Titles 1962

1963 was Coronation Street's fourth year.

Main characters

Ranking Character Played by Duration Number of Episodes Running total Previous year's ranking
1Ena SharplesViolet CarsonFull year902728
1Harry HewittIvan BeavisFull year902618
1Valerie BarlowAnne ReidFull year9015119
4Martha LonghurstLynne CarolFull year892618
5Elsie TannerPatricia PhoenixFull year882733
5Concepta HewittDoreen KeoghFull year882597
5Len FaircloughPeter AdamsonFull year882411
8Annie WalkerDoris SpeedFull year872703
8Albert TatlockJack HowarthFull year872483
10Minnie CaldwellMargot BryantFull year862583
11Jack WalkerArthur LeslieFull year852662
12Ken BarlowWilliam RoacheFull year8423411
13Frank BarlowFrank PembertonFull year8223411
14Florrie LindleyBetty AlbergeFull year8122413
15Emily NugentEileen DerbyshireFull year7715816
16Jerry BoothGraham HaberfieldFull year6810120
17Lucille HewittJennifer MossFull year6114118
17Dennis TannerPhilip LowrieFrom April6015622
19Doreen LostockAngela CrowUntil October5714615
20Leonard SwindleyArthur LoweUntil June and from September to November5514914
21Sheila BirtlesEileen MayersUntil September4311216
22Christine ApplebyChristine HargreavesUntil July4012421
23Jed StoneKenneth CopeUntil March255123
24Myra Dickinson/BoothSusan JamesonFrom September2222 -
25Alf RobertsBryan MosleyJanuary and February, August and September, November113628
26Esther HayesDaphne OxenfordFebruary and March, May and June, December106226
27David BarlowAlan RothwellJune only230 -
28Ivan CheveskiErnst WalderUntil January16424
29Linda CheveskiAnne CunninghamUntil January17424
29Billy WalkerKenneth FarringtonDecember only14027


Sheila suicide

Eileen Mayers shoots her orginal ending to Episode 287, as Sheila Birtles commits suicide

In May, Coronation Street's former casting director Margaret Morris became its first female producer, replacing H.V. Kershaw. Kershaw continued to write for the programme and eventually committed to further stints as producer.

Writers were faced with writing out Doreen Lostock after Angela Crow decided to leave. Her last scenes were aired in October, when Doreen left to join the Women's Royal Army Corps. As regards Doreen's best friend Sheila Birtles, the writers considered keeping her on and having her marry Jerry Booth, before choosing to have her depart also at the end of Eileen Mayers's contract in September.

For Sheila's exit, Morris and the writers decided on a suicide after taking Sheila to her lowest ebb, sacked from the raincoat factory and being badly treated by her boyfriend Neil Crossley. Eileen Mayers recorded Sheila's suicide scene, in which the character was seen trying to take an overdose and then, after failing and vomiting into a wastebin, gassing herself. Before transmission, news of the storyline leaked and Granada was inundated with complaints, notably from the Deputy Manchester City Coroner Roderick Davies who accused the network of removing the stigma from suicide. Morris - who had issued a statement defending the storyline as being true-to-life - was ordered by Sidney and Cecil Bernstein not to transmit the ending of the episode to omit the suicide attempt (and to add insult to injury, Morris had to announce and explain the change, stating: "It was an idea of mine which did not come off.") In the eventually broadcast scene, Sheila only swallowed two aspirins before the episode was faded out and she thus become catatonic, remaining so until her rescue by Dennis Tanner, Len Fairclough and Walter Potts in the next episode. Sheila's re-written final appearance saw her leave Weatherfield to return to her parents in Rawtenstall.

As well as Eileen Mayers and Angela Crow, Christine Hargreaves departed, with her character Christine Appleby being transferred to another Miami Modes store shortly after breaking her engagement to Frank Barlow. Daphne Oxenford's occasional appearances as Esther Hayes since the end of the Equity actors' strike came to an end when the character moved to Glasgow for a new job; she would not be seen again until 1971. Lastly, Kenneth Cope left the show in March, returning to play Jed Stone again three years later.

