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As part of Coronation Street's fiftieth anniversary celebrations in 2010, Corriepedia embarked on a mission to find out who were our readers' and editors' fifty all-time favourite Coronation Street characters. To that end, an online survey was held on Kwiksurveys from 1st July to 31st August 2010, the results of which were revealed by Corriepedia in a countdown beginning on 1st October, with the final results revealed on the day of the anniversary itself, the 9th December 2010.

How it was done

The survey was intended to be a comprehensive opinion poll, collecting data on viewer preferences covering a variety of Coronation Street topics, such as favourite characters and storylines. The poll was comprised of three sections: viewer profile, character scores and favourites. The largest of these sections was the character scores, in which voters were asked to give each character from a shortlist of 200 a score out of ten (although the voter was able to refrain from voting for any character if chose). The main results of the survey were the top fifty-placed characters as voted for by the participants of the poll, and a new result was revealed on the main page of the website each weekday from the 1st October to 9th December.


"The Golden Fifty" countdown

50. Tony Gordon

#50: Tony Gordon

First appeared: 16th September 2007
Last appeared: 9th June 2010
Profile: Scottish-born Tony wanted to make a million by his fortieth birthday, and would do anything to protect his investments, in which he included his fiancé and business partner Carla Connor. Tony showed his true nature when he had Carla's secret lover Liam killed in a hit and run to get him out of the way, but lost Carla when she found out. To his surprise, he then found himself falling in love with Liam's pregnant widow Maria and his feelings were reciprocated. Tony was driven to protect his new happy life with Maria by trying to kill Roy Cropper after confessing his crimes to him when he was close to death after a heart attack, but guilt led Tony to rescue Roy and turn himself into the police. In 2010, he escaped prison with the intention of killing Carla for wrecking his life but Carla escaped his clutches again and left him to die in a factory blaze.
Remembered for: His evil stare. Disliking bats and Glasgow Rangers. Setting fire to the factory.
Played by: Gray O'Brien

49. Minnie Caldwell

#49: Minnie Caldwell

First appeared: 14th December 1960
Last appeared: 7th April 1976
Profile: In the early 1960s, the Snug of the Rovers Return was the stronghold of three pensioners. Minnie Caldwell was the quietest of the three, and usually sat in silence while her friends Ena Sharples and Martha Longhurst bickered, occasionally chiming in with an (often bizarre) comment. Often appearing docile or simple minded, Minnie was bossed around by her friends, with Ena usually taking making it her responsibility to talk Minnie out of her "daft ideas". As a widow with no children, Minnie lived alone at No.5 Coronation Street but supplemented her pension by taking in lodgers, including "Sunny Jim" Jed Stone, who to Minnie was the son she never had. Her biggest love (and obsession) was her cat Bobby, much to Ena's bemusement.
Remembered for: Being able to silence Ena Sharples. Her cat obsession. Sunny Jim. Going missing.
Played by: Margot Bryant

48. Rosie Webster

#48: Rosie Webster

First appeared: 25th December 1990
Profile: When Sally Webster decided that only the best would be acceptable for her daughters, Rosie, being the eldest, became Sally's guinea pig. Rosie was therefore educated at Oakhill Grammer School, which instilled in her the idea that she was somehow better than her fellow Street residents, but she lacked the intelligence or maturity to succeed. Her ambitions were usually driven by glamour or money, and she enjoyed manipulating men, including John Stape, with whom she had an affair at 16. Her closest brush with wealth came when John gave her £150,000 by way of apology for holding her captive for several weeks, but she lost it when Luke Strong conned her into buying Underworld shares he didn't own. More recently, Rosie has supported her younger sister Sophie during Sophie's relationship with Sian Powers.
Remembered for: Being born in Don Brennan's taxi. The goth phase. Her kidnap by John Stape.
Played by: Emma Collinge (1990-1999), Helen Flanagan (2000-2010)

47. Liz McDonald

#47: Liz McDonald

First appeared: 27th October 1989
Profile: Fiery haired Liz moved into No.11 with ex-Army sergeant husband Jim and their twin sons Steve and Andy in 1989. Liz and Jim had a stormy marriage due to Jim's temper and paranoia over Liz's affairs, but Liz liked men with a hint of danger about them and kept going back to Jim after periods of separation. Liz was willing to wait for him when he was in prison for manslaughter but finally divorced him when he assaulted another inmate, preventing his early release. Liz's next serious relationship was with drummer Vernon Tomlin, but months after marrying him she realised he didn't excite her as Jim had, and she broke it off. In 2006, Liz became licensee and landlady of the Rovers Return, where she had worked on and off since 1990. Liz ran the pub with Steve, with them often battling for authority and living space.
Remembered for: Giving birth to Katie prematurely. Being assaulted by Jim. Her friendship with Deirdre.
Played by: Beverley Callard

46. Peter Barlow

#46: Peter Barlow

First appeared: 5th April 1965
Profile: Peter Barlow was never his father's son. He grew up in Scotland, in the care of his late mum Val's parents following her death. After years of occasional visits to Weatherfield (with or without a Scottish accent), and a few years in the Navy, Peter returned permanently in 2000 and bought the Rosamund Street Bookies. Peter took a long time to settle down, as he didn't know what he wanted, particularly where his love life was concerned. In 2003 this lead to disaster when he married Lucy Richards and Shelley Unwin and led a double life as he tried to keep them from finding out about each other. Ultimately he lost both, but in 2008 he took custody of son Simon when Lucy died. Landed with a son he didn't want, Peter turned to drink and had a long battle with alcoholism. He was helped by Leanne Battersby, who he got engaged to in 2010.
Remembered for: So many, many actors. The bigamy. The booze.
Played by: John Heannaue, Christopher Dormer, Linus Roache (1973-1975), Joseph McKenna (1977-1978), David Lonsdale (1986), Chris Gascoyne (2000-2010)

45. Shelley Unwin

#45: Shelley Unwin

First appeared: 9th May 2001
Last appeared: 29th September 2006
Profile: Shelley Unwin was installed as a barmaid of the Rovers Return by landlord Duggie Ferguson in 2001. Bubbly and friendly but also strong-minded, Shelley soon became a fixture behind the bar and popular with the locals. Her time in the Street was highlighted by two major romances which caused her much heartache - the first was Peter Barlow, who she married only to find out he was already married to Lucy Richards and he had lied to her, and the second was womanizer Charlie Stubbs, whose controlling nature caused her to develop agorophobia. It wasn't until hers and Charlie's wedding day that she realised he was to blame for destroying her life, and dumped him. In 2006, Shelley left Weatherfield and her mother Bev to take a job as landlady of a pub in the Peak District.
Remembered for: Dating Peter Kay. Dumping Charlie at the altar. Her bigamous marriage to Peter.
Played by: Sally Lindsay

44. Eddie Yeats

#44: Eddie Yeats

First appeared: 23rd December 1974
Last appeared: 30th November 1987
Profile: Eddie Yeats wasn't a welcome face when he arrived in Coronation Street on release from prison in 1976. The disreputable Scouse had fallen on hard times and lived off the generosity of others, while making money by doing favours for any of his endless string of jailbird mates. People naturally didn't trust him but not because they thought he was dangerous - rather, they considered him useless and a leech, albeit a well-meaning one. He struck a chord with Stan and Hilda Ogden at No.13 and Hilda let him move in as a lodger when he got a full-time job on the bins, whereupon Eddie became something of a son to them. In 1983, he married Marion Willis and the couple moved to Bury to be closer to Marion's ill mother.
Remembered for: Comedy with the Ogdens. Liverpool. Helping Bet through her grief over Martin Downes's death.
Played by: Geoffrey Hughes

