This page lists those members of the regular cast of the programme who, prior to commencing that role, had previously appeared in another credited part as a guest member of the cast.

Other members of the regular cast who appeared in uncredited roles as extras include Elizabeth Dawn, Kathy Jones, Kate Ford and Alan Halsall while Fred Feast, Diana Davies and William Tarmey also appeared in the programme as extras in addition to both their regular and guest roles.

Only five members of the regular cast have subsequently appeared in another role in the programme: Johnny Leeze (Harry Clayton) returned as football manager Laurie Johnstone in 2005, Susan Brown (Connie Clayton) returned as Maureen Tully in 2006, Stuart Wolfenden (Mark Casey) returned to play Greig Hodge in 2015, Jane Hazlegrove (Sue Clayton) appeared as Bernie Winter in 2019, and in a more deliberate piece of casting Joan Kempson played Iris Merry, the twin sister of the-recently deceased Edna Miller in 2001.

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