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1984 was Coronation Street's twenty-fifth year.

Main charactersEdit

Ranking Character Played by Duration Number of Episodes Running total Previous year's ranking
1Jack DuckworthWilliam TarmeyFull year8313924
1Bet LynchJulie GoodyearFull year8310511
3Betty TurpinBetty DriverFull year8110774
4Hilda OgdenJean AlexanderFull year7514069
4Rita FaircloughBarbara KnoxFull year7586613
6Deirdre BarlowAnne KirkbrideFull year697293
6Mavis RileyThelma BarlowFull year6968213
8Alf RobertsBryan MosleyFull year688767
9Vera DuckworthElizabeth DawnFull year663144
10Billy WalkerKenneth FarringtonMarch and May to December65405 -
11Percy SugdenBill WaddingtonFull year647832
12Ken BarlowWilliam RoacheFull year63159711
12Bill Webster Peter ArmitageFrom February6363 -
14Mike BaldwinJohnny BriggsFull year6047911
15Ivy TilsleyLynne PerrieFull year594569
15Terry DuckworthNigel PivaroJanuary to February and from April596933
15Gail TilsleyHelen WorthFull year5957215
15Kevin WebsterMichael Le VellFrom February596236
19Emily BishopEileen DerbyshireFull year57134619
20Brian TilsleyChristopher QuintenFull year5529815
21Fred GeeFred FeastJanuary to April and July to November515612
22Curly WattsKevin KennedyJanuary, April and from July395631
23Debbie WebsterSue DevaneyFrom June3131 -
24Nick TilsleyWarren JacksonFull year1714022
24Derek WiltonPeter BaldwinJuly to September1753 -
26Shirley ArmitageLisa LewisJanuary to February, July and October142234
26Ida CloughHelene PalmerJanuary to February, July and October1414429
28Phyllis PearceJill SummersAugust to October and December134530
29Stan OgdenBernard YouensUntil March12122317
30Linda CheveskiAnne CunninghamMay to June11107 -
31Audrey PotterSue NichollsJuly and October856 -
32Albert TatlockJack HowarthUntil January3130521
33Elsie TannerPatricia PhoenixUntil January216094
33Sharon GaskellTracie BennettUntil January25335


Elsie leaves 1984

The Street says a final goodbye to Patricia Phoenix as Elsie Tanner at the start of another trying year

1984 was a pivotal year in Coronation Street history. With the programme having lost several members of its principal cast the year before, producer Mervyn Watson and the writers faced the task of creating believable off-screen exits, filling the void with new characters, as well as coping with a slew of further misfortunes.

The year began with the on-screen departure of Patricia Phoenix as Elsie Tanner, after 23 years. Her fairytale exit - flitting to Portugal to be with her lover Bill Gregory - was followed four months later by the return of Anne Cunningham as Linda Cheveski after a 16-year absence. Viewed as a possible replacement for Elsie, Linda was paired with new arrival Bill Webster (who, not coincidentally, was a builder in the vein of Len Fairclough), father of Kevin and Debbie. However, her comeback was not deemed a success and she left a month later. Installed in No.11, the Websters were envisioned as the programme's next long-term family, but these plans also fell through when Peter Armitage refused to renew his initial contract. The decision was made to save the character of Kevin, but Debbie left with Bill early in 1985.

Last seen in 1979, Billy Walker too made a return, taking over the Rovers licence in accordance with Annie's wishes. Billy returned as a nastier character than previously, much to the disappointment of Kenneth Farrington who at the end of the year decided to leave, forcing the writers to re-think their future plans for the Rovers. His exit was screened a week after Fred Gee's final appearance, following Fred Feast's resignation after eight years. Feast refused to extend his contract in order to film a departure storyline and so Fred was simply never seen again.

Jack Howarth - the oldest member of the original cast, and now the last besides William Roache - passed away on 31st March aged 88, while Bernard Youens died from a heart attack aged 69 on 27th August after a sharp decline in health. Their characters, Albert Tatlock and Stan Ogden, passed away off-screen after an appropriate amount of time had passed. Jean Alexander's performance in scenes following Stan's death won her the Royal Television Society's Best Performance Award in 1985.

Viewing figuresEdit

1984 ratings

Ratings chart for the year

Coronation Street countered its troubles behind the scenes with a very strong performance in the ratings. The average figure for 1984 was 15.10 million viewers, a 500k increase on 1983, despite the fact that six months fell from the same months the year before. All but one of the months which saw gains were in the second half of the year, with December building on 1983's audience by over three million viewers and November by four million.

