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Alderman Charlie Rogers was the leader of the Labour group in Weatherfield. In November 1972, Rogers secretly met with Mayor of Weatherfield Harold Chapman at Heaton Park to discuss the appointment of Chapman's replacement, who was to be the last Mayor before the end of the borough. Rogers favoured George Clarkson, a fellow Labour man who had been at the council two years longer than Chapman's choice from the Conservative side, Whitehouse. Rather than choose between them, the men agreed to compromise and select an independent. The most suitable candidates were Len Fairclough, favoured by Chapman due to him being a successful businessman, and Alf Roberts, a union official who was Rogers' preferred choice. Together the men agreed to observe the candidates for the next few months and made a joint decision based upon those observations.

Rogers strongly favoured Alf and a week later, he told Alf he was backing him for the position, warning him to watch his step. Alf's chances improved significantly following the opening of The Capricorn when Len's girlfriend Rita Littlewood was involved in a scuffle with a tipsy woman and ended up on Chapman's lap. Seated at the Mayoral table, Rogers enjoyed the evening's entertainment but asked not to be included in any photographs when a Gazette photographer arrived. Len subsequently tried to distance himself from Rita, but Alf's comparatively stainless record eventually secured him the job.

The character was credited as "Alderman Rogers" in all of his appearances. His first name was given in dialogue in Episode 1235 (15th November 1972). The role was a post-Wally "Pardon the Expression" Hunt part for Robert Dorning.

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