This page is intended to be a list of all serious and/or keen Corriepedia editors/writers. If you're new here, or have just discovered this page, you can add your name to the list if you want. Also, please make a note of what you're up to here to let people know.

Username Location Contributions
David the Wavid Glasgow, Scotland Admin. Recent episodes, character articles and the front page are my main focus.
jtomlin1uk United Kingdom Adding data to older episodes from many sources including back issues of TV Times, Television Mail, Stage & Television Today in the British Library and other reference material held by the British Film Institute in London.
Karen2310 Fife, Scotland

Correcting grammar and spelling mistakes, adding/correcting links, new pages, mid-month/end of month updates of main character statistics/list of appearances.

Notdoppler Nuneaton, England Recurring contributor. Mainly adding minor character and actor profiles.
1234567jack United Kingdom Focusing on wanted pages, buildings and businesses.
Patrick The Great777 New Zealand Occansional Contribuator to Corriepedia. Due to being from New Zealand it can be hard to find infomation about recent episodes.
Followtheyellowbrickroad Outer space Grammar, spelling, punctuation, LOA images, notable dialogue, character quotes, blah blah blah blah blah...
BlancheHunt Weatherfield Quays Update the list of location appearances pages and expand the pages around each location.
VinnyAshford Somewhere secret (UK) Usually minor edits such as formatting, new information, first and last lines and minor character pages.
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