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Coronation Street: 1980-1989 was a ten-disc DVD boxset featuring 80 Coronation Street episodes originally broadcast in the UK in the 1980s. Each disc contained eight episodes from a year between 1980 and 1989.

The set was the second of five Coronation Street DVD boxsets released by Network DVD, each focusing on a specific decade. In its original release on 31st October 2005, the boxset was comprised of ten individual DVD cases inside an outer box. It was re-issued in a slimmer ten-disc case at a lower retail price on 5th September 2011.


From the back of the original release DVD box:

It's the release that British soap fans have been waiting for. The second must-have box set of ITV's celebrated and award-winning drama serial Coronation Street contains eighty landmark episodes from the 1980s in this ten-disc set.
Coronation Street 1980 - 1989 contains all the tragedy and comedy soap fans have come to associate with the nation's most popular programme. Join in with the love, laughter, tears and nail-biting drama featuring battleaxes, busty barmaids and people who wear their hearts on their sleeves in this highly addictive soap which has won an unprecedented amount of accolades.
1980: Elsie Tanner sets fire to her living room; Gail Tilsley has a baby.
1981: Arnold threatens Emily with murder; Ken and Deirdre get married
1982: Betty Turpin is mugged; Eddie Yeates and Marion get engaged
1983: Deirdre Barlow has an affair with Mike and Ken finds out; the Ogden's 40th wedding anniversary; Len Fairclough dies in a car accident
1984: Elsie Tanner leaves for the last time; Stan Ogden's funeral
1985: Tracy Barlow runs away; Alf and Audrey get married
1986: Ken has a punch-up with Mike; Kevin and Sally get married
1987: Gail gives birth; Bet Lynch marries Alec Gilroy; Hilda is beaten up by burglars; Christmas show - Hilda's last one
1988: Mavis and Derek get married; Don and Ivy get married
1989: Alan tries to murder Rita; Alan is killed by a Blackpool tram; Ken Barlow has an affair
And much more.


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(*Episode included is Granada Plus edit)

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Episode menu

# No. Date Disc
1196811th February 19801
2199928th May 19801
320119th July 19801
4201628th July 19801
5202910th September 19801
6203429th September 19801
720533rd December 19801
8206131st December 19801
920809th March 19812
1020871st April 19812
11209529th April 19812
12210225th May 19812
13210917th June 19812
14212027th July 19812
15213414th September 19812
16214314th October 19812
17217815th February 19823
18218717th March 19823
19218924th March 19823
20219721st April 19823
2122015th May 19823
2222262nd August 19823
2322366th September 19823
24226929th December 19823
25228421st February 19834
2623054th May 19834
27230816th May 1983*4
28231125th May 19834
29232027th June 19834
30235112th October 19834
31236530th November 19834
3223677th December 19834
3323754th January 19845
3423937th March 19845
35240725th April 1984*5
36241523rd May 19845
37242911th July 19845
38244227th August 19845
39246131st October 19845
40246928th November 19845
41249527th February 19856
4225053rd April 19856
43250917th April 19856
4425301st July 19856
45253622nd July 19856
4625509th September 19856
47256221st October 19856
48258023rd December 19856
49258922nd January 19867
50262114th May 19867
51263118th June 19867
52264330th July 19867
53264713th August 19867
54265822nd September 19867
5526638th October 1986*7
56268629th December 1986*7
5726962nd February 19878
58270118th February 1987*8
5927406th July 19878
6027495th August 19878
6127599th September 19878
62276530th September 19878
63277918th November 1987*8
64279025th December 19878
6528102nd March 19889
66283813th June 19889
6728521st August 19889
6828625th September 19889
6928819th November 19889
70289012th December 1988*9
71289114th December 19889
72289425th December 19889
73291015th February 198910
74291713th March 198910
7529338th May 1989*10
76295626th July 198910
77297220th September 1989*10
7829898th November 198910
7930028th December 198910
80300822nd December 198910


Episode 1968 (11th February 1980) was wrongly labelled as being transmitted on 24th March 1980 on the DVD packaging and menu on the boxset's original release. This was corrected in the episode guide booklet which accompanied the slimline re-release, although the error on the menu screen remained.

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