Cleaner (Episode 7608)

Doctor Strange in The Multiverse o Madness - The Loop


The Cleaner arrived at the home of Alan and Dorothy Hoyle in May 2011 when John Stape had abducted the couple (along with Chesney Brown) and locked them in the basement of the property. She was immediately startled by John's presence as she let herself in through the front door and was also concerned when John told her that the Hoyles weren't at home, yet Mrs Hoyle hadn't left her a note of what needed doing.

She proceeded to take an amount of cash from the drawer of the telephone table in the hallway, telling John she'd be going to Freshco on the way home, but was prevented from venturing further into the house in order to check the ironing basket, with John stating that it was Mrs Hoyle's instructions that she just took the money for being inconvenienced at such short notice.

John told the cleaner that he was a security engineer named "John Collins" who was at the property sorting out the alarm and with that, she left and said that she'd see Mrs Hoyle again the following week.

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