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Clara Regan was the lady friend of Stan Ogden, who was a resident of 19 Inkerman Street.

Clara took a fancy to Stan Ogden in July 1968 when one of his window rounds brought him to her address at 19 Inkerman Street. Stan spent time with Clara in September 1969. When it turned out that Steve Tanner was murdered on the same night, Stan worried that he would be questioned by the police and forced to give an alibi, thus exposing that he was spending the night with her.

In July 1973 Clara provided an alibi for Stan when he was one of the suspects in an attack on Bet Lynch, who was found badly beaten in an alleyway. He was later forced to admit to Hilda that he was spending time with Clara, although nothing serious was taking place.

Stan's friend and lodger Eddie Yeats helped him out on his window round and did a job at 19 Inkerman Street, and in 1975 was entertained by Clara.

When Stan went missing in March 1976, Hilda suspected that he was with Clara and stormed round to confront them at her address, only to find she had another boyfriend named Barney Moss. Barney Moss sent Hilda packing on Clara's behalf.

Clara was still living at Inkerman Street as of March 1983. When Eddie took Stan out on another cleaning round, he prevented an annoyed Stan from cleaning her windows.

Although frequently mentioned in the series, Clara Regan never made an on-screen appearance in the series. In Episode 1075 (5th May 1971), Clara could be heard calling to Stan from inside her house, although no one was credited playing her. Paula Tilbrook voiced the character in Episode 1479 (24th March 1975), although was uncredited.

In Episode 791 (15th July 1968) Stan Ogden refers to her as "Mrs Danns", before she would be properly established as Clara Regan.