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Christopher McMaster (1925 - 1995) was the most prolific director of Coronation Street in the programme's first few years with 95 episodes to his credit from February 1962 to March 1966, after which he went on to produce and direct episodes of Freewheelers (guest starring Ivan Beavis), and write The Flower of Gloster, Granada's first full-colour television series. He was the first child and only son of the actor manager Anew McMaster and his wife Marjorie Wilmore, who had just founded a touring company which they ran until the late 1950s. The company went to Australia in 1949 and Chris followed but left the profession for a while to work elsewhere – both on a cattle farm and on the Barrier Reef. Moving to Perth, he worked on radio with drama and other programmes and came back to UK in 1954. Now interested in television he joined the BBC following a usual career path of floor manager through to the director's training course. He joined Granada in 1961 working on Skyport, Knight Errant and The Verdict is Yours (which he claimed was a favourite production of his). Among his writing credits was the 1965 science-fiction serial Object Z and its 1966 sequel Object Z Returns. He joined Southern Television in 1967. His career straddled three television disciplines and he was nominated for the Best Director award in the 1978 Bafta awards for his work on Midnight is a Place.

Episodes directed by Christopher McMaster

1962 (28 episodes)

1963 (22 episodes)

1964 (17 episodes)

1965 (26 episodes)

1966 (2 episodes)