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Carys Winter-Brown is the daughter of Chesney Brown and Gemma Winter and one of quadruplets along with Aled, Bryn and Llio. She is also the half-sister of Joseph Brown.


Carys was the third born of the quads, arriving in Saint Tudno Hospital in Llandudno in October 2019 by caesarean section after Gemma Winter went into labour while suspended mid-air in a cable car. She was named after Carys Tegid, one of the paramedics who aided Gemma when she was in labour.

In December 2019, the quads were discharged from hospital. Soon afterwards, they were used in a marketing campaign with their parents for the supermarket Freshco, becoming known as the "Freshco Four". However, their contract was terminated when their father Chesney Brown protested the campaign's heavy manipulation.

Background information

Carys was born onscreen in October 2019 but was played by a prosthetic baby for her first five appearances due to her premature birth. From December 2019 to June 2020, she was played by twins Charlotte & James Holt and triplets Arthur, Lily & Lucy Taylor, all of whom also played the role of the character's quadruplet siblings Aled, Bryn and Llio (although Aled would instead be played by Harry & Harvey Thompson from February 2020 for the remainder of the character's appearances in that year).

Carys was then absent until January 2022 due to restrictions imposed on child actors in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. For the character's return appearance, Lily & Lucy Taylor reprised the role, who also continue to play Llio.


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5 Coronation Street 30th October 2019 to present

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