Clive Phillips

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Clive Phillips was Maureen Naylor's brother-in-law, who accompanied his wife Peggy to her sister's wedding to Reg Holdsworth in January 1994.

Clive caused trouble when he argued with Reg in the gents' toilets at the Belstaff Hotel, where their reception was being held, refuting Reg's claim that he and Peggy should relieve Maureen of the burden of caring for her demanding mother Maud Grimes. Both men were unaware that Maud was eavesdropping on their conversation, and panic spread when she went missing from the reception. She was found making her way home, upset at being regarded as a burden. Maureen rowed with Reg for his callousness and the newlyweds ended up missing the flight to their honeymoon in Paris while Reg spent his wedding night attempting to mollify his new bride.

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