Clifford "Cliff" Duckworth was the suave elder brother of Jack, uncle of Terry and the husband of Elsie Duckworth.

Cliff came to Weatherfield in December 1994 to reconnect with Jack, having not seen him for years. He told Jack that he had been diagnosed with a heart condition - with only a few months, a year at most, to live. Jack and Vera, felt sorry for him, and took him in at No.9, making sure he felt welcome. However, Jack tired of him before his wife, and despite years of not seeing him, he found him an annoyance. He also put Jack's nose out of joint when Vera gave Jack cigarettes for Christmas while she gave Cliff a jumper. However, he made Cliff re-sign his will so Jack himself would inherit and agreed for him to take over exterior repair work at No.9. Cliff re-painted some of the stone cladding a deeper shade of blue.

Cliff, ever the charmer, told the couple that he too married a woman named Vera. However, this was proven to be untrue when, in January 1995, Cliff's wife Elsie turned up, stormed into No.9, grabbed Cliff and marched him out again with minimal explanation. After introducing herself as Elsie, she dragged Cliff down a stepladder (he was taking down the Christmas decorations at the time) and the pair disappeared, with Cliff promising to keep in touch. Jack stuck up for Cliff when Elsie took him home, saying that if Cliff wanted to spend his last days with him and Vera, let it lie. Elsie scoffed, saying that she'd kill him when they got home and that Cliff had no illness of any description.

In June of that year, Jack was devastated to read in the papers that Cliff and Elsie were killed in a car crash whilst on holiday in Malaga. Vera, who had prayed for money the previous day, was guilt-ridden.

Jack visited the couple's home in Rawtenstall a few days before the funeral and although pleased to learn that Elsie's brother Harold Baxter was footing the bill, Jack eventually managed to persuade Harold not to bury Cliff in his beloved camel coat.

When solicitor Mr Deakin contacted Jack the following month, the Duckworths believed that they were responsible for Cliff's outstanding debts but were stunned to learn that they'd inherited £30,000 from the couple's holiday insurance.

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