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Christopher Hewitt is the youngest member of the Hewitt family, son of Harry and Concepta, half-brother of Lucille.

Concepta went into labour while making Jack Walker a brew in the Rovers. She was then rushed to hospital, where Christopher was born, weighing 7lb 3oz.

Born on 6th August 1962, Christopher was snatched from his pram outside Gamma Garments by Joan Akers. At the time, the police suspected his sister of being involved in the disappearance and Concepta, distraught, was found wandering the streets, crying out his name. Elsie Tanner became suspicious of Joan and found the baby with her after she was invited into Joan's house and recognised baby Christopher. He was returned safe to his loving family and Joan was arrested.

Concepta began to believe that a terraced house in a city suburb was not a healthy place to raise a child and so eventually persuaded Harry to move to Ireland. When his father died on a return visit to Weatherfield in 1967, his grieving mother returned to Ireland and Christopher was raised there. He gained a stepfather when, in 1972, Concepta met and married Sean Regan.

Christopher was in the programme at a time when small children rarely appeared due to the complexity of the continuous recording techniques and were never credited. Based on captions attached to publicity photographs of the time, he was probably played by Stephen Ward.