Charlie Braddock was the boyfriend of Gina Fletcher, who had a short (and disastrous) spell as housekeeper for Len Fairclough and Ray Langton at 9 Coronation Street in January 1971. Charlie nearly lost Gina her job by turning up at the house to be fed and then being caught by Len and Ray eating at their table, but fortunately Gina had the men falling over themselves to please her and they let it slide. According to Charlie, Gina's parents didn't like him and this was their only chance to see each other, especially as Charlie worked nights in the taxi.

Charlie was not above taking chances with his customers, gleefully telling Gina that a fare to Manchester Airport read his meter which showed both pre and post-decimalisation prices as being 15 shillings (75p) instead of 15p and only gave him 8 shillings. Well in pocket, Charlie didn't bother to correct the error as he and Gina were saving up for a place of their own.

The final straw for Len and Ray came when Charlie got Gina a housekeeper's job somewhere else (for a chap in town who wore a pinstripe suit) and she told her employers that she was finishing at the end of the day. An irritated Len and Ray told them both to clear off right away, but they docked Gina's wages to account for the food Charlie had eaten.

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