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Corey Brent was the on-off ex-boyfriend of Asha Alahan and former classmate of Amy Barlow at Weatherfield High.

In May 2019, Amy invited Corey to Speed Daal in order to set him up with Asha. However, Corey was left disappointed when Amy left early as he fancied her instead - not long after Amy's departure Corey made his excuses and left leaving Asha humiliated.

Corey began a relationship with Asha around the time she underwent body image struggles. He later ended the relationship but Asha still liked him and in an attempt to impress him, undressed during an online video chat, which he recorded. Fellow schoolmate Kelly Neelan later became aware of the video's existence and after a disagreement at a party held by Amy, in which Asha refused to stick up for Kelly, she spitefully shared it on social media. It quickly spread across the school and was even illegally uploaded to a porn site, leaving Asha humiliated.

After a rebuttal and time, Asha forgave Corey and they began a relationship, which angered her father Dev. During this period, there was tension between Asha and her father as he didn't approve of Corey, nor did her brother Aadi. After spending time at No.7 with the Alahans, Dev eventually warmed to Corey - especially when he discovered that he and Corey's dad were members of the same golf club, and he became more tolerable of Asha's relationship.

Some time later, Asha struck up a friendship with Roy Cropper's niece Nina Lucas, who had helped during her struggles with her body image and self-esteem. In Roy's Rolls, Corey teasingly chastised and mocked Asha for wearing a necklace which Nina had made her for her birthday, branding her a dog. After advice from both Yasmeen Metcalfe and Nina, Asha eventually had enough and ended the relationship, to the delight of both Dev and Aadi.

When Corey returned to the cafe on another occasion in March 2021, he learned that Asha had begun to date Nina. This revelation disgusted him, and he made negative remarks about Nina being the undead. Asha ultimately defended her, prompting Corey to leave.

When Nina later split up with Asha, she reconciled with Corey which concerned Dev and Aadi. After Aadi punched Corey, Asha moved out of the family home to live with Corey and his family. She was later forced to leave after Dev confronted Corey's father Stefan Brent. Stefan later began renting 12 Victoria Court for the couple. However, Corey didn't seem to share the same enthusiasm about living together as Asha did, as he often brushed off her suggestions.

In May 2021, Corey was involved in a group that brutally attacked Nina and her boyfriend Seb Franklin. This attack also involved Eli Higginson and Jay Dowling (who attacked Nina). Kelly Neelan was also present but did not play any part in the attack as she attempted to stop Corey from attacking Seb. The two were rushed to hospital and Nina later physically recovered, but Seb passed away after being declared brain dead. Following the attack, Corey disposed of his clothing and washed his trainers to remove evidence, and gave a false statement to the police alleging he had tried to stop Kelly from attacking Seb. Evidence of his disposal of his clothes led to him being charged with murder. In September 2021, he and Kelly faced trial for Seb's murder. Corey was found not guilty after his dad bribed witnesses to get him off including giving Eli Higginson’s dad a job at his company. He returned to playing football and joined Weatherfield County FC's first team. Efforts to get him thrown out of the club and assert his guilt failed, and Corey publicly revealed his involvement in the trial, framing himself as a victim of a smear campaign. He attended the Horror Nation Street event where he was confronted by Seb's mother Abi Franklin, who held him at gunpoint. The pair found themselves trapped in a sewer when the ground gave way beneath them, and Abi forced a confession out of Corey. Despite her advantage, she couldn't bring herself to shoot him, and the pair were rescued by Roy.

Corey was later confronted by Stu Carpenter, a homeless man who had recovered the rucksack containing his clothes from the night of the attack. He blackmailed him for £500 to get the rucksack back, but though he gave back the bag Stu gave the clothes to Asha and Nina who handed them into the police. Confessing his crime to his dad, the pair made plans to flee the country as the police looked to re-arrest him. Their plan failed after their getaway van was hijacked by Gary Windass, who drove the pair to the police station. Corey was once again charged with murder and taken into custody. He pleaded guilty the next day, much to everyone's surprise.

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