43. David Platt

#43: David Platt

First appeared: 26th December 1990
Profile: The move of Martin Platt to Liverpool to start a new family in 2005 triggered a change in son David, who suffered from the loss of his father from his day-to-day life. With growing feelings of abandonment and resentment towards his family, David turned into an isolated lad who blamed mum Gail for his maladjustment, and, as revenge, committed acts specifically designed to distress her. In 2008 he found some purpose in life when he fell for Tina McIntyre, who went out with him for a year but has since went off him. David, however, remains determined to win Tina back with a dogged determination bordering on obsession. He is especially put out by the fact that Tina is now dating his best friend Graeme Proctor.
Remembered for: Evil David. Pushing Gail down the stairs. Tina.
Played by: Thomas Ormson (1990-2000), Jack P. Shepherd (2000-2010)

42. Albert Tatlock

#42: Albert Tatlock

First appeared: 9th December 1960
Last appeared: 25th January 1984
Profile: Albert Tatlock was a man whose glory years were well behind him even by the second World War. His most prized possessions were his war medals and memories of that time; it was to his consternation in his twilight years that someone who had fought for his country such as himself had to live on such a meagre pension. To many Street residents, Albert was a bitter old man, forever complaining about the trivial hardships he faced every day. He expected support from his family but was too proud to ask for it - it ultimately fell to his late niece Valerie's husband Ken Barlow to care for him in the latter years of his life. He died in 1984, having lived in the same house since 1919.
Remembered for: The grumpiness. Ken speaking fondly of him. The Rovers toilets being in his kitchen.
Played by: Jack Howarth

The Top 50 so far

41. Jim McDonald

#41: Jim McDonald

First appeared: 29th October 1989
Last appeared: 20th August 2009
Profile: Short-tempered Jim McDonald moved to Coronation Street with Liz, Steve and Andy in 1989 after leaving a 10-year army career. Jim tried to keep the badly behaved twins in check but they enjoyed defying him; it was usually up to Liz to play peacemaker. After messing up several jobs due to his temper or his pride, Jim lost Liz when he thumped brewery official Richard Willmore, convinced he was having an affair with Liz (he wasn't). Jim and Liz continued to separate and reconcile for several years. In 2000, Jim received a prison sentence for manslaughter when he beat up Jez Quigley in retaliation for Jez setting people on Steve, and Jez died in hospital. Jim was released in 2007 and moved on to pastures new.
Remembered for: His strong Northern Ireland accent. Falling off the scaffolding and ending up in a wheelchair. Beating Jez Quigley.
Played by: Charles Lawson

40. Kevin Webster

#40: Kevin Webster

First appeared: 19th October 1983
Profile: Kevin Webster first appeared in Coronation Street in 1983. The cheerful car mechanic married Sally Seddon in 1986 and they bought No.13, going on to raise Rosie and Sophie in the house. Upon owning his own car repair garage, Kevin thought he had all he could want, satisfied with an uncomplicated life, but his affair with Natalie Horrocks in 1997 led to the Websters' eventual divorce. In 2002 Sally married him again for the sake of the girls and Kevin was lucky to get back the life he had wrecked - but marrying without a two-way loving relationship proved to be problematic, with both having extramarital affairs during their rockier second marriage.
Remembered for: Having a 'tache in the 80s. His affairs with Natalie Horrocks and Molly Dobbs. The deaths of Alison and Jake.
Played by: Michael Le Vell

39. Phyllis Pearce

#39: Phyllis Pearce

First appeared: 20th September 1982
Last appeared: 15th May 1996
Profile: Phyllis Pearce was a lonely widow who worked at Jim's Cafe. Despite her years she was vivacious and got a thrill when someone took an interest in her. Most of her attentions were lavished on fellow pensioner Percy Sugden, and she wouldn't take no for an answer even though her feelings were not reciprocated. When Percy moved in with Emily Bishop as a lodger, Phyllis thought she had a romantic rival and warned Percy that Emily was only after his body. Phyllis later worked as a housekeeper for Des Barnes at No.6, a job she enjoyed as the house had all mod cons but she sometimes had to put Des in his place over his philandering.
Remembered for: Her purple-rinse hair. Chasing after Percy. The gravelly voice.
Played by: Jill Summers

38. Alec Gilroy

#38: Alec Gilroy

First appeared: 26th June 1972
Last appeared: 30th December 1998
Profile: Alec Gilroy was always on the lookout for something better. He turned his back on married life for a career as a showbusiness manager, but ended up in a rut as manager of the Graffiti Club. In 1987 Alec became the unlikely husband of Rovers landlady Bet Lynch as Bet couldn't afford the Rovers tenancy on her own. Morose Alec was a counterpoint to brassy Bet and inevitably their marriage only lasted a few years; in 1992 he took a job as entertainments manager on a cruise ship. He returned to Weatherfield in 1996 and was engaged to Rita Sullivan but she broke it off when she realised that she came a distant third in his affections, behind himself and his money.
Remembered for: Marrying Bet. Being a penny-pincher. Battling the Duckworths.
Played by: Roy Barraclough

37. Sally Webster

#37: Sally Webster

First appeared: 27th January 1986
Profile: Sally Seddon met Kevin Webster when he splashed her with his car, and he gave her a ride home so she could change. And so a lifelong partnership was born. Two daughters later, Sally found out that Kevin had had an affair with Natalie Horrocks and threw him out. Having won custody of Rosie and Sophie, Sally had an affair with bad boy Greg Kelly and later agreed to marry Danny Hargreaves, but he called it off when he found out she had slept with Kevin. In 2002 Sally and Kevin re-married and Sally's focus shifted to her daughters - though ironically, Sophie emerged as the brightest even though Sally's pushiness had been mostly spent on Rosie.
Remembered for: Beating breast cancer. Slapping Natalie. Marrying Kevin twice.
Played by: Sally Dynevor

36. Carla Connor

#36: Carla Connor

First appeared: 1st December 2006
Profile: Current Underworld boss Carla Connor inherited her husband Paul's 60% share of the factory when he died in a car crash in 2007. It was only after Paul's death that Carla could admit her feelings for his brother Liam. Though they only slept together twice, it had devastating consequences as Carla's partner Tony Gordon had Liam killed in a hit and run. More heartbreaks followed, but Carla maintains the facade of a tough factory boss who can weather any crisis and come out on top. Behind closed doors, however, Carla's entanglement with Tony and her various losses have made her turn to drink to cope. Her friends in the Street are Leanne Battersby and Michelle Connor.
Remembered for: Her dark hair and raspy voice. Tony's factory siege. Her affair with Liam.
Played by: Alison King

35. Simon Barlow

#35: Simon Barlow

First appeared: 6th July 2003
Profile: In 2003, Peter Barlow wanted nothing more than to care for his newborn son, Simon. Five years later, he was driven to drink by the responsibility. When Simon's mum Lucy died, Simon moved in with dad Peter, who he had never met. Simon saw Peter at his best and his worst as he struggled to cope with the pressures of fatherhood, and soon became used to Peter letting him down. In 2010, Lucy's dad George Wilson decided to fight for custody of Simon as he thought Peter's life was too chaotic but Simon ran away from George in Blackpool after hearing that he was taking him away from Peter - even though Peter had his flaws, he was the only dad Simon had.
Remembered for: Being strangely knowing for his years. Not looking remotely like Peter or Lucy. His pet rabbit Leanne.
Played by: Jake and Oscar Hartley (2003), Alex Bain (2008-)

