Coronation Street DVD Game

Published on 6th November 2006 by Granada Ventures this DVD game was an interactive quiz with more than 700 questions based on Coronation Street plots and characters. The aim of the game was to be the first player to get a question right in each of the six categories - "Families", "Workplace", "Romance", "Rovers", "Feuds" and "Friendships". The single player game involved getting a question right in each category simultaneously. If you answered a question wrong in a category you had already scored in then you had to begin that category again.

The option to play against a timer, or compete in the "Superfan" section could be accessed when setting up the game.

Questions were mulitple choice and included video clips, photos, straight questions and rounds that involved putting four events in chronological order.

To distinguish each player an icon could be chosen from the menu. The icons were photos of Bet Gilroy, Mike Baldwin, Vera Duckworth, Jack Duckworth, Tracy Barlow, Steve McDonald, Leanne Battersby, and Tyrone Dobbs.