Clive was a reporter for Radio Weatherfield who hosted a live interview of Alec and Bet Gilroy in June 1990. The Gilroys were being threatened with eviction by Newton & Ridley for closing the Rovers Return in violation of their tenancy agreement, and had barricaded themselves inside the pub. Clive introduced the piece and asked the Gilroys to give their side of the story (with the couple speaking from their bedroom window). They explained the brewery's plan to transform the Rovers into a Yankee-style saloon and that they were fighting for the traditional English local. Their fighting spirit caused the regulars downstairs to erupt into a chorus of Land of Hope and Glory, much to the surprise of the onlookers outside as they listened to hear the story of the "empty" pub.

Credited as "Radio Reporter", the character was given a name in TV Times. Clive was played by Mike Shaft, a well-known DJ at the time on radio.
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