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Coronation Street: 1990-1999 was a ten-disc DVD boxset featuring 80 Coronation Street episodes originally broadcast in the UK in the 1990s. Each disc contained eight episodes from a year between 1990 and 1999.

The set was the fourth of five Coronation Street DVD boxsets released by Network DVD, each focusing on a specific decade, and the first to be released only in the slimmer ten-disc DVD case format. It was released on 5th September 2011.

For the years 1995 to 1999, one of the episodes on the associated disc was an extended episode.


From the promotional material:

Voted ITV's Greatest Programme in a national poll and described as "the most successful programme in television history", this collection of eighty episodes of Coronation Street represents the cream of this acclaimed TV drama. You can now relive the trials, tribulations, joy and jubilation as encountered by the folk of Manchester's Coronation Street in the UK's most compelling soap, a show that has become a national treasure and which will forever have a place in our hearts.

With many episodes from this celebrated and award-winning series not seen since their original broadcast, this is an opportunity to revisit old friends and relive some of the key moments and dramatic storylines, including:

And much more.


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(*Episodes were transmitted in a one hour slot)

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Episode menu

# No. Date Disc
130121st January 19901
2303523rd February 19901
3306227th April 19901
4308625th June 19901
5310917th August 19901
6312626th September 19901
7316424th December 19901
8316831st December 19901
9320015th March 19912
1032226th May 19912
11322820th May 19912
1232367th June 19912
13325112th July 19912
14327230th August 19912
15328427th September 19912
16332325th December 19912
1733261st January 19923
18334514th February 19923
19338927th May 19923
20339919th June 19923
21341729th July 19923
2234359th September 19923
2334724th December 19923
24347716th December 19923
2535008th February 19934
26351617th March 19934
27353530th April 19934
28357430th July 19934
29358320th August 19934
30359415th September 19934
31362219th November 19934
32363724th December 19934
33365126th January 19945
3436687th March 19945
35370120th May 19945
36371829th June 19945
37375319th September 19945
3837734th November 19945
3937889th December 19945
40379525th December 19945
4138016th January 19956
4238278th March 19956
4338538th May 19956
4438642nd June 19956
45392011th October 19956
4639446th December 19956
473945*8th December 19956
48395429th December 19956
49396217th January 19967
50398028th February 19967
5139978th April 19967
52401724th May 19967
53404426th July 19967
54408018th October 19967
554091*13th November 19967
56411425th December 19967
5741737th April 19978
584179*18th April 19978
59422029th June 19978
60422914th July 19978
61426922nd September 19978
6242788th October 19978
6342957th November 19978
64432631st December 19978
65434330th January 19989
66435927th February 19989
67437018th March 19989
68437629th March 19989
6944313rd July 19989
704466*2nd September 19989
71448811th October 19989
72451018th November 19989
7345351st January 199910
744572*7th March 199910
75459923rd April 199910
76461216th May 199910
7746596th August 199910
78468826th September 199910
79472428th November 199910
8047308th December 199910

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