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Christine Carter was a young woman who worked at Jim's Cafe for six months in 1989. Christine got the job in January, after Gina Seddon quit the cafe and skipped town following her dad's death. Christine took on Gina's sandwich round, and was often seen making up sandwiches in the cafe which she delivered by bicycle.

Unlike her stroppy predecessor, Christine served customers with a smile and generally enjoyed her job - as she explained to Jenny Bradley, she'd flunked both her GCSEs, but she'd landed a better job than her friend who had letters after his name, who was now cutting grass.

When Alma Sedgewick returned to the area and moved builders into the upstairs of the cafe for purposes unknown, Christine got chatting to one of the builders, John Savage. Learning that Alma was moving in upstairs, she passed this news onto Gail and Phyllis Pearce, unaware that Alma's discretion was due to the risk of the news getting back to her ex-husband Jim Sedgewick as he would stop his mortgage payments. John and Christine flirted a couple of times but things had gone no further as John kept getting a telling off from his boss Stan Taylor, though they managed to arrange a date for the next day.

After moving into the flat, Alma took over as cafe manageress, and when Gail decided to remain, Alma announced that Christine and Phyllis's hours would be cut in half, with Christine working mornings, but their hours were restored when Gail clashed with Alma and walked out. Christine didn't mind the change in management at first but Alma's inexperience and impatience with staff and customers made working at the cafe less enjoyable. Gail soon returned to the cafe, now in a partnership with Alma, who sacked Phyllis to reduce their head count. Under the new arrangement, working at the cafe became intolerable, and Gail and Christine were usually left to hold the fort while Alma disappeared to pursue Mike Baldwin. With Gail and Alma rowing about Alma not pulling her weight, Alma became tougher on Christine, and after a few weeks Christine decided she'd had enough and quit.

Christine was not given a firm departure from the programme. In her last few appearances, she told Jenny Bradley and Percy Sugden that she was thinking of packing in her job, and in Episode 2955 (24th July 1989), Martin Platt helps out at an understaffed cafe, implying that Christine has left.

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