34. Deirdre Barlow

#34: Deirdre Barlow

First appeared: 20th November 1972
Profile: Deirdre Barlow has had an eventful life in Weatherfield since she first popped into the Rovers Return in 1972. Through four marriages, a scheming daughter, a wrongful conviction and numerous affairs, Deirdre has emerged as a survivor, characterised by her pulsating neck and husky voice (caused by years of chain smoking). She has been married to Ken Barlow on and off for 29 years but their different personalities has sometimes caused cracked in their relationships to develop into deeper problems. In 2010, Deirdre coped with the death of her mother Blanche Hunt, who she loved despite years of Blanche putting her down.
Remembered for: Her affair with Mike. Wearing the same big glasses for years. "I didn't do any of it!"
Played by: Anne Kirkbride

33. Sian Powers

#33: Sian Powers

First appeared: 2nd February 2009
Profile: Sian Powers was Sophie Webster's best friend at Weatherfield Comprehensive. In 2009, Sian was dating Ryan Connor while Sophie was seeing Ben Richardson. As both relationships ended, Sophie and Sian supported each other and fell in love. Sian resisted her feelings for her friend at first as she didn't know if they were genuine and was worried about people's reactions, especially her dad Vinnie, who hadn't even approved of Ryan. When their secret came out, Sophie and Sian ran away but returned after deciding to face their families. Sian is currently staying with the Websters as Vinnie's reaction to Sian and Sophie's relationship was as bad as Sian expected.
Remembered for: Her relationship with Sophie.
Played by: Sacha Parkinson

32. Curly Watts

#32: Curly Watts

First appeared: 11th July 1983
Last appeared: 1st September 2003
Profile: Norman "Curly" Watts worked as a bin man before choosing the retail trade, training as assistant manager of Bettabuys under Reg Holdsworth. Curly was one of the most intellectual residents of the Street, as evidenced by his passion for astronomy (he turned No.7's attic into an observatory), so it is perhaps surprising that two female members of staff filed sexual harrassment complaints against Curly. He wanted to have a family but his first wife, Raquel, only married him on the rebound. It wasn't until he met policewoman Emma Taylor that Curly had met his match. In 2003, Curly, Emma and their son Ben moved to Newcastle.
Remembered for: Lodging with Emily and the Duckworths. His comedy double-act with Reg. Naming a star after Raquel.
Played by: Kevin Kennedy

31. Audrey Roberts

#31: Audrey Roberts

First appeared: 16th April 1979
Profile: During Gail and Brian Tilsley's marriage, a visit by Gail's flighty mum Audrey Potter invariably involved trouble between Audrey and her "fella". Audrey had vague aspirations but it wasn't until she married grocery shop owner Alf Roberts in 1985 that she had stability and money - the struggle now was convincing tight-fisted Alf to part with his hard-earned cash. Alf died in 1999 but Audrey was well provided for, with her semi-detached house and hair salon in Coronation Street. She is close to Gail and supports her through Gail's problems with her children and marriages - they rarely agree, and occasionally fall out, but they always make up when Audrey turns out to have been right all along.
Remembered for: Her marriage to "Alfeh". Realising the truth about Richard before anyone else. Falling for a gigolo.
Played by: Sue Nicholls

30. Ken Barlow

#30: Ken Barlow

First appeared: 9th December 1960
Profile: Ken Barlow - the main who would be a success - is the man who still lives in the Street where he was born. He's a man of principle, in that he will make a public show of being honest and standing up for the truth, but when pushed he can be just as callous as his worst enemy Mike Baldwin (although he'll usually make himself out to be the injured party). Ken has had three wives but hasn't raised any of his four children as when faced with being a single parent he chickened out, while his other children were taken away from him. Having working as a teacher for most of his career, Ken is now retired and enjoys a (mostly) quiet life with wife Deirdre.
Remembered for: Having had lots of girlfriends. His feud with Mike. Being in Coronation Street forever.
Played by: William Roache

29. Leanne Battersby

#29: Leanne Battersby

First appeared: 4th July 1997
Profile: Leanne Battersby moved to Coronation Street with her family in 1997. Neighbours found them loud and abrasive; a family of troublemakers, and Leanne, then sixteen, seemed to enjoy causing trouble. Although quite settled now - engaged to bookie Peter Barlow and raising Peter's son Simon with him, Leanne had a bumpy road to get there, as she didn't know what she wanted from life and was easily swayed by money and sex, and appeared unfazed by danger. In her illustrious career she dabbled with drugs, worked as a prostitute when she couldn't find other work and burned down her restaurant in an insurance scam when the business failed.
Remembered for: Eloping with Nick. Her affair with Danny. Working as a prostitute.
Played by: Jane Danson<

28. Alf Roberts

#28: Alf Roberts, OBE

First appeared: 8th February 1961
Last appeared: 1st January 1999
Profile: Tight-fisted Corner Shop proprietor Alf Roberts wasn't a man you might expect would serve two terms as Mayor of Weatherfield and be awarded the OBE. Day by day he appeared to concern himself with little more than running the shop he had put his heart and soul into, and bemoaning wife Audrey's latest plot to spend the money they had worked hard to earn. And yet, the shop was only one of Alf's windows to the community; he worked on the Council for many years and stood as an Independent Councillor several times, winning the public's trust as an ordinary family man. Audrey was his third wife, after Phyllis and Renee. Alf died in 1999.
Remembered for: Being the man behind the Corner Shop counter for 15 years. His marriage to Audrey. Dying at Nick's 18th.
Played by: Bryan Mosley

27. Karen McDonald

#27: Karen McDonald

First appeared: 21st June 2000
Last appeared: 26th December 2004
Profile: Gobby Karen Phillips started at Underworld as a machinist in 2000. She grew up on a rough council estate and had religious parents but was beaten and disowned by her father when he caught her smoking with Linda Sykes. Karen behaved as though she had something to prove - she bought the latest designer clothes and divorced husband Steve McDonald just so she could marry him again in a lavish ceremony in a country house, with Karen as the centre of attention. After finding out that Steve had fathered a daughter with Tracy Barlow, Karen became determined to get pregnant but their marriage fell apart after Karen had a miscarriage and torched Tracy's car.
Remembered for: Marrying Steve for a bet. Her constant rows with Steve. Her battle with Tracy.
Played by: Suranne Jones

26. Richard Hillman

#26: Richard Hillman

First appeared: 20th June 2001
Last appeared: 14th March 2003
Profile: Financial adviser Richard Hillman seemed like an ordinary man whose only concern was providing for his loving wife Gail and their children. The reality was that Richard was driven by a fanatical urge to keep up that facade, something he later ascribed to an inability to have children of his own and spending years caring for his mentally ill mother. In 2002, faced with financial ruin, he was driven to murder, but Gail eventually discovered his crimes and forced a confession from him. Rejected by Gail, Richard attempted to drown his family so that they would all die together - but everyone except Richard escaped, their nightmare finally over.
Remembered for: "Norman Bates with a briefcase". Confessing all to Gail. Driving the Platts into the canal.
Played by: Brian Capron

25. Steve McDonald

#25: Steve McDonald

First appeared: 6th December 1989
Profile: In his teenage years, Steve McDonald took what he could get, caring little for others who had to take the fall for him taking the easy way out. The twin brother of Andy, Steve was the family failure - he spent time in prison for handling stolen goods and used Vicky Arden for her money. He did grow up somewhat in the 2000s through the responsibility of running taxi firm Street Cars, where his partner Vikram Desai was even less reliable than Steve. Then came the demands of satisfying brassy second and third wives Karen and Becky, and the trials of fatherhood - which have almost turned Steve into a responsible adult. Almost.
Remembered for: Gurning. Being dominated by his wives. Being beaten up by Jez Quigley.
Played by: Simon Gregson

