Cormac Truman was the son of drug lord Ronan Truman.

In September 2018, Cormac was released from prison after serving a sentence for possession of illegal substances. His father intimidated Adam Barlow into helping to find him a job, who in turn persuaded Michelle Connor to take him on at the Bistro. On his first day, Cormac was surprised to learn that his old school friend Ryan Connor was his new colleague and the son of his boss.

Cormac and Ryan instantly hit it off again and reminisced about their time in Ibiza, where they both frequently took drugs. They planned a night out along with Sophie Webster and Bethany Platt - although, Cormac insisted on taking drugs which infuriated Sophie (as she had nearly died in a road accident last time Ryan was on drugs). Sophie and Bethany decided to leave and Ryan ran after them. By the time Ryan returned to the flat Cormac had began to fit after overdosing. Instead of calling for an ambulance Ryan contacted Ali Neeson - when Ali came he tried his best to revive Cormac, to no use, and was horrified to discover that Ryan hadn't called for an ambulance. When the paramedics finally arrived they pronounced Cormac dead and Ali blamed Ryan - claiming that if they had got there earlier they were likely to have saved Cormac's life.

When the police arrived Michelle and her partner Robert Preston were able to convince Ali to lie about the timeline of events in order to prevent implicating Ryan in the death, however unbeknownst to everyone Cormac had slipped some pills into Ryan's coat pocket hoping that they would later entice him to start using drugs again. Upon learning this Ronan blamed Ryan for his son's demise and started terrorising the Connor family - which climaxed when he crashed his car and impaled himself trying to kill Ryan. Ali took matters into his own hands tore the piece of metal that had impaled Ronan out - killing him in the process. Patti Truman later quizzed Ali about the deaths of her son and grandson.

A year since his death in September 2019, Ali suffered from a seizure in the exact place where Cormac had died - due to withdrawal symptoms from drug use - reminding Ryan of Cormac's death.

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