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Channel Television, always the smallest of the ITV stations and indeed the smallest television station in Europe when it started, began broadcasting on Saturday 1st September 1962 to all of the Channel Islands. Two days later it joined the remainder of the country in broadcasting Coronation Street, beginning with Episode 180. Due to financial issues and the technical constraints of relaying colour pictures from the mainland, colour transmissions didn't commence until Monday 26th July 1976 and viewers in the region were the very last to see the programme in that medium starting with Episode 1620.

The station was not affected by the various disputes which plagued the rest of the ITV network in the 1960s and 1970s as the unions involved recognised that any stoppage could mean the closure of the cash-strapped station. It was the only ITV station to continue broadcasting throughout the 1979 ITV strike although Coronation Street was not part of its line-up during the dispute.

In another sign that the station's needs were different to the remainder of the network, the IBA allowed the company to continue to publish its own financially-lucrative listings magazine (Channel Viewer, then Channel TV Times and finally CTV Times) until 1991. The rest of the stations had been forced to join in with the standard TV Times in 1968.

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