Philip Lowrie returned as Dennis Tanner a year after the Equity strike forced his departure. Writer Jack Rosenthal, penning his return episode, was so fond of writing for the character that he shed a tear as he typed the words "ENTER DENNIS" into the script. Meanwhile, with Sheila having departed, Jerry Booth was given a new love interest in the form of pushy Myra Dickinson, played by Susan Jameson, and Christopher Sandford was cast as singing window cleaner Walter Potts, soon to be renamed "[[Brett Falcon]" by Dennis and hit the big time. The character's signature song Not Too Little, Not Too Much, which closed Episode 307 on 20th November, was released as a single two days later and reached No.17 in the charts.

Australia became the first country to buy Coronation Street, specifically the Sydney channel TCN9. Starting from the first episode, 26 episodes were shown, with the run continuing in December 1965. It quickly found a dedicated audience there which has remained ever since.

Viewing figures

1963 ratings

Ratings chart for the year

Coronation Street continued to outperform itself, gaining a yearly average of 17.79 million viewers and all months up on the same months in 1962. The biggest increases occurred in January and February, which were two million viewers above the figures the year before.

Episode 217 on 9th January gained the programme's highest viewing figures up to that point. This record was broken twice in November, reaching a peak with 9.1 million homes / 20.17 million viewers with Episode 306 on 18th November, which was the second highest viewing figure for any television broadcast in the United Kingdom in 1963 (behind the Royal Variety Performance).

Of the 104 episodes, 49 reached number one in the weekly viewing charts, eight less than in 1962.


