Cassandra "Cassie" Plummer was the daughter of Harold and Evelyn Plummer, and potential mother of Tyrone Dobbs.

In her early life, Cassie turned to drugs after falling in with the wrong crowd. Her parents tried desperately to get her back onto the right track but her father died suddenly in June 1982 of a brain hemorrhage and she blamed herself due to the stress she had caused for him. The morning after Harold's funeral Cassie had fled, and six months after Harold's funeral in December 1982 Evelyn located her to find that she had given birth to a son. Evelyn abandoned the child on the doorstep of a police station as she didn't believe that her daughter was cable to looking after him.

It took Evelyn eighteen months to finally get Cassandra clean and in 1984 she met a partner and moved to South Africa where she died sometime prior to 2018.

In September 2018, after discovering that Jackie Dobbs was not his biological mother, Tyrone tracked down Cassie's mother to learn where he truly came from. However, Evelyn wanted nothing to do with him - but when she had no other alternative accommodation she moved in with Tyrone at 9 Coronation Street and lied to him that it had been Cassandra that had abandoned him. However, Tyrone was able to discover the truth when James Woodgate accidentally let slip that Evelyn had always felt guilty about abandoning him.

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