The highest-rated episode of the year was Episode 2465 on 14th November, with 20.45 million viewers. This was one of three episodes in 1984 to gain an audience of over 20 million viewers, the most in any year since 1978.

38 episodes reached number one in the viewing charts, a fall of ten from 1983, while one episode fell outside the top twenty.


# Ep.
Date Writer Director Viewing
12374Monday 2nd JanuaryLeslie DuxburySebastian Graham-Jones14,883,0003
22375Wednesday 4th JanuaryH.V. KershawSebastian Graham-Jones15,796,0002
32376Monday 9th JanuaryBarry HillPatrick Lau16,903,0002
42377Wednesday 11th JanuaryJohn StevensonPatrick Lau16,912,0001
52378Monday 16th JanuaryH.V. KershawEugene Ferguson17,416,0002
62379Wednesday 18th JanuaryBob MasonEugene Ferguson17,815,0001
72380Monday 23rd JanuaryLeslie DuxburyStephen Butcher17,067,0001
82381Wednesday 25th JanuaryJulian RoachStephen Butcher16,876,0002
92382Monday 30th JanuaryJohn StevensonGareth Morgan15,663,0003
102383Wednesday 1st FebruaryPeter Tonkinson
H.V. Kershaw
Gareth Morgan16,566,0001
112384Monday 6th FebruaryH.V. KershawRon Francis15,307,0002
122385Wednesday 8th FebruaryTony PerrinRon Francis17,659,0001
132386Monday 13th FebruaryBarry HillPatrick Lau15,200,0003
142387Wednesday 15th FebruaryLeslie DuxburyPatrick Lau16,750,0001
152388Monday 20th FebruaryPeter WhalleyGareth Morgan16,077,0002
162389Wednesday 22nd FebruaryAdele RoseGareth Morgan17,233,0001
172390Monday 27th FebruaryBob MasonNicholas Ferguson14,843,0001
182391Wednesday 29th FebruaryH.V. KershawNicholas Ferguson14,524,0002
192392Monday 5th MarchTony PerrinPatrick Lau15,033,0005
202393Wednesday 7th MarchLeslie DuxburyPatrick Lau15,472,0002
212394Monday 12th MarchAdele RoseMatthew Robinson15,760,0004
222395Wednesday 14th MarchJohn StevensonMatthew Robinson16,333,0002
232396Monday 19th MarchAdele RoseRon Francis15,777,0003
242397Wednesday 21st MarchTony PerrinRon Francis16,583,0001
252398Monday 26th MarchJulian RoachPatrick Lau15,788,0002
262399Wednesday 28th MarchPeter WhalleyPatrick Lau14,408,0004
272400Monday 2nd AprilBarry HillGareth Morgan15,436,0003
282401Wednesday 4th AprilLeslie DuxburyGareth Morgan15,607,0002
292402Monday 9th AprilBob MasonRon Francis15,516,0001
302403Wednesday 11th AprilAdele RoseRon Francis15,296,0002
312404Monday 16th AprilLeslie DuxburyPatrick Lau14,725,0001
322405Wednesday 18th AprilPeter WhalleyPatrick Lau14,297,0003
332406Monday 23rd AprilJohn StevensonRic Mellis10,922,0008
342407Wednesday 25th AprilPeter TonkinsonRic Mellis13,360,0001
352408Monday 30th AprilH.V. KershawRon Francis15,060,0001
362409Wednesday 2nd MayTony PerrinRon Francis11,887,0003
372410Monday 7th MayBarry HillBrian Mills11,422,0004
382411Wednesday 9th MayAdele RoseBrian Mills13,636,0001
392412Monday 14th MayPeter WhalleyRic Mellis13,353,0002
402413Wednesday 16th MayLeslie DuxburyRic Mellis14,134,0001
412414Monday 21st MayBob MasonMatthew Robinson15,845,0001
422415Wednesday 23rd MayLeslie DuxburyMatthew Robinson12,964,0005
432416Monday 28th MayBarry HillBrian Mills11,969,0009
442417Wednesday 30th MayAdele RoseBrian Mills12,551,0006
452418Monday 4th JuneTony PerrinRic Mellis12,956,0003
462419Wednesday 6th JunePeter WhalleyRic Mellis13,679,0002
472420Monday 11th JuneTony PerrinBrian Mills12,630,0002
482421Wednesday 13th JuneJohn StevensonBrian Mills14,333,0001
492422Monday 18th JuneAdele RoseRon Francis11,871,0003
502423Wednesday 20th JuneLeslie DuxburyRon Francis12,084,0001
512424Monday 25th JuneBarry HillMalcolm Taylor12,582,0001