# Ep.
Date Writer Director Viewing
1215Wednesday 2nd JanuaryJack RosenthalRichard Everitt8,740,000
2216Monday 7th JanuaryJack RosenthalMax Morgan-Witts8,870,000
3217Wednesday 9th JanuaryJohn FinchMax Morgan-Witts9,116,000
4218Monday 14th JanuaryTony WarrenPauline Shaw8,385,000
5219Wednesday 16th JanuaryEddie MaguirePauline Shaw8,385,000
6220Monday 21st JanuaryAdele RoseGerard Dynevor8,636,000
7221Wednesday 23rd JanuaryPeter EckersleyGerard Dynevor8,389,000
8222Monday 28th JanuaryJack RosenthalHoward Baker8,764,000
9223Wednesday 30th JanuaryJohn FinchHoward Baker8,393,000
10224Monday 4th FebruaryTony WarrenPauline Shaw8,768,000
11225Wednesday 6th FebruaryAdele RosePauline Shaw8,891,000
12226Monday 11th FebruaryRay H. DunbobbinGerard Dynevor8,918,000
13227Wednesday 13th FebruaryPeter EckersleyGerard Dynevor8,299,000
14228Monday 18th FebruaryPeter EckersleyHoward Baker8,796,000
15229Wednesday 20th FebruaryJohn FinchHoward Baker8,425,000
16230Monday 25th FebruaryJack RosenthalPauline Shaw8,677,000
17231Wednesday 27th FebruaryAdele RosePauline Shaw8,553,000
18232Monday 4th MarchJack RosenthalGerard Dynevor8,432,000
19233Wednesday 6th MarchTony WarrenGerard Dynevor8,432,000
20234Monday 11th MarchJohn FinchChristopher McMaster8,562,000
21235Wednesday 13th MarchPeter EckersleyChristopher McMaster8,562,000
22236Monday 18th MarchTony WarrenPauline Shaw8,567,000
23237Wednesday 20th MarchAdele RosePauline Shaw8,319,000
24238Monday 25th MarchJack RosenthalHoward Baker8,698,000
25239Wednesday 27th MarchJack RosenthalHoward Baker8,449,000
26240Monday 1st AprilJack RosenthalMax Morgan-Witts8,455,000
27241Wednesday 3rd AprilPeter EckersleyMax Morgan-Witts8,331,000
28242Monday 8th AprilJohn FinchGerard Dynevor8,459,000
29243Wednesday 10th AprilAdele RoseGerard Dynevor8,334,000
30244Monday 15th AprilJack RosenthalHoward Baker6,224,000
31245Wednesday 17th AprilPeter EckersleyHoward Baker8,339,000
32246Monday 22nd AprilPeter EckersleyChristopher McMaster8,223,000
33247Wednesday 24th AprilAdele RoseChristopher McMaster7,475,000
34248Monday 29th AprilAlec TravisGerard Dynevor7,978,000
35249Wednesday 1st MayJack RosenthalGerard Dynevor8,228,000
36250Monday 6th MayJohn PenningtonHoward Baker8,358,000
37251Wednesday 8th MayJohn FinchHoward Baker7,735,000
38252Monday 13th MayJack RosenthalChristopher McMaster8,114,000
39253Wednesday 15th MayPeter EckersleyChristopher McMaster7,864,000
40254Monday 20th MayAdele RoseVivian Milroy8,119,000
41255Wednesday 22nd MayJohn FinchVivian Milroy7,494,000
42256Monday 27th MayJack RosenthalHoward Baker7,749,000
43257Wednesday 29th MayAdele RoseHoward Baker7,499,000
44258Monday 3rd JunePeter EckersleyChristopher McMaster5,383,000
45259Wednesday 5th JuneJohn FinchChristopher McMaster7,386,000
46260Monday 10th JuneJohn PenningtonVivian Milroy6,956,000
47261Wednesday 12th JuneAdele RoseVivian Milroy6,956,000
48262Monday 17th JuneJack RosenthalPeter Plummer7,847,000
49263Wednesday 19th JuneH.V. KershawPeter Plummer7,594,000
50264Monday 24th JunePeter EckersleyChristopher McMaster7,851,000
51265Wednesday 26th JuneJohn FinchChristopher McMaster7,345,000
52266Monday 1st JulyTony WarrenHoward Baker7,736,000
53267Wednesday 3rd JulyH.V. KershawHoward Baker7,482,000
54268Monday 8th JulyPeter EckersleyPeter Plummer7,489,000
55269Wednesday 10th JulyJohn FinchPeter Plummer7,489,000
56270Monday 15th JulyJack RosenthalPauline Shaw7,748,000
57271Wednesday 17th JulyJack RosenthalPauline Shaw7,494,000
58272Monday 22nd JulyAdele RoseRichard Everitt6,862,000
59273Wednesday 24th JulyH.V. KershawRichard Everitt7,116,000
60274Monday 29th JulyJohn FinchPeter Plummer6,482,000
61275Wednesday 31st JulyJack RosenthalPeter Plummer6,609,000
62276Monday 5th AugustTony WarrenChristopher McMaster4,958,000
63277Wednesday 7th AugustH.V. KershawChristopher McMaster7,119,000
64278Monday 12th AugustPeter EckersleyHoward Baker7,630,000
65279Wednesday 14th AugustAdele RoseHoward Baker7,248,000
66280Monday 19th AugustJohn PenningtonPeter Plummer7,760,000
67281Wednesday 21st AugustJohn PenningtonPeter Plummer7,379,000
68282Monday 26th AugustJack RosenthalChristopher McMaster8,147,000
69283Wednesday 28th AugustPeter BerryChristopher McMaster7,637,000
70284Monday 2nd SeptemberRay ButlerHoward Baker8,279,000
71285Wednesday 4th SeptemberJack RosenthalHoward Baker7,642,000
72286Monday 9th SeptemberJohn FinchPeter Plummer8,284,000
73287Wednesday 11th SeptemberAdele RosePeter Plummer8,284,000
74288Monday 16th SeptemberH.V. KershawChristopher McMaster8,418,000
75289Wednesday 18th SeptemberAlan HardmanChristopher McMaster8,290,000
76290Monday 23rd SeptemberJack RosenthalHoward Baker8,806,000
77291Wednesday 25th SeptemberJohn FinchHoward Baker7,785,000
78292Monday 30th SeptemberAdele RoseMichael Beckham8,557,000
79293Wednesday 2nd OctoberH.V. KershawMichael Beckham8,301,000
80294Monday 7th OctoberJohn PenningtonVivian Milroy8,492,000
81295Wednesday 9th OctoberLynn FosterVivian Milroy8,363,000
82296Monday 14th OctoberTony WilliamsonPauline Shaw8,238,000
83297Wednesday 16th OctoberAdele Rose
Alan Hardman
Pauline Shaw8,367,000
84298Monday 21st OctoberJack RosenthalMichael Beckham9,015,000
85299Wednesday 23rd OctoberH.V. KershawMichael Beckham8,628,000
86300Monday 28th OctoberJohn FinchChristopher McMaster8,762,000
87301Wednesday 30th OctoberRobert HollesChristopher McMaster8,891,000
88302Monday 4th NovemberRobert HollesPeter Plummer9,027,000
89303Wednesday 6th NovemberPeter BerryPeter Plummer9,155,000
90304Monday 11th NovemberJohn PenningtonMichael Beckham9,163,000
91305Wednesday 13th NovemberJack RosenthalMichael Beckham7,873,000
92306Monday 18th NovemberJohn FinchChristopher McMaster9,170,000
93307Wednesday 20th NovemberTony WarrenChristopher McMaster8,782,000
94308Monday 25th NovemberPeter EckersleyPeter Plummer8,400,000
95309Wednesday 27th NovemberTony WilliamsonPeter Plummer8,271,000
96310Monday 2nd DecemberTony WarrenMichael Beckham8,925,000
97311Wednesday 4th DecemberAdele RoseMichael Beckham8,796,000
98312Monday 9th DecemberGeorge MaberChristopher McMaster8,546,000
99313Wednesday 11th DecemberH.V. KershawChristopher McMaster8,417,000
100314Monday 16th DecemberAdele RoseVivian Milroy8,941,000
101315Wednesday 18th DecemberJohn FinchVivian Milroy8,423,000
102316Monday 23rd DecemberJack RosenthalMichael Beckham8,559,000
103317Wednesday 25th DecemberH.V. KershawMichael Beckham4,539,000
104318Monday 30th DecemberTony WarrenPeter Plummer8,954,000




