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1980 was Coronation Street's twenty-first year.

Main characters

Ranking Character Played by Duration Number of Episodes Running total Previous year's ranking
1Len FaircloughPeter AdamsonFull year8315761
2Annie WalkerDoris SpeedFull year76152511
3Elsie TannerPatricia PhoenixFull year7313793
4Ivy TilsleyLynne PerrieFull year712032
4Eddie YeatsGeoffrey HughesFull year7131216
6Hilda OgdenJean AlexanderFull year6911255
7Fred GeeFred FeastFull year6728416
8Rita FaircloughBarbara KnoxFull year665877
9Alf RobertsBryan MosleyFull year6561914
10Bet LynchJulie GoodyearFull year6474519
11Betty TurpinBetty DriverFull year638138
11Mavis RileyThelma BarlowFull year6342118
13Emily BishopEileen DerbyshireFull year61112721
13Gail TilsleyHelen WorthFull year613443
13Stan OgdenBernard YouensFull year61103511
16Bert TilsleyPeter DudleyFull year6010714
17Ken BarlowWilliam RoacheFull year59132913
18Deirdre LangtonAnne KirkbrideFull year584608
19Mike BaldwinJohnny BriggsFull year5422819
20Brian TilsleyChristopher QuintenFull year511028
21Albert TatlockJack HowarthFull year45115124
22Tracy LangtonChristabel FinchFull year4013826
23Arnold SwainGeorge WaringApril to December3939 -
24Vera DuckworthElizabeth DawnJanuary to June and August to October3810926
25Renee RobertsMadge HindleUntil July3723721
26Martin CheveskiJonathan CaplanJune to December3434 -
27Ida CloughHelene PalmerJanuary to June and August to October316128
28Audrey PotterSue NichollsMay to June, September to October and December142229
29Ena SharplesViolet CarsonUntil April5114125
30Susan BarlowSuzy PatersonJanuary and April33033


2000th special

TV Times special cover

Bill Podmore, producer since 1976, continued in the role for another year. His most noteworthy casting decision of 1980 was the axing of Madge Hindle's character Renee Roberts, Corner Shop proprietress and wife of Alf Roberts. Podmore was dissatisfied with Renee and Alf's "humdrum" marriage and so, in order to keep Alf, Renee was given a memorable death in a dramatic car crash in a country lane. As the quintessential English grocer, Alf would remain at the shop until 1993, with Deirdre Langton as his new assistant.

Violet Carson made her final appearance as Ena Sharples in April. Carson had struggled with ill health for some time and throughout the late 1970s Ena was regularly written out, with Carson returning to the role when she was able. In Episode 1983, Ena made a low-key departure from Weatherfield - deciding she'd had quite enough of Albert Tatlock's hospitality while the builders worked on her flat, she swapped the smoky skies of Weatherfield for the sea air at her usual retreat, Lytham St Annes. She was expected to make a comeback but Carson's health worsened later in the year and she never returned to filming. The Community Centre flat, freshly rebuilt in brick on the Grape Street set, would lie empty for a year.

Two actors joined the programme as short-term regulars. Arnold Swain was the owner of a pet shop who romanced Emily Bishop, marrying her in September only for Emily to then find out that he was already married. Actor George Waring wasn't aware that his character was a bigamist when he was cast. The other was Martin Cheveski, Elsie Tanner's grandson who stayed with his gran for the latter six months of the year while working as Len Fairclough's new apprentice at the yard. The character of Martin was invented purely for the storyline, contradicting earlier episodes which clearly establish the Cheveskis as having only one son, Paul.

In addition to these, Suzy Paterson made three further appearances as Susan Barlow as did Sue Nicholls as Audrey Potter, who prepared to become a grandmother for the first time. Nicky Tilsley, son of Gail and Brian, was born on New Year's Eve but did not appear until 1981.

In the realm of locations, Dawson's Cafe was bought over by Jim Sedgewick, who turned it into a trucker's cafe and hired Elsie Tanner as manageress. Like Joe Dawson before him, Sedgewick only appeared a few times and served mostly as the unseen landlord of Jim's Cafe.

Coronation Street reached two milestones in 1980. In June, to celebrate the 2000th episode, a cast party was specially convened on the Grape Street set which was covered by the TV Times special Coronation Street 2000. Priced 60p, it featured on the cover Ena Sharples, Elsie Tanner, Ken Barlow and Albert Tatlock watching Tracy Langton struggling to blow the candles out on the 2000th commemorative cake (pictured above). This was supposedly one of the last times that Violet Carson donned her costume in the character of Ena Sharples. The other milestone, the 20th anniversary on 9th December, went unmarked.

Viewing figures

1980 ratings

Ratings chart for the year

On average, ratings were equal to or slightly above 1979 levels. Seven months saw average ratings climb from the previous year, with a particularly strong showing in the last quarter of the year, which saw an increase of two million viewers on the same period in 1979. March to May lost viewers, with April falling nearly two million viewers on the previous year. The average viewing figure for the year was 15.45 million viewers, with ratings peaking with 19 million viewers for Episode 2053 on 3rd December (in which Emily - and the viewers - learn of Arnold's bigamy).

