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Coronation Street is a British soap opera which chronicles the lives of the residents of a backstreet terrace in Weatherfield, a fictional town in the north of England. Created by Tony Warren and produced by Granada Television and then ITV plc for the country's main commercial network, it was first transmitted on 9th December 1960 and is the world's longest-running television drama series.


Betty recognises an old flame

8th May 1995: This was a date of celebration for much of mankind but especially in Europe where fifty years of peace following the end of the Second World War was commemorated. The residents of Coronation Street marked the fiftieth anniversary of VE Day with a party in the Rovers where among the revellers were some pensioners recreating a pub crawl of half a century before. Among them was Billy Williams who was startled to see Betty Turpin serving behind the bar. He and Betty had been wartime sweethearts. They had exchanged letters, and Billy had even proposed but they had lost contact and Billy had married someone else. The two old people rekindled their romance and were married later in the year.


Oliver Battersby

Oliver Battersby in 2020

Oliver Battersby was the son of Leanne Battersby and Steve McDonald, born in 2017 as the result of a one-night-stand. Oliver was born in the lift of the Victoria Court flats while Leanne and her stepsister Toyah were trapped inside during a power cut. Steve wanted nothing to do with the child, choosing instead to remain with his wife Michelle Connor whilst Leanne got back together with her ex-husband Nick Tilsley. A mutual agreement was made between Leanne, Nick and Steve that Nick would be presented as the baby's biological father to their respective families and friends. At three years old, Oliver was diagnosed with a life-limiting form of mitochondrial disease. The condition eventually took his life in November of that year.

Previous featured characters: Summer Spellman, Amy Barlow; Bethany Platt; Mavis Wilton; Billy Walker; David Barlow.


...that Anthony Schaeffer holds the current record of most roles in the programme with fifteen credited to date?
...that the first episode of the programme ever transmitted that did not feature any of the original cast members from 1960 was Episode 1428 (23rd September 1974)?
...that Stanley Wood, who wrote Episode 1237 (22nd November 1972), was the father of comedian Victoria Wood?
...that in Episode 1183 (17th May 1972), the character of Rita Bates gave her maiden name as "Foster" and not the later-established "Littlewood"?
...that although the character of Armistead Caldwell had died in 1935, his voice was heard in Episode 1256 (29th January 1973)?
...that the first ever repeat of an episode of Coronation Street was on Friday 10th February 1961 when strike action prevented the transmission of that night's edition and Episode 1 was shown in its place?

"The scent... it's everywhere. Between her and Bet my nasal passages are in rags. Absolute rags."
Alec Gilroy on Raquel Wolstenhulme

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Wed 5th May (19.3020.30)
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Coronation Street transmission patterns by country:

Africa, the Middle East and Asia

  • New episodes: Weekdays 4.10pm - UK Time (ITV Choice)
  • Current Pace: Two days behind UK broadcast


  • New episodes: Monday-Friday 9.00am and 7:20pm (UKTV)
  • Current Pace: Two weeks behind UK broadcast


  • New episodes: Monday to Friday 7.30pm (CBC)
  • Omnibus: Sunday 8.00am
  • Current Pace: Two weeks behind UK broadcast


  • New episodes: simulcast with UK (UTV Ireland)
  • Weekly episodes repeated on Sunday afternoons

New Zealand

  • New episodes: Tuesday through Thursday at 9.30pm (TV ONE)
  • Current Pace: One week behind behind UK broadcast
  • Catch-up (episodes from 2016 to 2018) - weekdays at 1.00pm

United Kingdom

  • New episodes:
    • Mondays 7.30pm & 8.30pm (ITV1)
    • Wednesdays 7.30pm & 8.30pm (ITV1)
    • Fridays 7.30pm (one hour) (ITV1)
  • Repeats on ITV2
    • After 6.00am, the weekday morning after original broadcast
    • Midday the weekday after original broadcast,
  • Omnibuses
    • Saturday, mid-morning, and Sunday, midnight ITV3


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