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The Chariot Square Hotel (Gridley Road, Worsley, M28 1TC) was the venue for the wedding of Steve McDonald and Tracy Barlow in October 2018. This was Tracy's second choice however, as the 13th century Bridgehaven Castle she had her heart set upon burned down a few weeks prior to their ceremony date, and would not refund their deposit. On the day of the wedding, Tracy viciously vandalised Michelle Connor's car in the hopes that Abi Franklin would take the blame - as Tracy believed Abi and Steve had been having an affair. Abi was later able to prove her innocence and Tracy ultimately discovered Leanne Battersby had been the one to have slept with Steve - leading to a fight between the pair. Michelle's car was caught up in a crash while she was on her way to pick up Robert Preston from the hotel, after being driven off the road by Ronan Truman. The crash left Ronan dead, at the hands of Ali Neeson, as well as Leanne and Ryan Connor fighting for their lives.

The hotel hosted the North West Regional Stylist Awards in November of the same year, and Gail Rodwell followed Lewis Archer to the hotel during the following month and witnessed a meeting with his associate Lynn.

Kate Connor's friend Lolly suggested the hotel as a venue for Kate and Rana Habeeb's upcoming wedding due to be held on 20th March 2019. The ceremony did not go ahead however, as on the day, the roof of Underworld collapsed while Rana was in the building collecting her dress, killing her.

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The Chariot Square Hotel is actually an elaborate set housed above the Weatherfield Police Station at the MediaCity studios, and since February 2020, has been a feature on the Coronation Street Tour.

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