Colin Callen was the head of marketing at NewsCo, the sponsors of the Mr & Mrs competition that Norris and Mary Cole entered.

Colin introduced himself to Mary at Radio Weatherfield where he impressed her with his knowledge of the contestants. Colin revealed to Norris that he used to have a chain of newsagents, but that his ex-wife now owned them all, and had turned them into yoghurt shops.

Colin revealed to the couple that they were his favourites and decided to put them front and centre of the promotional shot of the competition. When the couple struggled with a round about cheese, Colin decided to help them by stalling to give Norris more time to think. Norris later decided to forfeit his chance of winning the competition in order for he and Mary to visit their friend Rita Tanner in Weatherfield General. Colin also believed Norris to be his biological father, and even went as far as stealing his blood sample from the doctors.

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