Sunny Jim and Ma - a match made in heaven?

  • Jed Stone falls behind with his rent because he can't sell his stock of Cyprus sherry. A sympathetic Jack Walker buys it from him. Sheila Birtles works on the market with Jed which worries the residents of the Street. After Jed jokingly tells Florrie that he and Sheila are going to get married, she alerts her parents who arrive from Rawtenstall to look over Jed, much to his alarm.
  • Black bus conductor Johnny Alexander accuses Len of not paying his fare. Harry Hewitt takes Len's side and reports Johnny who is sacked. Len then admits that Johnny was telling the truth. Harry admits this to his bosses, who offer Johnny his job back but, bitter at his treatment, he refuses. Harry becomes disillusioned with working on the buses and wants to leave. Concepta Hewitt blames Len for Harry's attitude.
  • Gamma Garments' sales are down and under pressure from Mr Papagopolous, Leonard Swindley makes Emily Nugent redundant as she earns more than Doreen Lostock and drastic savings are needed.


  • Harry and Concepta worry about Lucille Hewitt's performance in school but are told by her teacher that they are the ones pushing her too hard. Lucille starts to do a study on Coronation Street in the 1930s.
  • Swindley threatens to resign unless Emily is reinstated and Mr Papagopolous agrees to a six week trial period during which sales must increase or her job doesn't last. During that period the sales increase when the residents flock to the shop in a show of sympathy.
  • Frank proposes to Christine who delays answering but starts to see Joe Makinson again behind Frank's back. Christine falls out further with Ken and Val over her relationship with Frank but Alf Roberts takes his side and threatens Joe to put him off Christine. Eventually she tires of Joe herself but before she can take any action, he finishes with her. Christine then accepts Frank's proposal.
  • Annie Walker serves some of Jed's Cyprus sherry in the Rovers and is caught out by brewery rep Mr Henshaw. Jack is summoned to the brewery to explain himself but the residents have sent a shoal of letters ahead of him supporting the Walkers and Jack is let off.
  • The rents on the houses in Coronation Street and Mawdsley Street are substantially increased.
  • Sheila agrees to a date with Jerry Booth on the condition that he finds a date for Doreen Lostock. To Doreen's horror, he sets her up with Jed who takes the party to a strip night at the Orinoco Club.


  • On her birthday, Elsie finds out that her rent is going up by 10/- a week. Dennis sends her an expensive watch as a present which she later finds she has to pay for herself.
  • Lucille's researches uncover the fact that Annie once played Lady Godiva in a pageant. The news stays under wraps until a horrified Annie finds out that Lucille got the information from an old newspaper kept by Ena. Annie accuses her of blackmail and Ena gets back at her by telling everyone about Annie's "shameful" past.
  • Frank and Christine set their wedding day, despite further opposition from Ken and Val.
  • Martha becomes the Rovers' cleaner.
Episode 235

