Chorlton-cum-Hardy (often abbreviated to just Chorlton) is a suburb of the City of Manchester and was incorporated as such in 1904 and became the southernmost part of the city until the incorporation of Northenden in 1931.

In July 2004, Cilla Brown used the pretext of a supposed job interview for the post of manager in a “snazzy” wine bar at Overton Road (a fictional address) in Chorlton to get Les Battersby to drive her there, hiring him from Street Cars, after he had become reconciled with his wife Janice. Arriving at the address but finding no bar Cilla made a fake mobile phone call and “found out” that she had made an error and the bar was in Chorley, quite a few miles away. She told the person at the other end of the line to stick his job and proceeded to seduce Les in the roadside. Les fell for the ruse briefly but then insisted that he should drive her back to Weatherfield.

Tara Mandal opened an art gallery here in March 2009, in the premises of one of Dev Alahan's former shops. Despite hiring artist and photographer Justin Turner, the business proved to be unsuccessful and closed within a few months.

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Chorlton was for many years the home of Doris Speed until her house was ransacked by burglars in 1983, leaving her to move into a nursing home in Bury. It was also the site of the Cosgrove-Hall animation studios, founded by former Granada Television graphic designers Brian Cosgrove and Mark Hall and their first production was named Chorlton and the Wheelies after the district. In 2008, the company moved into vacant space in Granada’s Quay Street studios in Manchester, alongside the Coronation Street production office and studios.

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