Fourteen episodes reached the top of the weekly rankings - an increase from eleven in 1979, and the most since 1971; after varying levels of success in the charts throughout the 1970s, Coronation Street began the new decade in its most consistently strong position in nearly ten years.


# Ep.
Date Writer Director Viewing
11957Wednesday 2nd JanuaryH.V. KershawRichard Holthouse18,500,0002
21958Monday 7th JanuaryAdele RoseLaurence Moody16,350,0007
31959Wednesday 9th JanuaryBarry HillLaurence Moody18,050,0002
41960Monday 14th JanuaryTony PerrinMalcolm Taylor16,900,0006
51961Wednesday 16th JanuaryH.V. KershawMalcolm Taylor17,800,0005
61962Monday 21st JanuaryPeter WhalleyAlan Bromly17,600,0004
71963Wednesday 23rd JanuaryBarry HillAlan Bromly16,400,0007
81964Monday 28th JanuaryAdele RoseRichard Holthouse17,650,0008
91965Wednesday 30th JanuaryJulian RoachRichard Holthouse18,250,0005
101966Monday 4th FebruaryLeslie DuxburyMalcolm Taylor17,300,0007
111967Wednesday 6th FebruaryLeslie DuxburyMalcolm Taylor18,400,0005
121968Monday 11th FebruaryJohn StevensonLaurence Moody16,650,0005
131969Wednesday 13th FebruaryJohn StevensonLaurence Moody17,300,0003
141970Monday 18th FebruaryH.V. KershawAlan Bromly15,600,0008
151971Wednesday 20th FebruaryAlec BaronAlan Bromly17,000,0005
161972Monday 25th FebruaryAdele RoseRichard Holthouse15,643,0008
171973Wednesday 27th FebruaryJohn StevensonRichard Holthouse16,446,0006
181974Monday 3rd MarchLeslie DuxburyPaul Bernard16,004,0007
191975Wednesday 5th MarchAlan DownerPaul Bernard16,968,0005
201976Monday 10th MarchLeslie DuxburyRoger Jenkins16,239,000n/k
211977Wednesday 12th MarchAdele RoseRoger Jenkins15,996,000n/k
221978Monday 17th MarchBarry HillRichard Holthouse15,844,0007
231979Wednesday 19th MarchJohn StevensonRichard Holthouse16,309,0006
241980Monday 24th MarchPeter WhalleyPaul Bernard16,562,0007
251981Wednesday 26th MarchTony PerrinPaul Bernard18,077,0002
261982Monday 31st MarchTony PerrinRoger Jenkins15,887,0004
271983Wednesday 2nd AprilBarry HillRoger Jenkins17,861,0002
281984Monday 7th AprilJohn StevensonRichard Holthouse7,608,000n/k
291985Wednesday 9th AprilAdele RoseRichard Holthouse16,337,0003
301986Monday 14th AprilH.V. KershawRonald Fouracre14,978,0004
311987Wednesday 16th AprilLeslie DuxburyRonald Fouracre17,120,0003
321988Monday 21st AprilAdele RoseRoger Jenkins14,572,0005
331989Wednesday 23rd AprilJulian RoachRoger Jenkins16,252,0001
341990Monday 28th AprilBarry HillRichard Holthouse14,591,0003
351991Wednesday 30th AprilLeslie DuxburyRichard Holthouse15,380,0002
361992Monday 5th MayAlan DownerJohn Michael Phillips10,244,000n/k
371993Wednesday 7th MayH.V. KershawJohn Michael Phillips14,366,0003
381994Monday 12th MayH.V. KershawMalcolm Taylor13,054,0002
391995Wednesday 14th MayAdele RoseMalcolm Taylor11,368,00011
401996Monday 19th MayTony PerrinRichard Holthouse12,769,0005
411997Wednesday 21st MayLeslie DuxburyRichard Holthouse15,150,0001
421998Monday 26th MayLeslie DuxburyAlan Grint11,850,0008
431999Wednesday 28th MayJohn StevensonAlan Grint16,000,0003
442000Monday 2nd JuneH.V. KershawMalcolm Taylor14,000,0002
452001Wednesday 4th JunePeter WhalleyMalcolm Taylor13,950,0003
462002Monday 9th JuneJohn StevensonRichard Holthouse13,400,0005
472003Wednesday 11th JuneJulian RoachRichard Holthouse13,650,0004
482004Monday 16th JuneTony PerrinMatthew Robinson13,700,0002
492005Wednesday 18th JuneLeslie DuxburyMatthew Robinson13,950,0001
502006Monday 23rd JuneAlan DownerMalcolm Taylor14,000,0002
512007Wednesday 25th JuneJohn StevensonMalcolm Taylor14,650,0001
522008Monday 30th JuneLeslie DuxburyChris Lovett14,700,0001
532009Wednesday 2nd JulyLeslie DuxburyChris Lovett13,650,0002