Swindley passes on the news about Miss Nugent

  • Emily is told that her position at Gamma Garments is permanent again.
  • The residents start to campaign against the rent increase but the landlord retaliates by telling Elsie that it is against her tenancy agreement to rent out a room to Christine. Elsie blames Val for telling Mr Wormold about Christine's occupancy. Esther Hayes offers Christine a room and she takes up the suggestion, causing Elsie to argue with Esther as well. She then suspects Len of telling Wormold but Christine confesses to Concepta that she herself wrote the letter, wanting to get away from Frank and Elsie but not knowing how to tell them.
  • Ena hears that her sister Alice Raynould is seriously ill and dying in Sheffield. Ena goes to stay with her for a week during which time Jed runs a bingo session and dance for the over-sixties club in the Mission. After the event is over, Jed disturbs the neighbours with his records and the matter is reported to the police. They interview Ena on her return and she puts them onto Swindley. The matter is dropped when no more complaints are received.
  • Harry sells his car to Jed but doesn't receive all of the money for it. Jed wants to move on and, unable to face Minnie Caldwell with the news that he's leaving, does a moonlight flit.


  • Albert Tatlock and Frank cave in and pay the rent increase but Elsie holds out, even when she is threatened by bailiffs. The residents support Elsie but matters reach a crisis when she is forced to barricade herself in No. 11 however Dennis returns unexpectedly from London and, unaware of developments, lets the bailiffs into the house. They start to evict Elsie and she is forced to give in.

Christine tells Frank she can't marry him

  • At almost the last moment, Christine backs out her wedding to Frank. Saddened, he goes to Scarborough to recover from his disappointment. After a couple of weeks he returns, full of plans to leave the GPO and open a DIY Shop.
  • Dennis tells Elsie he's back for good and that Lenny Phillips plans to open another club in the area. A young girl, Mavis Fox appears on the Street, looking for Dennis's poor old gran who lives in No.11 and claiming that he lives in a large house and manages his father's mill. An amused Elsie pretends to be "gran"'s cleaner but insists that he tells Mavis the truth.
  • Teenage schoolgirl Rita Spears has a crush on Ken which amuses Val. When Sheila kids Jerry that she has another man, he picks up Rita on Dennis's advice to make Sheila jealous in turn. Ken tells Jerry Rita's true age when he sees the two of them in the Rovers.
  • Emily and Doreen are taken with two van drivers who arrive at Gamma to transfer some stock to another branch. They then realise that the drivers were bogus and that the stock has been stolen. The police investigate but Papagopolous is pleased because the old, unsalable stock was insured.


  • Under pressure from Elsie, Dennis tells Mavis the truth about his background. She returns to London to think things over. Elsie is horrified to find out how well off Mavis's family are.
  • The police recover the stolen Gamma stock. Swindley is promoted to Head Office and prepares to leave the Rosamund Street branch.
  • Ken opposes Frank's plans to open the shop, thinking that he's giving up too much security. Frank perseveres, signs the lease and prepares for the opening.
  • Martha loses Ena's pension book. It is found by schoolboy Michael Butterworth but less one week's entitlement. Ken stands by his pupil Michael but Ena gets the truth out of the boy – that he did cash in the pension and has spent the money. She reports him to the police but the residents turn against her for this act. Michael is put on probation.
  • Supervisor Mrs Dumbarton leaves Miami Modes. Elsie, Christine and Dot Greenhalgh are all in the frame for the position but Christine is the lucky candidate. She starts to annoy Elsie with her high-handed manner when she assumes the position.
  • Jerry and Sheila start to go steady.

Elsie and Len - just friends?

  • Elsie is double-booked when Dennis books a table at a posh restaurant and Len gets her tickets to a Builder's Federation dance. She goes with Len while Dennis takes Doreen out. Len and Elsie start to grow intimate but Elsie backs off because he is still married.
  • Concepta's father falls ill at home in Ireland and is forced to retire. Concepta goes to see him and sends Harry a telegram telling him to hand in his notice at the bus company in order that he can join her and run her father's garage permanently.
  • Arthur Forsythe-Jones, who Annie met on her holiday the previous July, writes to say he is coming to visit her. She sends Jack off on holiday to Scotland and awaits his arrival.


