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Caroline Clegg (née Wilson) is the wife of Gordon Clegg and the mother of his son Peter.

Caroline and Gordon had met in 1982, and got engaged. Gordon introduced Caroline to his mother Betty Turpin. Betty took a shine to Caroline, although felt Gordon was rushing into things. Nevertheless, they got married later on, although it was a quick registry office affair and Betty wasn't told about it until after it happened. In 1985, their son Peter was born.

In 1995, Caroline attended Betty's wedding to Billy Williams alongside Gordon and Peter. Seven years later in 2002, they attended the retirement party for Betty at the Rovers Return where she had been an employee since 1969. Caroline wasn't pleased when Gordon offered for Betty to come and stay with them in London. Betty moved in with them but soon felt isolated and unwanted. She left to return to her home in Weatherfield.

When Betty passed away in 2012, Caroline didn't attend the funeral with Gordon for unknown reasons.

Elaine Donnelly as Caroline (1982).

Caroline was played by Elaine Donnelly in her 1982 appearances. Sarah Thurstan played the character in 1995 and 2002.

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