The unnamed Consultant attended to Sunita Alahan when she was critically injured in the Rovers fire in March 2013. Soon after arrival and examination at Weatherfield General she told Dev Alahan that his wife was in a coma as her brain had been starved of oxygen but that they were doing everything they could.

A few days later, she told Dev that there was no sign of improvement although they had her on the highest prescribed level of oxygen and that Dev should prepare himself for the worst. She warned him that he was facing a very difficult decision but he equally warned her that he would take the hospital through every court in the land before he would allow them to switch off her life support system. The consultant was sympathetic to Dev, saying that he needed a break from his bedside vigil and she suggested that he bring Aadi and Asha in to see their mother.

After a week, there was no noticeable improvement in Sunita's condition and again she told him to go home and rest and be with his children, promising to call him if there was any change in her condition. Sunita showed signs of coming out of her coma and the tests showed that she was definitely improving but she had been sedated in order that the body didn't reject the ventilator. Dev started to get frantic for her to wake up properly and the consultant told him to give her some space to come round in her own time.

Her improvement though proved to be her death sentence: Sunita was witness to Karl Munro setting fire to the pub and as firefighter Toni Griffiths had died in the blaze, he couldn't risk her telling the police. He sneaked into the hospital and pulled out her ventilator tube. The consultant had the difficult job of telling Dev that his wife had died suddenly and they suspected that she had dislodged the tube herself.

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