24. Alma Halliwell

#24: Alma Halliwell

First appeared: 22nd June 1981
Last appeared: 20th June 2001
Profile: First seen causing difficulties for an exasperated Elsie Tanner in husband Jim Sedgewick's cafe, Alma Halliwell returned seven years later causing similar problems for Gail Tilsley, although they soon became firm friends. Thereafter she entered into a longterm tempestuous relationship with Mike Baldwin, with brief interludes as one of Ken Barlow's many girlfriends. Constantly exasperated by Mike's schemes and double-dealing, she was eventually seen off by gold digger Linda Sykes but her swift deterioration with cervical cancer showed Mike who the true love of his life was. She died surrounding by her former husband and best friends in 2001.
Remembered for: Suffering as Mike's wife. Dying of cancer. Emoting.
Played by: Amanda Barrie

23. Emily Bishop

#23: Emily Bishop

First appeared: 21st December 1960
Profile: For decades, Emily Bishop has been a mainstay of Coronation Street, as the timid, churchgoing widow of No.3. She arrived in the Street as a colleague of pompous Leonard Swindley, who she almost married in 1964 until she realised that she was merely clinging onto what she thought was her only hope to marry. In 1972, Emily finally walked down the altar when she married Ernest Bishop, but only six years later Ernie was taken from her when he was shot in a wages snatch at Baldwin's Casuals. Emily continued in the Street, with her many friends finding her a reliable, principled, and caring woman who always puts others before herself.
Remembered for: Being a cornerstone of the community. Putting up with Percy and Norris. Spending a night up a tree.
Played by: Eileen Derbyshire

22. Eileen Grimshaw

#22: Eileen Grimshaw

First appeared: 3rd May 2000
Profile: When Eileen Grimshaw impressed Vikram Desai by directing him in his own Street Cars taxicab, she was given a job as telephone operator on the spot. The Grimshaws - Eileen and her two teenage sons Jason and Todd Grimshaw (both of different fathers) moved into No.11 in 2001. Eileen was unlucky in love but tended to be very laid back about her love life. Her approach to parenting was similar; she let Jason and Todd get on with their lives but when she came down on them she came down hard, as she did with anyone who got on her bad side, although she would be equally vociferous when defending herself or her family, always giving as good as she got.
Remembered for: Telling it like it is. Her battles with Gail. Banter in the cab office with Steve.
Played by: Sue Cleaver

21. Mike Baldwin

#21: Mike Baldwin

First appeared: 11th October 1976
Last appeared: 7th April 2006
Profile: Life was on the up for Mike Baldwin in 1976. He had just bought a factory unit in Coronation Street and opened denim maker Baldwin's Casuals there, adding to his burgeoning empire. Ladies loved his Cockney charm and his bulging wallet - unless they worked for him at the factory, which he ruled with an iron fist. Mike's attitude to women and business were similar - he tended to want what he couldn't have, and was sly about getting it. This made him a successful businessman but a terrible husband and father, as he never knew where he heart lay and the mothers of his three sons were against him raising them. Mike died of pneumonia in 2006.
Remembered for: Cockney wideboy. Hiring and firing at the factory. Developing Alzheimer's.
Played by: Johnny Briggs

20. Raquel Watts

#20: Raquel Watts

First appeared: 25th January 1991
Last appeared: 2nd January 2000
Profile: There was more to ditzy blonde Raquel Wolstenhulme than met the eye. She considered herself a model, but for most of her time in Coronation Street her big break was just on the horizon, with Raquel slumming it as a barmaid at the Rovers Return in the meantime. Raquel was often hurt by men as they took advantage of her trusting nature; even Raquel's on-off lover Des Barnes only tended to use her to recover when he was upset over another women. In 1995, Raquel married Curly Watts, who seemed to be the only man who treated her with respect, but after a short marriage she left Weatherfield and Curly in 1996 to take a modelling offer.
Remembered for: Her modelling aspirations. Being loveably dim. Her French lessons with Ken.
Played by: Sarah Lancashire

19. Graeme Proctor

#19: Graeme Proctor

First appeared: 18th April 2008
Profile: When David Platt was sent to the Young Offender's Insitute for causing criminal damage, his cellmate was Graeme Proctor. Graeme, in prison for arson, worried David at first with his eccentric, introspective behaviour, but once David ascertained that Graeme wasn't dangerous, just a bit mad, they became friends. On his release, Graeme moved into David's house and got a job at the butcher shop in Victoria Street, shocking and amusing customers in equal measure with his rants, usually leaving them wondering if he was mental. He never appeared to take life seriously but dating Tina McIntyre in 2010 made him - for the first time - take stock of his life.
Remembered for: Working at the butchers. Dating Tina. His general oddness.
Played by: Craig Gazey

18. Becky McDonald

#18: Becky McDonald

First appeared: 5th February 2006
Profile: Becky McDonald first arrived in Coronation Street after tracking down her old friend Kelly Crabtree. Kelly wasn't exactly thrilled to see Becky as they had been in prison together and scruffy, scrounging Becky was a reminder of her past. But Becky settled in the Street and cleaned up her act when Roy and Hayley Cropper took her under their wing and gave her a job at their cafe. In 2009, Becky married Steve McDonald, landlord of the Rovers Return. Working behind the bar has changed Becky a little, but she's still always up for a good argument (usually with Steve). 2010 has seen Becky's softer side brought out as she and Steve try for a baby.
Remembered for: Her short temper and defensiveness. Working with Roy in the cafe. Her stormy marriage to Steve.
Played by: Katherine Kelly

17. Stan Ogden

#17: Stan Ogden

First appeared: 29th June 1964
last appeared: 7th March 1984
Profile: Stan Ogden - uncouth, unmotivated, and largely unmoving. And yet, to Hilda, he was the every woman's dream man. Once their children Irma and Trevor had left home, Stan and Hilda only had to provide for themselves, but Stan had a bad back and his periods of employment were few and far between. His time was divided between sitting in his chair at No.13 and "supping" at the Rovers Return, indulging in his favourite pasttime of drinking beer. Not to say that Hilda waited on him hand and foot - she was constantly on at him for his laziness and bemoaning his satisfaction with their rotten lives. Health problems forced him to retire in 1983, and he died in hospital a year later.
Remembered for: Being henpecked by Hilda. His love of beer. Being lax from the neck up and relax from the neck down.
Played by: Bernard Youens

16. Annie Walker

#16: Annie Walker

First appeared: 9th December 1960
Last appeared: 12th October 1983
Profile: Annie Walker didn't look like an obvious candidate for a landlady of a backstreet pub. Formerly Anne Beaumont, of the Clitheroe Beaumonts, Annie considered herself a highly intelligent and talented woman of good breeding, even though she only ever held low-paid jobs before taking on the Rovers with husband Jack in 1937, no different from the riffraff she poured pints. As the Walkers had settled for a life in the Rovers to raise their two children, Annie compensated by concentrating on climbing the social ladder, while remaining the perfect landlady behind the bar - although her staff and customers soon grew weary of her high opinion of herself and her social pretensions.
Remembered for: Lording it over Jack and her staff. Her snobbishness. Her rivalry with Nellie Harvey.
Played by: Doris Speed

