson
Leslie Duxbury
Ken Horn19,950,0002
1533321Monday 23rd December Barry HillIan White15,050,00010
1543322Wednesday 25th December1Peter WhalleyIan White11,130,00040
1553323Wednesday 25th December2John StevensonJohn Darnell13,630,00015
1563324Friday 27th December Ken BlakesonJohn Darnell16,890,0005
1573325Monday 30th December Phil WoodsDavid Richards16,950,00011


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