522425Wednesday 27th JunePeter WhalleyMalcolm Taylor11,260,0002
532426Monday 2nd JulyH.V. KershawRic Mellis13,225,0001
542427Wednesday 4th JulyBarry HillRic Mellis11,325,0003
552428Monday 9th JulyJohn StevensonBrian Mills13,694,0001
562429Wednesday 11th JulyLeslie DuxburyBrian Mills12,622,0003
572430Monday 16th JulyLeslie Duxbury
Keith Hutson
Malcolm Taylor13,086,0001
582431Wednesday 18th JulyPeter WhalleyMalcolm Taylor12,561,0002
592432Monday 23rd JulyH.V. KershawRic Mellis12,935,0001
602433Wednesday 25th JulyBarry HillRic Mellis12,485,0002
612434Monday 30th JulyTony PerrinBrian Mills12,772,0001
622435Wednesday 1st AugustJohn StevensonBrian Mills12,464,0002
632436Monday 6th AugustPeter WhalleyGareth Morgan13,537,0001
642437Wednesday 8th AugustLeslie DuxburyGareth Morgan12,129,0002
652438Monday 13th AugustJohn StevensonRic Mellis12,499,0001
662439Wednesday 15th AugustPeter WhalleyRic Mellis11,560,0002
672440Monday 20th AugustBarry HillBrian Mills12,071,0001
682441Wednesday 22nd AugustTony PerrinBrian Mills11,824,0003
692442Monday 27th AugustBob MasonMatthew Robinson9,037,00024
702443Wednesday 29th AugustLeslie DuxburyMatthew Robinson10,972,0008
712444Monday 3rd SeptemberPeter WhalleyRic Mellis13,722,0003
722445Wednesday 5th SeptemberJohn StevensonRic Mellis14,109,0002
732446Monday 10th SeptemberBarry HillRon Francis15,902,0002
742447Wednesday 12th SeptemberAdele RoseRon Francis14,566,0005
752448Monday 17th SeptemberTony PerrinMatthew Robinson15,842,0003
762449Wednesday 19th SeptemberLeslie DuxburyMatthew Robinson16,055,0002
772450Monday 24th SeptemberH.V. KershawBrian Mills17,062,0001
782451Wednesday 26th SeptemberJohn StevensonBrian Mills17,000,0002
792452Monday 1st OctoberAdele RoseRic Mellis16,508,0002
802453Wednesday 3rd OctoberBarry HillRic Mellis16,856,0001
812454Monday 8th OctoberTony PerrinNicholas Ferguson17,278,0002
822455Wednesday 10th OctoberPeter WhalleyNicholas Ferguson17,060,0003
832456Monday 15th OctoberBob MasonBrian Mills16,676,0001
842457Wednesday 17th OctoberJohn StevensonBrian Mills14,288,0003
852458Monday 22nd OctoberAdele RoseRic Mellis14,837,0002
862459Wednesday 24th OctoberPeter WhalleyRic Mellis16,178,0001
872460Monday 29th OctoberTony PerrinNicholas Ferguson15,658,0001
882461Wednesday 31st OctoberLeslie DuxburyNicholas Ferguson14,514,0003
892462Monday 5th NovemberLeslie DuxburyBrian Mills16,130,0002
902463Wednesday 7th NovemberTony PerrinBrian Mills19,189,0001
912464Monday 12th NovemberH.V. KershawRic Mellis18,939,0002
922465Wednesday 14th NovemberPeter WhalleyRic Mellis20,449,0001
932466Monday 19th NovemberJohn StevensonNicholas Ferguson19,135,0004
942467Wednesday 21st NovemberAdele RoseNicholas Ferguson20,197,0003
952468Monday 26th NovemberJulian RoachBrian Mills18,853,0002
962469Wednesday 28th NovemberH.V. KershawBrian Mills20,235,0001
972470Monday 3rd DecemberLeslie DuxburyRic Mellis18,900,0002
982471Wednesday 5th DecemberBarry HillRic Mellis19,250,0001
992472Monday 10th DecemberJohn StevensonNicholas Ferguson18,750,0001
1002473Wednesday 12th DecemberTony PerrinNicholas Ferguson18,600,0002
1012474Monday 17th DecemberH.V. KershawBrian Mills18,750,0001
1022475Wednesday 19th DecemberTony PerrinBrian Mills18,250,0002
1032476Monday 24th DecemberLeslie DuxburyPatrick Lau17,400,0005
1042477Wednesday 26th DecemberPeter WhalleyPatrick Lau13,650,000n/k
1052478Monday 31st DecemberJulian RoachNicholas Ferguson16,050,0005


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