542010Monday 7th JulyH.V. KershawBrian Lennane12,400,0004
552011Wednesday 9th JulyJulian RoachBrian Lennane13,800,0001
562012Monday 14th JulyBarry HillStephen Butcher12,850,0003
572013Wednesday 16th JulyJohn StevensonStephen Butcher13,350,0001
582014Monday 21st JulyPeter WhalleyChris Lovett10,000,0007
592015Wednesday 23rd JulyTony PerrinChris Lovett9,750,00010
602016Monday 28th JulyH.V. KershawKen Grieve10,900,00010
612017Wednesday 30th JulyLeslie DuxburyKen Grieve12,550,0001
622018Monday 4th AugustH.V. KershawStephen Butcher11,900,0003
632019Wednesday 6th AugustH.V. KershawStephen Butcher12,850,0001
642020Monday 11th AugustLeslie DuxburyOliver Horsbrugh12,350,0003
652021Wednesday 13th AugustTony PerrinOliver Horsbrugh12,500,0002
662022Monday 18th AugustJulian RoachKen Grieve12,500,0001
672023Wednesday 20th AugustJohn StevensonKen Grieve12,300,0003
682024Monday 25th AugustLeslie DuxburyStephen Butcher10,350,00017
692025Wednesday 27th AugustPeter WhalleyStephen Butcher12,100,0003
702026Monday 1st SeptemberTony PerrinRichard Holthouse13,550,0008
712027Wednesday 3rd SeptemberJohn StevensonRichard Holthouse15,600,0002
722028Monday 8th SeptemberBarry HillKen Grieve14,350,0006
732029Wednesday 10th SeptemberH.V. KershawKen Grieve15,700,0003
742030Monday 15th SeptemberLeslie DuxburyStephen Butcher15,250,0006
752031Wednesday 17th SeptemberBarry HillStephen Butcher16,450,0002
762032Monday 22nd SeptemberPeter WhalleyRichard Holthouse15,500,0007
772033Wednesday 24th SeptemberJulian RoachRichard Holthouse16,800,0004
782034Monday 29th SeptemberJohn StevensonOliver Horsbrugh15,600,0007
792035Wednesday 1st OctoberJohn StevensonOliver Horsbrugh17,600,0002
802036Monday 6th OctoberH.V. KershawStephen Butcher17,050,0004
812037Wednesday 8th OctoberLeslie DuxburyStephen Butcher18,200,0003
822038Monday 13th OctoberPeter WhalleyJohn Michael Phillips16,750,0004
832039Wednesday 15th OctoberDave SimpsonJohn Michael Phillips17,650,0002
842040Monday 20th OctoberJulian RoachRichard Holthouse15,900,0006
852041Wednesday 22nd OctoberTony PerrinRichard Holthouse18,300,0002
862042Monday 27th OctoberLeslie DuxburyOliver Horsbrugh16,650,0006
872043Wednesday 29th OctoberH.V. KershawOliver Horsbrugh17,900,0002
882044Monday 3rd NovemberH.V. KershawStephen Butcher17,150,0007
892045Wednesday 5th NovemberPeter WhalleyStephen Butcher17,500,0004
902046Monday 10th NovemberTony PerrinRichard Holthouse16,600,0007
912047Wednesday 12th NovemberLeslie DuxburyRichard Holthouse17,400,0003
922048Monday 17th NovemberJohn StevensonOliver Horsbrugh17,450,0007
932049Wednesday 19th NovemberLeslie DuxburyOliver Horsbrugh18,750,0003
942050Monday 24th NovemberLeslie DuxburyStephen Butcher17,250,0008
952051Wednesday 26th NovemberBarry HillStephen Butcher18,550,0003
962052Monday 1st DecemberJohn StevensonRichard Holthouse17,050,0007
972053Wednesday 3rd DecemberPeter WhalleyRichard Holthouse19,000,0001
982054Monday 8th DecemberH.V. KershawBrian Mills18,900,0001
992055Wednesday 10th DecemberJulian RoachBrian Mills18,100,0002
1002056Monday 15th DecemberH.V. KershawStephen Butcher17,700,0001
1012057Wednesday 17th DecemberAdele RoseStephen Butcher17,400,0003
1022058Monday 22nd DecemberTony PerrinRichard Holthouse16,750,0006
1032059Wednesday 24th DecemberJulian RoachRichard Holthouse15,700,0008
1042060Monday 29th DecemberJohn StevensonBrian Mills18,150,0001
1052061Wednesday 31st DecemberLeslie DuxburyBrian Mills16,500,0005


Who lives where

Coronation Street

Rosamund Street


Awards and nominations

Variety Club of Great Britain

  • Silver Heart Award for the programme
Coronation Street in the 1980s
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