Chloe Tipton was a Street Cars customer who became infatuated with Peter Barlow.

In February 2017, Chloe ordered a taxi and found herself being driven by Peter. He had just had a fall-out with his girlfriend Toyah Battersby after discovering that the main reason she was with him was that she was desperate to conceive a baby. Chloe witnessed the two having an argument outside the cab office and when they arrived at her hotel, asked if he was going back to make it up with her. Chloe found herself attracted to Peter and asked him if he wanted to join her for a coffee in the hotel. He agreed and the two talked in the bar where she told him that she was impulsive and he seemed interesting to her. Telling her that he had a family conference to go back to, he made his excuses to leave but she asked him to take a risk and stay with her. When he refused and left, she gave him a generous tip, making it clear that she was unhappy to see him go.

Just under a week later, Chloe called into the cab office and specially requested Peter as her driver to collect her from a dinnertime drinks appointment with a friend, telling him that she would pay him for his extra time and that her divorce would shortly be coming through.

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