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Coronation Street: 1960-1969 was a ten-disc DVD boxset featuring 80 Coronation Street episodes originally broadcast in the UK in the 1960s. Each disc contained eight episodes from a year between 1960 and 1969 (except for the 1960 disc which also included an episode from 1961 due to only seven episodes being shown in 1960).

The set was the third of five Coronation Street DVD boxsets released by Network DVD, each focusing on a specific decade. In its original release on 5th September 2006, the boxset was comprised of ten individual DVD cases inside an outer box. It was re-issued in a slimmer ten-disc case at a lower retail price on 5th September 2011.


From the back of the original release DVD box:

Voted ITV's Greatest Programme in a national poll of ITV viewers in 2005, this collection of eighty episodes of CORONATION STREET spread across ten discs represents the cream of this acclaimed TV drama between 1960 and 1969.
Specially selected by Coronation Street's official historian you can now relive the trials, tribulations, joy and jubilation as encountered by the folk of Manchester's Coronation Street in the UK's most compelling soap, that has become a national institution treasure and which will forever have a place in our hearts.
Created by Tony Warren, this first decade of the nation's favourite soap proves why the programme is the UK's longest running serial and also why the programme has rightly been the winner of over forty accolates including the BAFTA award for Best Continuing Drama, multiple British Soap Awards, numerous National Television Awards, many TV Quick Awards amd various honours from the Writers' Guild of Great Britain.


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# No. Date Disc
119th December 19601
2214th December 19601
3316th December 19601
4421st December 19601
5523rd December 19601
6628th December 19601
7730th December 19601
884th January 19611
91113th January 19612
102613th March 19612
113617th April 19612
127811th September 19612
13842nd October 19612
148816th October 19612
15958th November 19612
169922nd November 19612
1712212th February 19623
181297th March 19623
1913321st March 19623
2014223rd April 19623
2115611th June 19623
221711st August 19623
231893rd October 19623
2421224th December 19623
2523720th March 19634
262413rd April 19634
2724310th April 19634
2824829th April 19634
2928226th August 19634
3028816th September 19634
3129923rd October 19634
3231725th December 19634
333295th February 19645
3435713th May 19645
353718th July 19645
3637515th July 19645
373892nd September 19645
383907th September 19645
393985th October 19645
4042123rd December 19645
4143127th January 19656
424505th April 19656
4347530th June 19656
4449230th August 19656
454931st September 19656
4651310th November 19656
4751517th November 19656
485218th December 19656
4953319th January 19667
5053424th January 19667
515622nd May 19667
5256925th May 19667
5357515th June 19667
545804th July 19667
5559524th August 19667
5663026th December 19667
5763516th January 19678
5865629th March 19678
596678th May 19678
6066810th May 19678
6170030th August 19678
627026th September 19678
6372629th November 19678
6473325th December 19678
6574712th February 19689
667534th March 19689
6777829th May 19689
6878626th June 19689
697977th August 19689
7081025th September 19689
718292nd December 19689
7283523rd December 19689
7384527th January 196910
7485324th February 196910
758812nd June 196910
7688618th June 196910
779151st October 196910
7892329th October 196910
799243rd November 196910
8093717th December 196910


There were several errors in the listings on the DVD menu and packaging for the transmission dates of the episodes included on the original release:

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