Clarissa Mason first appeared in May 2008 as Harry Mason's estranged wife. He refused to help her, as she had just told him that she had lost her driver's license due to speeding, so she left. Harry later hired Lloyd Mullaney to drive her around for a while. She returned on 2nd July, to cause some more trouble for Harry. She later began to expect more from Lloyd, and even insisted on him buying her a drink in the Rovers Return Inn. On 23rd July 2008 Clarissa agreed on a divorce settlement. Clarissa reacted when Harry struck up a close friendship with Liz McDonald, but Harry tried to reassure Clarissa that nothing was going on between him and Liz. When Clarissa caught Harry and Liz at his house, kissing and expressing feelings for each other, she decided that she wanted Harry back, and he ended his relationship with Liz. Clarissa also offered a reluctant Harry chance to move back in with her, and told him to cancel their divorce. Later that day, she ended up in a brawl with Liz, after Liz threw Clarissa out of the Rovers, after Clarissa offended Liz about looking old, and then threw her drink over her. She was allowed back into the Rovers after she apologised.

Clarissa and Harry returned later in September 2008 just as Harry and Liz resumed their fling, soon developing into an affair. When Clarissa discovered the truth from Liz, they both teamed up to exact their revenge on the philandering bookie. Liz invited Harry into the back room of the Rovers with the promise of sex, as she stripped Harry to his underwear Clarissa entered the room with her camera phone and took the incriminating photos of Harry. She later agreed to take Harry back as long as he promises never to set foot in Weatherfield again, and left his son Dan in charge of the bookies.

Alexandra Boyd revealed that she was "shocked" to discover her axing from the show after reading this in the newspaper.[1]

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