Carole Fairbanks was installed to work at the Rovers along with Diane Hawkins by relief manager Gordon Lewis, while Annie Walker was on holiday in Casablanca during March 1981. During this time, Gordon had suspended Fred Gee and both Bet Lynch and Betty Turpin had walked out when they heard about Fred's suspension.

The customers seemed happy with the new bar staff, but Annie couldn't believe that Bet and Betty had walked out or that Fred had stolen from the bar and threatened Gordon. Fred put his side of the story to Annie and she sided with him. Annie also arranged to see Betty and Bet, only to discover that Bet had another job at The Rifleman and could get Betty one too.

The pair agreed to return to the Rovers after Annie offered them more money and on condition that in future, Betty would be in charge in Annie's absence. She also reinstated Fred and the services of the two replacement barmaids, Carole and Diane, were no longer required.

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