  • Concepta returns from Ireland. Harry resigns as requested however Lucille doesn't want to go. Harry takes Lucille's side in the dispute and Concepta walks out on him. Events reach a crisis between the Hewitts until Concepta sees the effect that it is having on Lucille and backs down. Harry though is now unemployed and finds it hard to find work.
  • Arthur Forsythe-Jones arrives at the Rovers and settles in. A jealous Jack returns early from his holiday when he rings and Arthur answers the phone. Arthur takes Annie to the theatre and the two don’t get back until very late but Arthur soon takes his leave of the Walkers and Annie admits that she went out with him only to make Jack jealous.
  • Swindley leaves the shop to work at Gamma's head office.
    DIY shop opening

    Tea and refreshments laid on for the opening of the Frank's DIY Shop

  • Despite rent arrears problems from Ethel Tyson who occupies the flat above the shop premises, Frank Barlow's DIY shop has its grand opening and he is delighted when David Barlow makes a flying visit to Weatherfield to see him and the shop. Elsie takes time off work to go to the opening and give her support and is reprimanded by Christine for doing so. The two row and Elsie reports her to personnel.
  • Dennis discovers that Len and Elsie are together, seemingly on holiday, in Blackpool. He shows his disapproval when they return however Elsie calms him when she says they only spent one afternoon together.


  • The Hewitts find themselves in financial difficulties as a result of Harry being unemployed. He grows depressed on the dole but refuses to allow Concepta to restart work at the Rovers. He also refuses Dave Smith's job offer as a Bookie's clerk. After having to refuse Lucille's request for money for a school trip he gains employment as a driver for local firm Marshalls.
  • Miami Modes' personnel officer sympathises with Christine over her dispute with Elsie but ends up transferring Christine to another branch. Christine leaves the area.
  • Marian Lund has married and tries to arrange a dinner with her husband, Val and Ken. Val can't make the date and as Marion's husband falls ill just before the get-together, Ken sees her on his own – much to Val's anger. They are brought together again when Ken convinces Val that he loves her.
  • Gamma Garments' takings improve significantly with Emily in charge of the branch but she is disappointed to be told that Neil Crossley will be made the new manager. He arrives and seems a charmer but this conceals his true nature which is that of a workshy, uncaring conman, blaming Emily for his errors and raiding the petty cash. Oblivious to his faults, Sheila starts to see him behind Jerry's back and Elsie tries to warn him off but she won't listen. Jerry, smitten and thinking of proposing to Sheila, sees her and Neil together.
  • Dennis sets up Tanner Enterprises and auditions showbiz acts in No.11. He thinks he's hit the big time when he hears young window cleaner Walter Potts singing and signs him up, renaming him "Brett Falcon". Walter is thrown out of his lodgings and Dennis puts him up at No. 11 behind Elsie's back.


  • Ena finds out that Walter is lodging at the Tanners', as does Elsie who lets him stay permanently for £1, 10/- a week.
  • Jerry hears that Sheila has been seeing Neil for some time and the two men fight. Jerry bests his opponent who swears revenge but Neil himself grows tired of Sheila and starts to avoid her, then slaps her when they row. Emily loses her patience with him over his activities at the bookies which interferes with his work and demands his removal from the shop. Emily is duly made manageress and Neil is fired. He leaves, still owing the petty cash.
  • Len gets his divorce from Nellie and asks Elsie to marry him. Elsie is reluctant, scared after her marriage failure with Arnold Tanner but Dennis and Ena tell her to accept. After several week's considering, Elsie turns down the proposal on the basis that she gets on too well with him and doesn't want to spoil their friendship.

The men get drunk on their outing

  • The menfolk go on a darts team annual outing to New Brighton. They get drunk and when the police intervene, Alf and Albert fight with them and are arrested. As driver of the coach, Harry is nervous that it will affect his job application with Amalgamated Steel.
  • Walter gets his first gig but the police are called when he sings in the Rovers.


  • Alf, Walter and Albert are all fined in court for their various misdemeanours. The regulars have a whip-round to help Albert pay his £5 fine.

Sheila has a breakdown

  • Cheques that Neil gave to Frank for money cashed bounce and Ken decides to track him down. They trace him to Walkden and get some of their money back. Lucille gives Sheila his address and, still smitten, she goes after him but he rejects her. Distraught, she attempts to take her own life in the Corner Shop flat but is saved by Dennis. She leaves the Street for Rawtenstall and to live with her parents.
  • Jerry, Doreen and Lucille go to see Walter's debut concert which is a huge success and Jerry meets the concert organiser’s daughter, Myra Dickenson who falls for him. As Sheila has rejected Jerry, he starts to date Myra. She moves the relationship on several stages at once and assumes that they are engaged to be married. As Jerry’s apprenticeship ends and his wages increase they decide to buy the empty No. 13 and set their wedding date.
  • Swindley is unhappy at Gamma’s Head Office and misses the Rosamund Street shop. Emily resigns in order that he can take up his old position.
  • Frank puts up Ethel Tyson’s rent and she refuses to pay it. She brings in her brother and nephew – George and Jim Pickup to intimidate Frank but ends up paying the arrears after Frank has served her notice to quit.
  • Doreen decides she wants to do more with her life and applies to join the Women's Royal Army Corps.