15. Roy Cropper

#15: Roy Cropper

First appeared: 19th July 1995
Profile: In 1995, Roy Cropper was a nervous eccentric whose strange manner worried Deirdre Rachid, his neighbour at the Crimea Street flats. But Roy wasn't dangerous - in fact, he probably wouldn't harm a fly. Something of an anorak, with an interest in trains, Roy has a literal, overanalytical mind which can make him seem simple, when in fact he is very intelligent. For thirteen years he has run Roy's Rolls, his cafe in Rosamund Street and later Victoria Street. Neighbours know him as a pillar of the community; an incessantly honest man whose marriage to Hayley is perhaps the strongest of any married couple in the Street.
Remembered for: His partnership with Hayley. His shy, awkward manner. His beige anorak and shopping bag.
Played by: David Neilson

14. Jack Duckworth

#14: Jack Duckworth

First appeared: 28th November 1979
Last appeared: 8th November 2010
Profile: Jack Duckworth served his time; as the long-suffering husband of Vera for fifty years, and the whipping boy at the Rovers Return for ten years during his turn as cellarman. Work for Jack was bliss as it meant an escape from battleaxe Vera, money he could use to put on a bet, and maybe the opportunity to play away. But Vera was no fool and she rumbled all of his schemes eventually. In spite of the constant arguments, Jack and Vera did love each other and they faced together many hurdles thrown at them in their later years, most of which involved their son Terry and his heartless attempts to abuse Vera's goodwill (Jack having long since given up on him).
Remembered for: Wearing a plaster on his glasses. Joining a dating agency as "Vince St. Clair" and getting found out by Vera. Dragging up for a bowls tournament.
Played by: William Tarmey

13. Hayley Cropper

#13: Hayley Cropper

First appeared: 26th January 1998
Profile: Hayley Patterson arrived in Weatherfield in 1998 and quickly formed a friendship with Roy Cropper. They were perfect for each other, both somewhat eccentric, with Hayley's revelation that she was a transsexual not mattering to Roy at all once the initial shock wore off. But Hayley isn't defined by her past - she is a cheerful, honest, caring person who has many friends in Coronation Street. However, it has meant that Hayley and Roy can't have children and until recently couldn't have a legal union, and she occasionally has her past dredged up, by they from bigots, old family members or people out to hurt her. She and Roy have suffered much heartbreak but they always come out of crises stronger than ever.
Remembered for: Being such an all-round nice person. Standing up to those who don't accept her. Her red coat.
Played by: Julie Hesmondhalgh

12. Norris Cole

#12: Norris Cole

First appeared: 11th March 1994
Profile: At their first meeting in 1994, Norris Cole and Derek Wilton had much in common - both dithering men who were down on their luck - but Norris soon became a thorn in Derek's side and by 1997 he was Derek's boss and had married his ex-wife Angela Hawthorne. Norris's longer stint in the Street began in 1999 when he started work as Rita Sullivan's assistant at newsagent the Kabin, soon to move into No.3 as Emily Bishop's lodger. Now the owner of the Kabin, Norris is known as a somewhat irritating, nosy man and persistent gossip, who always happens to be at the scene of a row, ready to pass the news on.
Remembered for: Working with Rita at the Kabin. Sticking his nose in. His "relationship" with Mary.
Played by: Malcolm Hebden

11. Ena Sharples

#11: Ena Sharples

First appeared: 9th December 1960
Last appeared: 2nd April 1980
Profile: Hard as nails Ena Sharples was the ringleader of a trio of gossiping pensioners in the early 1960s. Minnie Caldwell and Martha Longhurst were her cronies, although they tended to annoy each other more than they agreed on anything. A religious woman, Ena had turned to the church after the death of her husband and son in the Depression and worked as caretaker at the Glad Tidings Mission Hall. She had strongly held views and took dim view of people like Elsie Tanner, but fool anyone who got into an argument with Ena, as they'd get shouted down at breakneck speed, Ena retaining the energy of her youth even into old age.
Remembered for: Drinking milk stout in the Snug. Locking horns with Elsie. Wearing a hairnet.
Played by: Violet Carson

10. Bet Lynch

#10: Bet Lynch

First appeared: 25th May 1966
Last appeared: 30th November 2003
Profile: Bet Lynch was taken on at the Rovers Return in 1970 when Annie Walker asked son Billy to find a new barmaid. Brassy Bet wasn't what she had in mind - Annie thought she lowered the tone as she encouraged male attention, but gave her a chance. Fifteen years later, Bet was the landlord, a position she held until 1995, sometimes in conjunction with husband Alec Gilroy. Over time, Bet became synonymous with the Rovers; her flamboyant style of dress and manner hard to imagine in any environment other than behind a bar. But Bet was never much of a businesswoman and she left Weatherfield when brewery Newton & Ridley wanted someone to buy the pub.
Remembered for: Landlady of the Rovers, cock. Leopard print clothes and beehive hairstyle. Her 2002 comeback.
Played by: Julie Goodyear

9. Elsie Tanner

#9: Elsie Tanner

First appeared: 9th December 1960
Last appeared: 4th January 1984
Profile: Elsie Tanner was a survivor. Her first marriage left her with two children to bring up alone, and she was branded a scarlet woman as her boyfriends were always coming in and out of No.11 Coronation Street during and after the war. But Elsie got older and still she always seemed to attract the wrong fellas - her most successful relationship was with Len Fairclough but she wanted to keep him as a friend so that she could have one man to rely on. Her life wasn't made easier by the likes of gossiping Ena Sharples, but Elsie thrived on a good argument and could put Ena in her place. Two more marriages followed before Elsie left the Street in 1984 to open a wine bar in Portugal with old flame Bill Gregory.
Remembered for: Her fiery hair and fiery temper. Her affairs, husbands and heartbreaks. Her wars with Ena.
Played by: Patricia Phoenix

8. Betty Williams

#8: Betty Williams

First appeared: 2nd June 1969
Profile: Betty Turpin arrived in Coronation Street in 1969 with her policeman husband Cyril. Her link to the Street was her sister Maggie Clegg, who owned the Corner Shop until 1976. Betty and Maggie share a unique bond in that Maggie raised Betty's illegitimate son Gordon as her own, although since Gordon found out the truth in 1975 he has looked upon Betty as his mother. Betty doesn't live in the Street but has worked as a barmaid at the Rovers Return almost since her arrival, working alongside countless landlords and barmaids, with the team of Betty and Bet Lynch under landlady Annie Walker proving to be especially successful. Betty wins respect for her longevity but also because she doesn't suffer fools gladly, and tells it as it is.
Remembered for: Betty's hotpot. Being around forever. Getting sacked and then reinstated every couple of years.
Played by: Betty Driver

7. Rita Sullivan

#7: Rita Sullivan

First appeared: 2nd December 1964
Profile: Club singer Rita Littlewood crossed paths with Dennis Tanner, Ken Barlow and Alec Gilroy before meeting Len Fairclough and becoming a familiar presence in Coronation Street in 1972. Len thought of Rita as a bit of stuff but she played him as much as he played her. In the years following Len's death, Rita has been cautious about falling for other men but her sympathetic yet down-to-Earth manner has made her something of a confidante to the younger Street residents. Her biggest association with the Street has been newsagent the Kabin, where Rita suffered the eccentric excesses of her assistant Mavis Riley for 25 years, and currently works alongside Norris Cole.
Remembered for: Working at the Kabin since forever. Playing the straight man to Mavis and Norris. Leading Alan Bradley into the path of a tram.
Played by: Barbara Knox

