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Cathy Power was a 19-year-old student nurse at Weatherfield General. On Christmas Day 1994, she became upset by the death of a patient on her ward and was comforted by her colleague Martin Platt. Martin was experiencing trouble in his marriage to wife Gail at the time and succumbed to temptation, having sex with Cathy at the hospital.

Afterwards, Martin regretted his infidelity and he and Cathy agreed not to mention it again. However, both were unaware that they had been spotted kissing by Gail's stepfather Alf Roberts, who had been touring the hospital as part of his mayoral duties on Christmas Day. Alf wondered whether to divulge what he had seen but was assured by Martin that his fling with Cathy had been one moment of weakness. Eventually, Alf told all to his wife Audrey, prompting Martin to confess all to devastated Gail, before she heard it from someone else.

Gail went to the hospital to confront Cathy, and was startled by how lightly Cathy viewed the liaison with Martin, insisting it was meaningless. Gail, however, was tormented by Martin's betrayal and their marriage almost floundered, until Martin finally managed to convince her that he would never cheat again.

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