Clitheroe is a town and civil parish in the Ribble Valley in Lancashire. Historically it was the administrative centre for an ancient grouping of manors and royal forests and was the site for a castle after the Norman Conquest. The town today has a population of some 15,000 people and its main employers are cement and chemical manufacturers.

The main connection between the town and that of Weatherfield was that Annie Walker, landlady of the Rovers Return Inn from 1937 to 1984 came from Clitheroe and she was part of the distinguished Beaumont family who settled after the Conquest. Annie was brought up to be a lady of note however her grandfather died in 1927 leaving a large number of debts and his granddaughter in "reduced circumstances". She moved to Weatherfield in 1930 when her mother gained an inheritance from an aunt and it was there that she met Jack Walker. After settling in the pub after their marriage, the regulars heard many references to Annie's gentile life in Clitheroe but seeing her behind the bar of a scruffy back street boozer, they paid them scarce attention.

In October 1967 Emily Nugent began a relationship with Frank Starkie who had a seventy-acre dairy farm in the area. Emily visited the farm but realised she couldn't take her friendship with Frank any further when she discovered that she was frightened of cows.

In January 2007 Roy and Hayley Cropper bought a 1971 Morris Minor Traveller from Mike Watkins who lived in the town. He drove it down to Weatherfield for Kevin Webster to inspect on their behalf and he recommended that they go ahead with the purchase.

In November 2012 Kirk Sutherland set off to make a delivery to the town for Underworld oblivious to the fact that Rob Donovan was locked in the back of the van. It was only when he was half-way there that he realised he had a passenger in the back. Rob was let out and insisted on taking over the driver's seat to turn round the vehicle and return home.

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