  • Doreen leaves the Street after a farewell party at which Walter provides the entertainment.
  • Jim Pickup starts a fire in Frank's shop, using Lucille as an alibi for his movements, but she later confesses that she saw him going into the premises before the fire started. Frank threatens Ethel with the police and she agrees to vacate the flat permanently.

Jerry and Myra marry

  • Myra asks Dennis to be Jerry's best man, not knowing Jerry has already asked a cycling friend of his called Vincent. Myra meets Vincent and talks him out of fulfilling his obligation.
  • The Booth's are married and go on honeymoon to Torquay.
  • Swindley tries to organise a children's party in the Mission but Ena refuses to let him. The residents turn on her for her lack of charity although Minnie finds it difficult sending her old friend to Coventry. Ena is even snubbed at the Booth's wedding and returns to find the Vestry wrecked and her harmonium smashed. She breaks down and the residents feel guilty for their stance towards her. As she moves in with Minnie to recover, the police investigate and suspicion falls on Len who has a key to the building but admits he was too drunk after the reception to remember his actions. When the police find one of Jerry's hammers was used in the vandalism, Len is taken to the police station.


  • Len's key to the Mission is missing. Elsie provides him with an alibi which is quickly proven to be false. Ena and Ken remember the incident with Michael Butterworth back in May and alert the police to their suspicions. The police find the key in Michael's possession and Len is declared innocent.
  • Despite Swindley finding her replacement furniture and a new harmonium, Ena at first doesn't feel she wants to return to the Vestry but she eventually relents.
  • Walter is depressed that his career is not going as well as expected however his luck turns when he goes to London and records a record: Not Too Little, Not Too Much.
  • Lenny Phillips sends up his partner Laurie Frazer from London to handle his Northern office. Dennis is nervous as to what this means for him and his fears are realised when it becomes clear that he never signed up Walter to a proper agreement and a London manager has got in first. Dennis's bacon is saved though as Laurie has started a fling with Elsie and this saves him being sacked.
  • Frank considers opening a second shop with Alf as manager. Alf hands in his resignation at the Post Office only to find that it was a pipe dream on Frank's part.
  • The Booths return from honeymoon and after a couple of weeks lodging with Jerry's parents move into No. 13. They receive a load of new furniture which is all on Hire Purchase.
  • Ken takes over director duties on the school production of Julius Caesar.


  • Walter goes to London for a personal appearance and asks Lucille to go with him. Despite the fact that she has exams she sneaks out of the house and hitches a lift on lorry. When he discovers that she is missing, Harry calls the police and she is returned. After playing truant from school, she is banned from going to the school party.
  • Florrie has a win at bingo but is mugged on her way home however Jerry saves her bag for her.
  • Ken's involvement in the play takes up more and more of his time to Val's annoyance. He and fellow teacher Dave Robbins take over No.9 for rehearsals, use their furniture for stage furniture and Ken uses Val's Christmas money for money for the play. Dave Robbins is even invited by Ken to stay at their house over Christmas when his landlady is unable to put him up for the season.

Annie is reunited with old friends at her This is Your Life on Christmas Day

  • Walter plans a "thank you" party for the residents as his sales and fame start to increase. Myra makes a suggestion for a This Is Your Life to be sprung on one of the residents and the arrangements are made. Dennis stages the show and his "victim" is Annie. Billy Walker and Joan Davies are two of the surprise guests and another is Esther who announces she is leaving the area to move to Glasgow. Annie is mortified when one of the stories which comes out is her appearance as Lady Godiva from thirty years before.
  • Joan stays for Christmas and seems irritable about going back to Derby.
  • Dennis is stunned when Laurie's nephew Norman Phillips arrives to take over his job and he is sacked.

Who lives where

Coronation Street

Mawdsley Street

Coronation Street in the 1960s
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