6. Fred Elliott

#6; Fred Elliott

First appeared: 29th August 1994
Last appeared: 11th October 2006
Profile: Fred Elliott, with his bald head and booming voice, looked at home behind the counter of his Butcher Shop in Victoria Street. There, he he was king of his own empire, and mentor to his assistant and son Ashley Peacock. A greater challenge to Fred was women - but dying on his fourth wedding day, no one could say he was the giving up type, certainly no woman who had been pursued by him. Fred bought the Rovers Return for his third wife Eve and remained landlord after she turned out to be a bigamist. Perhaps his greatest love (aside from the shop) was Audrey Roberts, but they never made it down the altar as she was still loyal to her late husband Alf. Fred died in 2006.
Remembered for: Repeating, I say repeating himself. Revealing to Ashley that he was his father. Lots of proposals and short-lived marriages.
Played by: John Savident

5. Mavis Wilton

#5: Mavis Wilton

First appeared: 11th August 1971
Last appeared: 10th October 1997
Profile: Mavis Riley was given a job as assistant at the Kabin in 1973 when Rita Littlewood was impressed with her overcoming her obvious shyness. Dithering, dowdy, and easily flustered, Mavis was the opposite of Rita but had a steely determination to do what needed to be done instead of retreating or letting Rita's protective side take over. Thought destined for spinsterhood, Mavis nevertheless had her share of suitors, and even had Victor Pendlebury and Derek Wilton battling for her attentions, with Derek emerging as the winner. Mavis and Derek lived happily at No.4 until Derek's death in 1997 and Mavis, unable to go on living in the same house alone, moved to the Lake District to run a B&B.
Remembered for: I don't really know. Tying the knot with Derek on the second attempt. Trying Rita's patience for 24 years.
Played by: Thelma Barlow<

4. Sophie Webster

#4: Sophie Webster

First appeared: 4th November 1994
Profile: Sophie Webster was born in 1994, four years after her sister Rosie. The sisters were close but as Rosie went off the rails, Sophie faded into the background as Kevin and Sally put all their efforts into sorting Rosie out. Sophie grew into a more down-to-Earth girl than her sister, although she was somewhat jealous of the attention she got. Sophie was generally more thoughtful and respectful than Rosie, and in 2009 started going to church even though her family didn't. Her life took an unexpected turn in 2010 when she fell in love with her friend Sian Powers and they began a relationship. When it was discovered, Sophie came out to her parents and they supported her.
Remembered for: Being the youngest Webster. Her sarcastic mocking of Rosie. Falling for her best friend.
Played by: Ashleigh Middleton, Emma Woodward, Brooke Vincent

3. Hilda Ogden

#3: Hilda Ogden

First appeared: 8th July 1964
Last appeared: 25th December 1987
Profile: Hilda Ogden first walked the cobbles in 1964, and Coronation Street was never the same again. As Weatherfield's resident gossip, Hilda was the first to know everything as she held down jobs as a cleaner at just about everywhere, and revelled in spreading the word herself. But Hilda had few pleasures in life and everything for Hilda and layabout husband Stan seemed to turn to disappointment. Hilda blamed Stan and was constantly on at him for not having enough go about him (while making out in public that he was the perfect husband). Three years after Stan's death, Hilda left the Street to take a job as Dr. Lowther's housekeeper in Derbyshire.
Remembered for: Hair curlers and headscarf. Her "muriel". Her warbling singing voice.
Played by: Jean Alexander

2. Vera Duckworth

#2: Vera Duckworth

First appeared: 19th August 1974
Last appeared: 18th January 2008
Profile: The residents knew Vera Duckworth as the outspoken, belligerent woman from Baldwin's Casuals, who could start an argument in an empty room. They were horrified when in 1983 the Duckworths moved into No.9 en masse - Vera and her long-suffering husband Jack (although some would say they suffered each other) and their mischievous son Terry. Jack and Vera were always down on their luck and playing away but their marriage lasted longer than any other in the Street, as despite many of their problems being caused by one or the other, Jack and Vera faced any outside crisis together. Vera's proudest moment was when she became landlady of the Rovers Return. She died in 2008.
Remembered for: Giving Jack a hard time. Stone cladding. Standing by "our Terry" until the bitter end.
Played by: Elizabeth Dawn

1. Blanche Hunt

#1: Blanche Hunt

First appeared: 19th August 1974
Last appeared: 11th December 2009
Profile: Most people mellow as they get older, but Blanche Hunt went the other way. She once told Ken Barlow to enjoy other people's misfortunes or he would have a very unhappy old age - a typical example of Blanche's brutal honesty. Blanche never held back; if something needed saying, she would say it. Her most damning words were usually directed at daughter Deirdre and husband Ken, with whom she who lived from their reconciliation in 1999 until her death in 2010, but she wasn't being hurtful for the sake of it - Blanche just didn't believe in wrapping people up in cotton wool. It was only the blunt way her comments came out that made her seem unfeeling.
Remembered for: Being Deirdre's acerbic mother. Her cutting put-downs. Showing the Barlows up at the AA meeting.

Played by: Patricia Cutts (1974), Maggie Jones (1974-2009)

Full 200

# Name Votes %
1 Blanche Hunt 134 90.9
2 Vera Duckworth 137 81.75
3 Hilda Ogden 110 81.27
4 Sophie Webster 180 79
5 Mavis Wilton 103 76.5
6 Fred Elliott 130 76.15
7 Rita Sullivan 169 75.74
8 Betty Williams 164 75.61
9 Elsie Tanner 97 75.36
10 Bet Lynch 116 74.91
11 Ena Sharples 92 74.78
12 Norris Cole 180 74.78
13 Hayley Cropper 183 74.26
14 Jack Duckworth 172 73.84
15 Roy Cropper 183 73.83
16 Annie Walker 90 73.56
17 Stan Ogden 98 73.27
18 Becky McDonald 172 72.91
19 Graeme Proctor 171 72.57
20 Raquel Watts 111 72.43
21 Mike Baldwin 153 72.42
22 Eileen Grimshaw 169 72.31
23 Emily Bishop 183 72.08
24 Alma Halliwell 119 72.02
25 Steve McDonald 172 71.45
26 Richard Hillman 121 70.66
27 Karen McDonald 123 69.76
28 Alf Roberts 123 68.4
29 Leanne Battersby 183 67.81
30 Ken Barlow 186 67.63
31 Audrey Roberts 168 67.44
32 Curly Watts 116 67.41
33 Sian Powers 175 67.26
34 Deirdre Barlow 184 67.07
35 Simon Barlow 184 66.96
36 Carla Connor 179 66.54
37 Sally Webster 169 66.27
38 Alec Gilroy 109 65.87
39 Phyllis Pearce 99 65.76
40 Kevin Webster 167 65.27
41 Jim McDonald 126 65.16
42 Albert Tatlock 88 65.11
43 David Platt 163 64.79
44 Eddie Yeats 93 64.62
45 Shelley Unwin 111 64.32
46 Peter Barlow 184 63.53
47 Liz McDonald 167 63.35
48 Rosie Webster 171 63.16
49 Minnie Caldwell 103 62.72
50 Tony Gordon 169 62.43
51 Chesney Brown 183 61.97
52 Percy Sugden 102 61.96
53 Anna Windass 160 61.81
54 Derek Wilton 97 61.75
55 Todd Grimshaw 132 61.74
56 Gail McIntyre 170 61.71
57 Maud Grimes 96 61.56
58 Tina McIntyre 171 61.05
59 Maria Connor 181 60.88
60 Toyah Battersby 134 60.75
61 Liam Connor 129 60.47
62 Jack Walker 81 60.37
63 Spider Nugent 114 60.35
64 Reg Holdsworth 107 59.91
65 Janice Battersby 181 59.78
66 Jason Grimshaw 169 59.76
67 Charlie Stubbs 122 59.75
68 Fiz Stape 169 59.59
69 Cilla Battersby-Brown 140 59.07
70 Maureen Webster 90 59
71 Martha Longhurst 83 58.92
72 Danny Baldwin 155 58.32
73 Amber Kalirai 105 58.29
74 Frankie Baldwin 153 57.71
75 Tyrone Dobbs 172 57.27
76 Des Barnes 120 57.25
77 Sarah Platt 132 56.97
78 Alan Bradley 115 56.96
79 Tracy Barlow 182 56.59
80 Lloyd Mullaney 168 56.55
81 Gary Windass 157 56.5
82 Len Fairclough 98 56.43
83 Sunita Alahan 188 56.22
84 Terry Duckworth 121 56.12
85 Ivy Brennan 117 55.9
86 Ciaran McCarthy 166 55.84
87 Martin Platt 120 55.58
88 Andy McDonald 119 55.55
89 Ashley Peacock 166 55.54
90 Dennis Tanner 78 55.13
91 Ray Langton 94 54.89
92 Natalie Barnes 125 54.64
93 Mary Taylor 164 54.63
94 Maxine Peacock 116 54.48
95 Billy Walker 83 54.46
96 Linda Baldwin 147 54.29
97 Leonard Swindley 80 54.25
98 Julie Carp 172 54.01
99 Gary Mallett 99 53.94
100 Kirk Sutherland 167 53.83
101 Bill Webster 164 53.72
102 Denise Osbourne 99 53.64
103 Claire Peacock 167 53.59
104 Maya Sharma 101 53.47
105 Jamie Baldwin 153 53.46
106 Valerie Barlow 99 53.43
107 Judy Mallett 99 53.33
108 Angela Harris 115 53.22
109 Jez Quigley 107 53.08
110 Craig Harris 120 53
111 Violet Wilson 110 52.91
112 Jed Stone 106 52.45
113 Tanya Pooley 92 52.17
114 Ernest Bishop 101 52.08
115 Pam Hobsworth 160 52.06
116 Irma Barlow 100 51.8
117 Bev Unwin 106 51.7
118 Eddie Windass 155 51.61
119 Archie Shuttleworth 160 51.44
120 Fred Gee 94 51.38
121 Les Battersby 140 51.36
122 Ted Page 159 51.26
123 Emma Watts 103 51.17
124 Michelle Connor 182 50.6
125 Renee Roberts 85 50.59
126 Candice Stowe 108 50.46
127 Suzie Birchall 102 50.1
128 Katy Harris 116 50.09
129 Maggie Cooke 83 50
130 Angie Freeman 91 49.56
131 Brian Tilsley 91 49.23
132 Darryl Morton 109 49.17
133 Fiona Middleton 98 49.08
134 Sean Tully 170 49
135 Ida Clough 94 48.72
136 Bert Tilsley 84 48.1
137 Teresa Bryant 166 48.07
138 Lucille Hewitt 83 47.95
139 Vernon Tomlin 102 47.65
140 Jerry Morton 109 47.61
141 Jerry Booth 100 47.2
142 Don Brennan 114 47.02
143 Kelly Crabtree 175 46.97
144 Jenny Bradley 111 46.94
145 Steph Barnes 111 49.94
146 Florrie Lindley 79 46.84
147 Eunice Gee 86 46.74
148 Tommy Harris 115 46.7
149 Trevor Dean 168 46.43
150 Concepta Regan 79 45.95
151 Vikram Desai 109 45.87
152 Gloria Todd 83 45.42
153 Duggie Ferguson 100 45.4
154 Tina Fowler 82 45.37
155 Vicky McDonald 99 45.35
156 Harry Hewitt 75 45.33
157 Dev Alahan 189 45.29
158 Esther Hayes 78 45.13
159 Linda Cheveski 98 45.1
160 Luke Strong 111 44.59
161 David Barlow 117 44.36
162 Susan Barlow 110 44.18
163 Gordon Clegg 89 44.16
164 Alan Howard 79 44.05
165 Christine Appleby 119 43.95
166 Adam Barlow 149 43.89
167 Tricia Armstrong 125 43.52
168 Izzy Armstrong 174 43.51
169 Harry Flagg 95 43.47
170 Ida Barlow 98 43.47
171 Doreen Lostock 78 43.21
172 Frank Barlow 99 43.13
173 Sharon Bentley 107 42.9
174 Nick Tilsley 163 42.82
175 Geena Gregory 96 42.81
176 Mark Redman 88 42.39
177 Sheila Crossley 79 42.28
178 Tricia Hopkins 88 42.21
179 Ivan Cheveski 93 42.15
180 Alison Webster 89 42.13
181 Janet Barlow 96 41.77
182 Dave Smith 78 41.67
183 Debbie Webster 78 41.67
184 John Stape 168 41.31
185 Dot Greenhalgh 79 41.14
186 Jackie Dobbs 164 40.98
187 Samantha Failsworth 90 40.44
188 Diggory Compton 112 39.91
189 Molly Dobbs 173 39.88
190 Shirley Armitage 119 39.66
191 Norma Ford 78 38.97
192 Matt Ramsden 99 38.89
193 Dickie Fleming 80 37.13
194 Bernard Butler 91 36.92
195 Audrey Fleming 80 36.88
196 Owen Armstrong 165 36.85
197 Ryan Connor 182 35.93
198 Sandra Butler 91 35.49
199 Jesse Chadwick 168 34.17
200 Joe McIntyre 168 33.93

Other questions

Top three current characters

# Name Votes %
1 Sophie Webster 54 12.08
2 Sian Powers 44 9.84
3 Steve McDonald 33 7.38
4 Becky McDonald 31 6.94
5 Graeme Proctor 26 5.82
6 Rosie Webster 24 5.37
7 Rita Sullivan 22 4.92
8 Norris Cole 18 4.03
8 Roy Cropper 18 4.03
8 Carla Connor 18 4.03
Others 159 35.57

Top three all-time favourite characters

# Name Votes %
1 Sophie Webster 36 8.49
2 Blanche Hunt 34 8.02
3 Sian Powers 33 7.78
4 Hilda Ogden 20 4.72
5 Bet Lynch 16 3.77
6 Elsie Tanner 15 3.54
7 Vera Duckworth 14 3.3
7 Ena Sharples 14 3.3
9 Annie Walker 13 3.07
9 Rosie Webster 13 3.07
9 Karen McDonald 13 3.07
Others 216 50.94

Top three funniest characters

# Name Votes %
1 Blanche Hunt 66 15.68
2 Graeme Proctor 52 12.35
3 Norris Cole 51 12.11
4 Sophie Webster 24 5.7
5 Hilda Ogden 17 4.04
5 Rosie Webster 17 4.04
5 Steve McDonald 17 4.04
8 Mary Taylor 14 3.33
9 Fred Elliott 12 2.85
10 Reg Holdsworth 11 2.61
10 Becky McDonald 11 2.61
Others 129 30.64

Favourite villain

# Name Votes %
1 Richard Hillman 48 36.36
2 Tony Gordon 33 25
3 Alan Bradley 14 10.61
4 Maya Sharma 7 5.3
5 Charlie Stubbs 5 3.79
Others 25 18.94

Top three sexiest males

# Name Votes %
1 Ryan Thomas 51 16.72
2 Rob James-Collier 38 12.46
3 Keith Duffy 27 8.85
4 Ben Price 22 7.21
5 Gray O'Brien 14 4.59
6 Chris Gascoyne 13 4.26
7 Simon Gregson 11 3.61
8 Jack P. Shepherd 10 3.28
9 Ben Thompson 8 2.62
9 Steve Jackson 8 2.62
Others 103 33.77

Top three sexiest females

# Name Votes %
1 Sacha Parkinson 49 13.24
2 Brooke Vincent 47 12.7
3 Michelle Keegan 46 12.43
4 Alison King 33 8.92
5 Helen Flanagan 24 6.49
6 Samia Smith 21 5.68
7 Kym Marsh 20 5.41
8 Katherine Kelly 13 3.51
9 Jane Danson 11 2.97
9 Suranne Jones 11 2.97
Others 95 25.68

Top three most wanted returns

# Name Votes %
1 Hilda Ogden 31 9.31
2 Bet Lynch 26 7.81
3 Karen McDonald 24 7.21
4 Mavis Wilton 20 6.01
5 Curly Watts 19 5.71
6 Sarah Platt 11 3.3
6 Danny Baldwin 11 3.3
8 Raquel Watts 9 2.7
8 Shelley Unwin 9 2.7
10 Todd Grimshaw 8 2.4
10 Tony Gordon 8 2.4
Others 157 47.15

Favourite family

# Name Votes %
1 The Websters 45 33.83
2 The Barlows 34 25.56
3 The McDonalds 12 9.02
3 The Platts 12 9.02
5 The Duckworths 6 4.51
5 The Ogdens 6 4.51
Others 18 13.53

Favourite Rovers landlord

# Name Votes %
1 Bet Lynch 38 28.79
2 Liz McDonald 31 23.48
3 Annie Walker 27 20.45
4 Alec Gilroy 6 4.55
4 Vera Duckworth 6 4.55
Others 24 18.18

Favourite Rovers barmaid

# Name Votes %
1 Betty Williams 25 19.53
1 Becky McDonald 25 19.53
3 Michelle Connor 20 15.63
4 Bet Lynch 17 13.28
4 Raquel Watts 17 13.28
Others 24 18.75

Partnerships: Favourite young couple

# Name Votes %
1 Sophie Webster and Sian Powers 61 47.29
2 Graeme Proctor and Tina McIntyre 22 17.05
3 Steve and Becky McDonald 9 6.98
4 Peter Barlow and Leanne Battersby 5 3.88
5 John and Fiz Stape 4 3.1
Others 28 21.71

Partnerships: Favourite older couple

# Name Votes %
1 Jack and Vera Duckworth 26 21.14
2 Roy and Hayley Cropper 22 17.89
3 Ken and Deirdre Barlow 19 15.45
4 Steve and Becky McDonald 10 8.13
5 Stan and Hilda Ogden 8 6.5
5 Kevin and Sally Webster 8 6.5
Others 30 24.39

Partnerships: Favourite workplace relationship

# Name Votes %
1 Rita Sullivan and Norris Cole 22 20
2 Street Cars staff 18 16.36
3 Rita Fairclough and Mavis Riley 11 10
4 Roy Cropper and cafe staff 6 5.45
5 Annie Walker and Rovers staff 5 4.55
Others 48 43.64

Partnerships: Favourite siblings

# Name Votes %
1 Rosie and Sophie Webster 66 57.39
2 Steve and Andy McDonald 12 10.43
3 Fiz and Chesney Brown 10 8.7
4 Sarah and David Platt 3 2.61
4 Nick Tilsley and David Platt 3 2.61
4 Leanne and Toyah Battersby 3 2.61
4 Linda Cheveski and Dennis Tanner 3 2.61
4 Jason and Todd Grimshaw 3 2.61
Others 12 10.43

Partnerships: Favourite mother and daughter

# Name Votes %
1 Blanche Hunt and Deirdre Barlow 28 26.92
2 Audrey Roberts and Gail Platt 24 23.08
3 Sally and Sophie Webster 16 15.38
4 Deirdre and Tracy Barlow 8 7.69
5 Gail and Sarah Platt 5 4.81
Others 23 22.12

Partnerships: Favourite father and son

# Name Votes %
1 Peter and Simon Barlow 30 30.3
2 Ken and Peter Barlow 28 28.28
3 Fred Elliott and Ashley Peacock 9 9.09
4 Jim and Steve McDonald 7 7.07
5 Jack and Terry Duckworth 5 5.05
5 Bill and Kevin Webster 5 5.05
Others 15 15.15

Partnerships: Favourite friendship

# Name Votes %
1 Sophie Webster and Sian Powers 23 20.35
2 Becky McDonald and Roy and Hayley Cropper 14 12.39
3 Rita, Emily and Norris 12 10.62
4 Steve McDonald and Lloyd Mullaney 8 7.08
5 Rita Fairclough and Mavis Riley 7 6.19
Others 49 43.36

Partnerships: Favourite rivalry

# Name Votes %
1 Ken Barlow and Mike Baldwin 30 29.41
2 Gail Platt and Eileen Grimshaw 17 16.67
3 Elsie Tanner and Ena Sharples 6 5.88
4 David Platt and Gary Windass 5 4.9
Others 45 44.12

Storylines: Most memorable storyline

# Name Votes %
1 Richard Hillman's murders 38 35.51
2 Sophie and Sian's relationship 22 20.56
3 Alan Bradley terrorises Rita 7 6.54
4 Rovers fire 4 3.74
4 Sarah Louise's teenage pregnancy 4 3.74
4 Deirdre in prison 4 3.74
Others 28 26.17

Storylines: Top three favourite storylines

# Name Votes %
1 Richard Hillman's murders 43 14.73
2 Sophie and Sian's relationship 31 10.62
3 Tony Gordon's downfall 21 7.19
4 Maya Sharma's revenge 13 4.45
5 Deirdre in prison 10 3.42
6 Todd Grimshaw's affair with Karl Foster 9 3.08
7 Ken/Deirdre/Mike love triangle 8 2.74
7 Alan Bradley terrorises Rita 8 2.74
9 Amy Barlow's paternity 7 2.4
9 Sarah Louise's teenage pregnancy 7 2.4
Others 135 46.23

Storylines: Favourite exit

# Name Votes %
1 Hilda Ogden 15 15.31
2 Richard Hillman 11 11.22
2 Tony Gordon 11 11.22
4 Elsie Tanner 10 10.2
5 Vera Duckworth 7 7.14
Others 44 44.9

Storylines: Favourite wedding

# Name Votes %
1 Roy and Hayley Cropper 41 37.27
2 Steve and Karen McDonald 20 18.18
3 Steve and Becky McDonald 9 8.18
4 Alec and Bet Gilroy 5 4.55
5 Tony and Carla Gordon 4 3.64
Others 31 28.18

Storylines: Favourite stunt or disaster

# Name Votes %
1 Tony's factory siege 26 28.57
2 Maya Sharma's revenge 17 18.68
3 Richard tries to drown the Platts 13 14.29
4 Rovers fire 10 10.99
5 Alan is hit by a tram 6 6.59
Others 19 20.88

Storylines: Favourite comedy moment

# Name Votes %
1 Barlows at the AA meeting 14 15.38
2 Blanche's one-liners 12 13.19
3 Reg and the waterbed 10 10.99
4 Roy and Hayley Cropper's second wedding 5 5.49
5 Bet and Betty are stranded in the lake 3 3.3
5 Les and Cilla's bath crashes down 3 3.3
Others 44 48.35

Storylines: Favourite affair

# Name Votes %
1 Deirdre and Mike 18 20.22
2 Sophie and Sian 17 19.1
3 Liam and Carla 10 11.24
4 Kevin and Molly 5 5.62
5 Curly and Raquel 4 4.49
Others 35 39.33
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